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Ashes floated in the sky, there was blood on Yan Xue Xiao’s face. Looking at the person lying on his face, he heard his emotions and said: “Dead.”

The pain in Yan Ji’s leg spread, he felt fear for the first time seeing Yan Xue Xiao’s face. The nephew he watched growing up suddenly changed.

Before he could think about it, when the ambulance rushed to Yan Xuexiao and he fell on the ground, the blood on the young man’s heart stained the whole white shirt, and he realized how badly his nephew had been injured. But it didn’t show up at all.

Ah Pei anxiously surrounded the doctor and watching the doctor send the young man to the stretcher. He saw the blood-clothed young man with his eyes closed as if he was saying something.

He tried to search for words in his brain. Suddenly, he ran back to the burnt down house and found a tattered trophy from the burning bookshelf.

The body of the trophy has been burnt to pitch black. He knows what is important, but he is still careful to put it next to the youth.

‌It proved that his actions were not wrong. The moment he put the trophy on the youth’s side, the gloom between the youth’s eyebrows was smoothed.

When Lin Sinian learned about the Yan family’s news two days later, the Yan family’s family leader Yan Zhao crashed and died. Yan Zhao’s right arm, Yan Wen, was arrested and imprisoned that day. Yan Ji’s legs were disabled, but he had never heard of Yan Xue Xiao’s news. .

Mrs. Lin sat at the dining table and sighed: “Yan’s family has flourished. Now it is dead, disabled, and imprisoned. Only Yan Xue Xiao, who has a mild temper, is left behind. I’m afraid that he will be suppressed by the old men left by Yan Zhao.”

Lin Sinian didn’t speak, because he knew that the Yan family under the control of Yan Xue Xiao was the Yan family like the sun and the sky. The only person who has been in the United States is Yan Ji. Today’s Yan Xue Xiao would either be alive or dead in the United States, but In order to stabilize the hearts of the people, the news was kept secret.

He followed his mother to Yan Zhao’s funeral. There was no one from the Yan’s family. The ceremony was presided over by Yan Zhao’s friend Luo Shu. The atmosphere at the funeral was surging. Except for Mrs. Yan, who was crying with Yan Wen’s child, and others each had his own thoughts, especially Zheng An’s expression of playfulness.

He understands that means the official start of the Yan family’s seizure of power. In the previous life, the Lin family became a victim of the power struggle. All he can do in his life is to involve the Lin family daring to step into the whirlpool .

Lin Sinian looked at the black and white portrait of Yan Zhao and suddenly felt a sense of reality. The person he had seen in Yan’s old mansion became a cold photo. There were different opinions about Yan Zhao’s death. They believe it was only flying. So, how come a passenger plane suddenly fell into the sea?

There are too many people offended by the Yan family. No one guessed who did it. Some said Zheng An, some said Yan Wen, and some even said that Mrs. Yan.

He faintly felt that some of his dreams could be changed, like the death of Yan Zhao, or the cold youth in the coffee shop finally becoming powerful and head of the Yan family.

Compared with the death of the dream’s elaborate plot, Yan Zhao’s death is undoubtedly hasty, which means leaving more traces. Perhaps Yan’s struggle ended earlier.

Lin Sinian accompanied his mother to send the wreath, and when he walked out of the mourning hall, he heard someone talking in a small way, and the dead became the talk. It was unimaginable in Yan’s family in the past, and his heart made people feel cool when they walked.

“Yan Zhao’s son is too cold. I heard that he is studying abroad, the relationship between father and son is not good, and even the father’s funeral is not attended.”

“Yan Zhao is too accustomed to his son. Can you take over the Yan family only by studying?”

“The Yan family’s appetite is too big, and every business has to share a piece of the pie. I understand that prosperity must decline. I think the sky in Yancheng should change.”

Lin Sinian walked out of Yan’s mansion, and a thought came to mind silently. When Yan Xue Xiao returned to China, Yancheng’s genius would really change.


Shen Chi from the border town went to schoo. He turned on the calendar on his phone. A week has passed since the day when Yan Xue Xiao said he would return, but Yan Xue Xiao still did not return. He leaned on the table and made a call.

Before he dialed the phone, Mr. Wang walked by and knocked on the desk: “Although it is learning time, it means that you cannot play with the mobile phone. Modesty makes people progress, and pride makes people regress. You can feel happy for some achievements .”

Hearing the last sentence, Zhuang Zhou felt slanderously. It was Mr. Wang that was happy, and Shen Chi’s grades were almost posted to the next class.

After worrying about the teenager who turned off his mobile phone next to him, Shen Chi was really weird after a week, always holding his mobile phone like he was afraid of missing a message.

