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ICAA Chapter 5 Part 1

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Mu Mu sneaked into the kitchen. He turned his head and glanced at Qin Yucheng who was sitting upright in the dining room.

Woah!!! This damn guy is really worthy of being a serious and determined male protagonist. He maintains his chest straight and wide even while eating a meal in his own house, unlike a certain otaku who didn’t even have the guts to sit there.

Mumu has the habit of eating eggs for breakfast. No matter if it is boiled eggs or poached eggs, in short, he must eat at least an egg for his breakfast!

Sitting in the dining room was a tiger who was waiting to eat him raw. Mu Mu didn’t want to go there to eat at the same table with him.

He’ll just make some eggs for himself. He could drag some time doing that to avoid that tiger.

Mu Mu opened the refrigerator and took out an egg.

But then he hesitated a little and took out another egg and a piece of ginger.

It could be seen that Qin Yucheng and the original owner were living a very good life. Otherwise, the ingredients in the refrigerator would not have been of so high quality.

Thinking of this, Mu Mu took brown sugar, wolfberry, and red dates out of the food store again.

He cut the ginger into pieces and put it in the pot with the rest of the ingredients. He then covered it with a lid and cooked it for ten minutes.

In the meantime, the two eggs were also boiled properly.

Qin Yucheng was drinking the porridge. His eyes were unconsciously attracted by the noise, coming out of the kitchen.

The sunlight had filled the room with golden lights. In the peaceful morning, one could hear the birds singing outside the window. These sounds were intertwined with the sound of the colluding pots and bowls, making people feel really soft.

Because this sound unconsciously reminds people of beautiful images such as home, companionship, and love between the family.

This was a rare sight for Qin Yucheng.

In the past, after he had completed every house chores, he would knock on the door of the master bedroom and call Mu Mu to wake him up.

He had never seen Mu Mu being so busy in the kitchen. What’s more? He even looked really skilled at doing those things.

It was also rare to see Mu Mu doing things like this with fluffy and messy hair.

But Qin Yucheng couldn’t draw much warmth from this scene.

After experiencing the betrayal, seeing this scene, he could only mock himself and his stupidity of the past life.

Qin Yucheng withdrew his gaze and took a sip of porridge.

Mu Mu didn’t notice Qin Yucheng’s gaze.

He separated the two hot boiled eggs and put them into two bowls of cold water. He turned his head to turn off the gas and poured out the brown sugar and ginger water.

Mu Mu took an egg and a bowl of brown sugar and ginger water out of the kitchen. He placed both of them in front of Qin Yucheng.

Qin Yucheng raised his eyes to look at him.

“Brown sugar ginger water.” Mu Mu said dully. “You slept in the study room last night. So it can help you to avoid getting cold.”

After he finished speaking, before Qin Yucheng could speak, he turned his head and went back to the kitchen.

Qin Yucheng looked at the bowl of brown sugar and ginger water. His expression was neither good nor bad.

His face was cold and indifferent making people unable to see his emotions.

Mu Mu brought out his bowl of porridge and eggs. He found that Qin Yucheng had already finished the porridge and was taking a spoonful of brown sugar and ginger water into his mouth.

Mu Mu looked at the eight-seater rectangular table in the dining room. He avoided the position opposite Qin Yucheng and sat down in the corner farthest away from him.

Qin Yucheng did not respond.

Mu Mu took out the boiled egg. While peeling it, he hoped that Qin Yucheng would shut up until he went to work.

Starting a business is a huge thing. He must be very busy. Qin Yucheng might not even have any free time on the weekends, let alone today was a weekday.

My favorite and cute dog…oh sorry cute god…Please please……please make him busy, taking pity on my cute self. UWU UWU HAHA

Mu Mu is a very serious and responsible person. T/N: ooooo I seeeeeee! haha

His mother had set a good example for him by telling him that one should always cook food as much as one can eat. One should rather cook less than waste it.

So, Mu Mu was especially immersed and serious when eating.

Qin Yucheng’s gaze fell on Mu Mu’s hands that were peeling the eggs. The other party’s fingers were long and white, with distinct bone joints. In a more detailed description, this is a pair of hands that are very suitable for playing the piano.

