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ICAA Chapter 10 Part 2

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

This Yi Anning’s style is completely different from a certain Qin workaholic’s who puts on formal clothes even at home!


WAHA!!! Yi Anning is a man who can dress himself up!


He also has a nice face……………… and his smile is also so pure………………..and his…..


So what?!


Mu Mu tightened his body.


Although Qin Yucheng doesn’t know how to dress himself up, he looks good in formal clothes!


Qin Yucheng can actually smile. It’s just that he won’t laugh in front of losers! He smiles less but when he smiles, it’s like a sun, it makes people warm and full of happiness!


SO……..So again what?!


These two big bosses both are evil spirits in front of Otaku!


I’m so miserable ah!!


Mu Mu clenched his bag tightly. He was unintentionally admiring the handsome guy in front of him…..a very handsome guy that can be the reason for his nice death!



Calm down, calm down, think better.


Mu Mu pursed his lips and tried to use his brain.


At……….At least judging from the attitudes of Chen Li and Yi Anning, the original owner and Yi Anning have just met!


They haven’t even exchanged contact information. Their second meeting was forcibly led by Chen Li!


To put it simply, they are still unfamiliar!


Mu Mu realized this and felt that the burden in his heart was instantly put down in half.


Yi Anning was keenly aware of Mu Mu’s rejection.


He paused. The smile on his face did not fade but with a little regret he said: “It means I won’t be able to make an appointment with you this time???”


Mu Mu: “…”


This time????????     This time????????! Is there a next time too!!!???


Not only will you not be able to make an appointment this time, but you will also not be able to make an appointment next time. You will also not be able to make an appointment next next time, And the saga continues!


Since they are unfamiliar, he can simply refuse!


Mu Mu’s shopkeeper nature once again emerged.


If you see an opportunity, don’t stand still!


Mu Mu straightened his neck and looked up at Yi Anning. He said very firmly: “Sor……… sorry, there will also be no chance in the future.”


The smile on Yi Anning’s face froze. He asked with a dry smile: “Do you simply want to…?”


Don’t speak, don’t speak, don’t speak!


This big brother, I am saving you!


Mu Mu thought about that and suddenly a sense of mission immediately came up.


Yes, he is saving Yi Anning, so that he will not become the second victim of a tragic marriage!


He is saving him from being the food of fishes of the Pacific Ocean!!!


Yi Anning didn’t seem to want to give up. He was silent for a moment and finally was about to open his mouth.


But Mu Mu directly blocked the other party’s words: “I’m already married.”




The evil god Qin Yucheng sometimes really can save him from this kind of weird situation!


Yi Anning was stunned. His eyes swept across Mu Mu’s clean hands that had no rings. He paused and said: “You don’t need to use this excuse to avoid me…”


“It’s true.” Mu Mu interrupted him again.


Yi Anning looked at Mu Mu and stopped talking.


In fact, he had met Mu Mu before.


At a certain business party, Mu Mu, who was still a teenager was following his father and brother.


It’s just that Mu Mu’s hair was only shoulder-length at that time. It wasn’t like how it is now——-And yeah, of course, he was also not wearing what he is wearing now.


When Yi Anning inquired from Chen Li, he found that the young master was now acting like a female and was acting unscrupulously. While sighing at the other party’s bad taste, he also at the same time tried to play with the other party’s mind trying to grab some benefits and resources from Mu Mu.


Already married?


Yi Anning doesn’t believe it at all.


It is probably an excuse that Mu Mu is using because he is not interested in him.


Yi Anning looked at Mu Mu, thinking about how to deal with the other party’s excuses.


Mu Mu was being stared at and feeling uncomfortable all over. He lowered his head and took out his mobile phone to send a message to Qin Yucheng.


[MU]: Are you here yet?


Qin Yucheng responded quickly.


[Mr. Qin]: It’s been a while.


[MU]: Where are you?


[Mr. Qin]: At the side of the road about 10 meters behind you.


Mu Mu’s hand holding the phone tightened suddenly.


He raised his eyes and skipped Yi Anning in front of him to turn his head stiffly.


There was a taxi parked on the road behind him and Qin Yucheng was leaning on the back seat, facing them. It was unknown how long he had been watching.


Mu Mu: “…”


Mu Mu’s whole world shook.



The author has something to say:

Mu Mu: Mr. Qin Yucheng, No need to be angry. I will peacefully bury myself without any objection.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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