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FERWP Chapter 19

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Xia Xixi looked at the message. He pondered for a long time and nodded, “Okay.”

You can’t lie casually about where you had studied because it can be verified.

“Then it’s settled.” Li Qu Yin was delighted.


Xia Xixi was in a complicated mood.

He knew that this couldn’t prove whether Li Quyin was Shen Bailou but it was also true that Li Quyin had deliberately tried to change the subject.

Xia Xixi thought for a while and then said: “Can I call my friends at that time?”

“Of course, you can.” Li Quyin answered almost in seconds but he just didn’t see the above question about the school he had read.

“Well, then I will call all my friends. And you can call your friends too!” Xia Xixi said.

“We all can know each other.” Xia Xixi.

“I really want to meet your friend.”

If Li Quyin and Shen Bailou are really a same person, it’s better for him to be with his friends. This thing can’t be concealed from them anyway and he can confirm whether Li Quyin is Shen Bailou or not with his friends at the same time.

So when the time comes, he will take the old man Liao and the others.

Xia Xixi thought about it seriously, the scene of him walking in front of Li Quyin with a group of old men with gray beards………..

No one seemed to have made rules that young people’s friends must be young people, right?

“Okay.” Li Quyin didn’t doubt Xia Xixi.

“Then it’s settled.” Xia Xixi.

Li Quyin saw that Xia Xixi’s attention was completely diverted. So, he leaned on the sofa and let out a long breath.

He didn’t know why would Xia Xixi suddenly chat with people about him. What’s more, coincidentally, the person Xia Xixi talked to actually knew him. Li Quyin’s heart almost jumped to his throat.

When Xia Xixi asked him where he was studying, Li Quyin immediately reacted but couldn’t answer this question.

That’s why he became so eager to talk wisely and finally talked about Xia Xixi’s birthday.

Putting away the phone, Li Quyin still had a lingering fear.

He looked back at the assistant on the side, “You make arrangements. I have something to do for two days at the end of next month.”

Xia Xixi’s birthday will be at the end of next month.

“The end of next month?” The assistant was stunned. But then he quickly lowered his head to look through the schedule on the phone.

After a while, he found the schedule for that period of time.

“But there are arrangements for those days.” The assistant looked at Li Quyin with embarrassment.

“What arrangement?” Li Quyin remembered that when he had checked before, there weren’t any arrangements.

After knowing Xia Xixi’s birthday, he had specifically confirmed that he will be free for a few days.

How could he miss Xia Xixi’s birthday?

“There is a variety show. You need to go there to show your face for some time.” The assistant said.

Li Quyin snatched the assistant’s mobile phone and looked at it. The schedule did have this arrangement.

“There was none of this arrangement before?” Li Quyin frowned.

Could it be that he had read it wrong?

“This was just recently added by Mr. Miao two days ago.” The assistant said truthfully, “The director of the show group is a very good friend of him. So he wants to let you go there for a moment to make the show livelier.”

The artists’ schedules are generally set in advance and the company must specifically notify such changes in schedule things in advance.

As soon as Li Quyin heard that Miao Mingyi had recently added this thing to his schedule, he immediately became cold. He returned the phone to the assistant, “No, cancel it.”

Needless to say, he also knew that this Miao Mingyi must have used him to brag again. This was not the first time.

Miao Mingyi is just like this. He just really loves to brag about himself and his connections.

He likes to brag outside when he has nothing to do. Sometimes when he brags too much, he comes back and begs him to lie.

In the past, because the two were in a cooperative relationship, Li Quyin would go to the place, Miao Mingyi had arranged for him when he had free time, but in the past two years, Miao Mingyi has become more and more courageous.

In the past, Miao Mingyi would at least personally apologize for this kind of thing.

It’s worst now. He didn’t even notify him(LQY). He just added such an event in his schedule behind his back and made arrangements for him.

“Who is the boss here?” Li Quyin was extremely angry.

Li Quyin went back to rest on the chair again. He was recording the show and it was time to rest now.

“Then should I tell this to Mr. Miao?” The little assistant was a little nervous.

This kind of thing is not something he can interrupt.

“In the future, no one is allowed to change my schedule without my permission.” Li Quyin said.

Thinking about it now, that Miao Mingyi bastard, he(LQY) still doesn’t know how many times he has done such things behind his back.


“By the way, how are the investigations going about the things I had asked you before?” Li Quyin asked.

“Both things are being investigated but they haven’t been completely investigated yet. You Hai’s affairs are almost finished being investigated. Director Miao………. Miao Mingyi’s investigation hasn’t been finished because the time span is shorter. If you want, later, I will send you the information that has been gathered so far?”


After recording the show, on the way back, Li Quyin was leaning back in his chair and closing his eyes to rest when the phone rang.

The assistant who was sitting in the car immediately began to speak something on the phone.

