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Editor: Gummy

The second is the match between Group C and Group D. Group C is a group that TTL has never played against. Except for RE, they are all new teams from the preliminary round. It is reasonable that the pressure will not be too much, but RE is everyone’s favorite to win the championship.

In the afternoon, the members of TTL watched the game in the living room. Lan Heng realized: “RE jumped to P city.”

Shen Chi took a sip of milk: “They will collide with the BOX.”

P City is located in the center of the map. In international competitions, there has always been a saying that double P wins the world. It can be seen that the geographical position is superior. Although everyone wants it, it will follow the principle of first come first come to a certain extent.

BOX is a brand team, and its team will be more or less capable. Although it is not the strongest, it firmly occupies the position of P City, but it is obviously going to change today. Life has changed and the thriving RE is not willing to jump to S City.

“BOX is not here today.”

Ye Ning’s hair is tied into a pigtail. He can’t believe that RE and BOX are rushing to the jump points. The two teams have loyal fans, if it’s true it will be too noisy.

Shen Chi said, “Whoever shoots the gun is the winner.”

Lan Heng was not surprised by Shen Chi’s answer. The captain has never had the idea of ​​respecting and caring for the young but the immortal fight has nothing to do with them, as their team is still struggling on the edge of qualifying.

Lan Heng couldn’t help looking at Xu Cheng. Xu Cheng took notes while watching the game. He looked more serious than before. Originally, yesterday he was worried that Shen Chi was too young to deal with Xu Cheng’s affairs. He didn’t expect him to handle it well

After watching the game, he went back to his room and rested. At this moment, the door of the base was knocked slightly. Lan Heng was about to walk over and open the door. The red-headed boy ran to the door and opened it like he had an idea who it was.

Yan Xue Xiao appeared in front of the door ‌.

Shen Chi looked at the man’s meticulous suit and suddenly realized that he was still wearing the team uniform: “I’ll go back to my room and change my clothes.”

He hurriedly walked upstairs, took an old sweater and put it on top of the team uniform: “What can I do for you?”

“I’m here to pick you up for dinner.”

Yan Xue Xiao’s sight fell on the boy’s frayed sweater.

Sweet and sour pork ribs popped out of Shen Chi’s head. He unconsciously followed Yan Xue Xiao into the car. He thought he would drive back to Huating but he didn’t expect the car to stop in front of the inconspicuous tailor shop.

The decoration of the shop is getting old, and the woman wearing glasses seems to recognize Yan Xue Xiao. He lifted his glasses and asked Yan Xue Xiao: “Is the suit sent over to Yan Xue Xiao unsatisfactory?”

Shen Chi thought that it had nothing to do with him. He was looking at the hand-cut suits in the store and suddenly he was gently lifted by a hand along the collar and dragged in front of the woman. He heard Yan Xue Xiao’s voice from above his head: “‌‌For him.”

“‌‌For me?”

Shen Chi said in surprise. Although he is 18 years old, he has not worn a suit yet. Most of the time he wore a T-shirt or sweater. After joining TTL, he always wears their team uniform.

“Don’t you want to?”

Shen Chi nodded without thinking about it. Admiring Yan Xue Xiao’s mature look in a suit, he suddenly thought of a question, “Why did you suddenly come here to buy clothes?”

Looking down at the sweater on his body or the clothes brought from the border town. If it was anyone else, he can be calm about his poor clothes but he doesn’t know why he felt embarrassed for no reason to Yan Xue Xiao. .

However, Yan Xue Xiao’s gentle voice sounded, “You have to dress beautifully to win the championship.”

The sense of embarrassment disappeared and even the faint tension of tomorrow’s game disappeared without a trace. His brother always seems to be so gentle, so gentle that he can’t help but expect more, subconsciously he touched his wrist.

“Will you watch the game tomorrow?”

The teenager pretended to be calm

Yan Xue Xiao replied softly: “I have to attend a meeting.”

Shen Chi lowered his head and said ‘oh’ quietly.


He got the custom made suit in the morning. It was clear that the body was not measured, but the size was not bad. In the afternoon, he followed the TTL players by car to the competition venue.

Today is the last day of the game. There are a lot of people in the audience, most of them are Lion fans, RE fans, and there are a few fans holding TTL lights.

The live broadcast room also flooded with hundreds of thousands of viewers.

“Why do you still hold the TTL brand? I thought that the fans of your team were all gone”

“It will probably be gone after the game.”

“Please don’t look at the puppy team, isn’t it worth watching the BOX vs. RE today!”

“Look at yesterday’s Weibo of the two families there is clearly a taste of gunpowder”

On the last day of the competition, Xiaodong Liu specially changed a new tie and watched the players sit down in the competition seat in turn and he began to explain: “Yesterday, RE jumped unexpectedly when the main and auxiliary jump points were available. City P, I don’t know if it’s a signal.”

“Whoever has the strength will jump”

“It’s not all about strength, either. The RE and BOX in the summer games are quite big, so I don’t rule out the idea of ​​thinking about it.”

“BOX will definitely not let it.”

“Looking at RE, the gods have suffered a fight with the imp there are still a lot of teams near P city”

‌‌The game was screened by the BOX and RE teams before the live broadcast. Everyone talked about who would take the dominance of P City.

In the afternoon, the game started on time. There were ‌ flights to the southwest in the drawing ‌. The teams marked with different colors were all landing at each ‌ jumping point. BOX jumped to P city and RE followed closely. They jumped to P City!

