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IIEWFP Chapter 34

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 34

When Raymond came in, what he saw was Jin WoWo’s hand on Cory’s shoulder and Cory looking up at Jin WoWo with eyes full of admiration.


After listening to Cory’s stammering explanation, Raymond said nothing. Only a faint “En” was heard before the golden snail was pulled away.


Cory felt greatly relieved. The marshal is truly worthy of being a marshal. The Marshal had such a broad mind, Cory was overthinking things (when he thought the Marshal misunderstood him).


The most important thing was that the Marshal trusted him very much and had no doubts about his character.


Raymond walked to the door and suddenly turned around and said to Cory: “My bedroom’s bedding is burnt. Go clean it up, and change it to a new bedding, and settle Uncle Sandy down there.”


“Yes! Marshal!”


Cory ran away.


Jin WoWo and Raymond walked back to the pregnancy lounge they lived in, hand in hand.


Jin WoWo said: “You gave your room to your uncle, then where will you live?”


Raymond did not speak.


Jin WoWo asked again: “Are there still any vacant rooms on the spacecraft?”


Raymond replied quietly: “No more.”


“Are you planning to squeeze in with Cory for the night?”


Cory was a little over 1.9 meters tall with a wide and sturdy build, and Raymond is taller than Cory. Two people squeezing into a small 1.2 meter bed…


He could hardly picture it. Maybe it was possible to sleep on top of each other?


Raymond gave a low cough, “I…I’ll just sleep on the floor of the general room for one night.”


After he finished speaking, he snuck a glance at the golden snail.


As the two were talking, Sandy walked towards them.


He glanced at Jin WoWo very kindly, who smiled back politely at him.


This subbeast was very good-looking and obedient. He is many times better than Cyril who blew herself up as Raymond’s fiancée on the Star Network.


Their young master has good eyes.


In front of Jin WoWo, Sandy’s tone subconsciously became more gentle as he asked Raymond: “Are you about to go to sleep?”


The two had just walked to the door of the pregnancy lounge.


Raymond glanced at Jin WoWo and answered: “Yes, Uncle Sandy.”


“Ah, then hurry and get some rest.”


Subbeasts are delicate and weak. And Jin WoWo followed Raymond out for a fight earlier, so he must be very tired now.


Raymond said: “I asked Cory to help you clean up the room, it’s A-01. Uncle Sandy should also rest early.”


Sandy nodded, and watched with satisfaction as his young master brought the little subbeast into the room.


He didn’t intend to raise his eyes and just glanced at the room number when he saw the words – pregnancy lounge.


Well, a room for pregnant people.


A dedicated lounge for pregnant people??!!!


Sandy’s eyes turned wide and stared at the door of the pregnancy lounge for several seconds before snapping out of it.


Then there was ecstasy in his eyes. He walked towards room A-01 excitedly.


Jin WoWo entered the lounge and said to Raymond: “I think you’d better not go to the general room. Just sleep in my room.”


Raymond lowered his eyes and let out a soft “Okay”.


He glanced at Jin WoWo again, and asked honestly: “Won’t it be tight for you?”


Jin WoWo looked at the 1.2 meter-wide bed, then at Raymond’s wide shoulders and long legs, frowning slightly.


Raymond, who was always paying attention to him, was afraid that Jin WoWo would go back on his word, and immediately offered: “I can sleep on the ground.”


The golden snail bit his lip. If Raymond sleeps on the ground, he will surely have to use his python form. The room was already originally small. If Raymond uses his beast form, he will stay on the ground and the place for his feet would disappear .


Jin WoWo thought for a moment, and said, “Why don’t you sleep in my stomach?”


There was a lot of space in his shell, and there was no problem to have ten Raymonds sleeping inside. Jin WOWo thought this was a good idea.


Raymond: “…”


Raymond felt sick immediately.


As soon as Jin WoWo mentioned entering his belly, the heat inside his body surged upwards.


His gaze swept across Jin WoWo’s waist and abdomen uncontrollably. The waist was so thin that he could completely enclose it with one arm.


“However, if you sleep in my stomach, don’t move around. If you move around, I’ll feel a little uncomfortable.” Jin WoWo smiled.


