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IBKAWB Chapter 37


Chapter 37… Selfishness    


               When some people are angry, they don’t scream or show off their teeth and claws like being stepped on their tails. They just suppress the anger under their expressions and words, and the words still maintain the demeanor of advancing and retreating.


   Chi Zhongqiao is such a person.


   Zhou Yunmo and Chi Zhongqiao have had very few contacts. In his impression, Chi Zhongqiao is a particularly kind newcomer, he laughs at everyone, and half of the company’s artists love to greet him. Not to mention Zhou Yunmo, even Lu Yuzhou, who had been with Chi Zhongqiao day and night, didn’t see Chi Zhongqiao getting cold.


   Chi Zhongqiao did not lose his temper.


   It has been a year since he entered this world, and it was the first time that he was provoked by real fire.


   He can gently let go of Zhuang Fu’s professional mistakes, and even ignore the problem of eccentricity, because his own ability can make up for it. What really made Chi Zhongqiao uncomfortable was Zhuang Fu’s relatively contemptuous attitude towards Lu Yuzhou, but he couldn’t make trouble because of this.


   Chi Zhongqiao had originally planned to put this reason that could be called “selfishness” into his stomach, but Zhou Yunmo’s attitude was too irritating.


   Zhou Yunmo sneered as if he had understood something: “I understand, does Brother Zhuang know what embarrasses you? I originally thought it was strange that you and Mr. Lu are not brothers, so why does he give in to you so much? You want to change your agent, and he deliberately dug for a gold medal agent from another company to serve you?”


   Chi Zhongqiao lowered his eyes, he was taller than Zhou Yunmo, and his stature made Zhou Yunmo feel oppressive,  Chi Zhong Qiao’s current gaze alone made Zhou Yunmo flustered.


   ”Conjecture without evidence is equivalent to spreading rumors. If you are too idle, you can go back and learn how to speak and act carefully.”


   Chi Zhongqiao suppressed his anger and adjusted his mentality. He is an entertainer and it is inconvenient to lose control of his expression outside.


   He thought that Zhou Yunmo was about to join the crew two days later, but the two of them almost even started an argument today, so they rubbed their eyebrows and said: “Finally, as an artist, you should restrain your words and deeds. This is the case in the company. This is also the same for the crew. You are an actor and a star at the same time. Pay attention to your image.”


   He forebored his anger and felt that if he continued to entangle with Zhou Yunmo, his education and good temper might not be enough, so he turned his head and left.


   Zhou Yunmo was left behind by him, his face changed many times, and finally he clenched his teeth in embarrassment-he was obviously a senior to Chi Zhongqiao, but he had to be taught by Chi Zhongqiao in such a superior tone.


   He knows how to be an entertainer better than Chi Zhongqiao, and he doesn’t need Chi Zhongqiao to teach.


   Zhou Yunmo clenched his fists-didn’t Chi Zhongqiao just get a supporting role in “Invisible  Crimes “ ? Chi Zhongqiao can do it, so can he. He didn’t believe his ability would be worse than Chi Zhongqiao who walked through the back door.




   ”Brother Qiao?”


   Zhong Yin held back all the way, and couldn’t help but whisper to Chi Zhongqiao when he reached the elevator entrance.


   Chi Zhongqiao looked back.


   Zhong Yin quickly stepped back two steps, “Qiao, Brother Qiao , don’t look at me like that!” Fuck it’s so scary.


   Chi Zhongqiao was taken aback, turned his head and looked at the glass door beside his eyes, only to realize that his always qualified expression management was out of control-not to the point of a calm face, but he was also expressionless and in a bad mood.


   Fortunately, Zhong Yin reminded him, otherwise Yuzhou would definitely see it later.


   Chi Zhongqiao : “…It’s okay.” He quickly changed his expression and smiled at Zhong Yin.


