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Golden House Hidden Cub

The boy’s cold eyes pierced, and there was cold sweat on Yan Jianguo’s forehead immediately smashed, and he hurriedly explained.

“I took your computer and sent you to the hospital when I saw you fall to the ground. The computer was also returned by A Shen.”

Yan Jianguo also specially emphasized one sentence: I am responsible for the medical expenses.

Shen Chi’s expression remained the same, he was busy touching his pockets, and he took out all his money. He came: “I bought something today, but there is only so much on me. If it is not enough, I will go next time -”

“It’s none of your business.” Yan Shen interrupted him.

Shen Chi looked at the scattered money handed by Yan Jianguo and the pleasing smile on his face. He lowered his thick eyelashes, suddenly admiring Yan Shen.

“Let me ask my brother.”

He turned around and left the room.

Yan Xue Xiao got up from his chair and looked at the photo taken on Christmas Eve on the wall. In the photo, the teenager was leaning on the side of the sleigh with bulging snacks in his pockets. He was well taken care of.

“Is he your classmate?”

Yan Xue Xiao asked.

Shen Chi nodded.

Yan Shen stood by the door, and the young man’s eyes were cast on him. Unlike the imaginary disgust, he was completely indifferent, but it made him feel uncomfortable and clearly realized that he was the son of a thief.

Even if he breaks off relations, it can’t change the fact that he is entangled in his own flesh and blood like gangrene.

He understands the meaning in the eyes of the youth. There is no good parent who wants his child to interact with the son of a thief. His last extravagant hope fades away, and he slowly turns around, his back is still straight.

The teenager pulled Yan Xue Xiao’s sleeve, and Yan Xuexiao glanced at the teenager and said softly: “Come on.”

Yan Shen’s departure stopped abruptly, and a trace of disbelief flashed across his eyes, and the scars on his face became more fierce. Yan Jianguo hurriedly thanked him, “Thank you, Mr. Shen.”

“My brother’s name is Yan.” Shen Chi corrected.

Although the brothers do not have the same surname as Shen and Yan, Yan Jianguo immediately changed his mouth: “Thank you, Teacher Yan.”

Yan Xue Xiao squeezed his fist tightly in his hand, followed Shen Chi to the room, and sat restrained on a chair. Yan Xuexiao took a piece of white paper: “I don’t have the time to take care of you, and You can record if you don’t understand.”

“I understand.”

Yan nodded deeply. If it weren’t for Shen Chi, he would not have the qualifications to be beside him, and he would not dare to have any thoughts of interrupting.

“I’ll teach grammar today.” Yan Xue Xiao wrote on the white paper, “Five kinds of simple sentences, subject-predicate, subject-predicate-object, subject table…any sentence is a deformation of a simple sentence.”

Shen Chi has memorized the words for a month. It’s the first time I came into contact with grammar today. For him, grammar is the most obscure part. But with Yan Xue Xiao, the sentence is split into different parts, and he doesn’t seem to think it is so difficult.

‌Yan Shen’s impression of the English class rests on Teacher Wang reading the text over and over again, except that the text is only grammar. ‌ ‌He compares the notes he took, the complicated grammar is logically clear The framework gradually becomes concise.

Yan Shen carefully read the notes, Yan Jianguo at the door wiped the corner of his eyes, and quietly put the things in his hands by the door, and closed the door with his hands.

“Do the following questions.”

Yan Xue Xiao took a sip of water.

Yan Shen slowly opened the exercise book, circled B after the first question, and Shen Chi next to him reminded: “Choose C.”

The youth lifted his eyelids: “Choose A.”

Like being discovered in a small talk in class, Shen Chi and Yan Shen bowed their heads differently and began to do the questions quietly.

During the break, Shen Chi glanced at the news on the computer, and the U.S. stocks rose to a new high. He didn’t know the stock market, but he is very happy to see Yan Xue Xiao’s expression.


In the evening, Yan Shen got up from his chair, Shen Chi memorize things faster than him. After completing the exercises, he was almost guaranteed to be correct. Although he was less than half correct,it was an incredibly correct rate compared with before. He planned to go back and record again.

The fierce-looking boy trembled while holding the exercise book, took a deep breath, stood up and said stiffly, “Thank you, Mr. Yan.”

“Take the things back.” Yan Xue Xiao said lightly.