Raymond quickly regained his senses, cleared his throat secretly, and chose: “I can sleep on the ground.”


After speaking, he added, “I’ll use my human form.”


Jin WoWo blinked and suddenly approached Raymond. He looked up at him, and asked with a smile: “Are you still brooding about me having you?”


“Cough cough, cough cough cough cough cough…” Raymond coughed several times, slightly choking on his saliva, until his face and neck turned red.


Jin WoWo smiled at him innocently, and said, “Okay, I’ll stop teasing you. Just sleep on my bed. I’m thin and won’t be squeezed.”


If only he could turn back into a snail, then one square centimeter would be enough for him to roll around in.


After he finished talking, Jin WoWo went to bed and laid in it, occupying a little more than a foot of the bed.


He smiled and patted the space next to him, “Come and sleep.”


The golden snail was very good at reading people’s faces. Facing the red-eared and tense Raymond, he changed the subject at the right time, “Oh. By the way, if you need me to pretend to be your partner next time, just say it in advance and I will cooperate with you.”


Raymond, who had just relaxed a little, immediately turned tense again.


Due to the previous incident where Jin WoWo was “pregnant” and the other party (Raymond) having a special identity, he temporarily used the identity of his “partner.”


At the beginning, Raymond also wanted to use this as the golden snail’s disguise, and then give Jin WoWo a clear identity when they returned to the Central Star .


But he didn’t know since when he acquiesced to the identity of Jin WoWo as his own partner and subconsciously confirmed this identity.


Seeing a sincere expression on Jin WoWo’s face, he quietly clenched his fist and responded with an affirmation in a low voice.


Raymond walked over to bed lightly and laid carefully beside the golden snail.


Jin WoWo asked: “You can reach Central Star tomorrow, right?”




“Are there many people in your family?”


Jin WoWo thought that he would definitely have to stay at Raymond’s house temporarily. However, with Raymond’s identity, his family should be very large. If the population of Raymond’s family was very large, there would be a lot of people, so it might be inconvenient to live there.


Jin WoWo didn’t understand until now, what kind of identity the name “Marshal” here represented.


“Just my father and mother,” Raymond said, but then couldn’t help adding, “Don’t worry, they are very easy to get along with.”


“Don’t you live with your clan?”


“Don’t live together.”


The two chatted one for a while, and the atmosphere gradually calmed down.



Compared to the tranquility in the pregnancy lounge, the atmosphere in room A-01 was much more dignified and dull.


When Sandy hurried to warehouse A-01, Cory had already laid out the new bedding and was about to leave.


Sandy grabbed Cory and began to confirm whether the little subbeast really was pregnant.


Cory told Sandy with regret and a solemn expression about  how the golden snail got pregnant.


How powerful were the Marshal’s genes!


How miraculously was the cub whose gene chain inherited 100% of Marshal Raymond!


Then! How could the Marshal not help but touch the golden snail, which caused the golden snail to have a miscarriage. Sorrow, regret, and live forever!


Cory emphasized the description of the small marble coffee table that the Marshal had broken when he was treating Jin WoWo in a certain way.


Sandy was dumbfounded in shock, before another sad expression filled his face.


Looking at Sandy’s expression, Cory suddenly realized that it seemed that he (Sandy) was very dissatisfied with the Marshal.


To be honest, Cory was also dissatisfied in his heart for the Marshal who was still so unsure about his subbeast when his subspecies partner was pregnant.


What’s more, the person who was treated like that was not just anyone, but his idol Jin WoWo!


However,  he couldn’t blame the Marshal, looking at Jin WoWo’s appearance and how he (JW) was even very protective of the Marshal. Cory felt that he didn’t have the qualifications to express dissatisfaction at all.


So, he hurriedly reported about his marshal: “It may be that after the Marshal entered Rank 9, he hasn’t gotten used to his own power and made a big mistake.”


Sandy was slightly shocked when he heard that Raymond had advanced to the ninth rank, before feeling pained.


It was not easy for subbeasts to give birth. Now the golden snail has even “shed” a cub. It is not known whether they can successfully conceive again in the future.


Sandy clutched his chest, feeling that their young master was too unreliable in this regard.


