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ICAA Chapter 7 Part 1

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

After eating, Qin Yucheng took the initiative to put away the dishes and chopsticks.

Mu Mu held the bowl that had a pig’s feet left and watched Qin Yucheng enter the kitchen.

UMMMM Cooks don’t wash the dishes, right? This division of labor is quite reasonable here hehe.

Mu Mu thought like this. He took out the disposable gloves from the refrigerator, then turned his head, and glanced at Qin Yucheng.

Qin Yucheng was concentrating on washing the bowl.

Mu Mu put on his gloves like a thief. He sat back at the table and took a bite of the sauced pig’s feet and looked at Qin Yucheng again. He continuously took a bite of the sauced pig’s feet while glancing at Qin Yucheng from time to time. He was trying his best to not reveal his very ”elegant” way of eating.

Fortunately, Qin Yucheng did not look back.

Mu Mu finished the pig’s feet of his hand in the speed of the light. He threw away the leftover bones in the plastic and hid them in the room.

It’s easy to smell sweaty in the summer.

Mu Mu took out the phone and went into the bathroom. He clicked on the music app to play along the playlist collected by the original owner. He put the phone on the sink and began to take a shower and wash his hair.

Music is also a way to get to know the other person. The more details he knows about the original owner, the less likely he will be exposed. This way he will be able to take care of his own life and safety in all aspects.

As soon as Mu Mu took off his T-shirt, he was shocked by the loud ass voice that exploded from the phone.

Mu Mu:! ?

Mu Mu touched the phone screen and opened the song to watch it.

Wahhh this buddy!!!! Underground rock music……..

The original owner’s taste…………. is quite wild.

Mu Mu retracted his hand. He shook his legs in the bath and followed the music. He continuously shook his head and shook his body, shook his scalp, shook his hip, shook his nose, shook his lungs. Basically, he shook his everything and after shaking everything for a while he felt his scalp heavy and couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

Girls with long hair have to struggle even while washing their hair!!! ……….This is life…….humph!!!

Mu Mu rubbed his head with the foam. Accompanied by the intense playing of the electric guitar, he finished the bath with a sigh. He had just changed into his pajamas when he felt that his back was soaked with long wet hair.

Mu Mu: “…”

My fucking…

Mu Mu took a deep breath.

Mu Mu gritted his teeth and found the hairdryer.

After getting a divorce from Qin Yucheng, the first thing he’ll do is cut this long and thick natural gift given by this world to him.

No…..he won’t just cut his hair short, he’ll totally be bald.

Who cares about that jerk original owner!!!

Mu Mu still feels this is a dream and he’ll be able to return back once he wakes up.

Not using the original owner’s money and leaving everything for him is his last kindness. As for things like marriage and women’s clothing, of course, he will abandon everything without caring about that punk.

He will open up a brand new future for the original owner. There will be no fraudulent marriages, no women’s clothing, and no wrong life experience. He’ll be giving the original owner a chance to change his mind and re-behave.

Mu Mu felt that he was so kind.

Whether it is to the original owner or Qin Yucheng, he is the kindest one here!

Mu Mu dried his hair. Pretending he didn’t see the hairs that seemed as if it was exploded by a bomb, he pulled his hair indiscriminately, finally tied it, and left the bathroom with his mobile phone.

There was a laptop in the room which should belong to the original owner. It needed a password to open it but Mu Mu failed to try it out.

He could only use his mobile phone to start to understand the current hot spots in this world to see if he can try to start making some income for himself.

Qin Yucheng was in the study. Just after finishing a video conference, he heard a knock on the door.

Mu Mu came in from outside the door again: “Qin Yucheng…”

Qin Yucheng glanced at him.

“Excuse me, bro…” Mu Mu paused. He realized that the word “Excuse me” was too rusty and not suitable for their current relationship.

Mu Mu changed his words: “Do you have any notebooks and pens that you haven’t used?”

He asked like that but Mu Mu knew there was plenty of them.

He saw them when he had come to search the room before. The bottom layer of the bookcase was full of unused notebooks.

After a few years, Qin Yucheng still remembered whether he has any unused books.

He looked at Mu Mu who had………very unique hairstyle. He squinted his eyes slightly and said indifferently, “Find it yourself.”

“Oh.” Mu Mu nodded. Without any hesitation, he went straight to the bookcase and squatted down. He opened the cabinet, took two notebooks out, and then drew a pen out of the penholder on the table, “Thank you. ”

Qin Yucheng watched as Mu Mu took the notebook and pen and walked briskly out of the study.

Mu Mu is very familiar with his study.

This seems quite normal at first. They live under the same roof after all. It is a matter of course that Mu Mu is familiar with the furnishings at home.

But because he knows that the other party has bad intentions, this familiarity particularly made him feel cold.

Qin Yucheng flipped through the documents in his hand. He looked up at the corner of the hidden surveillance camera. He thought for a moment and felt that he can’t let this thief be familiar with any of his things.

Even if he wants to catch this thief doing some bad deeds, he can’t sacrifice his actual valuable things for this.

