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FERWP Chapter 23 Part 1

    Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

The photo should be of one or two years ago when Xia Xixi was younger than now but this did not affect Li Quyin’s recognition of him at a glance.

Looking at Xia Xixi’s familiar eyebrows, Li Quyin didn’t know how to react for a while.

His mouse slid down again.

Below that photo, there were two more photos, both of which were taken in the same meeting.

In the other two, one was of Xia Xixi wearing an identification card pinned to his chest. There was the word ”Chairman” written on it.

The last one was the photo of another person but Xia Xixi happened to be standing beside him, so he was also in the shot.

Li Quyin’s attention was focused on Xia Xixi only. The more he looked at the solo picture of Xia Xixi, the better he felt. So he secretly downloaded the photo and put it on his mobile phone.

After doing this, Li Quyin finally recovered when he opened the photo from the album and looked at it again.

Once he recovered, his stomach started to hurt again.

It was the horrible kind of stomach ache.

Li Quyin’s mood was extremely complicated.

This Miao Mingyi can really cause him great trouble. Among all the people in this world, he offended whom??? Xia Xixi!!!!

Very good!!! Now even if Xia Xixi will forget the previous things, when he’ll know that he was attacked by Li Quyin’s person, even if he’ll jump into the Yellow River, Xia Xixi won’t forgive him.

When he thinks of how Xia Xixi will hate Shen Bailou even more, Li Quyin’s stomach twitched.

He was lying on the sofa with his belly in his arms pitifully.

Li Quyin was slowly becoming stiff as a corpse when his assistant sent him another message.

“Boss, I just got the news that, that expert has called the police. It seems that he caught the person who had replaced the vase.”

“The details are still unclear, but it’s a big thing. Do you want to add some fire at the same time by sending a report to news channels or something?”

“At that time, we can use this to negotiate with that surname Xia. Experts are usually very concerned about this. He shouldn’t want this to be exposed. Maybe he will let go and agree to help direct the movie.”

Li Quyin’s stomach was hurting too much originally, but when he saw these words, his stomach almost started to bleed.

“Don’t say nonsense things to me!” Li Quyin turned blue with anger.

He is worried now that he can’t explain clearly what happened before. And this donkey wants him to threaten Xia Xixi with this matter?

If he really did this, then he would really be over!

Xia Xixi will not only hate him, but he will also kill him!

The assistant originally thought that he had thought of such a brilliant idea. After all, that surname Xia had targeted them and made them go through difficult times. Li Quyin had always had the attitude of ”I’ll mess with the people who come to mess with me” before.

Now suddenly being trained like this by Li Quyin, the assistant was somewhat feeling inexplicable.

“Then what should I do now?” the assistant asked.

Does his boss have a way to damage that expert even more?

If it were him, he also would have taught that psycho expert a good lesson severely.

Li Quyin sat up. He thought about it seriously, “Suppress the news, don’t let this news get leaked.”

Based on his understanding of Xia Xixi, this incident was definitely not done by Xia Xixi. Since it was not done by Xia Xixi, then he should not be affected by this incident.

So this matter must not be reported in the newspapers. It is best not to let those paparazzi people know.

Otherwise, according to the dispositions of those paparazzi who are not too serious, they will definitely add some exaggerations to the news. At that time, Xia Xixi won’t be able to defend himself.

The industry Xia Xixi works in, values the reputation too much…

Li Quyin felt distressed when he thought about the possibility.

People like Xia Xixi are not suitable for being wronged.

“Huh?” The assistant thought that he had seen a wrong message for a moment.

He concentrated on seeing it again. After he was sure that he had read it correctly, there was only one thought in his mind. Why is his boss protecting that expert?

Didn’t he still hate that expert before?

“This matter is not allowed to be messed up, let me keep an eye on it.” Li Quyin warned worriedly.

Li Quyin is a big actor in the entertainment industry. He owns an entertainment company. In addition, he is the only son of the Shen family and the Shen family is also a large group. He has a lot of prestige in this regard.

After the explanation, Li Quyin was still a little worried.

After thinking about it, he deliberately opened Weibo and went around to see if there were any related reports.

