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ICAA Chapter 10 Part 1

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Mu Mu’s movements surprised Chen Li.


He has never seen Mu Mu look so flustered.


Is it because of her marriage partner?


Chen Li thought for a while, then stood up and quickly washed his hands. He took the spectacles placed aside and put them on. He then hung a “still cleaning” signboard on the room and went to where Mu Mu was.


Mu Mu heard the movement behind him. He turned his head and looked over: “Is there anything else?”


Chen Li pushed his glasses: “You haven’t signed in the record book yet.”


“?” Mu Mu paused and was at a loss.


Sign in the record book? What to sign? What record?


Mu Mu settled down: “Where to sign?”


Chen Li didn’t notice anything wrong either.


He used to take the record book in the room for Mu Mu to sign. But today Mu Mu was going early. So he didn’t have time to take that book to Mu Mu. So Mu Mu not knowing where to sign was also normal.


“Front desk,” Chen Li replied.


Mu Mu nodded and quickly walked.


Chen Li followed Mu Mu looking at the other party’s long hair that was flying everywhere. He was a little curious about Mu Mu’s marriage partner.


He originally thought that the man who married this sister must be an old man.


After all, ordinary beauties when they are newly married, always love to announce their happiness to the world. Mu Mu does not even wear a wedding ring when she goes out.


Combined with Mu Mu’s pre-marriage style of not discriminating against anyone while flirting, the words “This sister will definitely cheat her partner” were clearly written on her face.


But now, it seems that the marriage partner of this ass Mu Mu does not seem to be an ordinary unlucky person. That guy must be a Great Warrior who can make Mu Mu panic like this.


Chen Li thought like this and asked the front desk girl to get the record book. He then glanced at Mu Mu.


Mu Mu was continuously looking left and right. He was flustered and short of breath.


In the original novel, regarding Yi Anning, the most accurate way to refer to him was with the name “Laughing Tiger”, because this person on the surface looked as docile as this name, but in fact, he was an unscrupulous guy.


But that was Yi Anning of that fucking novel. Yi Anning now is a real alive person. How can Mu Mu have contact with a real person just based on this little name given in the novel???!


Mu Mu was anxiously picking his hand, trying to recall the description of Yi Anning’s appearance.


The author hadn’t even described the appearance of the protagonists in detail. So he is an ass for expecting another ass to give any appearance descriptions of other supporting characters!


Mu Mu was surprised about how that jerk author actually gave that Liu Gaoming the description of him having red hair! …………………..yes …………..yes yes yes That hair description was really extra-ordinary!


Damn it!


If he has a chance to go back, he will also get involved in the world of online literature, and arrange all the characters with colorful hair to avoid the tragedy of not being able to recognize people after transmigrating into the book!


Mu Mu was disgusted by the author who did not describe his characters’ appearance!


But even if he was so angry, he would never know what Yi Anning looked like. He could only stare at the door, fearing everyone who came in through the door.


Wuuuu Wuuuuuuuuuu……………….


I’m just an otaku who was living peacefully in my house…….. huhuhuhu wuwuwuwu


Mu Mu choked.


He still has to draw a clear line with Qin Yucheng sooner. Otherwise, sooner or later he will evolve from a person not good at talking much to a complete mute guy.


Chen Li took Mu Mu’s record book from the front desk. When he turned his head, he saw Mu Mu holding her bag in front of her with both hands, staring at the gate vigilantly like a mongoose on guard.


Chen Li pushed his sliding glasses.


It seems that marrying this sister is indeed not a job of an ordinary unlucky person.


That guy should be a brave, courageous, five-time award-winner in boxing, 10 times award winner for……………….


No matter how powerful you’re my brother, you still couldn’t escape the bad luck of being married to this donkey.


Chen Li held the record book in his hand and shook it in front of Mu Mu. He watched Mu Mu turn around and put the record book on the front desk.


Ice might catch fire but this donkey’s bad nature will never change. Impossible! Impossible! Impossible!


Chen Li doesn’t think that after marriage Mu Mu will be a fragile beauty who will obediently take care of her husband. She will definitely beat the shit out of her husband. She is panicked now, it must be because she is afraid her newly married husband will see her real image. After a while, she will return to her old state.


Mu Mu put the record book upright.


The record book contained a stack of forms. The cover of the form was a black card with a gold border, printed with the customer’s VIP number and name and the beautician in charge.


The beautician in charge of Mu Mu was Chen Li.


Mu Mu turned over the cover and at a glance saw the neat and beautiful signature of the original owner. The exact opposite of the neat and beautiful signature was a column filled with many words.


Mu Mu: “……?”


Mu Mu was taken aback and looked at the customer opinion column on the record book.


It was filled with “this guy smiles too little”, “he doesn’t reply to my chats”, “this guy is too cold”, “not gentle enough”, “he styled my hair like horse’s tail ” and so on. These kinds of very……………..serious opinions are definitely of the original owner!


The original owner was really talented in reviewing people using very serious things…..


The original owner hadn’t given a single satisfying review. It’s hard for Chen Li to find a job outside this beauty salon based on the original owner’s review of him.


Mu Mu: ? ? ? ?


Mu Mu turned his head and looked at Chen Li. Poor Chen Li…..


Chen Li was putting his hands in the pockets of his white coat. His face was plain and expressionless.


Mu Mu looked at the record book in front of him again.


