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Who were they joking with???

The warm sunlight shined through the french-windows and fell on the wooden floor. The white gauze curtains behind the windows were slightly fluttering with the breeze.

Outside the window, the shade of the tree covered half of the balcony.

Wearing a white shirt, Xia Xixi came to the balcony with a cup of freshly ground coffee. He sat down in front of the bamboo rattan seat and stretched his legs comfortably.

The sunlight shone on his well-proportioned and slender body, as if it was plated with tin gold, making his whole person radiate a faint light.

His thick black and slightly curled eyelashes quivered. His dark eyes seemed to be covered with a thin mist, hazy and ambiguous.

In addition with his thin and powdery lips, he gave very clean and clear impression to the people.

Under that cleanliness, there was a bit of hidden sexiness.

Sipping coffee, just as he was about to pick up the phone Xia Xixi noticed an extra notification on his phone.

That was an advertisement pushed by a video software: The new work of the emperor of the entertainment industry, Shen Bailou, will be released soon. What are you guys still waiting for? Hurry up and join…

The moment he saw the words’Shen Bailou’, Xia Xixi frowned uncontrollably. His eyes were full of disgust.

As if the advertisement was not disgusting enough, a small picture was also attached.

In the small picture, Shen Bailou, the emperor of the entertainment industry, had ambiguous eyes. His unparalled handsome face with sharp features combined with that expression could make one’s hormones soar.

Xia Xixi flicked his finger to delete it.

Xia Xixi didn’t like Shen Bailou.

No, it was more accurate to say that he was disgusted by Shen Bailu.

Shen Bailou looked human on the surface, but he was not a good thing behind his back.

Shen Bailou was ace at disguising. If it hadn’t been for witnessing that incident with his own eyes, Xia Xixi wouldn’t have known that he was a complete scum.

Thinking about that time, Xia Xixi frowned.

Xia Xixi doesn’t pay attention to the entertainment industry but Shen Bailou can always jump out and disgust him from time to time. Shen Bailou was unavoidable. Xia Xixi couldn’t prevent him, just like now.

It’s just that his fans are still crazy, howling “male god” and “male god” all day long making people feel sick because of nauseating.

Putting down the phone, Xia Xixi’s mind was still full of Shen Bailou’s face.

Short black hair, the handsome face, the sharp and cold eyebrows and the coldness that could reject people from thousands of miles away.

That face was exactly the same as Shen Bailou, but the owner under the skin was another soul completely different from Shen Bailou.

Xia Xixi has a boyfriend named Li Quyin.

He has exactly the same face as Shen Bailou, the popular movie emperor. He is also Shen Bailou’s half-brother.

But he was not recognized by the Shen family and Shen Bailou. His father didn’t love him and his mother. So they had a particularly miserable life.

The Shen family didn’t regard him as a human being at all.

At least the great actor Shen Bailou has never mentioned that he has an older brother. According to him, he is the only son of the Shen family.

The old Mrs. Shen of the big company has never mentioned that she has an eldest son, as if such a person does not exist at all in the world.

Thinking of this, Xia Xixi frowned slightly. He hated that Shen Bailou even more and more.

He opened the mobile phone communication page, hesitated for a moment and dialed Li Quyin’s number. They hadn’t made a call for two days.

The phone dialed out and there was a beeping sound from the phone.

After about ten beeps, the call was finally connected.

The next moment, a male voice came, “Hey.”

The voice was deep and magnetic, very nice.

“Did I just disturbed your work?” Xia Xixi’s eyelashes lightly fluttered. As time passed he slightly became nervous.

He had called him suddenly and he didn’t know if it would affect Li Quyin’s work.

“No.” Li Quyin seemed to have smiled.

There was a faint smile and gentleness in his tone. Just listening to that voice made people grin silly.

Xia Xixi was about to speak again. There was a buzzing sound on the other end of the phone. He was familiar with the sound. It was the sound of a drilling machine on the construction site.