   Zhong Yin was anxious: “Brother Qiao, are you not getting along with the new agent?” After Qiao came out of the office, he saw this expression, and Zhong Yin was frightened. He has been with Chi Zhongqiao for a year and has never seen Chi Zhongqiao’s expression.


   It’s not that he has never encountered bad things before, but Brother Qiao has never shown such obvious unhappiness! Was there a quarrel with the new agent? Or are they incompatible?


   Chi Zhongqiao smiled: “It’s okay, you go back, I’ll go up to find Yuzhou first.”


   He didn’t want to say, Zhong Yin had to agree with him, “That’s OK, I’ll go first, Brother Qiao, if you have something, call me.” As soon as he left, Chi Zhong Qiao sighed slightly—he had acted for more than ten years in the circle , expression management had almost become his instinct. But it was completely  shaken by Zhou Yunmo’s words today.


   This is the first time he has been angry with other artists in the company. It’s really out of his control. If he can go back to that time …


   Chi Zhong Qiao raised his head-fortunately, he can’t go back, otherwise he will hit someone. Who will tolerate it? Is Zhou Yunmo a princess?




   Two days later, Zhou Yunmo entered the crew.


   Zhou Yunmo was also unlucky, and he happened to see Fu Jingshen.s tantrums when he entered the group.


   Several supporting roles were not in place. After Chi Zhongqiao and Shen Xue were forced to accompany them to NG four times, Fu Jingshen finally found the script.


   ”Crying is not howling! Sadness is by no means expressed by howling louder than anyone else! Can you cry?”


   Fu Jingshen rolled up the script and knocked on the camera, making the cameraman feel distressed like cutting his own flesh, and the corners of his eyes twitched.


   The whole crew knows that Fu Jingshen is abusive, but some time ago it was so smooth and Fu Jingshen was so gentle and pleasant that most people forgot that Fu Jingshen was just a firecracker under the shooting state.


   It was precisely because of the success earlier that Fu Jingshen couldn’t adapt to the gap after other supporting roles entered the group for a while.


   Chi Zhongqiao pulled Shen Xue, and the little girl shrank behind Chi Zhongqiao with her big eyes.


   When Zhou Yunmo entered the group, he happened to see a group of people being so scared by Fu Jingshen that they didn’t dare to raise their heads. Chi Zhongqiao and a little girl stood opposite Fu Jingshen, very innocently .


   Zhou Yunmo paused, and the assistant whispered, “Brother Qiao seems to be being trained, shall we wait for the next time?”


   Zhou Yunmo looked at him coldly and nodded.


   He listened to Fu Jingshen’s cold and whistling lesson, and he was very happy.


   Deserve it.


   Zhou Yunmo thought: It can be regarded as retribution. Chi Zhongqiao made Brother Zhuang embarrassed and he dared not send him into the group. Now he is being taught a lesson by Director Fu.


   Isn’t it about acting? What kind of power do those fans boast about every day, isn’t he scolded now ?


   The assistant looked at it for a while, and shivered-Director Fu was too fierce.


   Chi Zhongqiao didn’t see Zhou Yunmo.


   Fu Jingshen was probably mad and scolded too harshly. Although it was not him, Chi Zhongqiao was still affected by the aftermath. He led Shen Xue and plucked up courage under the little girl’s pitiful gaze: “The director, please speak gently , you scared Xuexue.”


   Fu Jingshen took a sigh of relief and squinted at Chi Zhongqiao: “There was nothing wrong with you in the first place, why are you staying here? “


   Ge Fang Yu quickly pulled Chi Zhongqiao.


   Chi Zhongqiao looked down at Shen Xue and immediately withdrew to the side. It was the first time for him and Shen Xue to see Fu Jingshen getting angry. Although the anger was not directed at them, in order to avoid adding fuel to the fire, they accompanied the actress getting NG and got scolded.


   Zhou Yunmo, who was waiting for a good show, was at a loss. Director Fu was cursing, so would Chi Zhongqiao dare to run away? Will Mr. Lu protect him like this? Let him have the guts to do this?


