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FERWP Chapter 23 Part 3

Translator: Prakriti bhatta

“I don’t want to care, but some people are really annoying.” Xia Xixi frowned. He was really angry.

How did people like Shen Bailou become the actor? There are so many people who like him, are they blind?

Xia Xixi became angrier as he thought about it. He couldn’t help saying: “We really can’t judge some people just based on their looks. Actually, no one can be judged based on their looks.”

Shen Bailou is the kind of scum who looks good and peaceful on the surface but actually rots to the point of stinking inside.

Take this incident as an example. Shen Bailou couldn’t make any noise by himself, so he led fans to violently abuse him. This kind of person isn’t pleasing to the eye at all.

“Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding? You see, since it’s on the Internet, you don’t know what’s going on behind it.” Li Quyin said weakly.

He really didn’t want to incite Xia Xixi on the fan network.

He would never deliberately let his own fans bully even the strangers, let alone after knowing that person is Xia Xixi. He still has this basic morality.

It’s just that now that things have happened and are developing in a worse direction, his words seem extremely pale and weak.

Xia Xixi didn’t think so. He felt that Shen Bailou was deliberate. That guy is very scheming.

But after typing the message in the inbox, after thinking about it, Xia Xixi deleted it again.

He has been reluctant to talk about Shen Bailou in front of Li Quyin, because he felt that to mention Shen Bailou in front of the oppressed Li Quyin was an indirect injury to Li Quyin.

“Maybe.” Xia Xixi didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Li Quyin wanted to talk more, but he shouldn’t have known about the affairs between Xia Xixi and Shen Bailou.

Li Quyin silently contacted his assistant and asked him to find someone to control fans and delete the comment. The explanation was unclear and Xia Xixi could not continue to be scolded.

After that, the two briefly chatted a few words, and then each went on their own.

Back home, Xia Xixi went to bed early after eating dinner. He had to recharge his energy to deal with the vase collector’s side.

However, early the next morning, before Xia Xixi woke up, Old Man Liao ran over with the morning paper of the day and slammed the door.

“Something happened.” Xia Xixi opened the door sleepily in his pajamas. Before he could speak, Old Man Liao said anxiously.

Xia Xixi leaned against the door.

What can be worse than You Hai’s case?

“You Hai’s case has been reported in the newspaper and they…………wrote some nonsense things.” Old man Liao patted the newspaper he had just gotten in the morning. His face darkened with anger.

“Huh?” Xia Xixi became more and more dazed.

Xia Xixi had already expected this incident in the newspaper. After all, this is not a trivial matter, and someone will definitely report it.

“Look at what they wrote. They said that you were the one that had stolen the vase. It says ‘an expert surnamed Xia’ took advantage of his position and changed the vase. That expert surnamed Xia, isn’t that you? ! ”

Xia Xixi suddenly felt a thunderstorm.

He snatched the newspaper from Old Man Xia’s hand and opened it to read it.

The report of this incident was on the front page of the newspaper. You could see it as soon as you get the newspaper.

The title of the report was [Expert stealing], and the words ‘Expert surname Xia’ was also used in a particularly thick font.

The title was so ridiculous and the following content was self-evident.

The entire report described the incident in general terms, but it began to make up the matter from halfway through. It was obvious that the vase was replaced by You Hai’s son, but in the newspaper, the thief became ‘expert with the surname Xia’.

At the end of the report, the editor-in-chief also claimed that because the nature of the matter was extremely serious, the ‘expert with the surname Xia’ would be subject to severe legal sanctions.

After reading the report, Xia Xixi looked extremely ugly.

The people outside might just watch the excitement, but their insiders can almost see it at a glance, which is clearly talking about him.

It’s okay for those who know, but those who don’t know will believe it in all likelihood.

“No, I have to go to their newspaper publishing site to make it clear!” Old man Liao said furiously.

Xia Xixi didn’t stop him. He just asked: “How did they know about this?”

The old man Liao who had already turned around stopped and looked back, “I definitely don’t know where he heard it from.”

Xia Xixi raised the newspaper in his hand, “The process described by the other party is almost the same as the matter, indicating that they know what is going on, but halfway through, they deliberately said that the person who stole the thing was me.”

Old man Liao understood in an instant, “You mean they wrote this deliberately? But why?”

As soon as Old Man Liao said, he understood something again, “Is he deliberately discrediting you?”

Old man Liao turned and walked hurriedly towards his home, trying to contact other people, “No, I have to check and see who did this very good thing.”

Xia Xixi didn’t stop him. Since Old Man Liao had seen the newspaper, everyone else must have seen it too.

Sure enough, Xia Xixi closed the door and returned to the bedroom when the phone rang and his grandpa’s call came.

“Let’s make it clear first, this matter has nothing to do with me, it’s the nonsense that the other side deliberately planted and framed.” Xia Xixi was quick to explain the situation.

If he doesn’t make things clear, according to his grandfather’s character, he will definitely make a big fuss.

The other side was silent for a while. After a while, an old and kind voice came, “You were raised by me. Who are you, do you think I still don’t know?”