In Qin Yucheng’s memory, Mu Mu had always avoided doing housework–this liar always had one or another excuse to make him feel soft and let him do those things willingly for him.

Therefore, Mu Mu’s hands have always been as delicate and smooth as a baby’s.

But now, although these hands were a bit far away from him to see clearly, they were looking pale and delicate under the gentle sunlight. The golden color of the wedding ring in one of his fingers was twinkling brilliantly which made his hand look indescribably beautiful.

Qin Yucheng immediately looked away.

Our stupid otaku was completely unaware.

He often does house chores and handwork. There were many small scars and calluses on his previous hands. But these flaws did not look terrible in a pair of very beautiful hands. Instead, it added a whole different type of beauty to his hands.

He was accustomed to those scars. So he felt that the original owner’s hands did not suit him. As long as he’ll often do house chores and some handwork, he’ll definitely get some scars again.

The stupid otaku who didn’t understand the world of the rich people naturally thought like this.

Mu Mu ate the egg. Because Qin Yucheng didn’t give him sudden heart attacks by blabbering some random things, he drank the porridge with joy.

After Qin Yucheng drank the brown sugar ginger water, a layer of fine sweat broke out on his forehead because of the ginger and hot soup.

He put down the bowl and spoon. He tapped the tabletop with his fingertips and made two ”click” sounds.

Mu Mu held the bowl and raised his head vigilantly.

For a moment, Qin Yucheng felt that he was seeing a squirrel holding a pine cone to guard it against the enemies.

Mu Mu put down the bowl: “?”

Qin Yucheng asked: “What’s the arrangement today?”

Mu Mu: “……………..?”

Mu Mu was shocked. MOM, HE’S AFRAID!

This question without any subject and object was so….was so frightening that he didn’t know how to answer it.

What arrangement? What kind of arrangement? What the hell had to be arranged? And …………..he had to arrange?

oh my fucking godndxjkdnjdn? Could it be that the original owner was originally Qin Yucheng’s part-time secretary? !

It seemed reasonable to think about it this way. If the original owner hadn’t been involved in Qin Yucheng’s career, he would not have been able to transfer the other party’s property.

He admits that Qin Yucheng is a stupid jerk. But he can’t be that stupid, trusting the original owner so much that he ended up submitting all of his bank cards and asset materials, right?

That is something that only a person who is determined to be a saint or a monk would do!

The warning alarm ”ULALALA” sounded in Mu Mu’s mind.

It’s over.

He didn’t even know Qin Yucheng’s daily schedule!

There was no record of this kind of thing in the original owner’s phone either!

Not to mention the schedule, he had even checked the original owner’s bill account for the past half a year. He had found that the other party had no income at all.

Mu Mu froze on the spot. He was frantically recalling the contents of the original owner’s mobile phone memo.

Damn it!

It didn’t have anything! Nothing at all!

The god of poop(author) hadn’t mentioned this thing at all!

Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu who was stunned. He lightly scoffed.

He had never asked Mu Mu about his affairs before. He gave the purest trust he had to the other party. Whether it was assets or life, he gave the other party maximum freedom.

The result? It turned out that he was a clown who was deceived by such a good actor.

Just look at Mu Mu’s reaction. As a legal husband, he just had asked about the other party’s arrangements for today. Mu Mu was surprised to the point, enough to see how outrageous his previous indulgence was.

Qin Yucheng was expressionless. He knocked on the table again and asked, “WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR TODAY?”

He added the subject this time. Mu Mu instantly felt relieved.

Haha…See! He had just mentioned it, right??? There was no record of income in the original owner’s bill account at all. It can be said that he had very few records in his account, so he should be unemployed!

Mu Mu said: “I’m preparing to go…” After a pause in the middle of the conversation, he answered, “I’m preparing to go shopping.”

Qin Yucheng noticed his momentary pause. He couldn’t help but snort in his heart, mocking his previous self even more.

——Look! You idiot Qin Yucheng! This damn liar had started to cheat you from the very beginning.

