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Yan Xue Xiao brought the limp Shen Chi back home. He put him down on the sofa and hugged the boy all the way. When he was about to go and pour him a glass of water, the drunk boy hugged his waist tightly.

“Be good.”

He looked at the boy at his waist.

However, the drunk boy seemed to be afraid that he would leave. He hugged his waist tightly and refused to let go. He held the boy on the sofa and said, “Sit down.”

The boy seemed to have listened, he let go of him and sat on the sofa obediently. But when he turned and walked to the kitchen to collect the water, the boy hugged his waist from behind again, as if they were parting at the airport for the first time. .

He turned and looked at the young boy with watery lips, his Adam’s apple rolled: “Hug and kiss me.”

The next second, the boy who was holding him raised his head.

For a moment, Yan Xue Xiao hugged the back of the boy’s head and leaned over to kiss the boy skillfully. First his soft lips and then his smooth neck, he kissed him without letting go.


In Shen Chi’s eyes, he is a trusted older brother but what Shen Chi doesn’t know is that he(YXX) didn’t want to be an older brother since he saw the young man.


In the morning, Yan’s regular meeting was finished, Zhou Ting’s mind walked out of the meeting room. He was a trusted person by Zheng An. Zheng An didn’t want to get involved in Yan’s drug business. ‌ The latter batch of goods was handed over to him for handling and the warehouse where the goods were prepared was spotted by the police for some unknown reason.

Luo Shu’s grip on the overseas business is not good and he(ZT) didn’t dare to disturb Zheng An and figured out where to put the goods alone.

He was smoking a cigar at the door of the meeting room when he suddenly caught a glimpse of Yan Xue Xiao walking out. A thought flashed through his mind, he picked up the cigar and walked in front of Yan Xue Xiao: “Are you satisfied with that kid? If you are bored, I will send you one. ”

Perhaps Yan Xue Xiao has a pair of dark eyes, so he did not say anything. When the dark eyes swept over, his heart tightened subconsciously.

Yan Xue Xiao said calmly: “Speak straight to the point.”

Zhou Ting had the feeling of being seen through his whole body, but only for a moment he opened his eyes to the gentle young man in front of him: “I am close to Mr.Zheng, who is doing spice business and sending goods in the warehouse. I remember that there is an abandoned warehouse in the border town. Can I borrow it for two months?”

He also looked at Yan Xue Xiao and remembered that Zaiyuan Logistics has been doing poorly in recent years. Due to Xu Xin’s private deficit, many warehouses outside the country have been abandoned.

“I don’t know anything about Zaiyuan.”

Yan Xue Xiao replied warmly.

Zhou Ting didn’t expect this answer. Zaiyuan’s general manager was Yan Xue Xiao’s person. He thought that Yan Xuexiao would have no idea about Zaiyuan’s. He still ignored everything. He couldn’t afford to support him in his heart. He, still patiently said: “Just ask Rui you will know——”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Yan Xue Xiao: “No need.”

“That warehouse will be given to uncle.”

Hearing what Yan Xue Xiao said, Zhou Ting’s heart was relieved. At the same time, he wondered how Yan Zhao could give birth to such a temperless son and Yan’s foundation would be wasted.

After Zhou Ting left, Ah Pei asked in a low voice, “Are you going to call the police?”

“Call the police?”

Yan Xue Xiao smiled lightly. Though his phoenix eyes were not smiling . Faced with such Yan Xue Xiao, Ah Pei never dared to speak. He always felt that the Yan Xue Xiao in front of Shen Chi and the Yan Xue Xiao today are two different people. .

一‌The past.

一‌and the present.


When Shen Chi woke up, he felt his head groggy. Cold honey water was placed on the table. He drank it slowly and became awake. He felt that he was dreaming again, a dream that appeared when he was in high school. His usual cold brother was kissing him, with an undisguised breath of danger.

He thought he could resist the attraction, but it seemed that he would always approach Yan Xue Xiao involuntarily. He tried to suppress his thoughts and drank the honey water and walked out of the bedroom.

The sunlight shines through the french windows, and the layers of clouds seem to be reachable. On the dining table, there is shredded pork with sauce. He hesitated and picked up the sauced pork.

It is actually delicious.

He was sitting at the table eating shredded pork, and suddenly he began to like autumn.

After breakfast, he walked to the base. There was no one on the first floor, so he walked to the training room on the second floor.

Lan Heng couldn’t move while holding a bowl of soy milk to drink and his eyes fell on his face: “Why did your mouth swollen?”