After Cory left, he picked up the communicator and reported the incident to Ren and Doris, and very sincerely suggested that they should find a physiology professor for Raymond to educate him about the physiological knowledge of subbeasts, and sexual knowledge.


Raymond didn’t know what happened in Room A-01 and couldn’t predict that he, a graduate who once had excellent grades in every subject, would have to endure a chattering old man in the future who gave him lectures on physiology and sex.


At this time, the breathing of the golden snail beside him became long and steady. Raymond turned his head slightly. With the dim lighting of the emergency light in the lounge, he could clearly see every fluff on Jin WoWo’s face.


Raymond closed his eyes and could smell the breath of the golden snail beside him. The two were very close, separated by only two thin layers of cloth. Raymond could feel the temperature Jin WoWo’s body was emitting. 


He gradually relaxed, and his heart became peaceful as he fell asleep.


Early next morning, as soon as Raymond came out of the pregnancy lounge, he saw Sandy waiting by the opposite wall, looking at him sternly.


Raymond was stunned and confused.


“Uncle Sandy, good morning.”


Sandy looked at him solemnly and hesitated, “Young master, you…”


“Did something happen?”


Raymond was puzzled. Sandy had been with his father for decades and had always spoken and acted swiftly. Why was he so hesitant today?


Sandy organized his thoughts and said, “You didn’t do anything with the young subbeast last night, did you?”


Subbeasts who have just had a miscarriage should be paid special attention to and not hmmmmmm any time soon.


It was inconvenient and inappropriate for him to interrupt the secrets of the young master and the young madam’s boudoir. 


The young master of their family is supposedly good and excellent in everything. However, he could have been focused on thinking about how to improve his fighting skills when he was in physiology class, leaving him to not know anything about physiology.


So he (Sandy) has to worry about it.


Raymond: “?”


Hearing sounds, Jin WoWo poked his head from the crack in the door. “Good morning, Uncle Sandy.”


“Un…Good morning.”


Jin WoWo came out and smiled: “You were just asking about what happened last night?”


Sandy: “…”


Sandy couldn’t say anything when he saw Jin WoWo’s innocent look.


Raymond looked at Sandy’s expression and suddenly realized something.


He quietly asked: “Uncle Sandy, did Cory tell you something?”


Sandy looked at Raymond with a look of hatred for iron and steel, but when he turned his head to face the golden snail, he smiled like a spring breeze, “It’s nothing. I was just asking whether you had rested well.”


“Not bad.” Jin WoWo smiled and glanced at Raymond, “Very comfortable.”


The two squeezed into a 1.2-meter-long bed, both of them had healthy bodies of upright and mature men, so their yang energy was a bit strong.


Jin Snails felt hot until midnight.


Raymond consciously turned into a python, placing only his head on the bed, while the rest of his body stayed on the ground.


When Jin WoWo felt the cold scales, he turned over, hugged them, and slept beautifully all night.


When he opened his eyes in the morning, Ihe realized that Raymond’s big snake head was placed next to his pillow, and he was using Raymond’s upper body as a pillow with his hands and feet wrapped around.


Even more embarrassing was the normal physiological reactions that men have in the morning.


The little snail clung so closely to Raymond’s scales that Raymond felt it too, making him (R) feel even more embarrassed than the little snail.


While someone felt more embarrassed than himself, Jin WoWo was only slightly embarrassed. They were both men, afterall.


Even now, Jin WoWo was still in the mood to tease.


But for Raymond, who knew about the truth, his words made him blush more than when he first opened his eyes in the morning.


Sure enough, Sandy’s eyes changed after listening, and he even gave Raymond a harsh look.


Raymond had a hard time talking. He was not good with words, so now he had no choice but to stay silent.


Sandy secretly decided that after going back, he must report clearly to the old madam. The young lady seems to have no knowledge about physiology. They must let the young lady learn.


Afterwards, the spacecraft quickly reached Central Star.


Since spacecrafts were not allowed in the urban areas, they had to change ships to go home.


The Marshal’s Mansion had already sent someone over to pick them up.


