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IIEWFP Chapter 35.1

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 35.1

The old butler of the Marshal’s Mansion was holding a communicator, his face was red, and he walked as if he were flying.


“Master, Madam, Young master will be back soon!”


Doris’ eyes lit up. She hurriedly stood up and said, “Where is he? When will he arrive?”


“They’re already in the aircraft, and will arrive in about ten minutes.”


Doris looked at Ren who was in his wheelchair with joy written all over her face, but also with a hint of worry. She took his hand in hers and asked, “How do you feel?”


“I’m okay.” Ren answered in a low voice and slowly 


Ren had the surgery yesterday, and could not walk for the next 3 days so he could only sit in a chair and rest for now..


When they received the video from Sandy yesterday, they saw Raymond holding a subbeast in his arms inside the mecha.


A son’s temperament, parents knew it the best. They immediately determined that the relationship between the subbeast and Raymond was special.


It was already great news when they heard that Raymond would be coming back alive, bringing a partner back made it even more joyful!


Ren wanted to make a good impression on his son’s future life partner when they met for the first time, so he had the surgery.


Although the pain was unbearable after the veins and muscles were reconnected and he couldn’t walk for the time being, he still looked more decent than when he was paralyzed. At least his hands and feet would not hang down softly anymore.1Just in case it has been a while, the surgery only makes it temporary for Ren to be able to move and that’s only after going through excruciating pain when they reconnect his veins and muscles, and after not being able to move for 3 days.


Both of them were wearing brand new clothes today, and Doris looked even more graceful and luxurious.


The aircraft soon arrived at the Marshal’s Mansion. The old butler stood at the gate to welcome them. 


When Raymond got off the aircraft, his (the Butler) eyes turned red and he almost cried out excitedly.


Raymond patted him on the shoulder. The butler wiped the corners of his eyes, and smiled: “Young master, you are back, the master and the madam are waiting for you.”


Raymond nodded and walked in with the golden snail.


Jin WoWo looked at the magnificent mansion in front of him, and thought to himself, Raymond’s family was as he said – very rich.


Entering, Jin WoWo saw two people sitting upright, one was an old man who could be described as warm, and the other was a beautiful big sister filled with grace.


“Father, Mother!”




Doris stood up with a “whoop” and walked quickly towards her son.


Raymond quickly approached her and took his mother’s hand.


While crying, Doris looked Raymond up and down several times before confirming that her son was really intact.


Ren sat silently, but his line of sight was fixed on Raymond.


Raymond comforted his mother a few words, walked over to look at his father, and said in surprise: “Father, you…”




Raymond shook his father’s hand gently, “What are you doing, I’m already back. There’s no need!”


Ren had been paralyzed for many years, and all functions of his body had been declining. For him, the pain and risk is greater for him when taking the surgery.


Ren tremblingly patted his son, and said slowly, “It’s okay. I don’t feel hurt.”


Jin WoWo blinked, watching the moving reunion scene of the family of three.


Unexpectedly, Raymond’s father was already so old, even though Raymond and his mother looked so young.


Raymond’s parents have a big age gap, old men and young wives.


Moreover, Raymond’s father looked like he was not in good health. Jin WoWo didn’t know if he had Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s but his hand kept shaking, and looked very uncomfortable.


Jin WoWo could only heal injuries, not diseases, and he didn’t really know much about them either.


“Your body…” Ren frowned and looked at his father, with worry in his eyes.


The news from Sandy reported that Raymond had already advanced to Rank 9. But at this time, he (Ren) did not feel any trace of energy fluctuations from Raymond.


Raymond soothed, “I’m fine. It’s a long story, let me introduce someone first.”


He walked over and took Jin WoWo’s hand, and came to his parents, “This is Jin WoWo…my partner.”


He hadn’t expressed his mind to Jin WoWo yet, so when he said it directly to his parents, it was really shameless.


But, he also wanted to take this opportunity to let Jin WoWo know his thoughts.


When Raymond grew up, he didn’t have much contact with females and subbeasts of the same age. He really didn’t know how to express his feelings, and he was afraid that Jin WoWo would refuse.


So when he finished speaking, he looked closely at Jin WoWo, observing his reaction.


Jin WoWo smiled brightly.


Raymond’s father looked like he was about to die, and Raymond needed to get married as soon as possible to soothe his heart.


He held Ren’s other hand without any hesitation, and said in a sincere tone: “Father, don’t worry, I will take care of Raymond.”


Raymond: “…”


Raymond knew that Jin WoWo had the wrong idea again.


Ren looked at Jin WowW and nodded slightly, his hands trembling in Jin Wowo’s hand, trembling even more.



Jules’ Corner

Edited part of Chapter 35 as a break from studying. Enjoy!


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    Just in case it has been a while, the surgery only makes it temporary for Ren to be able to move and that’s only after going through excruciating pain when they reconnect his veins and muscles, and after not being able to move for 3 days.
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