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Porcelain Touch

After the live broadcast, Shen Chi was lying on the bed, looking at the calendar on his mobile phone, and there was still a month before the winter vacation, which meant that he still had to wait a month to see Yan Xue Xiao.

‌ Knowing why, he always feels that time flies very slowly. It is clear that the last time I met was Janua‌ry, but it felt like a long time since they last saw each other. The temperature in his memory has become icy cold.

The young man squeezed his phone, clicked on WeChat and dialed Yan Xue Xiao’s phone, and his voice sounded full. Careful: “By the way, do you like the shirt I gave you?”

Yan Xue Xiao replied: “I like it.”

He slowly loosened his hand holding the phone, just about to hang up, and heard Yan Xue Xiao ask: “What about you?”

He had already changed his shirt, but for no reason, the boy ran under the bed and put on clothes given by Yan Xue Xiao. He panted and replied, “I like it.”

In another coffee shop, a colleague dressed herself as Santa Claus and asked Yan Xue Xiao curiously: “I remember this shirt is for couples, why do you suddenly buy a couple outfit?”

The young man looked down at his shirt and remembered Shen Chi wearing the same shirt. He gently wiped the cup at the bar: “There is a discount.”


The next day, the border town.

“Dad asked me to bring it for you.”Aunt Ji brought baskets of potatoes from the countryside and told her, “I told you to make up for your health and give birth to a fat grandson.”

“It doesn’t matter if it is male or female.” Mother Ji poured a glass of water for Aunt Ji.

“Anyway, it’s better than Xiao Chi.” Aunt Ji gave a sharp sip of hot water,”I saw him walking on the road today. Can you believe it? He didn’t even look at me. How can I count on him to provide for the elderly? At Least there is a new generation born now.”

Mother Ji did not follow Aunt Ji’s words : “It’s also not easy for Xiao Chi.”

“Don’t tell me that. I saw him today. The headphones he wears are all good brands, and the clothes he wears are new clothes. I am his aunt. I didn’t see him buy anything for you.”

Aunt Ji recalled the scene of the meeting in the morning, and she kept complaining: “He played games every day, and his grades were not good enough for his specialty examinations. Later, he would reach out to you for money.”

Mother Ji helplessly shook her head.

Shen Chi left the classroom, returned the sled dog hairband to the monitor, and sat on his seat to do the problem.

He is racing against time to read books, and every day is no different to him. When he comes home every day, he will tear off the calendar and silently count the days of winter vacation.

He finished all the workbooks arranged by Yan Xue Xiao in the perceptual room. He didn’t throw away the used draft paper and planned to sell waste products. The pile was half a man high in the room. On the final exam day, he finally took off his medical wristband.

The final exam would be held on a snowy day. It is said that it is simulated according to the college entrance examination, but there are several proctors who are familiar faces.

Shen Chi followed the exam number to go to the examination room. The invigilator was Mr. Chen from class ‌one, and most of the students in class were sitting in the examination room.

Five minutes after the exam, Teacher Chen read the rules of the examination room and opened the sealed bag: “I know how other teachers are. I am very strict with the examination discipline, if you are found cheating you would be dismissed.”

Speaking of the last sentence, Teacher Chen looked at Shen Chi’s eyes, and other people’s eyes fell on the teenager. After the teenager’s eyes swept the classroom, the people around immediately turned their heads. Nobody dared to look again, sitting upright at the table, preparing for the exam.

In the afternoon for the math test, he opened the test paper and went through the questions first. As for the knowledge points checklist, the questions were all old questions. He could conclude that they were questions from the school, which were less difficult than Yan Xue Xiao’s questions.

No matter how simple the test paper is, he can guarantee that all the questions will be done, and he tries his best to ensure that all the questions he can do are done correctly, even though it took him an hour to finish the questions and hand over the test paper to the podium.

Teacher Chen asked in surprise: “Done?”

It took him weeks to work out this set of questions. Although it can be compared with the level of questions in the province, he is quite satisfied.

The teenager did not lift his face: “It’s too simple.”

He said this sentence. After saying this sentence, the classroom where the examination papers were rustling was silent for an instant. Teacher Chen was afraid that his students would be affected, so he waved to Shen Chi : “After handing in the paper, hurry up and leave.”

Shen Chi slowly packed up his pen and left the classroom, walked to the quiet corridor and took out the English vocabulary book. When he first bought the brand new vocabulary book, it was turned over, torn and ragged. He carried it from the first unit to the end unit.

The exam lasted two days. The next morning, he took the English test. Most of his time was spent on mathematics. He hadn’t even done a complete set of English test papers. He didn’t have much faith in English. The grammar filling in the blanks depends entirely on the sense of language.