“Boss, this is all the information we have gathered so far. The person who went to investigate the matter about You hai just made new progress, I will send it to you…”

Li Quyin turned on the phone and quickly browsed.

Those things about Miao Mingyi made Li Quyin frown even deeper.

Miao Mingyi has relied on him outside to fake his prestige not once or twice. He probably has faked for too long, so recently, he has become more courageous.

Li Quyin hadn’t read the information when he just closed it. This Miao Mingyi, he will deal with this guy slowly.

After closing the information about the investigation of Miao Mingyi, Li Quyin opened a second email.

The second email was about the investigation of You Hai.

So far, You Hai’s mouth is closed tightly, so nothing has been found.

But not long ago, the person who had gone to investigate unexpectedly discovered another interesting thing.

The matter was related to Miao Mingyi, so it immediately attracted his attention. After a thorough investigation, the investigator was a little bit dumbfounded.

He did not find evidence of Miao Mingyi dealing with You Hai, but found evidence that Miao Mingyi had asked people to deal with the expert surnamed Xia.

Soon after You Hai was hospitalized, when the expert surnamed Xia went to the hospital for a visit, the car he had parked downstairs was smashed.

Judging from the surveillance camera and various other pieces of evidence, it was a group of young gangsters who had smashed the car. And that group of people had ganged up with Miao Mingyi.

Before the car of surnamed Xia was smashed, the gangsters had stayed at the gate of his house for a day, obviously waiting for him deliberately.

Li Quyin’s mood was straight down bad. His face was extremely ugly.

If the car of surnamed Xia was really smashed by Miao Mingyi, then the other party hadn’t wronged him…

Li Quyin had always felt that the other party was a mad dog for scolding him so inexplicably without any reason.

Now it seems that the person who was more like a mad dog was on his side.

Li Quyin took a deep breath, but this did not soothe the bad mood in his heart. How much did this Miao Mingyi do behind his back?

Moreover, judging from the current situation, the reason why that expert hates him so much might be inseparable from Miao Mingyi.

If this is the case…

The e-mail also contained photos of the gangsters taken by the investigator. Li Quyin looked at them one by one.

A total of about ten people were photographed and all of them were irritating.

Li Quyin actually recognized one or two from them. He had seen Miao Mingyi with the two of them more than once.

Looking at these, Li Quyin felt exhausted.

“Let the investigator sort out all the information.” Li Quyin pinched the bridge of his nose, “Once the investigation is over, send me all the information together.”

At that time, he will deal with this Miao Mingyi nicely.

“Okay.” The assistant was a little worried. No matter how much Miao Mingyi had shares in the company, it will not be easy for him once Li Quyin will try to get rid of him.

Miao Mingyi is not a fool either. He will never easily let go of Li Quyin, this golden apple. Li Quyin is currently the top figure in the entertainment industry.

Li Quyin was upset and he was about to turn off the mail. Before turning it off, his attention was attracted by the video at the bottom of the mail.

The person who was sent to investigate was really capable. Not only did he take pictures of the people who smashed the car, but he also got his hands on the surveillance videos of that time.

Li Quyin didn’t hesitate and turned on the video.

There were three parts of the videos in total. The first one was the surveillance video of the location of the hospital gate, and the other two were of the garage.

The first one was of the main gate.

In the surveillance, vehicles came and went until one of the black cars slowly entered.

The investigator had thoughtfully drawn a red circle on the car, specifically marking it.

Not long after that car, there was Li Quyin’s own car after two cars. He also had gone to the hospital that day.

Immediately afterward, it was the car in which the group of people was sitting.

This concludes the first part of the video.

The video in the second part of the garage was immediately played following the first part.

After the expert surnamed Xia entered, he found a parking space near the corner of the parking lot and stopped the car.

The first to come down was an old man with gray hair. He was talking as he got out of the car, as if saying he was going to buy something before going upstairs.

Immediately afterward, a young man got out of the car.

The man turned his back to the camera when he got out of the car, but looking at the man’s back, Li Quyin’s heart jumped fiercely.

Slim white shirt, black suit pants with small feet, the temperament that people can’t learn even if they want to learn, even if the quality of the surveillance camera lens was blurry, Li Quyin noticed him at a glance.

Li Quyin sat upright. His heart was beating vigorously and every beat made his chest hurt.

He looked vigorously towards the screen of the phone, but the camera stopped there.

The other party stopped at a corner. He disappeared from the camera after taking two steps after getting out of the car.

Li Quyin was in a trance. The video automatically skipped to the next video of the email.

The third video in the garage showed that the man’s car was smashed by a group of young people who suddenly rushed out.

The group of gangsters was obviously veterans. They moved so fast that they smashed the car into a mess in a short while.

After smashing the car, they didn’t stay long and quickly disappeared outside the garage.

The whole process, before and after, added up to less than two minutes.

Li Quyin held his breath and waited patiently.

About five minutes later, the young man in the white shirt, who had gotten out of the car before, walked back.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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