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ICAA Chapter 8 Part 1

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

This………..Mu Mu……….suddenly acting upright…..raising that fake chest…..Qin Yucheng stopped in place, wondering what was Mu Mu suddenly proud of to act so upright.

OHHH! I SEE! He must be feeling proud because he may have stolen the data from his computer.

Mu Mu knows his computer password.

But it doesn’t matter. Now his career has just begun and there is nothing really important on the computer.

Qin Yucheng raised his foot and walked out of the entrance. He took off his coat as he walked and raised his hand to pull the tie that bound his formal suit.

Mu Mu, who was originally righteous and confident, watched his movements. His scalp exploded and his pair of cat eyes stared at Qin Yucheng with a horrified expression.

? !

What are you doing! ?

What are you doing? !

Is it possible that you still want to try to break your physical limit and do something wrong? !


Mu Mu took three steps back abruptly. He hid behind the door of the master bedroom and looked at Qin Yucheng vigilantly.

Qin Yucheng threw his coat on the sofa. He glanced at Mu Mu but still didn’t understand why this man was suddenly proud then surprised then afraid…………..what is this fool thinking now.

Mu Mu: “…”

Oh, misunderstanding.

Mu Mu silently retracted into the room. He closed the door and “clicked” to release the lock.

Fortunately, Qin Yucheng couldn’t guess what he was thinking!

Mu Mu was so embarrassed that he shook his hands, rolled around on the bed, and finally plunged into the pillow, pretending to be dead.

Qin Yucheng put down his jacket and prepared to pour a glass of water. As soon as he turned his head, he saw that in a dim environment, the rice cooker in the kitchen was still lit with the “warm-keeping” option.

Qin Yucheng:?


Did this little liar leave him a meal?

Qin Yucheng pulled out his tie. He turned on the light in the kitchen and uncovered the rice cooker.

A bowl of steamed pork ribs and a bowl of rice was warmed in the rice cooker.

Qin Yucheng turned his head and glanced at the closed master bedroom door. After a moment of silence, he brought out the warm food in the rice cooker.

Although he already had his dinner, it was time for supper now.

And according to some great great great liar, it is shameful to waste food.

Qin Yucheng brought steamed pork ribs and rice and sat at the table.

To be honest, this little liar’s craftsmanship is pretty good.


It was another early morning.

Mu Mu reached out from under the bed. He fumbled for a long time on the pillow and finally pressed the alarm clock.

He opened his eyes with difficulty. He rolled his body and looked at the lines on the ceiling. He began to think seriously about the difference between strangling Qin Yucheng and strangling himself, which was more difficult.

He thought about it and felt that the easiest thing was to just close his eyes and give up the matter of getting up early.

Mu Mu thought like this clasping his fingers on his abdomen and closing his eyes peacefully.

In the next second, the birds chirping outside the window sounded together with the second alarm clock set. They sounded so energetic totally different from lazy ass Mu Mu who was sleeping like a dead.

Mu Mu suddenly got up with the quilt in his arms. He opened the window and roared vigorously at the banyan tree below. Five or six birds were scared to death and flew away on the spot. Then he snapped the window closed.

Noisy motherfuckers! Annoying singers!

Don’t let me hear you again, you noisy species aka ANNOYING MR. BIRDS!!!

They live in the city center. He is not doing the birds’ protection project here!!! These lazy birds dare to sing in front of him?

Mu Mu cursed and rushed into the bathroom to wash. After washing, he took a deep breath. He turned on the music player and started listening to the Great Compassion Mantra.

”Don’t be angry…don’t be angry… you’ll die of your own anger…… you’ll get sick! OhOHoH!!!”

The record is broken. It’s the third day.

He has been up early for three consecutive days!!!

This is something that if his mother will know, then she will throw a party to everyone in heaven or maybe hell too!

Mu Mu slumped and yawned. He then took a hose to water the green plants on the terrace and the roof. After cleaning the stagnant water, he saw that Qin Yucheng hadn’t gotten up. So he found an aerobics video on his mobile phone.

The most precious time of the day is the morning.

