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New Team

Shen Chi’s body froze stiffly, and just about to break free, as if he had expected his behavior, Yan Xue Xiao let go of him, lowered his dry lips and said lightly: “Come in and drink a glass of water.”

“No need .”

He subconsciously refused, but Yan Xue Xiao had turned around and entered the room, so he had to carry the bag into the living room.

The living room is well lit, with transparent french windows in the north, with a wide view and panoramic view of Yan University.

Yan Xue Xiao poured him a glass of warm water. He was thirsty after climbing the 27th floor, and took the water and drank it all.

He put down the cup: “For stomach problems, you must take medicine, not irritating food, rest and don’t stay up late, keep a good mood, and you can take oryzanol plus vitamins under the doctor’s advice.”

“Take care of your health, and I have to go back to prepare for the SWL interview.” He finished in one breath.

He put the bag of porridge on the dining table, turned around and walked out the door, saying goodbye easily, and at the moment when he was about to step out, he heard Yan Xue Xiao’s voice suddenly sound behind him.

“I am very happy that you can come.”

The boy walked out the door slowly.

Yan Xue Xiao went to the table and sat down. He opened the lunch box in the bag. In the box was a thick rice congee. He drank it spoon by spoon and drank it very slowly.


The next day Shen Chi ‌ Reported to the club, SWL is the home team of Yancheng, the club is not far from Yan University, it can be reached ‌ after taking the bus for half an hour.

There are not many people attending the interview. The manager of SWL arranged for them to enter the training room and gave them a room number and password.

He entered the room and entered the same game with the 20 contestants who came to interview. Two months after the exam, he had fully recovered most of his hand feeling, and his fingertips were no longer unfamiliar on the keyboard.

If the exam brought him something, it was probably a more active memory and a more meticulous focus, and the updated map appeared in his mind.

The manager remembers Shen Chi. He once played Shen Chi’s game. Then he sent him an invitation to the youth training camp as an adult, but the teenager refused.

He heard Shen Chi’s news again that in the Emperor Penguin Cup solo competition, the teenager defeated Zhou Tingchuan, the main force of their team, to win the championship, thinking that he would be a new star in the future of the league, but unfortunately suffered from tenosynovitis and bid farewell to the game.

But he looked at the screen and thought, the hand of the young man should heal, but he was the most late in this batch of candidates.

His intuition was wrong. Shen Chi won five games in six games. He asked the coach: “What do you think of Shen Chi?”

“He played very well, in all aspects there is no shortcomings, especially amazing.” The coach did not hesitate to say good things, “And he is only eighteen years old, his career has just begun.”

‌ Then the coach’s tone changed: “But this time we recruited the fourth position. Shen Chi’s style is too prominent. If he joins, the team’s tactics will have to be changed a lot.”

The manager silently said that the fourth position of their team is a role that would mend the gap. What they need is a player who serves the team. Shen Chi will undoubtedly become a star player on the field, and all people’s eyes will gather on Shen Chi.

Autumn competition is coming. Instead of reinforcing his opponent, he can sign Shen Chi first. It is just one more player who sits on the bench. It is not a burden for SWL, but when he looks at the youthful face, his thoughts just flash by.

Anti-SWL has always been called the League Talent Transfer Camp. He has become accustomed to seeing good prospects leave, so he walks into the training room.

Shen Chi stood up and went to the manager.

The manager slowly glanced at Shen Chi and announced the decision: “Yang Wei stays, others can leave .”

Perceiving the boy’s puzzled eyes, the manager walked to Shen Chi and explained: “You played well, but you are not suitable for our team. You will find a team that suits you better.”

He has the heart to tell the whole story. Shen Chi’s style is too outstanding, and the core of each major team does not change easily. Like Ye Ning, who retired from live broadcast, it is difficult to find his place in the giants team unless he joins a new team.

Shen Chi pinched his hand and left: “I know.”

He can understand what the manager means. The rich teams are all formed teams. It is difficult for him to find a place. Seeing that the interview fails, the young man cannot help but worry about his living expenses this month. .


At the Yan’s meeting, Xu Xin boldly said: “The project of Zaiyuan access to medical transportation requires an ultra-low temperature cold chain storage system. I hope the group can provide financial support.”

Yan Xue Xiao nodded slightly.

Seeing Yan Xuexiao’s approval, Zheng An immediately said: “Xu Xin, it’s not that you don’t provide funds. The quarterly report of Zaiyuan Logistics is your own. The net interest rate is less than 4.5%. Where does the money go? ?”

Xu Xin lowered his eyes, dare not mention it again.

