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But what is he guilty of?

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

“Really?” Someone asked. Didn’t Xia Xixi say that this person was Shen Bailou’s brother?

“This thing is definitely fake. Which family can hide a son for decades? No matter how strictly they hide their son, that kid will eventually have to go to school, go to college, right?” The old man who spoke before flushed anxiously.

He stood up straight and coughed lightly to attract everyone’s attention. He then continued: “You all should have heard about the Shen family, right? These rich people, most of them like to collect antique products.”

“Because of this, I used to have contact with this family in the early years. Although we didn’t have that much close relation, I have been to their house many times before. I have seen their son. Although I don’t know him well, I still have seen him growing up.”

“As for Li Quyin, I have never heard of this guy.”

Seeing that the old man was absolutely sure, the others all turned to look at Xia Xixi.

For a while, everyone didn’t know whether they should be surprised that Xia Xixi actually found a boyfriend or they should be surprised about Li Quyin.

“Impossible.” Xia Xixi looked at the photo on his mobile phone. Li Quyin clearly exists.

If there is no such person as Li Quyin in this world, who is the person in his picture?

“Then tell me, who of you has heard that the Shen family has two sons?” The old man said again.

The Shen family is a huge business family. From time to time there will always be some news dedicated to them in the newspapers or something. Everyone is not unfamiliar with this family.

But after so many years, they have never heard of another son of this family.

Everyone recalled. Some of them believed the old man’s words but looking at Xia Xixi’s determined expression, they immediately hesitated.

“Stop it now. This thing doesn’t seem to be that simple. We’ll know everything once you’ll bring that guy over.” Old man Liao came out as a peace-maker.

To be honest, Old Man Liao was also very curious about that Li Quyin. He wanted to see who could make Xia Xixi’s heart flutter.

They are a group of old guys. Although they are older, they can be regarded as well-experienced people.

The story of cut-sleeves(gays) has been there since ancient times. They are no strangers to history and they naturally were familiar with these things.

Xia Xixi suddenly made a boyfriend, which really surprised them. But they didn’t think it was something weird.

“That’s right!” The lively crowd echoed.

“We’ll know after you’ll bring him to see us.” Everyone said each sentence.

Once the gossip starts, this group of well-known old men will not lose to five hundred housewives gossiping at all.

In the noise, Xia Xixi looked at the photo of Li Quyin standing on the top of the mountain on the phone, feeling a little lost for a while.

He suddenly had a ridiculous idea, that is, Li Quyin is Shen Bailou and Shen Bailou is Li Quyin.

But this idea was quickly denied by him because Li Quyin could not be Shen Bailou.

There is a huge difference in personality between these two people. Shen Bailou is not a good person but Li Quyin is different.

They just look alike.

Xia Xixi firmly believed his thoughts and then turned off his mobile phone. He asked: “I just went to the hospital to find You Hai. He has been discharged early. Who of you has his address?”

“You Hai?”

“We’ve all heard about that vase incident. Do you really think it is him?” someone asked.

Speaking of the vase, everyone who had just been gossiping calmed down.

This is a top priority in their club now. It is the first time this kind of incident has happened since the establishment of the club until now.

“It’s not certain at the moment, but that vase did pass through his hands.” Xia Xixi didn’t say too much.

There was a moment of silence in the room.

Old man Liao finished his cup of tea and looked up in the crowd.

After a while, Old Man Liao grabbed one of them. He pointed at him and said, “I remember you brought in You Hai? You know him well. Tell us, what’s going on.”

The person who was named was an old man who looked very thin. When he was grabbed by Old Man Liao, he was watched by everyone. So his old face was flushed.

After a long while, he said, “I do know You Hai and I am quite familiar with him. I am friends with him…”

The man talked about You Hai.

You Hai had switched to their business halfway through. He originally had started his own factory to do business.

He had a good business in the past few decades. He had some money and he had collected some treasures. He had added collecting treasures as his own hobby. So he was half into the appraising business.

He has a good talent. He often researches some cultural relics on his own. After more than ten or twenty years, he can be said to have some experience.

Later, when he got older, he gave the factory to his son and devoted himself to his hobby.

The person who introduced him to the club knew him at that time. The two of them had similar hobbies and gradually became good friends.

“…I am a person who has lived for so many years. I still have some ability to look at people. You Hai really likes cultural relics. So I don’t think he did this thing, he is not this kind of person.” That person said.

“In our business, who doesn’t put reputation ahead of their fate?” He said energetically.

In their business, indeed everyone puts more importance on reputation than fate.

Because of this sentence, everyone in the room was quiet.

They don’t want to see this kind of thing happening in their business. But now it has happened. What’s more, their own club members were involved in it.

“I also want to believe that this has nothing to do with him, so I want to investigate.” Xia Xixi got up, “If it’s not him, I must prove his innocence as soon as possible. I can’t keep suspicion like this.”

