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FERWP Chapter 23 Part 2

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Previously, the hot searches have always been about whether Shen Bailou likes someone and who he likes.

Now that the topic’s heat has dropped, it’s the topic of ‘old expert angering the star’ instead.

Li Quyin opened the topic.

In the topic, one party yelled at the expert, saying that he was too free to interfere with other people’s matters. Another party fought back saying as long as the expert was telling the truth, it didn’t matter whether he was being nosy or not.

The two sides refused to give in to each other and the fierce fight began where both parties began to curse the other party.

Looking at those comments, Li Quyin started to feel pain in his liver besides his stomach.

He didn’t know if Xia Xixi had seen this hot search. If he has seen it, Li Quyin guessed Xia Xixi probably would have the heart to kill him…

Li Quyin quickly tweeted to explain: [The previous thing was a misunderstanding. Expert Xia is a very good person. ]

After it was posted, Li Quyin immediately went to the comment section nervously.

But the two parties who were arguing completely ignored his post. Because now it was not just the matter of Shen Bailou and Xia Xixi, it was a matter of who wins and who loses.

His explanation, to outsiders, was also more like an official statement that celebrities often say after seeing things go wrong.

Some fans even took the initiative to stand up to comfort him and let him not be afraid.

Li Quyin watched this and his heart was vomiting blood.

Li Quyin was holding the phone. He wanted to say something more, but after thinking about it for a long time, he didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t say that Xia Xixi was the person he liked.

When Xia Xixi was hesitating for a long time looking at the email and was still undecided whether to send a message to Shen Bailou, Weibo prompts came one after another.

He had been busy in You Hai’s case before and hadn’t paid much attention to his mobile phone. Until then, he realized that he had received a lot of prompts.

Xia Xixi was puzzled and opened his Weibo.

Once he opened Weibo, there were 999+ comments on his posts, 999+ messages, and 999+ tags.

At first, Xia Xixi thought his account was hacked or attacked by the advertising marketing account until he clicked on the comment and saw the countless fierce greetings.

He frowned and looked at it for a long time before he finally figured out what was going on.

Seeing Shen Bailou’s account as a ”follower” in the fan list and Shen Bailou’s words, Xia Xixi suddenly felt disgusted.

Shen Bailou did this on purpose or was he taking the wrong medicine?

Xia Xixi thought for a while and quickly came to the conclusion that Shen Bailou did it on purpose!

Shen Bailou did a good job with this scheme.

Shen Bailou deliberately followed him on Weibo. His purpose was to let his fans see his(XXX) Weibo and then see the blog post from the last time they quarreled on Weibo. Then Shen Bailou’s fans will definitely be angrier and will attack him.

In this way, to outsiders, it won’t look like Shen Bailou himself told his fans to attack him. Instead, it will look like his fans attacked him because they were dissatisfied with his(XXX) behavior.

Afterwards, Shen Bailou deliberately came out to post a clarification on Weibo. He pretended to say good things about him on the surface. But his true purpose was to show his fans how kind he himself is!

Understanding what was going on, Xia Xixi felt the urge to vomit.

[Hypocrites!!! ] Xia Xixi sent out a single word in response to the increasing prompts.

He had originally thought about whether to lower his ego and actively contact Shen Bailou to see if he could get Li Quyin’s other contact information or his home address.

But now, even if Xia Xixi is killed, he will not take the initiative to show weakness in front of that Psycho Shen Bailou!

Li Quyin, who was lying on the sofa pitifully, saw the Weibo post that suddenly appeared on Xia Xixi’s homepage and his tears came down.

He knew that he couldn’t clarify himself even after jumping into the Yellow River.

He is done for!

He closed his eyes letting the phone fall to his chest, smashing his chest painfully.

The phone was restless, buzzing all the time, reminding him how fierce the battle on Weibo was.

After pretending to be dead for a while, Li Quyin couldn’t bear this kind of torture. He grabbed the phone and cut off the internet, in order to get a short silence.

After the internet was disconnected, the world really calmed down.

The irritability in Li Quyin’s heart did not abate at all, but instead he became more anxious.

He turned over and laid on the sofa, holding a disconnected mobile phone in his hand. He couldn’t help turning to Xia Xixi’s and his chat history.

He originally wanted to look at the previous chat history with Xia Xixi but when he opened the page, he was surprised to find that there were a few unread messages.

The latest one was sent just now. Xia Xixi was asking him if something happened?

Li Quyin looked at Xia Xixi’s somewhat uneasy tone of concern and immediately guessed that it must be that Xia Xixi had been worried because he had not replied back before.

Li Quyin felt warm.

He originally thought that between him and Xia Xixi, he unilaterally liked Xia Xixi, but now it doesn’t seem to be the case.

“I just saw the message. I’m fine. I was just working before.” Li Quyin quickly reconnected the internet and replied.