Seeing that Qin Yucheng stopped asking questions, Mu Mu relaxed his mind and continued to concentrate on cooking.

Today, he is going to stroll around and get familiar with the environment there to find out if there is a second-hand product market. The reason for finding the second-hand products’ market was too obvious. OF COURSE, BECAUSE HE IS BROKE RIGHT NOW!!! Mu Mu almost accidentally revealed that he was going to find a second-hand market. Thank god he changed his words on time.

The otaku, who thought he had answered perfectly, finished his porridge. He found that Qin Yucheng had already left the dining room and had gone to take a bath.

Before he left, he had even washed his tablewares and put them on the dish rack.

Mu Mu was stunned for a moment. He washed the bowl quickly and returned to his room.

Mu Mu didn’t know what was wrong with the original owner. Almost all of the space in the cloakroom was filled with skirts. They were mainly the kind of ladies’ long skirts that could tightly wrap all the body.

It must be because the original owner was afraid of exposing his fake breasts and his small dick.

If that was the case, what was stopping that punk from buying some simple T-shirts and jeans? !

Our very simple-minded otaku couldn’t understand it.

When he was facing the cloakroom and falling into deep thought, Mu Mu heard the ”ding” sound of the elevator.

Qin Yucheng went out!!!

Mu Mu faced a closet full of skirts while rubbing his fake breasts and sighed.

There’s no other choice! He WILL have to wear this thing. Later, he’ll go out to the clothing store and get some cheap and simple clothes.

Mu Mu took a half-sleeved long skirt and looked at his messy hair in the mirror. He combed it for a long time and found out that the bangs on his forehead were really rebellious.

Mu Mu looked at his crooked bangs in the mirror. He turned his head and took out the phone and started asking for help on the Internet.

Mu Mu followed the hairstyle tutorial and discovered the usefulness of the props on the dressing table. When he finally dealt with his bangs, two hours had already passed.

Mu Mu held the bangs spray in his hand and looked at himself in the mirror. To all the beauties in this world, I, Mu Mu salute you from the bottom of my heart!

Like seriously!!! Damn it!!

Being a beauty is way too hard!

Thinking about it this way………… the original owner had really sacrificed a lot to deceive Qin Yucheng!

Just by seeing these skincare and hairdressing appliances on this dressing table alone, Mu Mu felt that it was only natural for Qin Yucheng to be deceived by the original owner so easily.

He really can’t blame Qin Yucheng here. This was simply the enemy’s hard work.

Mu Mu sighed.

He tidied the dressing table and stroked his neck.

His Adam’s apple was not too obvious. But one could still see the up and down movements when he raised his head.

Although some girls also have relatively obvious Adam’s apple, out of a guilty conscience, Mu Mu still went to the jewelry cabinet to find a necklace of the same color.

Looking at the dazzling array of necklaces in the jewelry cabinet, he thought that the original owner must have felt very guilty too.

Mu Mu glanced at the wedding ring in his hand. He was worried about losing it accidentally, so he simply took it off and put it in the ring box on the dressing table.

He took the phone and touched his waist but found out that he had no pockets. He froze for a moment. He then turned his head and went to the cloakroom to get the bag.


Is this the world of girls only!

It’s terrifying to have to do so much preparation before going out!

Mu Mu was carrying the bag and looking at the sunlight outside the window that could no longer be called the morning sunlight. He suddenly felt that he was very lucky for being born as a man. THANK YOU, MY DEAR GOD!

It’s too hard……… it’s too hard to be a girl!

The difficulty level of changing the gender is too frightening!

Mu Mu’s ”good luck” continued until he opened the shoe cabinet trying to find a pair of flat shoes.


Why was he even suffering this kind of thing???

Mu Mu took out yesterday’s wedge sandals with a pale face.

Who would have thought that yesterday’s wedge sandals turned out to be the smallest pair of heels in the entire shoe cabinet! ?

My dear women and girls, how do you guys wear this kind of painful thing so easily!

Mu Mu cursed the whole heels industry. Then he put on the sandals and went out.


Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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