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Fitting Room



The one sentence Shen Chi has heard the most since childhood is how could I give birth to a child like you. He knew he had a problem. No one had ever said to him that he was unique. The heart of the teenager jumped. The furry head nudged in Yan Xue Xiao’s direction.

Looking at the little wolf cub who gradually put down his guard, the man put down his paintbrush and rubbed his soft red hair. He did not continue to draw the uniform until the tired teenager fell asleep in his hands.


Friday morning, Shen Chi walked into the training room and sat on the computer. All TTL members put on the new team uniforms. In the middle of the white team uniforms is a red wolf dog. The young man’s eyebrows are raised high.

“Finally changed the uniform!”

“They look like a serious team”

“The little wolf dog with its tail biting in the middle is so cute!”

“The boss of TTL has finally become a man”

Shen Chi doesn’t talk much on live broadcasts. Sometimes he doesn’t say two words in the morning but to everyone’s expectation, he saw a barrage of teenagers seriously correcting: “He always had been a man.”

“Cub, don’t you see that it’s a stalker”

“So what does it mean?”

”Post it online”

The boy sitting upright blushed and replied, “To the light.”

“That’s a pretty good meaning.”

“Although, why are you blushing?”

“I suddenly saw the cub being shy”

However, the barrage hasn’t speculated long, when Shen Chi snipe off the opponent in the game. The mirror previews and shoots, like the blush is just an illusion.

“Single row is better than online competition.”

“Why do I feel that the strength of cubs has not been brought into full play in the competition?”

“Call the Puppy Team to kill me”

“It’s the cutest puppy hook!”

“Is the team running-in not enough?”

Shen Chi played from 8 in the morning to 11 noon. After lunch, he went to school in the afternoon. Because of the intense training, he only chose professional courses and the academic pressure was not great.

Teacher Ning, who teaches Introduction to E-sports, is a vain middle-aged man: “I said from the first day of class that e-sports is not a discipline that is out of practice. The emerging industry of e-sports includes team management and media promotion. 、The hosting of the event requires more professionals to participate. This is also the purpose of the Ministry of Education to include university majors. I hope you can provide an independent and complete practical paper at the end of the term.”

Mr. Ning continued to attend the class. The content of the lectures was more vivid and interesting than the academic textbooks. He was familiar with various games, especially the understanding of FPS games. He even had a solid understanding of the CS finals.

As the get out of class was over, Teacher Ning remembered something, “Have you found an internship?”

The five students answered in turn.

“In the e-sports weekly report.”

“Operating as an e-sports official account.”

“Apply for a commentary.”

“Participate in the organization of small events.”

After hearing the answers from the four students, Teacher Ning nodded with satisfaction. “Introduction to E-sports” is a professional course, so it’s better to let the students really feel the e-sports industry than to talk more about it in class.

“The internships the classmates are looking for are very suitable for themselves. I am afraid that some people think that learning e-sports is just playing games. Not everyone has the talent to be a professional player, but it does not prevent us from becoming a hot player in this industry.” He suddenly thought of another student who did not answer, he looked at Shen Chi who was sitting in the last row, “What is your internship?”

He is not too impressed with Shen Chi. He has never actively answered the question in class. He is usually hard to see in school. The only impression is that his face is full of ‘Don’t bother me’.

The red-haired boy was cold: “Formed a team.”

As soon as the bell rang after class, Shen Chi ignored Teacher Ning’s curious gaze, picked up his school bag and left the classroom, and answered the phone call from Zhuang Zhou: “What’s the matter?”

“Xiao Zui has come to Yancheng and there is an oily noodle stall next to your school.” Zhuang Zhou seemed to be afraid that he could not remember who Xiao Zui was and added, “The girl who I wrote a letter for, she can’t talk, please take care of her.”

[TL:From my understanding she is mute and ZZ’s crush from border town]

“Hurry up to the train station.”

Shen Chi hung up the phone, but turned to ‌‌the station.

‌‌The location is remote, and there are not many people on the side. Most of them are students of Yan University who are entering and leaving. He can see Lin Zui who is in the corner at a glance.

The white skirt is too conspicuous.

Although Lin Zui could not speak, she did not cook the noodles slowly at all and smiled shyly at the people. The business on the stall was very good. When he retracted his gaze and was about to turn away from her, a voice came from behind.

