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IIEWFP Chapter 29

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 29

A warm current surged through Raymond’s chest. He gritted his teeth and ordered a soldier: “Go to the warehouse and bring a box of Energy Liquid No. 2′.”


The soldier left to follow the order quickly.

“Cory, drive the spaceship. Everyone else, leave the central control room and prepare for battle!” Raymond quickly ordered.

Cory had seen part of Jin WoWo’s ability in the warehouse, and Cory was also his confidant and could be trusted completely.

Cory is the most suitable person to be in the control room driving the spaceship.

Raymond was also good at driving the spacecraft, but he must always be prepared to fight to protect the golden snail.


Cory jumped into the cockpit and replaced the previous pilot.

The soldier who was ordered to carry the energy liquid quickly moved a box of energy liquid into the central control room,before quickly leaving to prepare for battle.

JW: “Open all of it. I want to use it!”

Raymond quickly opened the box of No. 2 energy liquid for Jin WoWo, revealing a box full of small green injections.

Raymond grabbed ten injections in one hand. Moving fingers, a crisp sound could be heard as all ten injections broke in half.

The golden snail reached out his hand and absorbed all the energy from the ten green (wood element) injections and quickly strengthened the spacecraft’s defenses.

“Come again!”

Raymond quickly opened ten more injections, and the golden snails absorbed them once again, before proceeding to strengthened their defenses.

“Oh, no!!” Cory yelled.

Although his skills in driving the spacecraft were not top-notch, it was not bad. After avoiding several attacks, he was still secretly proud.

But the attack on the opposite side was really intense. Just now, he couldn’t dodge and watched as an artillery hit their hull.

But…… nothing happened??

Even the hull did not vibrate.

How is this happening?

Did he dodge it?

Cory glanced at the dashboard again, and it showed that it really did hit the hull!

While he was looking at the dashboard, the spacecraft was hit again twice.

However, nothing really happened!!

Cory suddenly thought of something, and he looked back at the marshal’s partner.

“Concentrate on driving the spaceship!” Raymond said coldly.


Cory immediately turned his head back and focused on driving the spaceship intently.

But he couldn’t help thinking in his heart that the spacecraft was obviously hit, but he didn’t feel anything. He had a gut feeling that it must have been Jin WoWo’s doing.

Otherwise, why does Golden Snail need so much energy liquid?

Cory was sure that the box of No. 2 Energy Liquid was brought for Golden Snail.

The Marshal used the No. 4 energy liquid. But just now, the Marshal opened so many No. 2 energy liquids at once, even though he couldn’t use them himself. So, where did the energy liquid go?

It must have been used by Jin WoWo.

Ah, the golden snail can produce a large amount of electric current, can heal wounds instantly, and can make the opponent’s artillery fire on the hull as if it were nothing, is he a god?

He is so much better than the marshal!

Cory decided that from then on, his idol was no longer the Marshal Raymond he had always admired, but was replaced by Marshal’s partner!

Jin WoWo absorbed the energy of seven boxes, amounting to a total of 210 injections in a row. Feeling that the hull’s defense was strong enough, he stopped.

Raymon’s lips slowly formed a smirk “It’s time for us to fight back.”

Raymond’s eyes couldn’t hide his excitement. “Well, I’ll go to the warehouse to drive the armor.”

“Wait, I’ll go with you, I can protect you.”

A warm current surged from the bottom of Raymond’s heart, and the warm current reversed and boiled in his chest, as if it was about to overflow.

Raymond had been in the role of protecting others ever since his father’s energy explosion and became stuck in a vegetative state.

Because he was very capable and had a strong personality, no one has ever tried to protect him.

Raymond couldn’t help reaching out and rubbing the top of Jin WoWo’s head.

“What are you doing? Don’t mess up my hairstyle.” Jin WoWo said in dissatisfaction as he smoothed his hair.

Since he turned into a human being, he has had soft and fluffy short hair. He has never grown a hairy snail essence, so he cherishes his hair very much.

There was a clear smile on Raymond’s face, “Go. Let’s go to the warehouse together. We’ll be using Cory’s mecha.”

Cory’s ears perked up.