When Raymond got off the spacecraft, he suddenly turned around and calmly said to Cory behind him: “Blackstone Star reported half a year ago that there are large beasts haunting human settlements. Take some people and clean it up.”






Last night, he pulled Jin WoWo into his room to talk with the door closed, and was discovered by the Marshal. But the Marshal was very amicable about it, and showed that he didn’t care about that little thing at all. Cory thought the marshal trusted him, and that the Marshal was broad-minded.


It turned out that the Marshal just didn’t care about him at that time, and it was only temporary. Didn’t the Marshal just wait for this moment?


Where and what even was Blackstone Star? A remote planet that would take the spacecraft half a month to fly to. Besides, cleaning up the big beasts was hard . This was the Marshal’s punishment to him!


Cory was very upset about his reckless behavior last night. Why didn’t he wait for the Marshal to come out, and then asked the Marshal and his wife to come to his room together?


Before the Marshal arrived, he had already been misrepresented and sacrificed and the news of “monsters and ghosts” had exploded. Now that they finally returned to Central Star in secret, it was time to catch those people by surprise.


And Raymond has also risen to the ninth rank of the legends. As Raymond’s right-hand man, Cory was bound to follow Raymond and accept the envy and admiration of everyone.


But now, he was being sent to a remote planet to clean up big beasts.


The honorary flowers would have nothing to do with him.


Cory’s heart collapsed.


“Is there a problem?” Raymond said.




“Then start tomorrow.”





Few people knew that Raymond was still alive, but he was a household name in the empire, and few people did not know him.


As soon as the group got off the spacecraft, he was seen by the staff at the docking station of the spacecraft and some passengers passing by.


Although Raymond did not wear a military uniform and also concealed his breath, his military temperament was still very eye-catching.


Soon, many people noticed him.


At the beginning, everyone thought it was a beastmanc who looked like Marshal Raymond, but the sharp-eyed people saw Colonel Cory following Raymond.


Colonel Cory has often appeared in military news with Marshal Raymond in recent years. Although basically every time he appears in the camera, he had no sense of existence due to Raymond’s aura, people who follow military news could still recognize him.


However, Colonel Cory at this time seemed to be less energetic than when he was on the news.


Suddenly someone shouted: “It’s Marshal Raymond!”


There was instantly a commotion.


“Ah! It’s Marshal Raymond!”


“I’m not seeing an illusion, it really is Marshal Raymond!”


“My God, Marshal Raymond is still alive!”


“With Cory following, that must be Marshal Raymond. There’s no doubt!”


“Marshal Raymond!”


Everyone was shocked and couldn’t believe it. Currently, the Star Network was full of news about mourning Marshal Raymond’s sacrifice, videos of Raymond’s fiancee Miss Cyril crying, and Miss Cyril suing Raymond’s parents.


Ah, this is great. Marshal Raymond is alive and he is back.


Miss Cyril no longer has to be sad and feel bullied.


Some females in the crowd screamed and were excited, thinking this.


Some people even ran over in a hurry, wanting to be the first to tell Raymond that his fiancee Miss Cyril was in a miserable situation.


The two teams of soldiers that Raymond brought from Limestone Planet and the people who Sandy had brought were put to great use at this time.


They quickly controlled the crowdsand escorted Raymond and Jin WoWo to the other aircraft.


Someone took out the terminal and was about to take a picture of Raymond. Raymond caught a glimpse of this, and subconsciously raised his hand to protect Jin WoWo’s face.


“Who is that subbeast?”


“Marshal Raymond seems to be protecting him.”


“Oh my God, what will Miss Cyril do? If she knows about this, she will be even more sad.”


Cyril has been selling misery online through the sacrifices made by Raymond the past few days, winning many fans who support and sympathize with her.


At this time, these fans have a very unfavorable opinion of the subbeast being guarded by Marshal Raymond.


They posted the photos they had just taken on Star Network, and the news that Raymond was still alive quickly spread.


But because the news of Raymond’s “sacrifice” was posted by the military’s official website, and the news that Raymond was “alive” was sent by people without credibility, not many people believed the news released by these people.


Raymond didn’t know what was happening behind him.


At this time, he took the golden snail into the aircraft and went straight to the Marshal’s Mansion.


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    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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