After seeing around and searching for keywords, Li Quyin finally breathed a sigh of relief after not finding any relevant exposure on Weibo.

He did not turn off Weibo but rather opened Xia Xixi’s Weibo homepage again.

Since the last time the two quarreled, Xia Xixi has not updated his Weibo. So the latest Weibo on his homepage was still the last one.

Li Quyin looked at Xia Xixi’s Weibo. Then he couldn’t wait to slap himself twice.

He should have recognized Xia Xixi earlier.

The blog posts he posted were not just casual poems about spring and sadness. They were all historical materials that could be used for textual research.

The cultural relics he shared were all real and each was a work of art that had been getting better with time.

Before, Li Quyin had thought that he was pretending. But now he looks at it, he likes every word, every sentence, and every picture on Xia Xixi’s Weibo.

That’s exactly Xia Xixi’s style, why didn’t he notice it before?

After observing Xia Xixi’s Weibo secretly, Li Quyin thought for a while and finally clicked on the ”follow” button.

After clicking on it, Li Quyin refreshed his homepage again. Only after confirming that Xia Xixi’s post came on his homepage, he reluctantly leave the Wei Bo.

Lying back on the sofa again, Li Quyin continued to look like a lazy ass.

He already was unable to speak about him being Shen Bailou thing, and now, it’s even better. He won’t even be able to see Xia Xixi face to face.

On the other side.

It was almost evening when Xia Xixi came out of the police station.

The sun was almost setting in the west.

Under the faint light, Xia Xixi stood outside the gate of the police station with a look of exhaustion.

Old man Liao, who came out with him, looked back at the magnificent and upright police station door behind him, then looked at Xia Xixi, “What the fuck is going on!!!!!”

Xia Xixi nodded silently also quite wanting to say such a thing.

In the morning, he had noticed something was wrong. After calling the police, the police rushed over soon.

Seeing them, Xia Xixi quickly told them all his guesses and what he had seen and heard.

The police also felt that his worries were not unreasonable, so they took them to knock on the door.

The knock on the door sounded again, but no one in the house answered the door.

Xia Xixi knew immediately that it was wrong. You Hai’s family had been inside the house before and there was only one exit in the whole house.

And he and Old Man Liao had been standing not far from the door since the beginning and hadn’t seen anyone coming or going out.

After discussing with the police, they immediately decided to break the door.

It took some time to break the door, but it didn’t take long, and soon a group of people broke into the house.

    After breaking in, when Xia Xixi led a group of people to the Youhai’s room, You Hai was already unconscious with foam at his mouth.

As for his son, they heard the sound of a man jumping from the window to the backstreet. When the police saw it, they immediately chased him up.

After that, it was a mess.

After tossing for an hour or two, the situation was finally brought under control.

You Hai was taken to the nearest hospital for rescue, while his son was detained by the police and taken back to the bureau.

On the way to the police station, You Hai’s son, You Qi, continuously claimed that his father tried to commit suicide because of the previous incident.

He ran away because he was afraid that the police would suspect him.

In the bureau, Xia Xixi and Old Man Liao cooperated with the investigation.

After tossing back and forth all morning and a half an afternoon, they finally figured out the cause of the matter.

The police had already investigated the situation of You Hai’s home when he was pushed down the stairs.

You Hai did make a lot of money in the early years, but after he handed over the family’s factory to his son, the situation in the factory started to deteriorate from year to year.

However, You Qi has been reluctant to close the factory and go out to seek work. He has been holding on. Who knew that the sudden economic downturn this year had caused their factory to owe a huge sum of millions of dollars directly.

Because he owed money, when You Qi saw the vase, he had evil thoughts.

It just so happened that he also knew some people of this industry. So he quickly got a fake one and secretly changed the real one.

You Hai soon noticed that something was wrong. He immediately guessed what was going on. He wanted to persuade You Qi to change the vase back, but You Qi was unwilling.

You Hai was also pushed down the stairs before by You Qi.

Because the two had a dispute, You Qi had pushed him down.

After that, it was what Xia Xixi and others had thought.

