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ICAA Chapter 7 Part 2

You can’t do it even if you stare at it [2]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Mu Mu had made the summary of his research with his mobile phone all morning and now he was feeling too dizzy and blurred.

The phone screen was too small.

It really was too small.

He was already short-sighted. If he tortures his poor eyes like this, he might just be blind!

Mu Mu thought of the laptop that couldn’t be opened and felt very sad. He had cried a lot………….in his heart. He then turned his head and went to find the 27-inch curved screen computer in Qin Yucheng’s study.

Qin Yucheng is not at home right now!

Mu Mu turned over and jumped up from the sofa. He wiped his tears…….in his heart. He took the notebook and walked into the study energetically and happily. But then just after the ten seconds after pressing the power button, his happiness immediately disappeared again.

What gave him confidence that Qin Yucheng’s computer would not have a password?

Mu Mu, who had failed to protect his eyesight, shrank in the boss’s chair and continued to struggle with his mobile phone.

Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu, who was holding his mobile phone at his computer screen. He snorted without emotion and saved the scene.


Qin Yucheng got off work very late today.

When Mu Mu had heard the noise from the door in the room, it had been dark for a long time.

Mu Mu upholds the character of a gentle, kind, and good girl. So he must leave a light on in the hallway.

Hearing the noise, he walked out of the room and asked Qin Yucheng, “Have you had dinner?”

Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu who didn’t look like he had sneaked into someone’s room and pursed his lips.

He really doesn’t understand. His career has just started now and his future might not be so bright. Why was this thief Mu Mu even deceiving him?

Qin Yucheng couldn’t figure it out.

He stood silently under the faint light left in the hallway, staring at Mu Mu silently. The black suit on his body was absorbing the surrounding light unscrupulously like an abyss.

At this moment, all Mu Mu’s emotions disappeared.

Help! Help!

Can anyone give me a guarantee letter that Qin Yucheng is not a real ghost! ?

Mu Mu was almost frightened to death and he froze in place, just in case that if he moves, Qin Yucheng, who is like a ghost, would rush up to him with a knife.

But in the next second Qin Yucheng looked away. He lowered his head and changed his shoes: “I have eaten.”

Forget it, it doesn’t matter.

When he will see enough of this little liar’s struggle to deceive him, he will personally send him to the court.

Qin Yucheng thought about this and immediately felt a lot calmer.

He glanced at Mu Mu who was still frozen in place. His sight couldn’t move anywhere other than that big fake chest.

The fake chest prepared by the original owner was of a B cup, which was quite curved and round.

Qin Yucheng’s eyes were dull and substantive under the dim light as if he was about to take off the clothes of the person in front of him.

Mu Mu has never been watched with this kind of eyes. He instinctively backed up two steps. His hands behind his back were entangled nervously and his fingertips curled up.

Qin Yucheng raised his eyes to look at him because of his retreat, with an unobvious mockery.

Mu Mu looked at Qin Yucheng with a little shyness and then reacted quickly as if thinking of something.

Hello!……… Qin Yucheng!

What are you looking at? What is even there to look at?

You can’t do it even if you stare at it for years! So it’s useless for you to see it!

Mu Mu relied on Qin Yucheng’s unknown hidden illness to gain some confidence. On the spot, he looked back with his head upright.




The author has something to say:

That’s cute! Wait to see if he can do it!

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment our thoughts. 🙂

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