All the classmates in the class changed into thin school uniforms when the weather was getting warmer. His eyes fell on the red rope hidden by the young man’s cuffs. A guess appeared in his heart. After Mr. Wang left, he lowered his eyes and asked. : “Are you heartbroken?”

He knew how much Shen Chi valued games, but even if he was diagnosed with tenosynovitis, it was not as abnormal as it is now, as if he was drawn away.

“no.” The boy retorted with a blank expression on his face.

Only he has an ulterior motive for his brother. His brother always sees him as if he is watching a child. He can’t express his thoughts in his mouth. Of course he’s never been in love. Of course he’s heart broken. He just wants to know why his brother is not answering his phone.

Zhuang Zhou packed his schoolbags and walked out. He was about to ask Shen Chi if he was going to buy supper at the school gate. The boy immediately picked up his mobile phone and walked outside the classroom.

Shen Chi stood in the corridor and dialed Yan Xue Xiao’s phone. The phone was always a beep that no one answered. Every time he squeezed his phone for a minute.

The knuckles were pinched blue and white, and the light in the young boy’s eyes disappeared a little bit, but he pursed his lips, still standing in the cold night breeze, continuing to dial the number, the red string on his wrist swaying slightly.

His absent-mindedness was so obvious that even Yan Shen had passed and asked him: “What’s the matter?”

He shook his head and stubbornly believed that his brother wanted to answer his phone, but couldn’t answer it, and he could make a phone call.

one day,

two days,

one month…

He called Yan Xue Xiao every day. He wanted to tell his brother that he would be admitted to Yan University, buy a big house for his brother, and be kind to his brother for the rest of his life.

It’s just that no one connects all the time.

No matter how many WeChat messages he sent, the screen was still quiet and there was no reply. He began to send letters, one after another, and sent them to the United States, but he did not receive any reply as if sinking into the sea. Yan Xue Xiao disappeared into his life.

He even saved money to go to Princeton in the United States, but the school said that there was no one named Yan Xue Xiao,as if all traces had been erased overnight.

Only then did he discover that he actually knew little of Yan Xue Xiao, his family, background, and life. He knew that he suddenly felt that he was small and that he couldn’t do anything except read books .

He lives in a closed border town. He has to study harder than he did. His easily rounded face quickly becomes thinner. The more he looks in the mirror, the more strange he is.

In order to ensure enough energy to sleep on time at 12 o’clock every night, he got up at 5 o’clock every morning and endorsed his notes, so he had to memorize them again. He had to rewrite silently, but the notes he took during the winter vacation had to be thrown away. It seemed to be contaminated with the breath of Yan Xue Xiao.

He knew he was tired. He reviewed the college entrance examination. He wanted to see if Yan Xue Xiao was back. He wanted to be proud when Yan Xue Xiao asked about his grades. He wanted to say that he was number one. He wanted Yan Xue Xiao to be proud of him and take him away . He stayed alone in the border town.

He just wants to stay with his brother.

The better he gets in every exam, perhaps because he is afraid that he will pollute the game area, and the kitten live broadcast specially opens up the study area. From the beginning, no one was optimistic about him in the live test. The initial encouragement turned to worry.

“You must pay attention to your body, you have lost weight, so many mothers feel so distressed.”

“The results are very good now. You can go to a famous university by taking an examination of Yan University. You don’t have to fight too hard. Your health is the most important.”

“It makes me feel bad to see”

“Oh, the college entrance examination is too hard.”

He doesn’t think he has worked hard. Reviewing is the easiest time. He can immerse himself in the topics of the past years and think about why his brother did not contact him. No matter what it is, it is difficult for him to face it .

Day by day, there was a security guard at the school. The new security guard was very responsible. He was the last one to leave the school every day. When he walked out of the school gate, he saw the warm yellow light in the security room inexplicably relieved.

Zhuang’s mother sends cooked soup every night, fearing that he loves to eat and cook for him in a different way. Although she still can’t get through Yan Xue Xiao’s phone, sending messages every day has become a habit. He knows that Yan Xue Xiao still hopes to contact him.

Even if the hope is slowly fading

【Shen Chi】I rank into the top 500 of the whole province

[Shen Chi]The third result shows I entered the top one hundred. I have learned to cook shredded pork with sauce. I can cook it for you.

[Shen Chi] Are you still going back?

Translator’s Notes: I’m just big sad at reading this chapter. I hope they reunite soon. If you notice anything wrong please comment or ping me on discord, your comments are appreciated and makes me happy to update everyday. Happy Reading Everyone!
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