“You can see it now”

“If you think too much, both teams bear grudges and go without fear of being targeted.”

“There are still five games in the afternoon.”

However, the barrage was just set up. It didn’t take long before the team swayed and landed in P City. After seeing the team, Liu Xiaodong almost stood up from his chair: “TTL also jumped P City.”

The barrage was in uproar.

“TTL is so daring.”

“It’s all about stealing heads.”

“Are you not afraid of being hurt?”

Xiaodong Liu originally held the idea of ​​TTL stealing chickens and stealing rice, but after watching it for ten minutes, TTL didn’t play very well. They are always hiding beside RE and BOX, and they shoot and fire from time to time.

It is good for both teams to grab the jumping point because TTL is fanning the flames beside them. Both RE and BOX don’t know who fired the gun and thought it was the other side’s. The action of fanning fire was successful and everyone was dumbfounded.


“No words to answer”

“Should I say that it is TTL?”

Liu Xiaodong slowly explained the battle: “BOX group is destroyed, RE has few people left, P city only has TTL with a full team.”

”Distressed BOX”

“I thought Group A was the death group for TTL, but who knew that TTL was the death group for other groups.”

“What do you say besides they are dogs?”

They successfully won P City. Without the control of the two strong teams, the central region can be said to be the world of TTL. There is no hurry to harvest the head score of Group D and the total score rises slowly.

“Do you really want to put such a team into the PCL?”

“Call the light of justice”

“Where are the fans who raised the card just now?”

“put it down in shame”

In the second half, RE and BOX finally got their touch back. RE gave up the move to seize P City and went straight to the TTL jump shelter. Under the conscious interception of RE, the speed of points’ rise slowed down significantly. At the beginning of the final game, it was still ten points away from the qualifying score.

The gap is not big, but it is an unimaginable score for the TTL blocked by the RE. At the beginning of the game, Lan Heng raised his worries: “Do you still want to jump into the air-raid shelter?”

“Why won’t you jump?”

Shen Chi in the game was extraordinarily calm.

It’s just that they just jumped down at the entrance of the air-raid shelter A, and RE fell shortly thereafter. The boy wearing headphones said: “Transfer to the beach.”

“Will you be chased and beaten?”

”This is the style of RE”

“If you are set up by a small team, you must find the venue. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about not getting out of the line. On the contrary, TTL is on the edge of the line.”

“But why go to the seaside?”

No one can answer this question. However, TTL cooperated exceptionally tacitly to find that the car moved from the seaside to the west, followed by RE. When driving to the fishing village, TTL’s motorcade seemed to run out of gasoline and stopped on the road .

“How could TTL stop here, RE has caught up.” Liu Xiaodong has already seen the end, “I said before the game that if TTL wanted to qualify and come back next year——”

The voice just fell, when the Lion of the fishing village pointed their gun at RE. Both teams are the favorite teams to win the championship. If there is a chance to destroy the RE. Lion will not let it go. The TTL fished another four heads.

“RE too underestimated the enemy”

“Stealing people’s heads will only be late and never missed”

“You won’t really let TTL qualify, will you? I feel that the future of the alliance is dark?”

“I beg of you please eliminate TTL quickly”

To everyone’s disappointment, when the last game of PDL is over, TTL appears high on the qualifying list, which will qualify for the PCLP upgrade competition in mid-October . It means that the door of the top league will be knocked on.

Shen Chi took a deep breath and took off his earphones. He shook his sore wrist and looked outside of the competition bench hopelessly. He finally saw Yan Xue Xiao’s figure in the line, and the man quietly watched him.

‌Shen Chi’s heart couldn’t help beating and the feelings that had been crushed in his heart slowly surged. He forced himself to look away from the chair to leave.

Before leaving the venue, Lan Heng asked where to go to celebrate in the evening for entering the qualifying. He looked at the youngest Shen Chi as if thinking of something: “Do you drink?”

The boy wearing his jacket was about to nod, he looked at Yan Xue Xiao next to him and immediately pretended to be a good child and denied: “I can’t drink any alcohol.”

Yan Xue Xiao smiled softly: “Go first.”

Shen Chi knew that Yan Xue Xiao was busy at work and didn’t keep him. He just looked at Yan Xue Xiao’s back with reluctance, but this reluctance was about to be replaced by the excitement of qualifying.

After getting in the car, Ah Pei asked suspiciously: “Why don’t you celebrate with him?”

Yan Xuexiao smiled gently: “Let him have a little fun.”

Hearing this answer, Ah Pei couldn’t help thinking, Yan Xue Xiao was really raising his child seriously and he didn’t know if he was willing to lay hands on him.


Considering that Shen Chi could not drink alcohol, Lan Heng did not choose to go to the bar but booked a restaurant box. However, to his surprise, the young man picked up the beer on the table and pulled the tab and drank it.

Lan Heng looked at the teenager who drank even more than him: …………didn’t you say you don’t drink?

It was hard to win the qualifying quota and all the words were too light. The people on the table didn’t say much and drank tacitly, and they were drunk at the end of the dinner.

Lan Heng, who drank three cans of beer, saw the box door open. A dazzling man gently hugged the cub and left the box.


Translator’s Note: TTL’s game plan is really wicked but funny to me. Happy Reading Everyone!
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