Now that he is already awake, it is a pity not to exercise!

Mu Mu climbed up to the garden on the top floor and jumped up along with the sexy girls on the video.

Qin Yucheng laid on the bed staring at the ceiling that kept sounding ”boom” ”boom” for a long time. He then finally got up from the bed with a dark expression.

Mu Mu, aka not-so-lazy OTAKU, followed the energetic girls in the video to finish a short section of the exercise. He felt that he was on the verge of death from all these intense exercises. He almost said bye bye to this cruel mortal world.

He turned off the video and squeezed his soft arm. He sighed quietly then turned his head and went downstairs.

There was a movement of Qin Yucheng washing up in the bathroom.

Mu Mu turned on the rice cooker and was taken aback.

The food that he had left for Qin Yucheng yesterday was gone.

Steamed pork ribs were gone and no food waste was left in the sink.

Mu Mu:……?

Qin Yucheng ate it last night?

Mu Mu was a little surprised and couldn’t help turning his head and glancing at the bathroom.

The bathroom door was closed tightly and only the movement of the water could be heard.

It seems that Qin Yucheng does not have any problems with eating leftovers?

That means………… it’s the original owner who doesn’t eat leftovers?

Mu Mu retracted his gaze and opened the refrigerator.

Looking at it this way, Qin Yucheng… is really unexpectedly easy to serve.

It seems that Qin Yucheng usually doesn’t care about what he eats. Although Mu Mu can see that he doesn’t really like leafy vegetables and light dishes much, he isn’t really picky even when he has to eat these dishes.

The steamed pork ribs were actually left last night because Mu Mu didn’t like it.

After all, when a person doesn’t say what he likes to eat, he must eat the foods that the cook makes. Considering the existence of another person, Mu Mu had made the dish that he himself didn’t like. It is called balanced nutrition.

Mu Mu had made two types of meat dishes and one vegetarian dish last night. He ate up his favorite food, thinking that Qin Yucheng didn’t like leafy vegetables. He ate all of the spinach without leaving a single of it.

Only the steamed pork ribs, which he doesn’t like very much, were left. Its taste was quite light.

So, Mu Mu had felt guilty when he had only left this dish last night. But when he saw the empty rice cooker today, he immediately became confident.

Mu Mu put on the rice cooker and decided to try again if Qin Yucheng was really so easy to serve.

Many years of experience of fighting and bargaining with Taobao shop customers told him that he must not stand still when he knows how to please this husband of his!

Mu Mu dispelled the idea of ​​asking Qin Yucheng what he wanted to eat. He turned around in the refrigerator, took two eggs, opened a box of sweet wine and a box of sesame glutinous rice balls.

When Qin Yucheng came out after shaving, the smell of sweet wine was already coming from the kitchen.

He paused, watching Mu Mu who was busy in the kitchen. Then for a moment, he sat at the dining table.

It’s quite interesting to watch this little liar make different meals every day to please him.

Especially when he thinks of how everything Mu Mu is doing now is useless. He feels he himself is so cool!

When Mu Mu turned around with two bowls of glutinous rice balls and sweet wine, he met Qin Yucheng’s sight.

Mu Mu trembled.

He glanced at the sunlight coming in from the terrace then at Qin Yucheng bathing in the sun. He then finally moved his eyes to the shadow of Qin Yucheng.

He has a shadow. It means he is not a ghost.

But this man walks without making any sound. God!

Mu Mu felt that one day he would be scared to death by Qin Yucheng.

With a blank face, he walked out of the kitchen with a bowl and put Qin Yucheng’s breakfast in front of him.

As expected, Qin Yucheng ate without saying a word not expressing any opinion on today’s breakfast.

“…” Mu Mu bit the spoon feeling sure that Qin Yucheng was really easy to serve.

Oh, he doesn’t even need to use the word “serving”, because Qin Yucheng always takes the initiative to clean the dishes after dinner. Seeing how clean he cleans the stove every time, it can be said that he must have done all the house chores all alone before.

Mu Mu looked at Qin Yucheng and felt that this buddy was so miserable.

