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new born

Shen Chi’s heart jumped sharply. Wearing a clean shirt, the young man floated from the bottom of his heart for only seconds. After a century had passed, he slowly raised his head.

A tailored suit, dark tie and cold cufflinks make Yan Xue Xiao look more mature and stable, giving off a strong sense of strangeness.

“Congratulations on your admission to Yan‌ University.”

He never thought of meeting again at this moment, Shen Chi’s voice was astringent:

“Thank you for taking care of me, if it weren’t for you helping me, I would fail to pass the exam, let me know if you need help.”

Just three short sentences, like running out of strength, he took a photo with the lights in the distance, subconsciously trying to avoid him: “If there is nothing else, I will go back to the dormitory, and I will report tomorrow.”

“I will send you back.”

Yan Xue Xiao said lightly.

“No need.” He shrugged off.

But Yan Xue Xiao still walked behind him, compared with the past, he couldn’t resist, and felt the scorching eyes behind him, and he bit his head and walked forward.

On the way back to the dormitory building, he heard someone at the door of the female dormitory next door say: “When a boy sends someone he loves back to the dormitory, and they won’t let go of them for life.”

Although not talking about them, Shen Chi still quickened his pace. Before leaving, he stopped and said hurriedly: “Goodbye.”

After the two people, it is difficult for Ah Pei to express his feelings with his poor Chinese . Yan Xuexiao‌ looks very heart-warming.

He received a call and walked to Yan Xuexiao and asked: “Zheng An has asked you to meet, do you want to go?”

Yan Xue Xiao quietly looked at the back of the teenager, and heard Ah Pei’s words shifting, and turned to step into the darkness.


“Luo Shu has been holding the Yan clan for nearly a year, and finally he is willing to pay back his rights.” A person stood up on the table and toasted cautiously, “Can you drink at Yan Xue Xiao?”

“He can drink more than you guys.” Zheng An poured a full glass of wine for Yan Xue Xiao and said with a smile, “He didn’t know how to drink at first.”

Ah Pei still remembered that when Yan Xue Xiao drank for the first time, his body had not yet recovered, and he suffered because of his stomach that night. Later, he drank bottles and bottles, and his capacity for drinking was trained. He never saw Yan Xue Xiao drunk again , and he was always comfortable at the wine table.

Yan Xuexiao took the cup and drank the wine in the cup, with a flat tone: “I’ll rely on the help of my uncles.”

Zheng An smiled. He was willing to help Yan Xue Xiao because Yan Xue Xiao did not have his own team, and he had to rely on himself to take over the Yan family.

Ah Pei knew Chinese people like to talk about official business at the wine table. The discussion on the table has never stopped, but Yan Xue Xiao just listened quietly, and occasionally expressed his own opinions, as if he was only a sober spectator.

When Yan Xue Xiao came out of the private room, his drunkenness disappeared without a trace, and he thoughtfully said: “Xu Xin and Zheng An are at odds.”

Ah Pei didn’t know how Yan Xue Xiao saw it, nor did he hear anything on the business field. He was only responsible for Yan Xue Xiao’s safety.

It was just that after getting in the car, he watched the man quietly watching the photos of the teenager when he walked out of the examination room. It seems that how to coax the youth is more troublesome than business affairs.


When Shen Chi returned to the dormitory, Yan Xue Xiao was still floating in his head. He told himself not to think about it. Maybe he was just coming to Yan University. He sighed softly and sat in front of the computer and boarded the live broadcast. .

Since the results of the college entrance examination at the end of July, no one has ever asked about the scores in the live broadcast room. No one even mentioned the two words in the college entrance examination. Today, he finally couldn’t help it, and beat around the bush.

“Cub’s live broadcast changed background”

“Did you go to study? I was afraid of putting pressure on the cub, and I have not dared to ask for the scores. He worked so hard. If the cub didn’t pass the exam, he would be sad to learn.”

“I saw the improvement test ”

“I raised my hand, too. I didn’t expect the report to be successful. The auditor 03 is also the parent of the cloud, but was passed.”

“I still don’t know which dormitory Cub go to study, see if the dormitory environment is not good”

When he was worried about the live broadcast room, Shen Chi saw the raging barrage and put on his headphones and said: “Yan.”

The live broadcast room was quiet for a long time, and then the barrage was overwhelming. The screen kept showing ‌ Thanks for the dried fish. After two months of silence, the live room boiled.

“Yan ! Suddenly watching the background of the live broadcast room is beautiful”

“Is anyone pinching me? I feel like I am dreaming and I have been watching and learning. Cub got the best in the exam.”

“Mom, I’m sorry for swearing, oh oh, I want to cry, cub gets up at five o’clock every day to endorse, I remember something happened in the middle of the house, he hasn’t broadcasted for ten days, and the whole person lost weight. At that time, I was wondering what I should do if he couldn’t pass the exam, and he passed the exam.”

“Why didn’t you say something?”

Watching the barrage accompany him through the low tide period, Shen Chi smiled lightly: “You didn’t ask.”

“I dare not ask!”

“I have a feeling of suffering and willingness. I finally understand that the parents who accompany the college entrance examination are nervous. On the day of the college entrance examination, I watched it cautiously and listened to it.”

