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ICAA Chapter 4 Part 2

how many new sides of this liar were there, that he didn't know about[2]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Qin Yucheng had fallen asleep on the desk. The documents on the desk were a bit messy and the computer screen was already in a dormant state. The ceiling lamp and the desk lamp on the desk were still on. That excessive light made the person lying on the table frown even when sleeping.

It seemed that he fell asleep while dealing with documents and he has been asleep for a while.

Mu Mu stood at the entrance of the study room looking at Qin Yucheng. He was dazed for a while.

He didn’t think much while reading the novel before, but when he thinks about it now, Qin Yucheng was really miserable in all aspects. Whether it was before or after his rebirth, he doesn’t seem to have anyone who can be called a “friend”.

In the eyes of the author, there seemed to only be career-related stuff and suffering things waiting for him. There was no information about him falling in love and his daily life. Each plot was about improving his career and business as if the career was the only thing in the life of the protagonist.

It’s impossible to even imagine how Qin Yucheng felt all his life, for someone like Mu Mu who lived a dull life and had no ambition in his life!


Mu Mu stepped forward. Stepping on the carpet of the study room, he walked on tiptoe and turned off the desk lamp and ceiling lamp for Qin Yucheng.

But now, he was in no position to sympathize with Qin Yucheng—-After all, Qin Yucheng must be particularly wanting to kill him now!

  Mu Mu sighed in his heart. He turned his head and walked out of the study room lightly. He only half-closed the door of the study room.

If it was completely closed, the sound of the door latch may have awakened Qin Yucheng.

Mu Mu didn’t want Qin Yucheng to wake up so early. The longer he was free, the better.

This otaku doesn’t want to fight with the protagonist!

Mu Mu walked to the kitchen.

If someone couldn’t sleep well, then eating something that was easy to swallow and digest will be great, such as porridge.

He remembered that when he was looking through the refrigerator and kitchen yesterday, it seemed that there was some millet there.

It was even best to cook some brown sugar ginger tea.

Qin Yucheng had worn short sleeves and had slept all night in the air-conditioned room. There was a high possibility for him to catch a cold.

Mu Mu was someone who was experienced in living alone. He clearly knew how to do all those small household things.

Mu Mu didn’t realize that the moment he had left the study, Qin Yucheng, who was lying on his stomach, opened his eyes and stared at the half-closed door, with a gloomy expression on his face.

Mu Mu went to the door to put on slippers and cooked a pot of millet porridge with ready-made ingredients. Seeing that Qin Yucheng hadn’t come out yet, he wondered if that brother might not have woken up yet, so he simply went to the balcony that he hadn’t explored properly yesterday.

As soon as the balcony door was opened, the gardenia(a kind of white flower) scent came upon him.

Mu Mu looked at the four gardenias by the door. They were blooming. The white flower bloomed beautifully and brilliantly. They grew very well.

Looking out, there were pomegranates, roses, hydrangea, sunflowers…

Summer in Z city was very hot. Many plants need to be watered every day in this environment and some of them even need to be moved every morning and evening to get the proper sunlight.

Mu Mu likes to play things around when he has nothing to do. He wandered around the balcony and the roof garden, and as expected, he found a hose and a pot for watering.

It’s a pity that these plants will be gone soon, Mu Mu thought very regretfully while watering it.

Qin Yucheng will sell this apartment soon and put him in low-rent housing.

Mu Mu didn’t care much about living in low-rent housing. This otaku could live anywhere. He could take care of himself wherever he was. At that time, he will work part-time and accumulate some money. As long as Qin Yucheng didn’t rush to kill him, he could live no matter what.

But these green plants were really miserable.

It is estimated that when the house will be sold, these plants will also be sold as a bonus.

The next homeowner is one of Qin Yucheng’s younger buddies. 80% of them are not very good at taking care of plants. The final outcome of these green plants will probably be very bad.

It was raised so well…………

Mu Mu swept the water that was accumulated on the balcony to the drain. Looking at the rising sun, he put down his broom. As soon as he looked up, he saw Qin Yucheng standing in the living room looking at him through the french windows.

He didn’t know how long he was being stared at.

Mu Mu was shocked to death.

Fuck! Mu Mu collapsed.

This person was really like a ghost! !

No!!! Strictly speaking, Qin Yucheng has indeed died once. So it seems that there is no problem saying that he is a real ghost!

Is this gentleman really not thinking about starring in horror films?

The domestic horror film market wasn’t in demand because they were lacking this hidden gem and versatile actor ”QIN YU CHENG”!

Mu Mu stood on the balcony. His heart was beating so fast, he did not dare to take a step into the house for a long while.

Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu, who was standing on the balcony and was afraid to enter the house. He then smelled the sweet scent of millet porridge.

