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Boss Yan

When Lan Heng sat on the computer and got the invitation message from Late, he was stunned. He played CS at the age of fifteen and PUBG at the age of twenty. He had been playing for four years and thought he could join the professional team .

After all, at his age, he can be said to be an old player. Normal players are ready to retire at this age. He has half a foot in the professional circle and can’t help but ask.

[Lan Heng] Can I really come?

【Asia’s no.1 Gun God】Never mind

Seeing the last sentence, he immediately promised to book a train ticket to Yancheng. He suddenly regretted it when he got off the train with his suitcase.

He did not ask properly, maybe it was just a joke. He came to the address given by Late nervously, and his heart was settled when he saw the villa area.

“Are you Lan Heng?” A man with the appearance of a manager stood at the training base, “The contract is ready, and the salary is 10,000 yuan per month. The reward is based on the competition results.”

Manager Chen took him into the base while handing him a contract: “You can check the contract, if there is no problem, sign it today, and start training when everyone arrives.”

Lan Heng checked it and signed the contract. Looking at the luxuriously decorated base, even the living room sofa is made of leather, suddenly he produced an idea that he didn’t deserve it.

He handed the signed contract to Manager Chen, and couldn’t help asking: “Do I still have any strengths I have not discovered?”

“This question you have to ask Shen Chi.” Manager Chen’s gaze turned towards the training room.

一   A thin young man with dark red hair appeared in his eyes, with a white complexion and high nose, thick eyelashes. A small shadow is cast under the eyes, and he looks more stunning than in the video.

He seems to hear their conversation. In Lan Heng’s expectant gaze, He said expressionlessly: “Cheap.”

Although he doesn’t know how much money the owner of the club has, he doesn’t want the club to fail to make ends meet.

New teams entering the league can only start from the sub-professional tournament PDL. The PDL is fully open to all professional clubs, aiming to replenish fresh blood for the league.

‌In this process, it is almost impossible to make a profit. Choosing Lan Heng they don’t need to pay a high transfer fee, which can save a little money.

Lan Heng regretted asking this question. He walked into the training room and sat down. What reminded him was that Xu Cheng had also come. The three difficult brothers of the cat live were gathered together, and he asked curiously: ” Who is the last person?”

“Ye Ning.”

Lan Heng remembers this name, has set the highest kill record in the league, and has an overwhelming advantage in close range. However, this man was in a high state of mind. After the original club collapsed, he retired when he was able to join the giants. New players like TTL I’m afraid the team won’t catch his eye.

It proved that his guess was correct. They waited until 9 pm for Ye Ning. Lan Heng stood up from his chair and said, “Do you want to find someone else?”

Just after his voice fell, the door on the first floor was knocked. Manager Chen walked to open the door. A man with long hair was standing at the door holding a large bag.

“Ye Ning.”

Live broadcast is easier than playing a game, but when he saw Shen Chi’s invitation, he realized that he still missed the game.

He is interested in the new team , especially the small team that will start from the PDL, but he has played against Shen Chi and wants to come to his team , of course, another reason is also because of the favorable conditions. .

Lan Heng helped Ye Ning carry his luggage upstairs. Four players sat down in the living room. Lan Heng asked Manager Chen, ” Will we meet the boss?”

“He is not coming.” Manager Chen, “He has a stomach problem and is in the hospital.”

When the salary is given, Shen Chi paused to remind: “You should take medicine on time, you can’t eat irritating food, you can’t stay up late, you need to rest, and you can’t be too angry .”


The PDL Autumn Competition is coming next week. Shen Chi moved from school to the training base. He lives alone on the third floor, because a room on the third floor has French windows overlooking the blue lake.

The bookshelves are neatly lined with professional books related to gaming. There is also a small refrigerator in the room. The refrigerator is filled with snacks of various flavors. There is a huge screen on the wall, which is exactly what he wants.

After getting up in the morning, he walked downstairs. There was a dazzling array of breakfasts on the table. Manager Chen who was sitting next to him said apologetics: “The club has just started, and I have found a suitable chef. I can only bring it back from the restaurant outside. ”

Lan Heng looked at the table full of food, let alone five people, even if they have eight people they can’t finish eating, he consciously became a member of the team, and was very distressed at this wasteful behavior: “You don’t need a chef when you just start. I can make a meal for five people easily.”

“This is not so good, right.” Manager Chen persuaded.