He is such a good man. Why is he even a character of that ass’s novel!?

His life was already full of ups and downs then he was cheated on marriage. He returned from rebirth and killed the rival but still couldn’t use his manly tool to ”do” sisters.

Damn you jerk Qin Yucheng! You are so miserable!

He is so miserable to the point where those who hear his story will feel sad and those who see his life will weep!

Qin Yucheng suddenly felt a chill.

He raised his eyes to look at Mu Mu and found that the other party was looking at him while biting his spoon. His spirit had obviously gone away.

Mu Mu was still sitting in the corner farthest from him today.

Qin Yucheng was not surprised.

Since Mu Mu filed for a divorce with him, he has shown a very clear intention to draw a line, lest there be any unnecessary contact with him.


Mu Mu doesn’t want any unnecessary contact with him?

Qin Yucheng’s action of stirring the sweet wine paused for a moment.

He remembered.

Mu Mu’s attitude has always been this way. He always used bad health as an excuse, rarely went out with him, and rarely participated in social activities with him even on certain occasions where a female companion needed to be brought. Mu Mu also never accompanied him to attend the event and even said to him “I believe you’ll handle everything”. Damn your trust towards me you liar!!!

Mu Mu refused to appear in all public places where Qin Yucheng was appearing too. He hadn’t noticed anything wrong before.

Qin Yucheng squinted at Mu Mu who was still in a daze.

The more Mu Mu wanted it, the more he didn’t want him to get it.

The more Mu Mu didn’t want it, the more he wanted to force it.

Qin Yucheng withdrew his gaze. He ate a glutinous rice ball and began to think about what events he will have to attend recently.

Mu Mu sneezed a little. After returning to his senses, he looked at Qin Yucheng, who was still eating his food, and then started to eat.

He took two bites and suddenly said “AHHHHHHHHHHHH”.

Qin Yucheng looked up.

Mu Mu hissed softly: “Qin Yucheng… Don’t drive today.”

Qin Yucheng suddenly reacted and glanced at the sweet wine that almost fell on the floor then looked at Mu Mu. For a moment, he was unsure whether this person did it intentionally or unintentionally.

Mu Mu had a guilty conscience: “I’m sorry.”

This was really not intentional brother!

Qin Yucheng stared at him expressionlessly. He finally withdrew his gaze, bowed his head and drank the rest of the liqueur then put on his clothes and went out.

How much angry was this Qin brother? Even his back looked angry.

Mu Mu: “…”

He definitely must be very angry…………………OH WAIT!!!

BROTHER!!! Don’t rush out without washing the bowl ah!

Mu Mu watched Qin Yucheng enter the elevator. Mu Mu was extremely anxious………how ungrateful today’s generation’s people can be??? He finally got up sullenly to wash the dishes and prayed that Qin Yucheng should forever be miserable.

Mu Mu sighed and dried his hands. He then started to study today’s lesson.

His initial plan is to create a video account first to see if he can promote himself then open a store later or join someone else’s store.

In the handwork, he is most proficient in making miniature clothing—-generally speaking, he can make baby clothes and also clothes for toys. Those toys’ clothes are not limited to puppets, dolls, BJD dolls, and so on.

This craft can be regarded as one of many skills of the tailor that he had learned from his mother. It was the way out for Mu Mu to keep his stomach full after the hand-made normal-shaped clothes were gradually replaced by the wave of industrialization.

Mu Mu has checked in the past two days. The characteristics of this industry are not much different from his original world.

He should be able to eat a meal by working on it.

Mu Mu cheered up and was about to continue his summary analysis when a message suddenly popped up on WeChat, which had no new message for a long time.

[Mr. Chen]: Baby, you haven’t been here for a long time. Are you free this afternoon?

Mu Mu:? ? ?

Mu Mu’s whole body was shocked!

Mu Mu’s brain exploded. No!!! He himself exploded.

[Mr. Chen]: Have you forgotten me, huhh? /Wronged.jpg

Mu Mu:! ! !

My……… my goodness! !

What is this? ! What is this! ?

Is the surname of the rival of Qin Yucheng ”Chen”? !

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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