“You give me a hundred yuan back and I won’t pester you anymore.” A fluent voice of a young socialist said, “Is there anyone doing business like this? You see, she doesn’t refute it. ”

The young man wanted to say more, but a cold voice interrupted him.

“She can’t speak, and—” Shen Chi glanced at the banknotes in Lin Zui’s hand, “Your money is fake.”

“How did I get a piece of 100 yuan in her hand and turn it into fake money?” The young man ignored Shen Chi at all. In his opinion, the students of Yan University are nerds, “Setting up a stall and wearing white skirts to look poor. I want to say, if you want to sell some oily noodles, simply sell it.”

He was very excited, but in the next second his collar was picked up by the boy. He didn’t even care about it. Then he hit the abdomen. The pain came immediately, and the throat was filled with faint blood. ‌

The people who followed Shen Chi secretly were stunned. The order they received was to protect the young man. They never thought about what to do if the young man would take the initiative to beat someone. When they came back to their senses, the young man was already moaning and fell to the ground. .

There were more and more people watching around. Ji Shu, who came to Yan University to listen to the lecture, stopped. He caught a glimpse of the boy’s face from the crowd, and his eyes widened in surprise.

He never thought that Shen Chi would return to Yancheng. He didn’t know why a deep panic surged in his heart, as if Shen Chi would take all of his stuff, afraid that he would be entangled with him, he went away and would never return to Yan University.

While Shen Chi put on his headphones and was about to leave, Lin Zui came out from behind the booth and looked at him with concern. He shook his head and said, “I’m fine.”

Yan Shen is more experienced in handling this matter than he is. Shen Chi made a phone call and walked towards the intersection. Just when he reached the intersection, a black car stopped in front of him.

He recognized that it was Yan Xue Xiao’s car, and didn’t want to get in the car. Yan Xue Xiao remained silent. The young man looked at his new clothes with oil-spattered surface and dirty face through the rearview mirror carefully

He thought that Yan Xuexiao was frightened by the scene of the fight, bit the bullet and explained: “I didn’t have much strength, I just pushed him and he fell to the ground.”

Looking at the young man, who tried his best to prove that (YXX)he was not in danger. Ah Pei, who was sitting in the co-pilot, thought that he was not only not afraid, but also would quietly deal with the trouble.

In silence, the boy gulped: “I will never fight again.”

“Come over.”

Yan Xue Xiao raised his phoenix eyes.

He sat next to the man obediently, Yan Xue Xiao opened the medicine box and took out the iodophor.

He raised his head to face Yan Xue Xiao. The two were so close that he could feel Yan Xue Xiao’s warm breathing. He approached his face inch by inch. Yan Xue Xiao gently applied medicine to disinfect him: “Girls of the same age are young and interesting , but they are still children. It is not suitable for you to talk about caring for them.”

The boy nodded seriously.

Seeing Yan Xue Xiao solving the potential rival, Ah Pei suddenly felt that he couldn’t stay in the car anymore. There was always a sense of guilt to coax the children.

Yan Xue Xiao’s move to take the medicine was too gentle and Shen Chi couldn’t help asking. “Brother, why don’t you have a girlfriend?”

Yan Xue Xiao replied lightly: “I like men.”

Hearing this answer, the boy’s breathing couldn’t help but stop. The thoughts he had raised to his brother in the past didn’t seem to be forgivable. The deliberately suppressed thread spread in his chest and he quickly lowered his head when he realized his gaffe.

“Are there any injuries on your body?”

He hurriedly denied: “No.”

The car stopped at a teenage men’s clothing store.

He followed into the store and the clerk immediately greeted Yan Xue Xiao, politely: “Are you choosing clothes for your brother?”

“Our brand is very suitable for young people of 17 or 18 years old.” The clerk introduced the new clothes, “Your brother has white skin, you can look at this coat.”

Shen Chi didn’t buy clothes before and he couldn’t tell what the similar clothes were. But Yan Xue Xiao was unexpectedly familiar with the clothes he bought and he knew clearly about the styles and fabrics for his age.

“If you like it, you can try it, your brother can also take a look”,the clerk said to him.

The boy took the clothes to the fitting room. Unlike the small fitting room in the border town, the fitting room in the store is spacious and bright, facing the mirror and it even has a sofa.

But he just stepped into the fitting room, Yan Xue Xiao followed in——

sitting on the sofa.

Translator’s Note: If you notice any mistake ping me on discord or comment down below. Happy Reading Everyone.

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