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Snowy Night

When he thinks about Yan Xue Xiao coming back tomorrow. Shen Chi’s heart was out of control and violently crashed in his chest. He didn’t need to listen to know how intense his heartbeat was.

After he hung up the phone, he went back to the room, opened the vocabulary book and still couldn’t calm down. When he returned at noon, his mobile phone shook, and the staff of Cat Live came to a message.

[Kitten Live] One anchor of the final team will stop recording. Can you play as a substitute?

Shen Chi touched the screen of his mobile phone. Only the game can calm him down., he sighed slightly and returned a message.

【Asia’s no1. Gun God】can

Hang Shiqi, who answered, was stunned. He realized that he(SC) was the wrong person. Even though Shen Chi was in the top ten in the Asian server after he had passed, Shen Chi hadn’t touched a game for half a year. ‌ He had lost his touch.

Shen Chi didn’t know what Hang Shiqi was thinking. He logged into the live broadcast room of the game. Even though his right hand recovered, he never played the game. The touch of his fingertips on the screen was completely unfamiliar. The game hadn’t started yet, and he slowly familiarized himself.


In the afternoon, Yan Xue Xiao walked out of the lecture hall. Yan Ji, who was listening outside the hall, handed over a bottle of water, and couldn’t help feeling that Yan was born as an academic material.

For the young man’s essay on Philosophical Review, the tutors’ evaluation is not as good as the discussion, and it is destined that the person before him will shine in the academic world in the future.


Yan Xue Xiao took the water.

The two walked out of the lecture hall, and saw the front entrance of the school jokingly and asked: “Are you going out of the Fitzrudolph Gate?”

Fitzrudolph Gate is the main entrance of Princeton. Because Princeton students can’t graduate through this gate, they only have one chance to get out of this gate in their life, that is, graduation day.

Yan Xue Xiao slobbered: “We will go together later.”

The young man smiled and nodded. Taking a master’s degree is indeed not considered a graduation for young people. He has become a young guest and the capital is uncertain. He was sincerely proud of himself as a friend from the East. At that time, he didn’t know that there was no such opportunity.

Back at the dormitory building, he saw Yan Xue Xiao packing things in the box, stopped and asked: “Are you not staying in the dormitory?”

“The house I bought has been decorated.”

Yan Ji can’t help but ask curiously: “Is it ?”

The young man slowly spoke: “The mountain villa on the first floor has a whole french window in the bedroom.”

“Lighting, is good.”

“There is also a game room.”

Although the other party’s tone was faint, he was really happy to be able to feel he was enthusiastic: “I will help you.”

He helped Yan Xue Xiao tidy up the dormitory, most of which were philosophy books, and the rest were tea sets, sketch paper, etc., but what the youth placed carefully was a trophy.

The material of the trophy is not good, because the oxidation appears dusty, but the youth placed it in a soft position in the box.

After finishing packing things in the dormitory, Yan Ji walked out of the dormitory carelessly: “See you next semester.”

Yan Xue Xiao walked out of the school gate and sat in a low-key black Bentley. Yan Ji sat in the co-pilot, and asked the young man in the back row anxiously: “You bought a house in the United States, won’t you live in the United States in the future?”

Seeing that Yan Xue Xiao didn’t say anything, he hurriedly advised: “Your dad is not just strict with you. In fact, he always depends on you. He didn’t really stop you from studying philosophy. He was just drunk last time. I haven’t heard you call Dad for a long time, how about going back one day?”

Yan Ji didn’t give up hope when he asked the last sentence. His nephew hasn’t returned for almost two years, but he heard his nephew gently hum.

Yan Ji couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. His elder brother knew that Yan Xue Xiao would be willing to return. He must be happy, and his dream would not be in vain.”There is no need to rush back, it is chaotic.”

The youth raised his eyes: ” chaotic?”

“Your dad will take care of it.”

Yan Ji did not answer, Yan Xue Xiao is not like that person.His hands are clean, including his eldest brother Yan Zhao. He won’t tell Yan Xue Xiao these secrets.

The vehicle drove slowly, looking at the gloomy sky, Yan Ji’s heart palpitate for no reason, like the intuition before danger came, he didn’t want to alarm Yan Xue Xiao, so he called in a low voice, “Send more people to follow.”

Soon after Yan Xue Xiao got on the bus, , Ah Pei chased away vehicles from the coffee shop outside the school gate, looking very excited and shouting exotic words in his throat.

‌Raven, who was driving on the road, recognized Ah Pei at a glance, but how could anyone catch up with the car? Raven sighed, stopped the car and said: “Come on.”

Ah Pei got in the car and lived in a precarious environment since he was a child. He could smell the heavy bloody smell behind the car, like a vulture hovering over the dead body. His intuition told him that something terrible would happen.

He still remembers that Christmas Eve that day, he followed the snake head to America for the first time, and was dazzled by the bustling city.

But he realized that he had no money, and he couldn’t even speak English, because he had no money to buy hamburgers and he was thrown out of the shop. He was dying of hunger during the busy Christmas. He lay in the cold snow and thought, if someone gave him a bite to eat.

If someone can give him a bite.

His life belongs to that man.

‌When this thought just crossed his mind, a dazzling young man handed him a hamburger. He had never seen a character like that, living in the light, and even the sun could not bear to cast a shadow on him.

