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Shen Chi knew that his brother didn’t know the meaning of the red rope, but Shen Chi’s heart was still beating, watching the red rope on the young man’s wrists. He secretly felt satisfaction.

This person belongs to him.

In the scent of glutinous rice wine, he had a dream. In the dream, he raised his feet on tiptoe and kissed Yan Xue Xiao , and then he was pressed against the back of the lamp, his wrist was tied with a red rope, and they kissed in the deserted roadway.

Then he couldn’t remember the matter clearly. He seemed to have fallen into bed. Yan Xue Xiao kissed him on his neck. He blushed and said in a very low voice, “Brother, you’re so hot.”

When he woke up, Yan Xue Xiao had already left. The young man looked at the red rope on his wrist and couldn’t tell the truth from the dream. Maybe he tied it himself, how could his brother kiss him?

He wanted to change into his pajamas and go downstairs. The three people including Zhuang Zhou stood on the side of the road and watched the cars go away. They exchanged their gifts: “I sent my mothers’s bacon this year.”

“I gave dried oranges.”

Even Yan Shen said, “I gave a pen.”

Hearing everyone’s presents, Shen Chi squeezed his hands, he could not give anything, he always woke up early today but today he woke up late.

He hung his head and returned to the house, Yan Xue Xiao took away all his luggage, only one copy of Jaspers’ “Philosophy of Existence” was placed on the desk. Turning the page, not only did he not understand but he was drowsy. He just put the book back on the table, and the phone rang.

Shen Chi thought that Yan Xue Xiao called on the phone and hurriedly swiped the screen. There was an unfamiliar voice on the phone: “I am Yan Xue Xiao’s father. He may have mentioned me to you, but I know you better than you think.”

Without waiting for him to speak out, the other side of the phone continued to speak: “Since you were a kid, you have skipped class and dyed your hair to fight. With your current scores, you can’t get into the university. Have you ever thought about your future?”

Shen Chi immediately sat at the desk and opened the vocabulary book. He wanted to answer: “I’ll take the examination at Yan University.”

There is a slight stir in the voice: “Just think that you want to take an examination of Yan University. You are only 17 years old now, and you are still impulsive. I already know about you.”

The boy was stunned. Does his(YXX) dad know that he is Yan Xue Xiao’s brother? He hesitated for a while and called out, “Hello, Dad.”

The phone was silent for a while as expected. He doesn’t know if it is his illusion. When he spoke again, the tone eased a lot: “I’m not your father yet, if you live together with Xue Xiao. Remember that Xue Xiao doesn’t like to be disturbed when he reads books. He can’t drink and loves tea. Don’t mess with his tea set. He likes light colors. Don’t buy dark clothes…”

“I remember.”

Afraid that the other party would not believe it, Shen Chi recites one by one, as if confirming that he remembered it before hanging up the phone.

After the call, he continued to recite the words in front of the desk. After he had recited the words, the doorbell rang. He opened the door and received an unsigned ‌ express.

He carefully opened the package with a knife, and there was a new set of ink and ink inkstones in it. Under the inkstone, there was a running script message, and the writing power was steady and vigorous:

The journey of a gentleman is to cultivate one’s body by tranquility, and cultivate virtue by frugality.


Teacher Wang was temporarily taken to accompany someone to visit the campus. He heard that this is a big man in Yancheng, but it is not the first time that a big man ran to the poor border town.

He was very white, but he made a show. The most important thing is to take photos. Who really wants to invest money in their school? Although the county government doesn’t have much money, he still made a perfunctory introduction: “This teaching building was renovated in 1997 and renovated once in the earthquake in 2005.”

“The former plastic playground was just built this year.” He pointed to the former students playing football. “Students go to the playground more enthusiastically than the teaching building.”

“Why are they not enthusiastic about class?”

Teacher Wang wants to say, do you still have to ask, but thinking of the principal, he patiently explained: “The school teachers are not good, and the students’ family conditions are poor. If they don’t see any hope, they will drop out. After winter vacation my class is usually reduced in.”

He lied, someone would drop out every holiday. The college entrance examination is the fairest, but not every child can sit in the examination room.

When he graduated from normal school, he went to the county No. 1 middle school to teach but returned to the border town. Everyone complained that he was stupid, but he felt that there was no shortage of teachers in the county.

