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FERWP Chapter 8

I called them one by one

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

    Although Miao Mingyi has a bad personality, he has never made any trouble. He has always been efficient in doing things.

    Probably the previous phone call let him know that Li Quyin was angry, so he speeded up his work and did the thing Li Quyin told him to do.

    For that new movie, Li Quyin really had put a lot of thought into it. All aspects of production were top-notch. The company naturally won’t be careless in finding a professional guide.

    They had aimed at the top figures in the industry from the beginning.

    In the end, the expert whom they had decided to hire was not known to anyone outside the industry. But in the industry, he was a genius and tycoon that everyone knew.

    That person’s ancestors have been doing this for several generations including archeology, identification, or other related things. His family had many famous big shots all of which were well-known people in history.

    Probably because of hearing and seeing his family members do it everyday, when other children were still playing with mud with a runny nose, he had already followed the family member’s path.

    At the age of seven or eight, he had already seen many big cases with his family.

    Because he became familiar with this aspect earlier than others and there were many elders in his family who taught him, he was also smart, so he graduated from school at a young age and became the earliest genius student to graduate in the industry.

    However, the antique industry is too far away from the outside world. So except for the school that found such a talented student, almost no response was there from the outside world.

    Of course, what makes him truly outstanding is not that he graduated earlier than others, but his own abilities.

    Because of his family members’ help, when he was still going through puberty, he had already helped people do some simple identification in private.

    Although it was only an oral appraisal and did not have any actual verification, it soon became known in the circle that there was such a genius.

    Their circle is not big. Everyone can hardly see such a genius. So they all wanted to meet him.

    Therefore, for a long period of time, many people came to him with things deliberately. They just wanted to see if this little genius was really worthy of the name.

    It was quite lively at that time.

    Later, he graduated and officially entered the industry and began to officially help out with some appraisals.

    After two years of working in this way, gradually, he began to rarely appear in front of outsiders. Most people could not see him at all.

    Later, the people who came to him changed from ordinary people to experts from the same industry.

    Almost all the experts who go to find him now are experts who themselves are a bit confused with some appraisals. He has become an expert who solves the problems of appraisals of other experts. He truly is a king of this industry.

    Because of this, he has a very high status and identity in the industry. His one call can get a hundred responses from other experts.

    He is quite mysterious. Almost no information about him can be found outside.

    The information that Miao Mingyi gave him, except for a general introduction, was only a photo of the person’s ID card when he was still in junior high school.

    The person in the photo looked very young. His facial features were not fully developed yet. He must have jumped the classes several times.

    The person looked pretty with good features and skin. He looked very cute.

    When Li Quyin first saw the picture, he felt the child was somehow familiar. But because it was an ID photo, it was a bit distorted, so he didn’t think much about it.

    After seeing the photo and looking at the information, Li Quyin only felt a headache.

    He had heard that the people who are called a ‘genius’ had a weird temper, but he hadn’t expected that the other party was such a realistic marketer, who was so much hungry for money.

    But looking at this information, Li Quyin probably understood the seriousness of the matter.

    When such a person wanted to boycott someone, that could not be taken as a joke.

    People with even a little bit of reputation in the industry will not be willing to fight against such a person for money. After all, this is an offense to the entire industry.

    If an expert really took over his job, the next one to be boycotted by the whole industry might become that expert himself.

    Li Quyin looked at the photo with cold eyes.

    Opposite, Xia Xixi on the sofa, frowned slightly uncontrollably.

    The person who had sent the message to Xia Xixi was the ‘young old man’ who had called him before.

    In his[old man] words, he was considered young in their circle, so of course, he was a young old man.

    “I’ve already informed the other old men about this. Don’t worry about it, just leave it to us.”

    “That dude surnamed Shen[1], who does he think he is? He dared to mess with our gang to show off his power and harass people. I don’t think he wants to live anymore! Humph! So what if he is a celebrity? Will I be afraid of that bastard?”

    “Young people nowadays don’t know what they are thinking all day long!”

    “Someone came to find me in the morning to ask me to go and help him. I just rejected them. Guess what? They threw a cheque at me and told me that their boss didn’t lack money. Those bastards!”

    “I didn’t think much of it at that time. If I had, I would have personally chased those fuckers with brooms!”


    Looking at the message full of anger, Xia Xixi felt a bit funny and a little angry at the same time. Shen Bailou really kept showing his new image of him.

    Xia Xixi originally had thought that he[SBL] lacked basic morality, but now it seems that the problem was with his brain.

    After thinking about it, Xia Xixi moved his finger lightly and replied, “This is my and his business, you don’t need to be involved.”

    “Why is this just your business?” The young-old man was immediately unconvinced. “He messed with our gang and bullied you. How could we do nothing?”

    Whenever he thinks about it, he gets angrier.

    He scolded: “Anyway, you don’t need to worry about it. I have already informed other old men I know. If they[company’s people] dare to come again, they will be sent to hell!”

    “Other people know about it too?” Xia Xixi was surprised. He didn’t want to make things worse.

    “Well, I called them one by one and told them.”

    Xia Xixi didn’t know what to do for a while.

