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The embrace full of pinewood breath is too familiar, ‌ as for Shen Chi, he was startled. After feeling the strange touch from his waist, he suddenly broke free from his embrace.

When he turned around and was about to speak, he saw Yan Xue Xiao’s face becoming sickly pale, and what he had to say became a worrying sentence: “Are you uncomfortable?”

“Stomach disease.” Yan Xuexiao’s voice could not be heard.

The boy pursed his lips. He had never heard Yan Xue Xiao say that he had stomach problems before. It seemed that Yan Xue Xiao was in front of him no matter what. He hurried forward, and Yan Xue Xiao stopped him again behind him: “Shen Chi. ”

He stopped and heard a gentle sentence: “Eat well.”

His body is tense in place, even if he has a stomach ailment, he says to eat well, as if it was tenderly woven into a fine net: “Do you live nearby?”

“The twenty-seventh floor of Building C, Huating.”

He heard the young man continue to move forward, his movements were not muddy, and he also wanted to escape urgently.

He asked if he lived nearby, but Ah Pei heard Yan Xue Xiao report his home address in detail to the number of floors clearly, he thought the language was much more difficult than English.

‌For a long period of time, Yan Xue Xiao stood in place, his outstanding face hidden in the shadows and indistinguishable, Ah Pei couldn’t help but remind: “He is gone.”

Yan Xue Xiao lowered his dark eyes.

Shen Chi hurried to the back of the school building after buying the painkillers, but there was no one. He squeezed his hand tightly. Actually, Yan Xue Xiao didn’t need him to take care of him. Everyone has a life for everyone. He hung down his head and walked .

He put the medicine in his bag and went to the dormitory. After paying the tuition fee, he had less than three hundred yuan on his body. Even the money for the medicine was collected from a piece of money.

He wanted to earn extra money in competitions, who knew that because Lan Heng’s team spent a long time in mobile competitions on various platforms to earn bonuses, new rules for small event competitions were introduced, and anchors were not allowed to participate.

Kitten Live viewers all complained for them, and later blamed Kitten Live for arrears of wages, and later condemned other platforms for being stingy.

“The bastard stationmaster ran away with my sister-in-law”

“As for such a bonus, previously the cat live broadcast ‌ It’s not that there hasn’t been a competition, but now everyone is pushing the wall.”

“Say it straight if you can’t lose”

The style of the emperor penguin video on the other side is quite the opposite. It is quite reserved and arrogant that illegal forces are sanctioned.

“It’s okay to play once or twice. How many games have been played this week, so there is no suspense in the event competition.”

“Some people say that the live broadcast of kittens is because they can’t afford to lose. This is not a matter of money. It comes to the Bronze Bureau to fry fish and completely destroy the audience’s viewing experience.”

“play PCL(PUBG Championship league) if you have something to do”

Shen Chi is still thinking about whether to play professional leagues. He opened the league official website. Even the first prize of PDL in the secondary league is 120,000, not to mention PCL in the top league. If you want to play, you need to join a club. The minimum registered capital of the club is 200,000.

He silently closed the page, and suddenly found news about the SWL team recruiting professional players in the corner of the page. He clicked on the recruitment information. Today happened to be the last day of the recruitment deadline.

This time, the recruits are not youth training members but official players who play the game. Only the youth training camps with basic salary are different, and the benefits are good. After the trial training, the monthly salary is 20,000 yuan, and a floating salary increase will be made according to the competition results. The conditions are not unfavourable.

Of course, SWL as a rich team requires ‌‌ high, KD higher than 6.0, average damage greater than 600, game time more than 2,000 hours, and an adult who has experience in PUBG offline matches and is at least 18 years old.

He met all the requirements. He went to the dormitory and sent an application email to the recruitment mailbox. It didn’t take long to receive the reply for the interview tomorrow. If the interview performance is good, he can be admitted directly. The SWL club is in Yancheng. It is convenient to come.

Although he didn’t know that the interview was unsuccessful, he chose only one professional course in order to spare time to train him to cross the rubicon. If he failed in the interview, it would be equivalent to wasting a semester, but he thought he should enter.

Zhao Ran‌ arrived at the dormitory, he turned pale and lay on the bed. He took off his headphones and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Stomach disease.” Zhao Ran replied weakly. “It won’t hurt badly, but it will hurt for a long time. It’s like peeling silk and smoking cocoons. I can’t smell oil and can’t eat it. My mother will give me porridge at home. I just want to drink some porridge now.”

Hearing Zhao Ran’s words, Yan Xue Xiao’s pale face appeared in front of Shen Chi’s eyes. He recalled the way of cooking porridge. He soaked the rice in cold water for half an hour, then cooked the porridge in boiling water, covered the lid and simmered for 20 minutes. Minutes later, the white porridge in the small pot slowly thickened.

Zhao Ran looked at the roommate who was cooking porridge in the dormitory in surprise. He knew that his stomach ache was uncomfortable, so he didn’t say anything to cook the porridge. He was suddenly ashamed of his previous ideas. He knew that people in border towns were simpler than those in Yancheng, and he shouldn’t look at people with color.

“Thank you very much.”.

Zhao Ran expressed his heartfelt thanks.

The teenager didn’t know that his roommate thought too much. After cooking porridge, he packed it in a box, leaving none. He packed the box of painkillers in a bag and left school for Hua Ting.

He has received too much favor from Yan Xue Xiao, he can’t always ignore him, and help as much as possible, just as repaying the favor of the poor students.

Hua Ting is the closest real estate building to Yan University. He heard that the high-rise buildings can have a panoramic view of Yan University. No strangers are allowed to enter the community. He reported the owner’s name and school number to enter Hua Ting.

The boy hurriedly walked to Building C of Hua Ting. However, there was a prominent maintenance sign on the floor of the elevator. He asked the staff at the elevator: “How long will it take to fix it?”

“I haven’t checked out the cause of the failure. I will guess which part is missing. I only promise to fix it as soon as possible.” The staff is not sure about the time. “If you have a low number of floors and you are in a hurry, you can go up the stairs. ”

Shen Chi touched the temperature of the box. In order to reach the stairwell as soon as possible, he climbed the 30th floor without panting. After reaching the border town, his body was much worse, and he had to stop and rest when he reached the 10th floor.

The box is not insulated. He did not stay for too long and continued to climb to the 27th floor. When he stepped on the last step, he heard the elevator ding-dong.

As if hearing an incredible sound, the boy looked towards the elevator. At the moment he had just climbed the twenty-seventh floor, the elevator resumed operation.

He stepped up the last step with no expression on his face. At this time, his forehead was filled with fine sweat and his breathing was uneven.

There is only one household on the 27th floor. He stops for a moment, walks to the door and presses the doorbell, standing in front of the door and waiting like a normal person.

Time passed slowly, he was not sure whether Yan Xue Xiao was at home or not. When he was about to put things down and leave, the door suddenly opened. Yan Xue Xiao appeared in front of him, his dark phoenix eyes staring at him quietly.

Feeling the sight of the person in front of him looking at his face, he lowered and asked in a low voice, “Do you… still have stomach pain?”

There was an anxious silence in the air, he reached out his hand and handed out a bag with the scent of white porridge, and explained as if nothing had happened: “Just passing by.”

The young man stretched his hand in the air, but no one picked up the bag he handed out. The sight that fell on him was scorching, spreading extremely heavy emotions, and he was firmly trapped.

He was about to speak, and was caught off guard into a cold chest when he heard Yan Xue Xiao say something with forbearance.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

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