He is willing to return to the border town to take root. The children will be the next generation of the border town. Hopefully, he does not believe that the border town will always be so poor and backward.

“I will hire the best teacher.” The man said slowly.

Teacher Wang took back his thoughts when he heard the words of the people around him. He had received a lot of people. This is the first time he heard such a big tone, the best teachers in the country are all in Yancheng. Those people are not willing to be in the border town. Their school can’t afford the money at all.

“Can the school building be renovated if it is broken?” He jokingly said, “The classroom is not enough for monitoring, so if you can, you can repair a lawn.”

“alright.” The man’s tone didn’t care at all.

When the secretary signed the contract, he realized that he was not joking. He couldn’t help asking: “Is there anything we need to do?”

“Shen Chi is a child with his parents, and he is usually disciplined.” The man frowned,

“Please take care of him and hold him to study well, so as not to affect the child’s study.”

Teacher Wang heard the elders’ tone from the conversation, and was about to ask ‌ ‌ Which one , when the man was already sitting in a low-key black Pagani.

Sitting next to Yan Zhao after the car, Secretary Yin asked: “Did you approve of Shen Chi?”

“He will take the test at Yan University.” Yan Zhao was obviously noncommittal.

Secretary Yin slandered in his heart. Not only did he invite a good teacher, he also repaired the school, he also gave the words and sentences in the “Book of Commandments” to put his son-in-law in, and Yan Zhao was the most short-sighted. Seeing that Yan Zhao was so careful with outsiders, he was worried for a long time.

“Have you checked the matter?”

Secretary Yin received his expression, and learned to go along. Yan Zhao said that Yan Wen, the adopted son of the Yan family, grew up with Yan Zhao’s brother,that he trusted the most. They went to the border town early to investigate.

“I found it, Gao Bo’s nephew said some time ago that he would move his ancestral grave. Gao went back to the border town to worship his ancestors. He watched and monitored a man named Yan Jianguo who wanted to do something to Gao Bo. However, this man was timid and his knife fell to the ground, but he still had a chance to hide better.” secretary Yin shook his head.

“This person is clever and doesn’t want to wade in the muddy water.” Yan Zhao’s tone slowly turned cold, “The person behind him wants to put a nail in Yan’s house.”

“Is Zheng An hiding a drug|products business?” Secretary Yin couldn’t help asking. Zheng An wandered in a gray area and his methods were notoriously poisonous, that is the reason why Yan Zhao didn’t dare to attack him easily. .

“Book a ticket back to Yancheng‌.”

Yan Zhao’s voice was exhausted, but Secretary Yin could hear the meaning. Yancheng Yan’s family was about to welcome a major cleansing, but it was not easy to deal with Zheng An, and the endangered crocodile would bite hard.

Thankfully, Zheng An didn’t know about it, so he could beat Zheng An when he was at a loss. He looked up out of the window, and when he drove to the airport, it was cloudy and ominous.


A few days later, Zheng’s house in Yancheng.

Zheng An fawningly shook his hand in the phone: “Mr. Yan, the police have checked it several times. You think that I am really addicted to drugs. Can I have a chance?”

His begging seemed to have the slightest effect, Zheng An hung up the phone for a moment, his gentle face disappeared without a trace, and he said to the person next to him: “are you sure you can handle this cleanly?”

“I’ve dealt with it early.”

“Would you like to go to Mr. Yan to explain in person?” Xu Xin said worriedly. He was very clear about Yan Zhao’s temperament. He is afraid that this matter would not be let go. Fortunately, they received the news in advance and prepared early.

“There is a sly rabbit and a dog to cook.” Zheng An suddenly smiled, and his eyes flashed across him. “It is said that I was raised as a dog in the Yan family. Is the Yan family so amazing?”

Xu Xin was confident, and read out the danger. He suddenly regretted entering the muddy water. Zheng An was more courageous than he thought, and he was ready to break the boat.

He followed Zheng An. Presumably Yan Zhao will not let him go. He can only hope that Zheng An is well prepared and hoping that person has accurate information.


Shen Chi sat in the renovated classroom for middle school, and the white paint was refreshed. The old wooden tables and chairs were completely new, and even the teachers were changed. He heard that these are famous teachers from Yancheng.