    Because of his family, he knew these old men from a very young age.

    After all, they watched him grow up.

    The relationship between them is said to be of friends. But it’s like the relationship between elders and a junior. It’s even more like the relation between grandfathers and a grandson. Hahaha

    Xia Xixi’s heart was warm. His black pupils were full of soft light.

    “Come on, don’t make yourself angry. You will blame me for this in the future.” Xia Xixi joked.


    Seeing the angry reply from the other side, Xia Xixi smiled and put away the phone.

    When he raised his head to look at the opposite side, Li Quyin’s face was already more ugly than before, as if he had encountered some serious problem.

    “Are you okay?” Xia Xixi asked.

    Li Quyin had a problem with his work?

    “Sorry.” Li Quyin put away the phone.

    It is rare that Xia Xixi came out to have fun with him, but he kept thinking about work.

    “It’s ok.” Xia Xixi shook his head, “If you have things to do, you can do it first.”

    “It’s okay, let’s go fishing!”

    With that said, Li Quyin took the lead to go to the counter and took the fishing rod. He then took Xia Xixi towards the lake.

    At the bottom of the information that Miao Mingyi had provided him, the contact information of that person was attached. Li Quyin wanted to contact him immediately, but it was obviously not the right time now.

    The sun today was not as warm as yesterday. When the breeze passed, it was extremely cool.

    Sitting by the lake, the two chatted one after another. Both of them were paying attention to the fishing rod in front of them.

    They were lucky this afternoon and caught the fish. But it was a small fish.

    Seeing that the little fish had no meat, after thinking about it, the two of them put it back in the lake.

    “You should learn to be smart. Don’t be caught by others. Wait until I come to catch you next time.” When Li Quyin let go of the fish, he did not forget to give some advice to the fish.

    Xia Xixi felt extremely funny beside him. Next time Li Quyin comes back, the fish will definitely hide as far away as possible.

    Back in the villa, after dinner, when Xia Xixi was resting on the roof, Li Quyin was nowhere to be seen.

    Sitting in the flower room, Xia Xixi was wondering where he had run when his mobile phone rang.

    It was an incoming call from an unfamiliar number.

    Xia Xixi frowned habitually. Hadn’t Shen Bailou given up harassing him?

    Xia Xixi chose to hang up the call and skillfully pulled the other party into the blacklist.

    He didn’t know why the other party suddenly thought of calling him, but he didn’t want to talk nonsense with the other party. For this kind of person who doesn’t understand other people’s words at all, he is too lazy to spend his words.

    Downstairs, Li Quyin, who had taken the time to run out to make a call, frowned and looked at the cell phone in his hand that suggested that the other party might be busy. The other side refused to answer his call?

    He hung up the phone and redialed.

    This time, a prompt came from the other end of the phone. Obviously, he had been blocked by the other party.

    The people from the company had said before that they would be blocked as soon as they called.

    Li Quyin looked extremely angry. He took out another mobile phone, hesitating whether to use his private number to dial again.

    Halfway through the number, he turned it off again after thinking about it.

    The other party was obviously not going to answer any unknown calls. Even if he changes the number, the other party will know that this number is his.

    Maybe he will be blocked again if he calls again.

    After thinking about it, Li Quyin opened the information that Miao Mingyi had provided him again. He read it to the end and found out the other party’s email.

    After copying the e-mail address, Li Quyin opened the e-mail. After a little thought, he edited the message and sent it to him.

    Since the other party does not want to answer his phone, he will use other methods to contact him. In any case, he wants to talk directly with the other party.

    If the other party simply wants to raise the price, for the sake of the other’s ability, as long as the price is not particularly exaggerated, he can consider it.

    But if the other party just purely wants to mess with him, then he is not someone that can be easily bullied!!!

    After sending the message, Li Quyin went to the bathroom and washed his face.

    He didn’t want to bring these emotions to Xia Xixi. He and Xia Xixi came here for a date. He didn’t want to ruin this date.

    After cleaning up, Li Quyin went upstairs.

    Probably because the night air was too fresh and convenient, Xia Xixi was already asleep in the flower room when he went upstairs.

    Xia Xixi had laid on the recliner. His slender and straight legs were naturally placed on the front footpad. His hands were folded on his abdomen. The phone was placed aside. His expression was extremely peaceful.

    His pink lips were opened slightly and with that defenseless look, Li Quyin’s breathing was stagnant. His throat was even more dry and itchy.

    Li Quyin stepped forward uncontrollably. He stretched out his hand as if bewitched, wanting to touch it.

    Probably because the moonlight was too hazy and there were flowers inside the room, he felt an unreal feeling as if everything he saw in front of him was just an illusion.

    He still hasn’t figured out why Xia Xixi would agree to associate with him.

    Maybe this is really a dream?

    Just when his fingertips were about to touch Xia Xixi’s cheek, Xia Xixi’s mobile phone rang aside.

    After a short vibration, the screen showed that Xia Xixi had received a new unfamiliar email.

    Li Quyin was taken aback by the movement and instinctively looked at the phone.



[1] It’s kind of a swearing word

Thank you guys for reading. 🙂 Please feel free to comment your thoughts.

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