“Me too. Me too! I was afraid that I would be late for the exam without anyone to accompany me, and I also passed the college entrance examination smoothly. Speaking of that day, the home page of the poor and small station was changed to the college entrance examination. I don’t know if I can give some rewards for taking the college entrance examination at public expense. ”

For example, the heart vacancy was filled in, and the red-haired’s eyebrows were no longer indifferent. He said seriously to the barrage: “Thank you.”

“The cub has become gentler”

“Suddenly say thank you, oh oh oh oh, you want mom to cry!”

“You have grown up, if only my daughter-in-law were still here.”

“Shh, you can’t mention it.”

Shen Chi did not play the game directly, but boarded the backstage of the live broadcast room. He will pay tuition fees tomorrow, and his salary will still not be paid. In private, Lan Heng explained: “I heard that there is a problem with the capital chain. If you are short of money, Then, do you want to play the game?”

As if seeing him hesitating, Lan Heng persuaded: “The salary will be suspended next month. Although it is a little-known competition, the bonus will be accumulated until the day of salary payment.”

Shen Chi lowered his eyes and agreed.

‌The competition is a small event held by Emperor Penguin. Due to the low prize money, they are passers-by. They are the only anchor team, and the lineup can be called luxurious.

In the live broadcast room of the game, people are familiar with the kitten team who often come to play in the autumn game.

“The kitten team is here again”

“Four thousand bonus still wants to play? I thought it was a joke that kittens couldn’t get paid this month. ”

“I went to the last 800-yuan competition.”

Someone noticed that the kitten team had arrived.

“This name is familiar.”

“‌Like a college entrance examination study anchor, he has also been on the homepage of the cat live broadcast and specially given him the study area.”

“Study anchors have come to play games these years?”

“Fishing Warning”

The memory of the internet is short, and several people have forgotten that Late originally took the title game anchor.

Xu Cheng, from the same team, still remembers Late. He has seen far being amazing, standing in front of him like a benchmark. For this reason, he practiced marksmanship desperately during the year, and he struggled from the beginning to the present.

The game went on time, and Xu Chengcun thought of secretly competing. He played harder than any previous game, but to his disappointment, perhaps because he suffered from tenosynovitis, Late’s level seemed to decline, and he walked idly in front of the team.

“Xu Cheng‌‌’s strength is okay”

“The fourth person is pulling them down”

“Three people are enough to crush”

In the team, Lan Heng was also keenly aware of the changes, but he could not tell what was wrong. He just felt that he entered the circle under the leadership of Late, and it went smoothly, and there was basically no fierce conflict. .

When the game progressed to the finals, they were about to cut the corner and enter the lap. They heard gunshots coming from the three o’clock direction. Someone was lying in ambush on the roof, using ‌ ‌‌98K.

It is difficult to determine the enemy’s position in the P city housing area, and he dare not rush into the circle. As a command, he said: “Someone is ambushing, let’s change to the southwest to enter the circle.”

At this time, Shen Chi easily took away the enemy on the top of the red house in the distance r: “You can go in.”

Looking at the ‌Kill information displayed on the screen, Lan Heng finally knows where Late has changed. Perhaps it has something to do with his personality. He used to be extremely tight, not letting off every enemy in the line of sight. When he learned that he had tenosynovitis , he didn’t care too much.

‌He was significantly more relaxed and comfortable, and he was familiar with the situation of the game, and he had a faintly controlling attitude.

“How did he send ‌people‌ to death”

“I feel like I’m blind”

“Learning anchors are so powerful!”

“Learning, I’m afraid it’s not e-sports”

Seeing the barrage was shocked, when the emperor penguin old man recalled the fear of being dominated by Late, he came out to popularize facts one after another.

“He was originally a game anchor. He almost entered the league to play a career, and his hand was injured before he transformed into a learning anchor.”

“‌In the Emperor Penguin really, he changed a group of people to play, and even the name of Late‌ was forgotten, and the Emperor Penguin’s champion streak was actually blown up.”

“Suddenly I have a hunch, are you back again?”

It was ten o’clock in the evening after Shen Chi finished the game, and Lan Heng transferred him a 1,000 yuan bonus, enough to make up for his tuition.

He turned off the computer and went to bed. The bed in the dormitory was not comfortable. He was used to sleeping together in a ball and fell asleep without knowing it.

Even three months have passed since the college entrance examination, but his ‌biological clock still rang at six o’clock on time. After breakfast, he went to the school building to report.

He went through the formalities. He walked to the top of the stairs. No one was in the corridor. The corridor was extremely quiet. He walked silently towards the end, and suddenly saw a familiar face.

Yan Xue Xiao walked out of the office accompanied by the principal‌. Today, he changed into a suit, with a pair of thin gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose.

He thought for a moment without saying hello, and continued to walk up the stairs, speeding up his pace and walking out of the teaching building, he heard Yan Xue Xiao’s voice:

“Don’t you want to see me?”

“No.” He stopped moving forward, and carefully considered his words, “I don’t want to cause you trouble.”

He is no longer the one holding Yan Xue Xiao and not letting him go. Adults need to communicate with each other appropriately. He doesn’t want to be a burden. He hopes that Yan Xue Xiao will always live in the light.

When he finished speaking, the air was silent, and he could hear the sound of the wind passing by, so quiet that he was uneasy for no reason.

When he was about to walk forward, his wrist was caught, and the cold, pine wood breath poured over. The man hugged him tightly from behind, and his voice came from above his head in a calm: “You’ve never troubled me.”


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    1. Nacchi Nacchi says:

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