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What should I do if my brother is too poor?

Yan Xuexiao looked down at the boy who was obviously touching the porcelain1 It metaphorically refers to a behavior or trick when someone pretends to be knocked down so he can ask for money., but said nothing, and gently touched the boy’s cat ears.

Shen Chi hugged Yan Xue Xiao’s waist and asked, “Is it your holiday?”

The American school opened in January, which happened to be staggered with the domestic winter vacation. He thought that Yan Xue Xiao would not be back, but silently expected the possibility of a slim chance. Maybe he would come to see him, maybe he would not.

The other party whispered and asked calmly, “Can you still walk?”

He didn’t want to let go of Yan Xue Xiao, but the hand wrapped around the youth’s waist became tighter, and he said with a nasal voice, “I can’t.”

The insightful line of sight slowly fell on him. As if his thoughts were seen through, he was about to let go of his hand, but the next second-

Yan Xue Xiao easily picked him up like a baby, and his heart jumped heavily, because he was held in the air, he subconsciously hugged Yan Xuexiao’s neck.

Under the snow of the border town, the boy was held towards home step by step. He was so quiet that he could only hear the sound of snow on his clothes, and they disappeared in the snow.


United States, New Jersey.

“Yan didn’t come to class today?” The Jewish-looking girl asked Adam curiously, she had never seen the young man absent from class, even in the recent winter vacation, he was sitting in the library.

“He is already done for this lesson.”

Adam went to the library to explain.

The Jewish looking girl was surprised. Completely studying means completing the graduate-level courses. In other words, in just one and a half years, they have obtained the extremely difficult master’s degree in philosophy.

Adam understands her heart at this moment very much. When he learns the news, he is also very surprised. The difficulty of completing the study in advance is not easy.

The graduate students of the Princeton Department of Philosophy are trained in the direction of doctoral degree. They can directly enter the doctoral program after passing the doctoral qualification examination. Doctoral students start in the fall. It seems that there is no need to complete the study in advance. He does not know why he will return to the country in advance.

But he thought, there is probably something very important.


Most students in the border town are busy working to subsidize their families during the winter vacation, and there is no tradition of making up for missed lessons. When they arrive at the school gate during the winter vacation, they are deserted, and Father Ji puts up an early stall and transfers it from the school gate to the vegetable market.

Close the stall The person next to him asked: “You really know how to raise children, and I didn’t see you in charge. How did you raise the rank one in grade?”

Father Ji thought he was talking about Ji Shu, and a touch of nostalgia appeared on his face: “His mother and I are both busy. That kid has been obedient since he was a child, and I never had to worry about his studies. He can be admitted to Yan University next year.”

When Ji Shu was mentioned he consciously thought of Shen Chi, he didn’t raise his own child. Now when he thinks of what Shen Chi said that day, he feels chilly. It’s completely a stranger’s tone, and he doesn’t hear the slightest closeness.

Father Ji shook his head, Shen Chi’s indifferent and weird temperament would only push the people around him away. He can’t take care of him now, but hopes that Shen Chi won’t fall deeper.

He closed the stall and walked back, passing the school gate, and saw a handsome young man holding the teenager walking forward. The young man was wearing a hat and lying on the young man’s arms, and his side face looked like Shen Chi.

He shook his head, and he must have seen wrong. The Shen Chi in his memory was always cold.

Shen Chi was held to the door, feeling nothing in Yan Xue Xiao’s arms, but after standing on the ground, the boy’s face turned red unknowingly, and he lowered his head to open the door with the key.

Today’s weather is getting colder, and walking into the house is also very cold. He wrapped his clothes, poured a cup of hot water for Yan Xue Xiao, and asked casually, “Did you come from the provincial capital?”

Border town’s transportation is remote and there is no airport, and the railway station has been built in recent years. Only the provincial capital has an airport in the province. There are no international flights. You need to transfer from Yancheng Airport. However, it is more convenient than Yancheng to get to the border by train.

The young man took a sip of hot water: “By train.”

He realized that his brother had become poor. He took a four-hour flight from Yancheng to the provincial capital and took the fastest train for a day. He was very tired both psychologically and physically, and his brother walked all the way with him in his arms. He couldn’t see anything strange.

He lowered his eyes and didn’t know what he was thinking. He suddenly walked to the locker, opened the cabinet, and hugged all the small snacks he had gathered on the table. There were his favorite frozen, dried strawberries, milk oatmeal…

The boy handed a table full of snacks in the direction of Yan Xue Xiao, meaning they were all for him, but obviously the other party didn’t understand, Yan Xue Xiao rubbed his red hair and said, “After finishing your homework you can eat.”

He had to oh, and did not notice that the corners of the young man’s lips curled slightly. He sat at his desk and opened the exercise book and started today’s live broadcast.