His new idol, the Marshal’s companion, Jin WoWo, will be using his mech?

What an honor!

Cory said immediately, “Madam, there is still a spare ‘Energy Liquid No. 1’ in my mech. You can use it whatever you want.”

“Concentrate on driving your spaceship.” Raymond said.


The two went to the warehouse, and the soldiers were ready to go.

A soldier with the appearance of a captain ran over and said: “The assembly has been completed, please instruct the marshal!”

Raymond scanned the crowd, “You stay in the cabin to maintain safety in the cabin.”


“You are not allowed to go out without an order!”

After Raymond gave the order, he found Cory’s mecha in the barn.

The surface of Cory’s mecha is pure matte black metal, which was suitable for not being spotted by the enemy when used in star combat.

Raymond opened the mecha, went up first, and then pulled the golden snail up.

The soldiers in the warehouse stopped talking.

The Marshal didn’t let them fight together. The Marshal piloted the mecha by himself, which was light and agile and more conducive to sneak attacks.

But why bring your partner with you?

Didn’t Marshal know that the subbeast were fragile and courageous?

Marshal Raymond had no time to guess the thoughts of the soldiers. The space in the mecha was originally small, and his figure was a bit taller than Cory. With the addition of the golden snail, the space became even smaller.

The two were almost sticking to each other, which was not conducive to operating the mecha.

Raymond cleared his throat and whispered to Jin WoWo: “Do you want to sit on my lap?”

After speaking, his ears were red.


Jin WoWo looked at their position and concluded that he must go out with Raymond. Otherwise, it would be difficult for Raymond not to be hit by the intense artillery fire outside.

He didn’t pretend, and climbed directly on Raymond’s leg. After sitting down, he adjusted to a comfortable posture. Then he said, “How about this? is it convenient for you to move?”

Raymond: “…”

Raymond couldn’t help coughing twice and answer dumbly: “Yes.”

The golden snail covered the mecha with a solid defense, raised his chin and said, “Go!”

The cabin deck slowly opened, and the black mecha flew into the starry sky and disappeared.

The mecha flexibly shuffled through the dense artillery fire, and remained unscratched, not hit by any strays. Raymond deliberately showed Jin WoWo a wave of his superb piloting skills.

Jin WoWo didn’t get his careful thoughts at all, and said: “Don’t hide, go straight.”

Raymond: “…”

Jin WoWo’s hair scratched his chin, like a soft feather on his heart.

Raymond’s throat became itchy. He quietly cleared his throat and said, “Okay.”

The mecha quickly dived into the vicinity of Star Thieves’ spacecraft in response to the rain-like artillery fire. Since the size of the mecha was small in comparison to the spacecraft, the Star Thieves didn’t find anything amiss.

Under the Stay Thieves’ spacecraft, Raymond started manipulating his powers, intending to destroy the spacecraft’s energy storage.

JW: “Wait a minute, what are you doing?”

Raymond explained his plan.

Jin Wowo asked: “What will happen after the energy warehouse is destroyed?”

“The spacecraft will explode.”

“That’s not fun.”

Raymond: “…”

Raymond: “Then, how do you want to play?”

Jin Wowo said: “If the spacecraft explodes, they will all die, right?”

Raymond nodded. Although the spacecraft was equipped with a rescue capsule, there is usually no time to enter the rescue capsule when the hull suddenly explodes.

“Then we were bombarded by them in vain? At least let them live to compensate us for our economic losses, as well as mental losses or something.”

Raymond: “……okay.”

Jin Wowo said: “I have a way. Let’s pass the power to their spacecraft. After all the instruments in their spacecraft short-circuit, we can sneak in through the chaos. Then, it’ll be time for you to perform.”

Raymond’s eyes overflowed with a smile again, “Okay.”

Raymond was familiar with the structure of the spacecraft. He first found the lightning protection devices in several places of the spacecraft with the mecha, and destroyed the metal discharge brush at the tip.

In this way, even if the lightning rod installed on the hull transmits the current to the metal discharge brush, it cannot release the current, leaving the lightning to spin on the hull.