Xia Xixi felt funny, “Then why are you still calling me and asking me about this sin?”

“Who is asking you about your sin. I wanted to ask you what’s the matter with you and that Shen?” The other side exploded, fiercely.

Xia Xixi knew that he had provoked his grandpa and quickly apologized. He coaxed softly, “Isn’t it because I am afraid that you misunderstood that I really did it, so I was angry with myself.”

“Stop talking about me, I’m asking you something!” The old man pretended to be fierce, but his tone softened, “You still know that I’m worried? You have no conscience.”

Xia Xixi laughed a little bit, “Is that Shen Bailou you said? I have nothing to do with him. I just quarreled a few words on the Internet with him.”

With that said, Xia Xixi felt strange. When did his grandfather start to use Weibo?

“What quarrel?” The old man was puzzled, “You and he bear grudges against each other?”

“En, what’s the matter?” Xia Xixi realized that the old man might not be talking about Weibo.

“Your newspaper was published by him. I have checked it.”

“What?” Xia Xixi instantly put away the smile on his face.

“I asked them to check. They said that a person named Miao Mingyi asked them to write this way. Isn’t that Miao Mingyi Shen Bailou’s agent?” The old man said.

Although the Xia family has nothing to do with the entertainment industry, there are also professionals who are familiar with this aspect in the contacts that the Xia family has built over the years.

When the old man had gone to bed, he saw this report about his grandson. He was so angry that he blew his beard and almost exploded.

He immediately asked someone he knew to find out what was going on. Ten minutes later, there was a reply from the other person. It was a person named Miao Mingyi who had asked them to write the report on purpose.

After learning about this, the old man immediately asked people to check Miao Mingyi again, and naturally Shen Bailou was found.

After that, he called Xia Xixi and asked what happened to Xia Xixi and Shen Bailou.

Xia Xixi didn’t expect to hear the two words Shen Bailou from his grandfather. He was stunned for a while before returning to his senses.

Shen Bailou, that bastard!

He really loves pestering him!

“Don’t worry about this. I will take care of it myself.” Xia Xixi resisted his anger.

He hadn’t settled accounts with Shen Bailou about the things on Weibo, and Shen Bailou actually framed him again!

Shen Bailou is over, he is dead.

“No, this is related to the reputation of our Xia family.” The old man disagreed.

Although he didn’t know what was going on between Shen Bailou and Xia Xixi, the other party was obviously targeting his precious grandson. How could he stand by?

His grandson, he has always been so darling since he was a child. He didn’t want to send him to live alone in the first place, now he is being bullied by others!!

Believe it or not, he can throw that whole Shen family together for his grandson!


“Why are you kid so stubborn? I told you to come back. You can see how many things happened and how many wrongs you received when you went out…”

“Grandpa, you are saying this again. It is good for me to live outside. If you nag like this again, I won’t come back for my birthday.” Xia Xixi was anxious.

He is familiar with this scene. At the end of this matter, his grandfather will definitely ask him to move back.


Li Quyin sneezed fiercely.

When he asked someone to control the field to delete the comment and suppress the quarrel on Weibo, and then saw the online version of the newspaper, it was almost noon.

Upon seeing the nonsense report, Li Quyin immediately turned around and asked, “Didn’t I let you suppress this matter?”

The assistant apparently saw the report a long time ago, and as soon as he was asked, he immediately explained, “I really did what the boss said, but this newspaper has nothing to do with the entertainment industry, so I didn’t expect to contact.”

Li Quyin held the phone, his face turned blue.

The little assistant wanted to defend himself a few more words. Li Quyin had already retracted his gaze and opened Weibo.

On Weibo, that report had indeed caused an uproar. Many big Verified accounts had already reposted it, and their influence was still spreading.

In particular, Xia Xixi’s Weibo had already fallen completely, and there have been countless quarrels recurring.

Li Quyin flipped through the comments on Xia Xixi’s Weibo after the report was released, and his face turned blue even when he saw the cursing and criticism remarks.

Li Quyin immediately switched back to his Weibo and rebuked: [This is not the case. The report is just nonsense. The person who stole the vase is not Xia expert, and he is not such a person.

Evidence will tell everything. Now that the police have caught the thief, it is not too late to make a conclusion after the police report comes out. ]

After posting Weibo, Li Quyin still found it difficult to calm the anger in his heart. He switched back to Xia Xixi’s Weibo homepage and wanted to help explain.

The page refreshed and Li Quyin saw a new Weibo post.

Xia Xixi had reposted his Weibo that helped explain the explanation, and responded: [Is your brain sick, or did you take the wrong medicine? ? ? ]

Li Quyin looked at the series of question marks and burst into tears.

He was wronged but dare not say anything.

Before he finished his sadness, Xia Xixi had posted another Weibo post, [Wasn’t that report published because you had told your people? What kind of good person are you pretending to be now? ]

Li Quyin instantly filled his face with question marks, “???”

What? When did he do this, why didn’t he know?

[I am telling you, our grudges are not finished! I really have never seen someone so mean and shameless]. Xia Xixi was obviously really anxious and the third Weibo was posted immediately.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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