His eyes turned to the kitchen.

This was really strange.

In the past, Mu Mu didn’t use to use his two ”delicate” hands doing anything. Let alone cooking at home and watering the green plants, he never even took the initiative to reach out doing household works.

But Qin Yucheng didn’t like to hire a nanny. The family education he had always received taught him that doing housework together is a way to connect family feelings.

After all, in modern society, both parties in the family are generally very busy. Being able to have a meal a day and co-operate to do some housework after a meal, watching TV and chatting, is the only family activity left.

In Qin Yucheng’s impression, Mu Mu would still do it at the beginning. Later, science and technology progressed rapidly, and things like sweeping robots and dishwashers quickly took up the housework position at home.

In the end, all they needed to do was to cook and take care of the green plants.

Of course, at that time he was considerate of Mu Mu’s “bad health” and Qin Yucheng did all these tasks himself.

Does Mu Mu know how to cook?

Does Mu Mu know how to take care of these green plants?

Will Mu Mu come to help turn off the lights when he is asleep in the study?

Even though he was married to Mu Mu for four fucking years, Qin Yucheng couldn’t give a clear answer when thinking about these questions.

But now it seems that Mu Mu will.

It’s just that he never knew before—or he was never qualified to appreciate the other person’s care.

Qin Yucheng pursed his lips and walked towards the dining area dully.

Mu Mu stood under the sun and took a deep breath. Feeling that he had finally accumulated enough courage, he decided to enter the haunted house where Qin Yucheng existed again.

You are too miserable, Mu Mu.

Otaku expressed pity to himself and then walked into the dining area.

Qin Yucheng served porridge in the kitchen.

Mu Mu stood in the dining room calculating the distance between the dining room, the main door, and the kitchen, just in case he had to run. He didn’t dare to go inside the kitchen.

How funny!!!!! No one would really dare to go in, right? Right? Right? Right?

There are fucking knives in the kitchen!

Although Qin Yucheng had never done anything violent by himself in the original novel, who can guarantee this kind of thing accurately.

One should never underestimate the power of a man who was cuckolded!

Qin Yucheng tilted his head to look at Mu Mu who was standing in the dining room. He smirked at him: “Are you really too eager to get a divorce?”

Mu Mu retracted his gaze that was looking for an escape route. He was at a loss: “?”

What..when..why……how… come he was suddenly asked such a deadly question? !

“Not enough.” Qin Yucheng walked out of the kitchen and stopped in front of Mu Mu.

Mu Mu: “???”

Mu Mu glanced at the porridge Qin Yucheng was holding and recalled the amount of the porridge he had cooked.

Was that not enough?

OMG!!! Qin Yucheng’s appetite is really big.

Is this the appetite of the strong macho man?

Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu condescendingly: “Try harder to please me.”


Mu Mu’s eyes opened wider.

Well… it turned out it wasn’t about the amount of the porridge.

“Try harder to please me.” Qin Yucheng repeated. He was not smiling, “Then only I will consider about divorce.”

Mu Mu: “…?”

Mu Mu was stunned.

What? What to please?

Waaaaait a minute……. waking up early and cooking a meal was considered an act of pleasing him?

My goodness!!! What life did Qin Yucheng have before!

Mu Mu almost couldn’t control the compassion and kindness that came out of him.

Damn it!

Qin Yucheng was so miserable that he didn’t know how to make him feel better!

Mu Mu lowered his head. He almost showed his sympathetic expression to Qin Yucheng. He calmed himself down and whispered, “…Hmm.”

Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu, who was timid on the surface but still determined to divorce. There seemed to have no fluctuation in Mu Mu’s heart at all.

If he is led by his emotions, then he will be over once again. Qin Yucheng thought.

Mu Mu this time used the trick of first retreating and trying to get a good impression from him in order to achieve his goal of divorce.

Qin Yucheng recovered his expressionless appearance. He sat down at the dining table and drank the porridge quietly.

He wanted to see how many new sides of this liar were there, that he didn’t know about.


The author has something to say:

Mr. Qin looks really beautiful when he is too serious.

It’s a pity that the person acting with him is a comedian .)

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. Avatar Mier says:

    If only ml can read what mc’s thinking like us… I don’t even want to imagine how our mc gonna die.
    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Avatar prakritibhatta says:

      haha welcome

  2. LittleYen LittleYen says:

    [Is this gentleman really not thinking about starring in horror films?

    The domestic horror film market wasn’t in demand because they were lacking this hidden gem and versatile actor ”QIN YU CHENG”!]

    Oh my… 😂😂😂
    Indeed the ML is too pitiful
    Hope the new Mumu could become one of his happiness in the future

    1. Avatar prakritibhatta says:

      He might be if you agree to be mine, yen sista

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