Yan Shen picked up the gift bag by the door. There are quite a few people in his society. Teacher Yan talks gently, but occasionally reveals oppression that he has never seen before. He doesn’t dare to be distracted, let alone distracted in class.

Yan Shen walked through the door, and it was cold. Yan Jianguo waited at the door with his neck down. He came to ask: “How is it?”

“Mr. Yan teaches very well.” Yan Shen lowered his head and said, “He won’t accept your things, you take them back, and leave me alone in the future.”

“That’s good, that’s good.”

Yan Jianguo wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes. Yan Shen refused to let him follow. He walked to the corridor and stopped. While worried that Yan Shen would be hungry after class, he wanted to buy Yan Shen a vocabulary book.

At this moment, a phone call came from an unfamiliar number. He stared at it for a while to get the call.

“Yan Jianguo, 12 years in jail for deliberate murder, because of the good performance in the prison he was allowed to leave prison early, burglary after prison he was sent to the detention center 12 times, his wife has been in bed for many years, and his son often interacts with the public.”

The phone accurately said his information, and his eyes instantly turned cold: “What are you looking for me?”

“There is a profitable business that I want to talk to you.”


Shen Chi was working on a question on the table. After learning all the clauses today, his eyelids fell heavily, and when he heard footsteps behind him, he immediately raised his head: “I haven’t slept.”

Yan Xue Xiao sat next to him and handed over a glass of warm milk. With a pen in his hand, he naturally lowered his head and took a sip from the young man’s hand.

He didn’t realize that there was milk froth on his lips. When he continued to lower his head to do the question, his chin was suddenly pinched by his cold hand.

He was forced to lift his chin, and received the warm breath of the other party, as close as he was about to kiss, his breathing stopped immediately. As his heart was beating, the young man just pulled a tissue and wiped his lips. While gently wiping off the milk froth.

Shen Chi immediately became sober, every letter in the workbook was clearly printed in his mind, but he couldn’t answer a single question, especially by the chilly pine smell around him, which inevitably reminded him of the temperature in the arms of youth.

“You seem sleepy.” The young man looked at him and said.

He was caught off guard, and he gulped and nodded for no reason.

Yan Xue Xiao looked back thoughtfully, got up from the chair, and he immediately asked, “Are you leaving?”

The youth murmured: “Just rented a room.”

His head slowly dropped, the house he rented was too small, and his sleeping appearance was not good. Although it was impossible, it would be nice if he could stay together forever.

This thought inevitably fermented in his mind, as if touching a dangerous area, he suddenly stopped thinking, that is, it is impossible for them to be together forever.

“Then I will show you the door.” His voice was muffled, concealing his unspeakable emotions.

He got up from the chair and escorted Yan Xue Xiao to the door. When he was about to turn around, his wrist was caught. The young man looked at him and asked calmly, “Won’t you go with me?”

Because of the light on his back, Yan Xue Xiao’s face is not very clear. From Shen Chi’s perspective, he can only see the young man’s adam’s apple.

His silent heart slowly re-jumped in his chest, his wrists being held literally hot, and he didn’t even want to answer: “Yes.”

The teenager packed up the big and small bags and followed Yan Xue Xiao to the door. In the dark, they went to the residential building. The cold night breeze swept past him silently, but he didn’t realize it, and followed Yan Xue Xiao.

He said that this building is the only high-rise building in the border town with an elevator. There are security guards in the building because it is the underage landlord who refuses to rent it to him. The price of 1,500 a month is also the most expensive in the border town where housing prices are sluggish.

They took the elevator to the top floor. Yan Xue Xiao pressed the code to lock and opened the door. The clean and bright room caught his eyes. Turning on the light, the red-haired boy stopped at the door of the room with his backpack.

The house has a big living room. Standing on the terrace he can overlook half of the border town. It is very different from his small rented house. Yan Xue Xiao’s voice sounded from above his head: “I temporarily rented a house.”

“There is no French window.”

“There is no game room.”

“But-“in the cold border town, the bright-looking youth stared at him and paused and said, “There will be some in the future.”

The tone is very certain.

Translator’s Note: This was reposted because of some error, for those who did not see what I said on the old ver of this chapter. I’ll be taking a break from translating this week because I’ll be busy with my thesis defense. Happy Reading everyone.
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