Xia Xixi had previously misunderstood that You Hai was implicated in the matter of Shen Bailou and went to visit. Who knew that You Hai was wrong and was concealing a crime.

Xia Xixi was quite curious to figure out what was going on.

You Qi not only ruined his future but also ruined his father’s future.

From now on, You Hai will definitely not be able to be in this industry.

And if the victim sues them, it is estimated that You Qi will have to spend half of his life in prison and so will You Hai.

You Hai is getting older. Not only has he lost his reputation, but he was almost killed by his own son twice. He is still lying in the hospital…

“Don’t think too much.” Old Man Liao said.

Xia Xixi also looked back at the police station door behind him and then walked towards the car.

After getting in the car, Xia Xixi said again, “I will go to the collector to apologize in two days, and see if I can talk about it.”

He doesn’t care about You Qi but he definitely cares about You Hai.

The vase was not stolen by You Hai. Afterward, he also thought about asking his son to return the thing. In the end, he also thought about taking the initiative to be honest.

“You are implicated again.” Old man Liao sighed with emotion.

After this incident, there are more places where Xia Xixi needs to come forward.

Even if the matter itself has nothing to do with Xia Xixi, You Hai is still in their club after all, and Xia Xixi is the president.

It is estimated he’ll be extremely busy.

On the way back, Xia Xixi took out his mobile phone and took a look.

Li Quyin still hadn’t replied to him and it was already the next day.

Xia Xixi was a little angry about this matter at first, after all, Li Quyin had never stopped replying to him before.

Now Xia Xixi was a little worried. There isn’t something wrong with Li Quyin, right?

If the phone is out of power, it’s been so long, it must have been charged long ago.

Did Li Quyin lose his phone?

Or worse…

Xia Xixi hurriedly sent another questioning message, “What are you up to? Are you okay?”

As soon as the message was sent, Xia Xixi stared at the screen intently and waited. He waited for a while but did not get a reply.

Xia Xixi became more worried.

It was also at this time that Xia Xixi realized that although he and Li Quyin were in a relationship, he had no way to contact Li Quyin except this phone number.

He doesn’t even know where Li Quyin usually lives.

Xia Xixi looked at the phone blankly, a little distracted. He suddenly felt that, as a boyfriend, he was a little irresponsible.

After hesitating, Xia Xixi opened the mailbox where he had contacted Shen Bailou before, wondering whether to send a message to Shen Bailou and ask him about Li Quyin.

If something had happened to Li Quyin, he must contact Li Quyin as soon as possible.

But him taking the initiative to contact Shen Bailou…

Li Quyin was lying on his sofa with a blank brain, but Weibo became lively again because of him.

As a top celebrity, Li Quyin’s every move naturally attracts the attention of countless people.

His ”following” list, which had been blank, suddenly added a person. It was discovered by sharp-eyed fans within half an hour.

In the beginning, the fans thought Shen Bailou had followed the person he had mentioned before.

So everyone immediately went in excitedly, wanting to see the true face of Shen Bailou’s crush.

When they clicked on the list, everyone found that the person whom Shen Bailou followed was a bit familiar.

Taking a closer look, isn’t this person the expert who had just quarreled with Shen Bailou on Weibo before? !

They clicked to open it and see, heh, it really was the same person.

Confirming that it was the same person, everyone was confused now. What does Shen Bailou mean by following this guy?

For a while, everyone tried to guess what had happened.

After half an hour, everyone reached a consensus. Their male god’s hand must have slipped!

Except for hand slipping, what reason does their male god have to follow a person who had mocked him?

After all, the two people had quarreled so badly before.

Thinking of the past, and then looking at the following list of their male god…………………..

The fans of Shen Bailou, who were still at a loss, immediately scolded and cursed. Is their male god someone who that Xia Xixi can casually hate?

When Li Quyin went to Weibo again, it was already night.

Li Quyin, who was still thinking about that ”psycho expert”, immediately became confused.

He was going to go to bed after browsing Weibo, but when he saw it, his whole person suddenly became shocked.

After Xia Xixi was followed by him, Xia Xixi was extremely scolded by his fans.

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