On the first day of school, a provincial ranking exam was held, and a mock exam was also a final exam. At that time, he reviewed all subjects individually, but this time he completed all subjects before the start of school. Formed a complete knowledge framework in his mind, and guessed how many points he scored after the exam.

Before the results were announced, Zhuang Zhou asked: “How did you do in the exam?”

The young man still reads the book: “First.”

Zhuang Zhou is very clear about the level of classmates. If Shen Chi has to rely on luck before the winter vacation, now Shen Chi’s score is at least a lot higher: “Placing first in the whole school should be easy.”

His evaluation is already complimentary. Who knows that the boy raised his eyebrows and said dissatisfied: “No. 1 in the county.”

Zhuang Zhou thought that Shen Chi was joking, but he couldn’t laugh at the rankings anymore. When he thought of the results of a model, his name was really high and ranked first in the county, and the provincial ranking even made it to the first thousand !

Border Town No. 3 Middle School ranked one thousand people in the province. Teacher Wang was so happy, his smile stretching from ear to ear. He wanted to send out a report card and shout loudly at the door of the first class.

Zhuang Zhou suppressed his heart, stunned, and was about to say congratulations. The young man lowered his head and leaned against the edge of the table to send a message, just taking care of him.

Shen Chi restrained and sent one.

[Shen Chi] I’m rank one in the whole province

In the coffee shop in New Jersey, Raven looked at his eyes with a smile. The young man asked curiously: “Why are you happy?”

“The kid in the family got first place.”

The youth spoke softly.

Although the youth narrowed his eyes and smiled, Raven thought that he must be a very beloved child. At this time, a skinny and bony mixed-race walked nervously holding his hands. Enter the coffee shop.

“He has been looking for you.”

Raven recognizes that he was thrown out on Christmas Eve, the man from the hamburger shop. He can’t even speak English. Since the young man gave the package that day, he stayed in the coffee shop every day. It seems he wants to return the bag.

Yan Xue Xiao had a bag, and said lightly: “No.”

A Pei stood awkwardly in front of Yan Xuexiao. He had a name, his mother was a white prostitute, and his father was a sailor. He was born in a war-torn country and grew up fighting. It was hard to win the opportunity for the country.

He looked at the young man in a white shirt, and suddenly felt that he was very dirty, even with his bag and dust. He finally took his hand out and walked out of the coffee shop, still standing stubbornly outside the shop.

On the other side ‌Shen Chi‌ received a reply, couldn’t help but run to the back of the teaching building after class, and put on a headset to make a video call.

Yan Xue Xiao’s face appeared on the phone after a while, and he looked down to see the red string under the young man’s sleeve. His face was hot, and he immediately threw the results behind his head, and was full of thoughts when he could see him.

The weather was still cold, and Shen Chi hid the lower half of his face under the warm and thick scarf and spoke, pretending to be nonchalant and asking: “The snow in the border city has stopped, how is the weather on your side?”

It seems that he knows what he thinks, and the young man in the video looks at him calmly and says, “The sky is clear.”

Translator’s Note: Oh so Yan Zhao is Yan Xue Xiao’s dad and not his uncle. I feel like he is fine with Shen Chi since he renovate the school for him.  Happy Reading everyone! There’s a bunch of new characters and I’m kinda confuse so ping me or comment down if there is anything wrong.
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  1. Avatar bakateme says:

    I was thinking that Yan Zhao was going to threaten Shen Chi but then he started talking about how to take care of YXX and I laughed 🤣 Thanks for the translation!

    1. Nacchi Nacchi says:

      Sameee, I really thought he was out to threaten our cub to stay away from his son kind of drama

  2. Avatar 🛫JETJET🛬 says:

    He doesn’t seems like a bad man to me
    Well, need to observe more
    That kid who can’t even speak English is he going to be a threat hopefully not he can be a xiaodi tho

    Thanks for the update🖤
    Stay safe

  3. Avatar IamNobody says:

    Oh my god ! I had to skip the rest and go straight to the comments after reading that Father Yan scene. I though he’s gonna do the “leave my son” drama.
    I’ll resume reading now.

  4. Avatar Dewy says:

    Lmao what a quick acceptance with a single title of “dad”

    Papa Yan: He actually called me dad… what a good child! Maybe my son will come home more under his wife’s influence…

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