Few days ago, there was a renovation next door to his house. It was quite noisy for a long time.

“Where are you?” Xia Xixi was confused. Why was there a drilling rig in the company?

“Where are you working?”

“Are you guys decorating something?” Xia Xixi and Li Quyin hadn’t known each other for a long time. So he didn’t know what job Li Quyin did.

“No. Do you think it’s too noisy? I’ll change the place.” Li Quyin walked around.

At the same time, someone seemed to have ask him something. Li Quyin only responded vaguely.

After a while, the noisy voice on the other end of the phone quieted down.

At the same time, the other party also said, “I took a part-time job temporarily.”

After a pause, Li Quyin said again: “Didn’t you say that we were going to have fun in few days? I’ll give a gift for you then.”

Listening to the explanation on the other side, Xia Xixi glanced over the white porcelain coffee cup before turning around.

He knew about Li Quyin’s situation.

Unlike the thosands of people’s beloved Shen Bailou, who was the film-emperor and the only heir of the big company, Li Quyin has been treated harshly by the Shen family and was not rich.

When they met last time, Xia Xixi had suddenly proposed to go to a holiday villa for two days. At that time, Li Quyin agreed without thinking.

But thinking about it now, maybe he should have said it in advance. So that Li Quyin could have some time to prepare.

“Gift?” While Xia Xixi felt warm, he couldn’t help but feel a little distressed.

Li Quyin went to the construction site to work part-time, just to prepare a gift for him?

“At that time you will know.” Li Quyin pretended to be mysterious.

“Don’t work too hard.”

“Okay.” On the other end of the phone, Li Quyin’s tone became more gentle. The expression on his always cold face couldn’t help but soften a little.

In the distance, everyone on the crew who were waiting for him to continue filming saw this scene with shock and surprise on their faces.

Who didn’t know that the great actor Shen Bailou was always cold and frosty in private and didn’t like to be close to others?

While acting, he could be gentle and authoritarian. Except for that, he always looked cold.

Because of this, he even has the nickname called ”Dead Face” in private.

But just now, not only did he speak softly, he seemed to have laughed?

Did he take the wrong medicine today? [ means he was acting different today]

Li Quyin ignored those people with horrible expressions and whispered: “I will be finished in three days, then I’ll come to find you.”

He has almost finished filming this movie. It will be finished in three days. Then he will have a period of vacation.

“Boss?” The voice of the assistant sounded. The assistant thought how come he didn’t know that, Shen Bailou had an appointment?

Li Quyin gave him a cold look. His eyes were cold and oppressive. He motioned for him[assistant] to be quiet.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Xia Xixi vaguely heard someone talking.

He did not hear clearly, but guessed that the contractor was urging Li Quyin not to be lazy.

“Where do you work?” Xia Xixi asked again, looking at the pastries and coffee in front of him.

Li Quyin was a little confused why Xia Xixi asked this, but still reported the place name.

“It is not far from my house.” Xia Xixi had an impression of the place. It was a large area of ​​tall buildings under construction.

“Yeah.” Li Quyin had noticed this a long time ago. If it weren’t for his identity to be revealed, he would have ran to Xia Xixi a long time ago.

Li Quyin, a popular actor whose stage name is Shen Bailou, has a boyfriend named Xia Xixi.

Except for Shen Bailou himself, no one else in the world knows about this.

Even Xia Xixi himself doesn’t know about it.

Because Xia Xixi hates Shen Bailou to the extent he can’t stand him, his boyfriend is called Li Quyin, not Shen Bailou.

Thinking of this, Li Quyin’s dark and deep eyes felt a little bitter helplessly.

If Xia Xixi knew that his boyfriend was the Shen Bailou he hated the most…

Li Quyin just thought about it, and his scalp numbed.

After a few more conversations, Xia Xixi didn’t want to interrupt Li Quyin’s work. So he took the initiative to end the call.