He replaced the important materials in the study in these two days.

Qin Yucheng was not sure when had Mu Mu exactly betrayed him. He might have been betrayed from the beginning or maybe halfway.

But it’s still better to prepare early. He can’t take risks at all. After all, all thieves are quite unpredictable.


Mu Mu returned to his room. He took out the receipt from his bag. He then rolled on the bed and started to record today’s expense.

He is recording every expense because he doesn’t want to use the original owner’s money. But now he has no money and for the time being, he can only withdraw some money from the original owner’s account.

This money, he will make up for it when he makes money back.

Mu Mu made the record of today’s expense. He opened another notebook and started taking notes about some of the terms for film and television entertainment on major platforms.

For a newcomer who has no fan base, no background, and no money to support, the fastest way to get ahead is to get ”hot”.

Mu Mu has the skill and experience in operating a video account. He has some experience in these technical things.

It’s just that before transmigrating over, he inherited most of his stuff from his mother.

Mu Mu’s mother was a tailor. But in the era when everything can be industrialized, the tailor’s meals aren’t very delicious.

They rarely get orders.

However, Mu Mu’s mother was very smart. She became the first Taobao seller when online shopping hadn’t prospered yet.

…But then……….she was face-slapped by this growing advanced technology.

Mu Mu feels embarrassed whenever he thinks of it.

His mom used to be famous for a while because of her unique works and designs. But a person’s energy is really limited. Her output couldn’t keep up with the fast-developing online shopping industry, which was also rapidly expanding in demand. Then finally, her business went offline.

Mu Mu’s handwork talent and knowledge came from his mother.

He inherited his mother’s craftsmanship and Taobao shop. Mu Mu then relied to eat enough food on the old customers of the shop and new aka lost and confused customers. At the same time, he also developed many weird derivative skills.

Mu Mu searched current hotspots and while taking notes, he installed several rows of brand-new entertainment apps and games on the phone.

These are things that one needs to watch and play in person to get inspiration from them.

Mu Mu’s research continued until late at night.

When Qin Yucheng was about to rest, he saw that the light in the master bedroom hadn’t been extinguished through the terrace.

Qin Yucheng glanced at the time. It was already two o’clock in the morning.

He thought for a while. He then raised his foot, walked quietly to the master bedroom, and tentatively pressed the door handle.

The door opened.

The sound of the video playing fell into his ears the moment the door was opened. It seemed as if it was a certain TV show.

Mu Mu, wearing pajamas, was lying on the bed sideways under the lamp. His hair was in a mess and the phone was lying on his face. He was still holding a pen in his hand. The notebook was stained by ink because of the open tip of the pen.

Mu Mu had fallen asleep. But he did not lock the door.

Qin Yucheng raised his brows high.

He is no stranger to Mu Mu’s bedroom. But he rarely comes in at night.

Because Mu Mu would lock the door as soon as he went to bed at night.

But it’s not locked today.

Qin Yucheng stood at the door for a while staring at Mu Mu who was sleeping soundly on the bed. He took off the slippers that would have brought footsteps and walked in quietly.

He saw there was a notebook pressed by Mu Mu’s hand. There were summaries of hotspots one, two, three, hotspot sources, and suitable platforms written on it.

It looked like some kind of market analysis, but not very professional. Mu Mu probably wrote this when he was feeling very sleepy because……… the words on the paper were written like dogs crawling, which were completely different from the outstanding handwriting that Qin Yucheng had the impression of.

There were a few small receipts inside another notebook next to it. He couldn’t see the details but there was a sign exposed outside, which looked like the logo of the brand that Mu Mu had worn today.

The TV series on the phone was still playing. Qin Yucheng glanced at Mu Mu and his gaze turned to his deflated chest. He then turned around to look at the washroom in the room.

Mu Mu didn’t even close the washroom’s door.

Qin Yucheng saw the fake chest hanging inside at a glance.

Qin Yucheng: “…………”

Qin Yucheng’s eyes shook for a moment. He took a deep breath silently.

Although shocking, it was not surprising that he had known such a thing a long time ago.

Qin Yucheng walked around Mu Mu’s bedroom lightly and saw the wedding ring that was kept in the dresser ring box safely.

After observing everything, he stopped by the bed again.

Mu Mu had fallen asleep ignorantly. His messy long hair was scattered on his cheeks, neck, and hands, making him look like a butterfly trapped in black fabric.

He looked very fragile and very beautiful.

Qin Yucheng squinted his eyes. He thought of the betrayal, he had suffered before his rebirth, the sneers of his rival, and the scene of the people leaving his company that he had developed working so hard.

All of this………………..

All of this happened because of this liar.

Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu who was asleep.

If now–

If now…….he’ll tear off this butterfly’s beautiful colorful wings, seal the lips and tongue, and cut off the neck——
All of this will not happen.

Qin Yucheng’s fingertips twitched.

Mu Mu felt a chill in his dream. He muttered ”so cold” and then curled up.

Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu who had shrunk into a ball. He closed his eyes and calmed himself down. He then turned his head and left the room.