He hadn’t forgotten to reply because of his work. It was just that his mind was full of that CCTV thing before. So he didn’t know when Xia Xixi had sent the message.

“You are so busy?” Xia Xixi was obviously using his mobile phone. So he responded almost immediately.

The corners of Li Quyin’s mouth couldn’t help but rise thinking Xia Xixi was angry.

“Are you angry?” Li Quyin.

“No.” Xia Xixi kept his mouth flat. In Li Quyin’s eyes, is he such a stingy person?

“Don’t be angry, I apologize to you, I’m sorry.” Li Quyin coaxed.

At the end, he also sent an emoticon picture over.

It was an animated picture of a long-eared rabbit bending over to apologize. It looked very cute.

Xia Xixi poked the rabbit with his finger and watched it keep bowing there. He hadn’t felt it at first but now he suddenly became a little angry.

What kind of work makes you so busy, so busy that you don’t even have time to look at your phone?

Li Quyin clearly saw the messages he had sent. He just didn’t want to reply to him, right?

He was being so worried there, worried about whether something happened to him. He even almost went to contact that Shen Bailou for him.

The more he thought about it, the more angry Xia Xixi became. He locked the screen without replying.

Since Li Quyin doesn’t want to reply to his message, he also doesn’t want to reply to Li Quyin!

Putting the phone aside, Xia Xixi ignored the vibration notification from the phone.

He looked out of the car window. The car was heading towards his home.

The scenery on both sides of the street in the sunset was very good. The whole world was filled with a golden light.

Because of the continuous vibration of the phone, it slid to Xia Xixi’s legs, touching his feet affectionately.

Xia Xixi pushed it away, pushing it far away.

Don’t bother him, he is busy getting angry!

“Young Master?” The driver in front noticed it, looking in the rearview mirror.

Old man Liao also noticed and looked over.

“It’s okay.” Xia Xixi didn’t want to say more.

The phone was persevering, still buzzing.

Xia Xixi looked at it and didn’t calm down at all. He was worried for so long, but Li Quyin told him that he just didn’t see it.

Li Quyin is a big liar!

Realizing what he was thinking, Xia Xixi suddenly became a little uncomfortable.

Since when did he start to care if Li Quyin immediately responded to him?

Xia Xixi has always been the kind of person who calls directly when there is an emergency. He never sends messages.

If it had been Old Man Liao and the others, even if they didn’t reply for a whole month, Xia Xixi wouldn’t have taken it seriously.

When he sends a message, Old Man Liao and others might reply only after three or four days.

And the message he had sent to Li Quyin before, it has only been a bit more than a day.

Xia Xixi’s face was a little hot. He picked up the phone again with some guilty conscience.

When he unlocked the screen, Li Quyin had sent more than a dozen messages.

“I was wrong, I apologize, don’t be angry.”

“How about I treat you to eat delicious food as compensation?”

“I won’t do it anymore. There definitely won’t be the next time. I will always look at my phone in the future and I will reply when I see it.”

“You really are angry?”

“Don’t be……”

Li Quyin sent more than a dozen messages without receiving a reply. His face collapsed and he wanted to cry but his tears won’t come out.

He used the identity of Shen Bailou to provoke Xia Xixi publicly and used the identity of Li Quyin to provoke Xia Xixi in private.

What kind of ass thing is he doing?

“If this happens in the future, I will really ignore you.” Xia Xixi sent a message of reconciliation with some guilty conscience.

“There definitely won’t be the next time.” Li Quyin quickly assured.

This time, he was really distracted because there were too many things in his mind. Otherwise, he would have never deliberately refused to reply to Xia Xixi.

“All right.” Xia Xixi didn’t want to say more about it. He felt a bit uncomfortable.

“Actually, I have encountered some bad things recently and I am also busy.” Xia Xixi changed the subject.

Li Quyin’s mouth twitched fiercely, with a bad feeling, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s about a friend I know. His son stole something from the company, worth tens of millions…” Xia Xixi talked about the situation. He was very emotional, especially about the fact that You Hai entered the hospital and haven’t woken up yet.

Li Quyin breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that Xia Xixi was talking about this.

“Don’t think too much. Things have already happened, it’s useless to think more. I think you should be tired too, remember to take a good rest after you go back.” Li Quyin was relieved.


“Why don’t I come over to accompany you? I happen to be free this afternoon.” Li Quyin’s heartbeat accelerated.

“No, I want to take a good rest today.” Xia Xixi refused, “And I still have a troublesome thing that I haven’t solved yet.”

“What’s the matter?” Li Quyin was faintly disappointed.

“I encountered a psychopath on the Internet.” Xia Xixi wanted to vomit.

Li Quyin choked on the spot.

“…Don’t care too much about things on the Internet.” Li Quyin didn’t know how to face Xia Xixi.

If Xia Xixi knew that the psychopath he encountered on the Internet was him…

Li Quyin trembled uncontrollably. It seems he must go to the Yellow River to jump.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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