Seeing Li Quyin hang up, the assistant on the side hurried forward.

“Boss, the film company has asked someone to invite a big man in the industry. I heard that, that person is very capable and has rich professional knowledge. Even the experts respect his views and values.”

Li Quyin has won the best international actor award for four consecutive years. The next year is gonna be the fifth year. Whether he can continue to get the award for five consecutive years depends on the next movie.

The film was of a big production. The best team was hired in all aspects. The director and investor didn’t had to worry. The only headache was the professional guidance.

That movie involved a lot of antique appraising knowledge.

Because it was for the international awards, the crew did not dare to be sloppy and specially invited professionals in this area.

When mentioning this, Li Quyin looked serious, “Don’t mess up.”

An international actor titled as the ‘film emperor’ for five consecutive years, that is the highest honor that has never been seen before!

If he fails this time, even Li Quyin himself is not sure if he’ll be able to stand at the current height again.

So this time, he is bound to win!

Xia Xixi, who was going to read a book on the balcony, was a little unable to concentrate after the phone call. He was always distracted.

The construction site where Li Quyin was working was not far from his home. It takes less than twenty minutes.

At this moment, Xia Xixi decided to take a look.

Before going out, he also brought his own pastries and coffee.

This was his small interest. He liked to taste delicious foods in the leisurely afternoon.

Half an hour later, Xia Xixi dialed the phone again.

“I’ll go in and find you, where are you?” Xia Xixi was already standing at the gate of the construction site while speaking.

“No, I’ll come down to find you, which door are you at?” Hearing that Xia Xixi had already reached the gate of the construction site, Li Quyin’s heart almost jumped into his throat.

He turned his head and looked at the camera and recording studio behind him. If Xia Xixi came in and saw these, he would definitely find that he was Shen Bailou immediately.

Thinking of that scene, Li Quyin couldn’t help but stare coldly at the crew, faintly revealing a bit of disgust.

Getting that kind of look from him, everyone on the crew only felt confused.

“I’ll be fine.” Xia Xixi thought Li Quyin would mind if he found out that he was working part-time on the construction site.

“There is a lot of dust inside, didn’t you bring snacks?” Li Quyin said.

Xia Xixi looked down at the box he was holding in his arms and compromised, “I’m at the east gate.”

“I will be right over.”

Li Quyin hung up the phone and immediately turned and ran downstairs, for fear that Xia Xixi would come in if he went too slowly.

Xia Xixi didn’t go in. He stood at the gate of the construction site and waited patiently with the food box in his hand.

Two minutes later, he suddenly heard the notification sound for receiving a message from his mobile phone.

He thought it was Li Quyin but the person who sent him the message was not Li Quyin but a friend of his, who said that someone wanted to ask him to make a movie.

Xia Xixi was slightly surprised with a faint doubt on his white face. He was not an actor, what movie could he make?

“What movie?”

“The movie of the great actor Shen Bailou. It’s about antique appraiser. The people of his company specially sent someone to ask you to do technical guidance.” The other party replied within a second.

Xia Xixi looked at the three words Shen Bailou. Frowning fiercely, he refused without thinking, “I won’t.”

“The other side said you can mention whatever conditions you have.”

Xia Xixi looked at the construction site in front of him and then thought about Shen Bailou pursing his lips unhappily, “Then let them change the lead character’s role.”

They were asking him to guide Shen Bailou’s film?

Who were they joking with???

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  1. littleyen littleyen says:

    Poor… Shen Bai lou

  2. Avatar CBC says:

    I really think your reviews would improve if you can straighten out the pronouns (i.e.he/him vs she/her). It’s very confusing! Thanks for translating though!

    1. Avatar prakritibhatta says:

      Sorry, but I didn’t get it. Would you please point out if there’s a mistake?

  3. Avatar CBC says:

    Sorry, my bad. I didn’t realize this is a BL novel. Maybe update tags? Thanks!

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