Mu Mu sneezed as soon as he was awakened by the alarm clock.

He was dumbfounded for a while before realizing that he had fallen asleep watching the video last night.

The temperature of the air conditioner was a bit low. He seemed to have woken up in the middle of the night, but he rolled up the quilt and fell asleep again.

Mu Mu crawled out of the quilt that he had tangled up and looked at the pajamas and quilt covers that had been stained by the ink several times, as usual.

What!!! No one can do homework without getting sleepy, right? right, right, right, right?

Mu Mu put away the notebook and pen. He plugged in the phone and went into the bathroom to wash his messy hair and his messy body. Ha!

A brand new day but not a brand new life……….. It hurts!

The gentle and kind girl should get up and prepare breakfast for a person who is about to go to work now!

Mu Mu put down the towel. He smiled at the beautiful sister with messy hair and clothes in the mirror and then threw the towel into the sink with great anger.

Holy ksnknhdnkjhbcjkbk!

What a jerk………….Will not going to work for one day kill that bastard???!!!

NO! He is cursing the wrong person.

Ohhhhhh god! Don’t let me go back to my original world!

Otherwise, the first thing I’ll do after going back is to find that shitty author and let that punk feel the ”gentleness and kindness” of the ”gentle and kind” girl!

Otaku, who was forced to get up early for two consecutive days, was furious!

Mu Mu cursed while wringing out the towel and hung it up while still cursing. He even put on the fake chest while cursing furiously. His movements of putting the fake chests were skillful, natural, and extremely smooth.

After doing all this, Mu Mu raised his head and looked at the beautiful sister in the mirror, feeling deeply that human beings are really adaptable.

Once a certain lower limit is refreshed, the mind will quickly rationalize this behavior.

This is why he is so talented at putting on the fake chest now!

Mu Mu held the fake chest dully and put on his pajamas.

Within a day and a half, only ghosts know what he has experienced.

Mu Mu walked out of the room still unaware that he hadn’t locked the door last night.

He opened the study door and took a look. He found that Qin Yucheng was not sleeping in the study today.

But he hasn’t gotten up yet.

Mu Mu pulled off the rubber band on his wrist and tied up his hair. He then turned his head and went to the terrace.

At seven o’clock in the morning of July, the sun has already risen up.

Mu Mu watered the plants and flowers and put down the watering hose to the shade under the stairs. He swept away the stagnant water and returned to the room before the temperature rose.

As soon as he entered the room, he happened to ran into Qin Yucheng who had heard the movement, and gotten up.

Qin Yucheng uncontrollably glanced at the curvature of Mu Mu’s chest. The corners of his mouth trembled. He immediately turned his head and looked away.

This little liar is quite dedicated.

He commented in his heart.

Mu Mu looked at Qin Yucheng who walked into the bathroom: “Is it okay to eat noodles today? I remember there was tomato egg soup left yesterday.”

Qin Yucheng’s action of turning on the faucet stopped: “I threw them.”

Mu Mu:? ? ?

This shameless thug actually wasted the great mother ”food”! ! !

Qin Yucheng looked in the mirror and the suspicion of yesterday aroused again.

When has this thief Mu Mu ever paid attention to leftovers?

Mu Mu thought of how there was more than half of the tomato egg soup leftover from yesterday.

That soup would have been enough for two people to eat for breakfast.

Qin Yucheng, this spoiled jerk, actually threw all of it directly!

Damn it!

Have you already been influenced by capitalism so much, huhhh you jsdnsnk Qin Yucheng?!

Have you forgotten your adoptive parents were from an ordinary working family?

Mu Mu took a deep breath. He opened the refrigerator and tried to calm down as much as possible: “I can change to another soup. Can you eat noodles?”

Qin Yucheng was suspicious for a while. He replied with ”en” and turned on the faucet.

Mu Mu made two bowls of soy sauce egg soup thinking that since Qin Yucheng had this stinky problem of not eating leftovers, he had to be more discretionary in cooking.

Mu Mu turned off the gas. He poured shredded pork on the noodles and laid a poached egg on each of the two bowls of noodles.

Qin Yucheng was eating noodles while observing Mu Mu. Even after a meal, he found nothing wrong.


Mu Mu getting up in the morning, cooking, and taking care of the green plants, this is not right in itself.

Although all of this is obviously to please him.

But there is still something wrong.

Qin Yucheng frowned slightly and finished the meal. He couldn’t loosen his brows until he arrived at the company.
He sat in his office and thought for a moment. He then opened the monitoring screen of the study room. He zoomed out to the lower left corner of the computer screen and started to work on it.

The whole morning passed and there was no movement in the study.

That’s right!!! How can there be any movements so quickly?

Qin Yucheng thought casually.

The most taboo thing in frauding is impatience, especially when you have to deceive and manipulate people’s hearts first………….

Before Qin Yucheng could finish his thoughts, he saw Mu Mu open the door of the study.

Qin Yucheng: “…”

Qin Yucheng put down the file in his hand and enlarged the monitoring screen.

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