   He watched Chi Zhongqiao and a little girl slip away from Fu Jingshen’s blast of anger, and followed the first-line actor Ge Fangyu to the rest area.


   Did you really leave like this? Can’t Director Fu stop them?


   Zhou Yunmo felt that his worldview had collapsed. Before he came, Brother Zhuang had told him many times. Fu Jingshen had a bad temper, and there were also other powerful actors in the crew. Zhou Yunmo was young and had little qualifications, so he must be low-key in the crew.


   So does the director have a good temper for people with a background?


   Zhou Yunmo suddenly felt powerless.


    Yan Qingbo, who just finished changing clothes in the rest area , laughed , shaking her body forward and backward: “Why do you two stupid kids accompany others to get scolded ? It doesn’t matter to you both , you two can come to rest, Director Fu won’t say anything.”


   She beckoned and unscrewed a bottle of yogurt for Shen Xue, “Xuexue drink something to cushion your belly, and I’ll ask sister Xu to bring something delicious for Xuexue at noon.”


   Shen Xue said sweetly, “Thank you, sister Yan.”


   Ge Fang Yu was sitting on the little folding stool , he curiously asked, “Why did Director Fu scold so fiercely this time? In a bad mood today?” In fact, since the supporting roles gradually entered the group, the number of NGs has gradually increased. Happy hour is gone forever.


   Yan Qingbo glanced at Shen Xue and said with a smile: “Sister Xuexue can go to sister Xu to get her mobile phone, okay?”


   Shen Xue said crisply, “Okay!” As soon as she ran away, Yan Qingbo lowered her voice. “I’ll tell you, don’t spread it outside.”


   Ge Fangyu and Chi Zhongqiao immediately picked up their little stools and sat in front of Yan Qingbo, looking thirsty for knowledge.


   Yan Qingbo paid attention to Shen Xue and said quickly: “That girl was stuffed in by an investor. It turns out that this role was not hers , so she just rejected the one that Director Fu liked. Can Director Fu feel happy?”


   Fu Jingshen can’t screw up with the investors , but he doesn’t care about such trivial things as swearing. The whole entertainment circle knows that Fu Jingshen had a bad temper when he was filming. Who hasn’t been trained by him?


   Ge Fangyu tweeted, ” No wonder, this acting is a bit too spicy.”


   Chi Zhongqiao regretted: “What a good character…”

            ” But no,” Yan Qingbo said, “It turns out that this role was originally set for Hu Qin, she has not been popular, but her acting skills were good . Director Fu loves talent and is willing to help the newcomers and old talents buried in the circle. The result…”


   She snorted softly.


   Ge Fangyu said: “In fact, the investors bringing in actors is quite normal. The “Muyi Tianxia” was invested by Lu’s… Oh, Qiao , I didn’t mean that.”


   He was really straightforward. During the early years of his debut , this habit has offended many people. Even after climbing step by step to his current position, this problem has not been corrected.


   Climbing to this position can still retain this sincere temperament, Ge Fangyu is actually a very blessed person.


   Chi Zhongqiao laughed, “It was originally a fact, there is nothing that can’t be said.” He was stuffed in by the Lu family, but he was not guilty, just like what he said before to Xu Xingzhou, the character of the little general was originally not chosen by anyone . He only took his turn to act.


   He didn’t know why the actor who played the little general in the original book was brushed off by Guo Ancheng during the audition process. He only knew it when Chi Zhongqiao accidentally mentioned why the role of little general could be vacant, and Lu Yuzhou told him.


   Young Master Lu said: “Guo is very demanding, and all those who came to the audition were wiped out, so Brother Qiao got the chance for the audition.”


   Chi Zhongqiao went in through the back door, and the old people in the entertainment industry took a closer look at ” Muyi Tianxia” “Who is the investor ? Who still doesn’t know how Chi Zhongqiao got in?”