“I accidentally hit it when brushing my teeth.”

Shen Chi didn’t care about any minor injuries. He pulled out the chair and sat ‌ in front of the computer.

Under the stimulus of qualifying, Manager Chen intends to run the team in all directions: “TTL is already a quasi-PCL team, I opened Weibo for you all.”

Ye Ning poured cold water on his face without mercy: “I want to make the top four in the relegation competition.”

Manager Chen’s tone was like he was taking care of the children: “I believe you can.”

Ye Ning posted a Weibo and sat in front of the computer. PDLP is composed of ten teams from the PDL and the six teams at the end of the previous season. They will compete for six autumn games, which means next month’s game they will undoubtedly face a strong team, it is almost impossible for the current TTL.

Everyone posted on Weibo one after another. Manager Chen looked at Shen Chi, as if he could not see his ardent gaze, the young man sat indifferently in front of the computer.

“Posting on Weibo you can not only interact with fans, but the fans will also know more about you.” Manager Chen racked his brains to persuade, “If you are popular, you can also sponsor the club.”

After hearing the last sentence, the cub was finally willing to open: “Account password.”

Manager Chen hurriedly sent the account password to Shen Chi. He was worried that the teenager would not use it. He said, “Press + to post on Weibo. The bell symbol is a private mailbox to view fan messages. The earth in the middle is popular content. ”

“Am I a Yuanmou man?” asked the boy coldly.

[Yuanmou man is a subspecies of human erectus, this sentence also meant that he is like a caveman]

The training room was silent and Manager Chen couldn’t help but want to say that Shen Chi really lived like Yuanmou to some extent. He didn’t talk a lot and didn’t go online. He didn’t know anything about hot news. His hobbies were probably games, food, and his brother.

Shen Chi boarded his account and posted the first Weibo.

Everyone picked up their phone and wanted to see what their captain’s first Weibo post is about. However, Shen Chi posted one seriously.

【Late】Do not disturb unless you sponsored

messages keep popping up underneath.

[Big Cup of Milk Green] TTL is already having difficulty. Do they want the captain to sponsor it? ? ?

【Little Cup Panda】Is it the real cub?

[Emperor Mandarin] It should be true, most people can’t learn this tone.

[The cat is liquid] I want to ask what TTL is, what does it mean?

After a while, Shen Chi’s private mailbox was full of messages, which made him particularly quiet. The machine was ringing non-stop, he frowned and looked at the fan’s private messages. He lifted his brows and read the messages.

When he was about to shut down his computer, Weibo pushed him to a piece of popular content.

【Small note of love】Boys can’t resist being hugged from behind by the one they like, they will definitely be tempted to turn around and kiss.

Shen Chi’s gaze stopped for a while and closed Weibo with a blank face.

Just after the game, he was not stressed. He came home from training at 10 o’clock in the evening. When he opened the door, the light in the living room was on.

The young man walked towards the study following the light, Yan Xue Xiao sat at the desk with his back to him, and he clasped the man’s neck from behind.

However, Yan Xue Xiao just pulled him down and sat down beside him, he stopped his gaze on his lips and moved his gaze to draw quietly on the paper.

The young man’s heart was relieved, with a slight sense of sorrow. Sure enough, his brother still treated him as a child. Even if they sleep on the same bed he would not make a move. He glanced at the paper to break the silence: “What are you drawing?”

On the paper is a red-haired little wolf dog holding its tail. The hair is soft and dense as if it were real. Yan Xue Xiao dropped the last stroke: “Drawing team uniforms.”

Originally, Shen Chi had no idea about painting. Zhuang Zhou was an art examiner. He also had an understanding of painting skills. It was obvious that he had years of drawing skills on paper. He couldn’t help thinking about what kind of people could raise ‌Yan Xue Xiao.

He looked at the TTL team logo under the pattern, remembered the question under the comment, and said the long-standing question: “What does TTL mean?”

Yan Xue Xiao’s pen nib on the paper stopped. No one knew the team better than him why he started the team. He closed his eyes.

To the light, to the light.

“Isn’t it too happy?” The boy’s tone was tense.

“No.” He paused and said, “It means To the—”

Looking at the youth’s clear amber eyes, Yan Xue Xiao’s next word turned into Late. Shen Chi was about to ask if the grammar was correct when he heard a sentence in his ear.

“You are my unique Late.”


Translator’s Note: Zaiyuan company branch is located near border town so you could see me switching Zaiyuan to border town when speaking about locations.

I think TTL Stands for either to To The Unique Late/ To The Light.

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