While destroying the metal discharge brushes, Raymond also gave the golden snail a bit of knowledge about the lightning protection device of the spacecraft in a simple and clear way to the best of his abilities.

After finishing all this, Raymond took out the No. 1 Energy Liquid Cory or gold energy stored in the wall compartment of the mecha cockpit.

“How many do you need?”

Jin WoWo visually inspected the volume of the spacecraft, and said, “At least thirty.”

Otherwise, if the current is too small, the current will be too small and will have little effect on the spacecraft.

Raymond helped him open the thirty No. 1 Energy Liquids. The golden snail moved towards him and slowly stretched his hand out the small window on the side of the mecha room.

Then, with a “boom”, a huge lightning ball burst out from his hand. The lightning ball sent out a snappy electric light, but it was hidden in the gunfire and the hull of the ship. No one could notice it at all.

Jin Wowo threw the huge ball in the direction of the Star Thieves’ hull, and the ball flew towards the hull with tens of thousands of volts of electro-magnetic properties.

The hull of the Star Pirate spacecraft was instantly surrounded by an electric light.

Star Thieves on board.

In the center control room, a beastman who was in charge of firing the cannon pressed the button, but suddenly found that the cannonball had not been fired.

He clicked “launch” again, but there was still no movement.

He didn’t believe in spirits and pressed the “launch” button several times. But, the console made a direct “sizzle” sound, and countless currents appeared.

Immediately afterwards, all the equipment in the central control room made a “Zila Zila” sound, and the overhead lights flickered a few times before they went out completely.

“What happened?!”

There was a pungent smell of scorched instruments in the air.

“I don’t know, is the circuit broken?”

“Damn! What kind of broken spaceship is this.”

A beastman took out a backup power supply from his space button. And the central control room, where he couldn’t see his fingers, instantly lit up.

“Boss, what should we do?!”

Their target character is not dead yet, and their spaceship broke down first. They had taken orders before and had never encountered such bad luck.

Yes, these people are indeed not ordinary star thieves. They were interstellar mercenaries.

“I said earlier that I don’t want this kind of shattered spacecraft that has been eliminated in the last century, or something junk. It only launched four rounds of artillery before the circuit burned out!” The tall beastman commander kicked and overturned a seat violently before moving on to the next seat.

This spacecraft was supposed to be cheap and durable!

The deputy commander thought in his heart that he strongly recommended buying this spaceship at the beginning. Now that this kind of problem has risen, he can’t fight for anything, so he has to change the subject. “We bombed for so long, just a private spacecraft made out of ordinary material. Why hasn’t it blown up yet?”

“You forgot that there are several top flying masters under Raymond?”

“Then this master flying master is too powerful to have avoided such intensive attacks by us.”

“Huh!” The commander beastman named Tyron snorted coldly. “So what if they escaped? Get on your mechas, we’re launching a sneak attack.”

Everyone ran to the warehouse to put on their mechas, before they opened the cabin deck.

Before the first mecha flew out, it was hit by a laser particle cannon by a dark thing that suddenly appeared.

The mecha couldn’t dodge, and was directly hit by concentrated energy.

With a “boom”, the mecha exploded at the door of the cabin.

The mecha in the back quickly retreated.

Raymond bombarded them, and the crowd also began to counterattack the mecha, dodging from left to right.

But when their laser particle cannon hit Raymond’s mecha, the black mecha’s surface emitted the dazzling sparks, but it was not damaged! !

What the hell!!

Jules’ Corner

Hello! So, I crashed again last night halfway through this chapter. ?  I’ll still try my best to upload daily but with the increasing workload, expect more of an every-other-day schedule for the next 3 weeks.

Bye! Lots of things happened in this chapter XD




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  1. Avatar Loni says:

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    Thank you 😀
    Rest well, and take your time~ *waits patiently* (´▽`)

  2. Avatar A.S. says:

    Jin Wowo is too OP! I love it!
    It doesn’t matter as long as you continue to upload. It’s already more than the usual a chapter/week! Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Daily updates, while a real treat, are also far and away above the norm. Three times a week is far above the norm! Update whatever speed you need as long as you are still, selfishly on my end, updating! I really love this story!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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