   There is nothing to avoid from the facts. If it weren’t for fan groups and passers-by who easily turn into black fans, Chi Zhongqiao wouldn’t even not be afraid of media reports.

   Ge Fangyu smiled, “If the people who are stuffed in are like Zhong Qiao, the director would become crazy with happiness.”


           Yan Qingbo: “There is money to go the way of the rich, talent to go the way of the talented . You will be afraid only if you have money and no talent but you take the path of talented people, so those people will get nowhere. Besides, Director Fu is not bullying her. If she has such acting skills as Zhong Qiao, Director Fu can’t do anything to her even if he is unhappy in his heart. Letting Director Fu to hold her handle, who is to blame?”


   Ge Fangyu said: “I still think that her role being too unreliable comes second, the first thing is that her character is bad  .” Yan Qingbo sat there with a smile, her debut was the earliest of the three, and she had no background at all. She worked hard alone , so she won the status of today’s fame, and she has seen the things inside the circle most of the three of them. With her experience, she is too lazy to comment on the character of others.


   It’s just a statement in her heart, who is worthy of being paid attention, and who should stay away. She has a clear account in her heart.


   She has entered so many crews, large and small, from movies to TV series, and the crew atmosphere was really not as harmonious as that of “Invisible Crimes “.


   The really straightforward Ge Fangyu, the really good-tempered Chi Zhongqiao, and the other old drama bones who are kind and friendly, this kind of crew is too comfortable.


   After the three of them had finished talking about gossip, Assistant Xu brought Shen Xue over. On the other side, Fu Jingshen also finished training, Zhou Yunmo walked over to greet Fu Jingshen.


   Fu Jingshen finished cursing, and his mood was a little more beautiful. Zhou Yunmo had come in through an audition too, so he had no objection to him.


   ”You came here very early. Your play today is in the afternoon.”


   Zhou Yunmo: “The main reason for coming early is to watch the performances of the seniors, to feel the atmosphere of the crew, and not to hinder the seniors and director Fu later.”


   Fu Jingshen nodded: “That’s good . There is a scene of Zhong Qiao, you can watch more, you have an explosive rivalry with him, it seems to be tomorrow, you have to pay more attention to his performance.”


   Zhou Yunmo, “…Okay.”


   Why is it Chi Zhongqiao again?!


   Fu Jingshen drank the water and said loudly, “The four over there, have you finished your chattering? Zhong Qiao and Xuexue, be ready to shoot!” The three adults and a small one turned their heads at the same time.


   Yan Qingbo reluctantly said: “Xuexue, go, Sister will take you to eat delicious food after the filming.”


   Shen Xue took Chi Zhongqiao and stretched out her little finger, “Sister Yan said that , it’s a promise .” After hooking her little finger , Shen Xue tugged Chi ZhongQiao and walked over.


   Li You, an actress who had just been trained, bit her lip and stood in her place.


   When Fu Jingshen saw her, she had a headache and sighed, “Li You walk two steps to the right, you are blocking Xuexue. Okay, let’s get started.”


   Chi Zhongqiao entered the state instantly, holding Shen Xue’s hand, and smiling.


   And at this moment, a young woman rushed out from the side and hugged Shang Lin played by Shen Xue…


   After the filming of this one, Fu Jingshen held his forehead: “Let’s go, pass.”


   He was so upset that he turned his head away from Li You, and said to Zhou Yunmo when he was about to leave , “Don’t go now, ZhongQiao and Fang Yu have a fierce rival scene again later, and you must watch that one carefully . You have a few difficult scenes with them. The roles of Zhong Qiao and Fang Yu are both overwhelming, so you can adapt in advance.” After saying that Fu Jingshen was ready to slip out and smoke a cigarette, and if he didn’t relax a bit, he would get a heart attack because of Li You.


   The assistant whispered: “Brother Qiao’s acting skills are so good.” Director Fu put Chi Zhongqiao and Ge Fangyu on the same level!


   Zhou Yunmo gritted his teeth: “Stop talking.”


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