“One squat per day before the final results”

“Daily pray for the boy to get the first place”

“Don’t put pressure on the cub, the mother is also very satisfied with the exam for the first grade”

Among the many parent fans, a user who came from Emperor Penguin will check in every day, and finally can’t help but ask when looking at the optimistic barrage on the full screen.

“No, you really think he can get first place in the exam? Even in the Bronze Bureau of more than 400, the competition for first place is fierce. I want to know if you have ever passed the college entrance examination or there are too few people?”

The mobile phone that the boy put on the table shook, his eyes fell on the last message, and he posted the ranking sent by Teacher Wang.

The parent fans in the live broadcast room raised their eyebrows ‌.


“He is first!”

“The cub is forty higher‌ than the second, the rank has been successfully promoted from bronze to the silver of 500‌. Don’t forget the good dried fish.”

“Whoever doesn’t give to whom is trash”

Shen Chi didn’t take it seriously, so he continued to do the question after posting the picture, but the users who sent the video of Emperor Penguin really voted and rewarded one by one.

In a short time, he received thousands of dried fish and squeezed into the last place on the reward list, which was particularly out of place among all the game anchors.

“Emperor Penguin users are real big dogs”

“The only official certified learning anchor for Kitten Live”

“Asian Server Top Ten Sprint for College Entrance Examination”

Shen Chi looked at the small fish that had come by accident and thought in silence that he could buy a plane ticket for his brother. He turned to the next page of exercises and continued to do today’s exercises.

Yan Xue Xiao turned on the computer on one side.

It’s a wonderful feeling. The person in the video is just beside him. He can’t help but look up at Yan Xue Xiao. Perhaps it’s because the house is cold and he secretly moves to the position near that person.

He was not found.

He moved a little more.

“Is it my illusion, it feels like the cub’s chair is getting closer and closer to the right”

“Is there someone on the left?”

“Is it a daughter-in-law!”

“Woo, I haven’t see how my daughter-in-law look like yet”

Yan Xue Xiao looked at the screen very attentively, feeling that he hadn’t been noticed. The young man moved a little more quietly, but when he was halfway there, he was suddenly pressed into the chair by a slender white hand, and the young man’s cold voice came from above: “Sit down. .”

” this sound!”

“It’s him, my daughter-in-law, yes”

“I saw my daughter-in-law’s hand!”

“The cub secretly moved his seat and was found on the spot”

Watching the barrage, the boy suddenly shut down the live broadcast, he defended himself with a guilty conscience. “Because it’s too cold.”

His voice just fell, and a hand fell off his forehead. His breath stopped, and the place he touched trembled slightly. He heard Yan Xue Xiao say: “It is very cold.”

He relaxed, but before he completely put it down, Yan Xue Xiao stretched out his hand and hugged him, who was completely cold, into his arms, and his body froze.

The embrace of the young man was not warm either, with the coldness of a queen of snow, but he was held tightly in his arms, like a faint fire rising in the cold night, his stiff body slowly relaxed, and he clenched the pen in his hand. .

At this time, the door suddenly rang.

He quickly left Yan Xue Xiao’s arms, walked to the door, and was startled when he opened the door: “Yan Shen?”

There is a long scar on Yanshen’s face, which makes the whole person particularly fierce. He deliberately suppressed his voice and awkwardly said: “I want to ask your brother to teach me some lesson.”

Seeing that he didn’t answer, Yan Shen took a wad of crumpled money and said very bluntly: “Is this enough?”

Yan Jianguo, who quietly followed Yan Shen, sighed heavily. How can he ask for help like this? He hurried to the door: “I am Yan Shen’s father.”

Yan Jianguo carefully handed Shen Chi the brand-new boxes one by one, and said very flatteringly: “This is the latest mouse. This is the matching keyboard headset. I bought it in a provincial city. Do you like it or not? I’ll help you get the items, and I promise that they won’t be discovered.”

The boy’s original watch was slightly loosened. Hearing the last sentence, he looked up at Yan Jianguo, without a watch, and asked: “Did you take my computer last time?”

Translator’s Note: I’ll happily eat all the dog food this pair is giving. If you notice any mistake ping me on discord or comment down below. The real reason why this update is late is because I honestly completely forgot I was supposed to update for thanks and I only remembered when I was lowkey on the bed about to close my eyes to sleep. Happy Reading everyone!
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    It metaphorically refers to a behavior or trick when someone pretends to be knocked down so he can ask for money.
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar Unknown nut says:

    I want to know more about Yan Shen. He seems to be a good lad actually. Shen Chi already have two friends at school, it would be great to have three.

    And, gosh, the dog food and all the cuteness are killing me. Too sweet ah

    1. Avatar Batata Anisia says:

      That’s true, he seems like a good material for a tsun friend XD
      Thanks for the update, TL-sama!!! I hope you can wake up in a good mood ?

  2. Avatar SyaSya says:

    Thanks for the chapter ??

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