“What is good?” Lan Heng waved his hand, “If there is still a match, the team can just save it.”

Manager Chen had to nod. Normally, the team manager is responsible for the team operation, but he knows very well that he is here to babysit the players.

“Our team still has no uniforms, and I plan to find famous designers to design.” Manager Chen turned to the team. “You can ask for anything.”

Ye Ning’s long hair was tied into pigtails, he put down the soy milk in his hand, and took out a stack of new old sweaters from the suitcase: “Don’t make it, whoever cares about clothes if you can’t win.”

Manager Chen still wanted to talk, and Ye Ning said quietly, “That’s how our team company closed down.”

Xu Cheng, who bowed his head and memorized gun data, also took out a black pen, brushed the TTL on four white old shirts, and wrote something back to Manager Chen.

Competition training is boring. PDL has more than 120 new teams participating in the competition. It is impossible to conduct targeted analysis of each team, and can only play a ranked run-in team.

The audience of the kitten video during the live broadcast noticed the same old white shirts on the four of them, and asked incredulously.

“Are you going to be a professional?”

“Will you participate in the PDL Fall Tournament, or will you buy other teams position and play PCL directly?”

“What does TTL mean”

Faced with the last question, the four people in the training room, don’t know what it means, and Shen Chi calmly said, “It’s the team name anyway.”

“The cat is really playing professionally!”

“It should be a new team, more than 100 PDL teams compete for ten, the competition is still fierce.”

“How are the training conditions?”

Lan Heng sighed and said, “The conditions must be that the boss spends too much money. The Yancheng Villa is where we are living, they want to hire chefs and also want to hire people to design team uniforms.”

” Say it again with the cheap old shirts on you”

“Old Heng, just blow it up”

“I will quietly pretend to force you.”

“Well … it can be concluded that it is a small broken team.”

Shen Chi goes back and forth between school and base every day, and feels tired, but extremely fulfilled. He knows a female philosophy department named Zhuang Man in the library.

The opportunity for the two of them to know each other is to learn from IELTS Bell’s Philosophy of Existence at the same time. Zhuang Man asked softly, “Do you like this too?”

He shook his head.

He didn’t know why he stretched out his hand to take the “Philosophy of Existence” on the bookshelf. It was the last thing Yan Xue Xiao left behind. He seemed to be approaching subconsciously.


On the hospital bed, Yan Xue Xiao was gloomy, looking at the pictures of Shen Chi and the woman sitting together in the library. He couldn’t hear the joy and anger and said, “Who is it?”

Ah Pei on the side said cautiously: “This woman is called Zhuang Man, she is from an ordinary family and is a freshman. They occasionally go to the library, and today they have an appointment to go to the base.”

“By the way, she studies philosophy like you, and likes to wear white skirts.” He thought that his aesthetics were quite similar.

As the voice fell, he was caught in the cold glare of Yan Xue Xiao, and immediately stopped talking.

Ah Pei has come out, Yan Xue Xiao, if there is nothing to do, would actually keep the youth, and he would not let go of one step. He just wondered if people could not learn philosophy or wear white clothes.


Shen Chi took Zhuang Man into the base, saying politely: “Thank you for taking the time to tell me about the Philosophy of Existence.”

Zhuang Man shook her head, “I just want to see the ‌‌e-sports base, we should help each other.”

However, when they just entered the base, Manager Chen took the phone and hurried out. He also took the phone and said to the two: “The boss stipulates that irrelevant personnel cannot visit the base.”

“Then I won’t disturb your training.” Zhuang Man turned around, Shen Chi glanced at Manager Chen before sending Zhuang Man out.

Closing the door, the red-haired man stared blankly at Manager Chen: “Why don’t I know this rule as the captain?”

“The boss made a new regulation today.”

Manager Chen replied.

“Who is the boss?” Shen Chi lifted his eyes..

If it is normal, Manager Chen dare not disclose the news of that person, but today he boldly said: “It is not easy for the boss to study philosophy abroad. His father died and took over his family business. He slept for half a year and is still lying in hospital because of stomach trouble.”

Hearing Manager Chen’s words, he slowly lowered his thick eyelashes, his voice was not as harsh, and asked: “Boss…Is the last name Yan?”

Translator’s Note: Finally the team is coming together. If you notice any mistake comment down below or ping me on discord. Happy Reading Everyone!
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    All good things in life should be given to cub
    And yes baby shen chi the owner is surname Yan

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