‌‌ When he was able to read and comprehend, the passage was completely unfamiliar. Although he has a stumbling grasp of grammar, he can learn to choose the answer by reciting the outline words all the time.

After taking the final comprehensive examination in the afternoon, the final examination was over. When he got home, he didn’t open the live website, and the live room was peaceful.

“Don’t rush to ask the result when the cub is online”

“It’s just the final exam”

“Yes, I haven’t taken the exam again”

“Please calm down”

However, he was on the live broadcast, and the live broadcast room exploded.

“Cub! How is your test?”

”Are the questions difficult?”

“Is there any hope for first place in the grade ‌?”

If it is in Yancheng, the difficulty of taking the first grade is lower than that of taking Yancheng University. It is in the border town. He remembered correctly. The highest score in the last monthly exam was over 478. He estimated his own score: “The problem is big.”

“Year ‌!”

“My baby, took a big step”

“You can pass the prestigious university!”

“So how many points?”

“More than four hundred and eighty points.” He answered honestly.

“Hmm… only more than 400 points?”

“It looks like the school of the cub is too good.”

“Suddenly I feel that I don’t have the aura I imagined in my grade ‌”

“If the emperor penguin is there, remember to score the points and drop the dried fish for the cubs,or you would be treated like Yu Sheng”
“Daily whip corpse of trash Yu Sheng”

The 25th exam is over, and there are three days before the exam results come out. The weather is getting colder and colder, the rental house is fully heated, and the desk where Shen Chi reads is on the bed.

When the results came out, the teenager struggled to get out of bed and put on a furry cat hat to go to the school bulletin board to see the results.

Because he was wearing a hat and he did not want to run into someone else, he deliberately picked an empty road. When the cub arrived at school, who knew that he was stopped by Yan Shen as soon as he stepped into the school: “Shen Chi .”

Yan Shen seemed to have just watched the results, and said gruffly to him: “I have something to ask you for a long time.”

Shen Chi turned his head, he paid attention to Yan Shen for a long time, and always intentionally or unintentionally he(Yan Shen) sent snacks to him(Shen Chi), as if he had planned otherwise, he cautiously replied, “Ask.”

Yan Shen’s desire to speak further deepens his thoughts. He was about to say that he is now leading someone to the point. However, in the next second, he heard Yan Shen’s embarrassment and asked: “I see your results are very good. Is it convenient to ask where you find the tutor?”

The young man blinked slowly. He didn’t expect this to be the problem. Although his face was expressionless, his tone was obviously proud: “I didn’t find a tutor. My brother taught me.”

Yan Shen didn’t ask any more, and walked out in the wind and snow.

Shen Chi continued to walk to the bulletin board. The bulletin board posted a long list of strings. He walked from end to the end, and finally found his name on the first line.

After the exam, the result of his first name is not surprising, and the first name of the third middle school in Border Town is what it is, he wants to be admitted to Yan University so he must be ranked in the province’s tenth, he still has a long way to go.

What is surprising him is the scores, mathematics: a hundred and thirty-five points, English: a hundred and three points, a language of seventy-five points, a politics of fifty-four points, a calendar: fifty-eight points, and a geography: eighty points. Five points, the total score is five hundred times, and the second place is forty points.

It’s no wonder that Yan Shen, who is familiar with him, would inquire about his counseling agency. If there are footsteps coming, he takes a deep breath, wraps the hat on his head tightly, and turns back.

He didn’t expect someone behind him and bumped into his arms. When he was about to stand up straight, he smelled the familiar smell of pine wood. He raised his head stiffly, and Yan Xue Xiao’s sharp jawline reflected his amber pupils.

The pervasive heavy snow seemed to stop, the sharp wind suddenly disappeared, and the whole world was full of Yan Xue Xiao’s cold breath.

The young man with a cat hat on his head threw himself into the arms of the young man, and his voice was exceptionally low: “I fell down.”


Translator’s Note: For those who forgot Yu Sheng is the guy who promised to give Shen Chi dried fish if he manage to rank top 50 in the asian server of PUBG but went missing. Happy Reading Everyone!

Edit: I changed earth eggs to potatoes, my potato self did not recognize my fellow siblings.

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  1. Avatar Pig says:

    Poor Yan Shen. Maybe he’s stuck in school as a senior because he’s family circumstances prevent him from learning. I do wish he’d finally pass school.

  2. Avatar Lilian_Cho says:

    It’s not earth eggs; it’s potatoes.

    The “brick” covered in kraft paper should be a thick stack of money. Which is why the person responded with “No red envelope.”

    1. Nacchi Nacchi says:

      Thank youuu very much for this I’ll correct it. So it’s potatoes.

  3. Avatar IamNobody says:

    The viewers will never let Yu Sheng go.

  4. Avatar NightMoth says:

    He sat for an exam on calendars??? He even got 58 points for it.

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