“That’s reasonable.” Old man Liao agreed.

He is also one of the people implicated, so he knows the feeling better.

If possible, he also wants to clear the suspicion as soon as possible.

“Can you send me a copy of his address?” Xia Xixi looked at that friend of You Hai.


Xia Xixi nodded in thanks.

“By the way, what did your family say?” Old man Liao asked again.

Xia Xixi’s ancestors have all been in this industry and they are very prestigious in this industry. Now that Xia Xixi has something like this going on, it is impossible for the Xia family to ignore it.

Xia Xixi couldn’t help smiling when he heard Old Man Liao mention this. “My grandfather called me before and told me that he wanted to send someone to investigate but I refused.”

Speaking of his grandfather, Xia Xixi’s mouth pursed uncontrollably.

The ancestors of the Xia family have been in this industry for generations. They are often mentioned in the appraising cultural relics’ history. It is probably because Xia family members all are well-educated on appraising education, so the Xia family members all have a certain degree of obsession with this industry.

Xia Xixi’s grandfather had three children in total. As a result, only two of the three were married. That unmarried one devoted himself entirely to research and he did not have the option of starting a family in his mind.

The remaining two married ones, one of them just traveled everywhere to research. He did the research all year around and went back home only once a year.

Xia Xixi’s parents were the only ones who did research in their spare time. However, they also didn’t want their research to be disturbed. So they had no thought of having a child. But one day, they accidentally forgot to use the condom and solved the problem of the Xia family’s inheritance…

But born in the Xia family, there was not a single normal person.

Xia Xixi has never seen his parents more than 10 times since he was a child. Every time he meets them, they always are in a hurry, either traveling to research or busy writing a report.

Therefore, Xia Xixi was completely brought up by his grandfather.

Because of this, Xia Xixi has seen various scenes and various cultural relics and antiques since he was a child, which gave him extraordinary insights at a young age. That’s the reason why he became a legendary existence in this industry.

Old man Xia is very close to his grandson. He took care of Xia Xixi since he was a child.

But when a child grows up, he always has to leave home. After Xia Xixi grew up, it took several years to convince grandpa Xia to move out by himself.

Even for this, Xia Xixi had to make a lot of agreements and conditions with his grandpa in exchange for it.

Now that he heard that something happened to Xia Xixi, old man Xia immediately turned violent. He wanted to ask Xia Xixi to come back for his protection immediately.

Xia Xixi certainly disagreed.

Because of this, the two even quarreled on the phone.

Thinking of this, Xia Xixi was a little angry, “This matter must be found out as soon as possible.”

Otherwise, his grandfather must intervene. Once his grandfather intervenes, then this matter will be troublesome.

As his grandfather’s status, he might catch something big. When the time comes, things are going to be big. He’s afraid he won’t be able to stop his grandpa at that time.

After making up his mind, Xia Xixi spoke a few words with You Hai’s friend and asked him to send the address as soon as possible.

After that, Xia Xixi went out.

He went to the police station again to learn about the latest developments. Only after going to the police station, he returned home.

The police station did not investigate any useful information. One is because it is still uncertain when the vase was exchanged, and the other is because the time was too short.

After Xia Xixi arrived home, he integrated the information he knew from the police station with the information he knew. He felt that this You Hai wasn’t a simple person.

But after thinking about it, Xia Xixi couldn’t figure out why.

Not being able to figure this out, Xia Xixi thought about Li Quyin again.

He turned on the phone and looked at the picture of Li Quyin inside.

Li Quyin and Shen Bailou really look alike.

Xia Xixi opened the message box. He hesitated for a moment, then decided to ask Li Quyin about this.

“I met a person today. He said that he and the Shen family are very familiar and often have contacts. I told him about you, but he said that he had never seen you in the Shen family.” Xia Xixi texted.

The message was sent. It took more than ten minutes for Li Quyin to reply.

Li Quyin asked: “Who?”

Xia Xixi reported the old man’s name.

“I haven’t heard of him. I’m not familiar with that guy at all. By the way, how do you plan to celebrate your birthday?”

Xia Xixi frowned. Li Quyin was changing the subject.

Without waiting for Xia Xixi to reply, Li Quyin said again: “How about me bringing a cake for you?”

“I may have to go home on my birthday.” Xia Xixi said.

If he doesn’t go back, his grandfather will definitely be angry and then he will have to quarrel with him like a child.

“Where did you study when you were young? I suddenly found that I don’t know you very well. I want to know you more.” Xia Xixi asked again.

“Well, I’ll bring you a cake when I’ll come back. How about two cakes?” Li Quyin suggested.

Xia Xixi was silent. Li Quyin has obviously been trying to divert the topic from the very beginning.

Does Li Quyin have a guilty conscience?

But what is he guilty of?

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment our thoughts. 🙂

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