Looking at the black caravan driving up the mountain ahead, Ah Pei did not stop using gestures to urge Raven to drive faster and faster.

At the beginning of the finals, Shen Chi gradually became familiar with the keyboard while sitting in front of the computer. He followed the team and jumped out of P City, and the map in his mind clearly emerged in front of him.

The team jumped ahead of them, and the sound of gunfire rang in his ears one after another. Without hesitation, he picked up an AKM after landing and shuttled through the gunfire.

The time passed slowly, and the circle was in the northeast. They didn’t have to collect supplies any more, and they got in the car and moved to the school. They were caught off guard against people lying in ambush on the roof of the school. The tires burst, and they had to get out of the car early.

The sniper in ambush on the top of the mountain was ruthless and accurate. After a while, only Shen Chi was left in the team, and he entered the school alone with residual blood.

Shen Chi looked at the screen with headphones on. He shuttled through the empty school, picked up a handful of 98K, and replaced the gun with a good bullet.

The number of people in the upper left corner of the game keeps decreasing. After ‌ there are only two people left. He knows that the person is on the top of the school building, and he is sticking to the wall ‌ to the top of the building ‌.

He can’t judge the exact location of his opponent. Even if the poisonous gas gradually envelopes him, all he can do is to wait quietly and wait for a good time.

The boy held his breath, his body stretched straight in the seat, and finally he saw a figure in an auspicious suit appearing behind the bunker.

He turned on the magnifier and pointed his gun at the person in the magnifier. He couldn’t hear any sound while wearing headphones. There was only one thought in his mind, that is, killing.

There was a bang.

Shen Chi killed the enemy in the public eye, and the light of day shone on him, like the darkness that had passed no longer existed.


In New Jersey, Raven looked at the snow in front of him and stopped his car. Before his car stopped, the short and thin mixed blood in the car opened the door and rushed out of the car and ran to the top of the mountain.

Ah Pei didn’t know how long he had been running. The sky was completely dark in the night, he followed the smell of blood. He saw a black Bentley parked on the side of the road with bullet holes all over it. The radio babbled. Yeah, the news is playing.

“At 8:50 this evening, Yan Zhao unfortunately crashed and died on his way back to Yancheng. Yan Wen was caught concealing drugs “

He realized that he was late, and his blood became more and more intense. The battle seemed to be over, and he suddenly did not dare to go forward, but he stopped for a while and continued to run forward.

The closer to the mountain villa, the more and more broken arms and limbs on the ground. It was obviously a premeditated ambush. Blood and water mixed with snow and water flowed all over the ground, and it was not clear whether it was a snowy night or a bloody night.

Ah Pei lightened his action and concealed himself in the dark. The house on the top of the mountain burned from the left. He was not sure if no one has survived, but he looked at the roof of the car. A flashing muzzle.

He broke the window sill of the kitchen and turned into the room. The interior of the house was full of flames. From the entire bookcase and the white curtains by the french windows, everything was burning.

The moment he turned the window and entered, a middle-aged man with an injured left arm pointed at him with a gun. He could not speak English, so he could only use gestures to sign: “Outside the car.”

“I’ll trust you once.”

Yan Jiqiang walked towards the side door with sweat on his forehead. They were ambushed shortly after they opened the hilltop villa from the school. The other party obviously had an informer, who was clear about his manpower in the dark. Those who he brought all died completely.

He didn’t know who would dare to deal with Yan, but he knew that the other party still had two people and would not let them leave alive.

The young people behind Yan Ji were surprisingly quiet. Just as they were preparing to escape from the window, a mercenary put a cold gun on Yan Ji’s forehead, and his life and death were only one breath. Yan Ji quickly shot and killed him.

The bullets can pass through the side door, there are people outside the door!

He was injured and dodged for a while, the bullets that came quickly pierced his flesh and blood splashed.

Ah Pei didn’t have any weapons in his hand, but he looked at the Latino hired outside the door. The mercenary pointed his muzzle at Yan Xue Xiao, he quickly ran to the door holding the vase, and the sound of the wind slashed violently in his ears , slamming the vase directly on the man’s head.

In order not to faint, he held the opponent’s throat with his elbow, and he heard soft footsteps behind him.

Ah Pei’s hand stopped. He was used to fighting for the scarce food. He must look like a terrible beast now. He gestured : “There is no threat.”

He pointed to the window and wanted to take the youth away from this place, but the youth in front of him bent down and quietly picked up the gun on the ground.

There was a bang.

Yan Ji listened to gunshots from the side door. He followed his reputation. He looked inside, and blood holes appeared on the forehead of the mercenary who had lost his resistance. Dark blood kept pouring out terribly.

Yan Ji raised his head in astonishment. His nephew is a handsome and gracious son. He never thought that his nephew would shoot and kill a threatening person. His expression was calm and chilling.

Under the snowy night, Yan Xue Xiao’s face was unclear in the dark, behind him was a blazing fire, and all the philosophy books carefully collected were turned to ashes. The young man’s white shirt was soaked in blood, and his clean hands were stained with blood for the first time.



dripping down.

Translator’s Note: WTF! The house he build for Cub is burned and everything is just a mess, is this the sign of his blackening. Happy Reading Everyone!
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