After the meeting, Zheng An reminded Yan Xue Xiao: “Xu Xin has recently become obsessed with betting on horses. His hands and feet are dirty. Don’t agree if he asks you for money. He throws all the money on the gaming table. ”

Although Xu Xin is one of his people, he is not a gambler, and his heart is not big enough for gamblers to work for him, and he gradually begins to alienate himself. He also does not want Xu Xin to affect their relationship.

“Uncle Xu is my elder after all.”

“”Mercy does not control the army, you are too soft.” Zheng An shakes his head, Yan Xue Xiao is not like Yan’s family at all. At first, he was still on guard. If he was his son he would not let him study Philosophy.

Everyone in the conference room has finished walking. Yan Xue Xiao stayed in the conference room to review the documents. Ah Pei couldn’t help asking, “Aren’t you leaving?”

“Waiting for someone.”

Yan Xue Xiao said lightly.

Ah Pei thought that everyone would go. Who would come, but after waiting for about ten minutes, the door of the meeting room was quietly opened, and Xu Xin walked into the meeting room.

Xu Xin narrowed the relationship awkwardly: “When I saw you once, you didn’t reach my knee. Time flies. You are like this now.”

The conference room was extremely quiet, and Xu Xin stood in front of Yan Xue Xiao and suddenly felt nervous, as if the whole person was completely seen, he hardened his skin and said: “Can you… lend me money?”

‌One second later, his heart was like beating a drum, beating densely until he heard the sentence: “Yes.”

Xu Xin finally let go of his worries for a week, thankful, and took the money and left the meeting room. Ah Pei asked in confusion, “Why did you lend him some money?”

Yan Xue Xiao looked indifferent: “A person’s appetite will grow bigger and bigger.”

Ah Pei does not understand the meaning of this sentence, but he can feel the solemnity in it, this Yan Xue Xiao makes people afraid to approach.

Until Yan Xue Xiao looked at the new member information released by SWL, he asked: “Is the club handling it well?”

Ah Pei didn’t know why Yan Xuexiao would be interested in e-sports, and even set up a club, but still respectfully replied: “Handle it well.”


Shen Chi took the bus back to Yan University, and after passing through the library, he saw a work-study notice posted. He worked in the library two days a week and had a monthly salary of 800, which was enough for his living expenses.

He walked into the gate of the library, just walked to the front desk of the library, and was about to sit down and fill out the work-study application materials. He received an unfamiliar call: “Are you Late?”

The teenager asked cautiously: “Who are you?”

“I am Manager Chen of the TTL E-Sports Club. I saw your performance in the game, I want to invite you to be the captain of our TTL team.” Manager Chen said earnestly.

Manager Chen immediately sent an address, saying that the training base is surprisingly close to Yan University, near the west gate of Yan University. He can go back and forth to class every day, so he promised to go there.

He walked from the gallery to the west gate. Manager Chen took him to the training base and said modestly as he walked: “Because the club was only established today, the conditions and equipment are not up to date. If you need something, just say it. If you need it, just say it, and we will try our best to meet it.”

Shen Chi heard the implication, most of the newly opened clubs don’t have money, don’t count on the conditions and equipment, but he also chooses the qualifications and patiently moves forward.

He walked past an office building next to the west gate. Manager Chen stopped. Shen Chi raised his eyebrows and asked, “Is the base upstairs?”

In order to save rent, the training bases of each team are mostly in the suburbs, even the SWL giants are outside the Fourth Ring Road.

He is satisfied with playing games in an office building, at least not in the dark basement. Seeing Manager Chen, he is planning for the worst.

Who knows that Manager Chen put away his mobile phone, and pointed to the villa group in the heart of the lake: “That is our training base, because of the tightly bought model room, are you unsatisfied?”

​​Stepping into the villa, Shen Chi is convinced that Manager Chen is humble. The first floor is the leisure and entertainment area, not only the gym, cinema, VR game room, but also the indoor swimming pool. The second floor is the entire training room with equipment. They are all professional gaming equipment, and further up is the accommodation area.

Although the boss of the club did not show up, he guessed that he must be very rich. When he toured around and saw no other people, he couldn’t help but ask, “Where are the other players?”

“Waiting for you to choose.”

Manager Chen handed over a long roster to him. The roster is full of active professional players, and there is no shortage of the main players of the rich team. He eagerly said to him: “We will use money to make them come over.”

Translator’s Note : Oh to have a nice boyfriend like YXX.  If  you notice any mistake comment down or ping me. Happy Reading Everyone.
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  2. Avatar bakateme says:

    IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!! I remember speculating that our cub will get to captain a club especially made for him. It’s been a rough journey for our cub. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations!

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