Original………….. original owner… had such a side to him?


Not even a punk who thinks he owns this world dares to complain using, ”he doesn’t act cute in front of me”, ”he doesn’t become shy when talking to me”, these kinds of words, right? But that original owner…………………fuck!


Isn’t the original owner a gentle and kind ”woman”?


From top to bottom, from the inside to the outside, where is that gentleness and kindness? How come he cannot think of a single gentle thing that ass has done?


After giving so many bad reviews, the original owner did not change the beautician. This is obviously deliberately making things difficult, right?


No wonder Chen Li doesn’t like that punk original owner.


Mu Mu looked at the record book with a solemn expression.


Oh no!


He seemed to have judged the novel character wrongly again.


Chen Li looked at Mu Mu, who was thinking with a frown. Humph! This cheater must be thinking about what reason to use to give him a bad review today—-This fucking woman seems to use this as one of the sources of pleasure.


Chen Li was impatient to continue to deal with Mu Mu. He knocked on the desktop and reminded Mu Mu: “Don’t you have something urgent?”


Ah yes!


Mu Mu was startled. He temporarily stopped judging his ability to judge other people. After writing ”I’m very much satisfied with this dude Chen Li”, he hurriedly signed in his dirty as fuck handwriting under Chen Li’s look of astonishment.


Generally speaking, no matter how people write, when they have to write their own name, they will always somehow write better.


Mu Mu is the same. He doesn’t write other characters very well, but he still signs his name ”nicely”.


It’s just that compared with the characters that the original owner had written, his dirty handwriting still looked dirty like a crow’s poop.


Mu Mu looked at the two very different handwritings. His scalp turned numb.


He threw away the pen in Chen Li’s face as soon as he finished signing and turned his head quickly.




This otaku will not come to this place ever ever ever again!


He will let that original owner take the remaining opportunity!


His horoscope is light! He can’t stand it!


Mu Mu hurriedly ran away as if his ass was on fire. After leaving the beauty salon, he plunged into the white sand beach where many people were playing nearby.


There were so many people there. Even if that Yi Anning will come out to find him, he won’t be able to find him for a while.


The sea breeze at half-past six brought some coolness.


Mu Mu found an empty lounge chair and sat down. Holding his bag, he looked at the crowd and the sunset in the ocean. After thinking for a while, he raised his phone and took the shot.


Mu Mu has always lived in an inland mountain city. His university was also in the same province. From his birth to transmigrating here, he had left that mountain city only once.


That was the time when he had to go to the capital city for medical treatment.


There were two people when they went there. While returning, only he and a can of ashes were left.


Now it was the time when people were returning from their work or school. The beach where people come and go was very lively. People were chaotically laughing and playing on the beach.


Mu Mu photographed the family who set up a tent on the beach. He photographed the sweet and affectionate couple lying on the beach and also photographed the barbecue stall in the distance. He then finally held the phone to aim the view at the sky.


Before he came to this world, he had never seen the ocean with his own eyes, nor had he touched such a soft white sand beach.


He didn’t even know that when the hot summer night is approaching, the sea and sunset will dye the sky and clouds with a soft pink color.


Mu Mu looked at the splendor view inside the camera until his arm began to protest against him. He came back to his senses and put his mobile down.


Once he’ll go to the photo studio to get these pictures, he’ll burn them in the name of his mother. (Many people in East Asian countries believe that burning things in the name of a deceased will let the deceased receive that thing.)


He hopes these beautiful and lively sceneries can be delivered to his mother’s world too.


Mu Mu thought like this and put down his hand. He flipped through the photos that he had just taken and left the most satisfactory ones.


Then he raised his head and found someone standing three steps away from him, looking at him.


Mu Mu: ?

Mu Mu subconsciously turned his head and looked around. He found that there seemed to be no extra lounge chairs around.


This man came to rob his seat?


Mu Mu simply moved aside.


At least three adults can sit in a lounge chair! Why would you want to steal other’s seat………


When that person saw him abandoning his seat, he smiled and came forward but did not sit down.


He stretched out his hand to Mu Mu: “Miss Mu Mu, this time, would you like to have a cup of coffee with me?”


Mu Mu was taken aback. All of his organs, cells, or whatever existed inside him started beating.


This time!


Drink coffee!


Mu Mu immediately caught these two keywords. Cold sweats came down from his body parts.


He straightened up. He stared at the man who appeared suddenly and nervously pulled the bag in his hand: “…Mr. Yi?”


“It’s me.” Yi Anning nodded and laughed, “It looks like I didn’t make any impression on you.”


Mu Mu: “…”


No, no, no, the impression you left on me is too deep brother!!!


You once killed Qin Yucheng along with the original owner, isn’t that killer……you!!!


Mu Mu stiffened all over and twitched the corners of his mouth dryly: “How did you know I am here?”


“I asked Chen Li.”


Mu Mu: “…”


Fuck that fucker! He regrets! He deeply regrets it!


He should have given all types of negative reviews to that mosquito Chen li and then nail him to the stigma of “leaking customer privacy”!


Otaku is angry!


At the same time, he looked at Yi Anning while still being angry.


Yi Anning had worn a black open-collar T-shirt and army green pants overalls. He had a pair of white sports shoes on his feet. He looked so hearty and handsome that Mu Mu couldn’t tell his age at all.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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