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Shen Chi whispered and wanted to say that I want to know what you look like. When he was opening his mouth, Yan Xue Xiao’s voice came from my ear: “Children can fall in love early.”

As if he had a guilty conscience, he swallowed the words he was about to say and turned on the computer to broadcast live.


Shen Chi received a courier call on Friday. He remembered he did not buy something for himself ‌ and walked to the school gate to pick up the courier in confusion. After he retrieved the courier, he placed the thick courier box by the table.

“What did you buy?” Zhuangzhou asked curiously.

“My brother sent it.” Shen Chi glanced at the express delivery slip.

“It must be a book since we are in our third year of high school.” The boy in the front row empirically inferred, “The set of five-three books. They like to send things to teachers and assistants, but my brother gave me two whole sets of books saying one set is for collection.”

Zhuang Zhou has a deep understanding of this. Every time his parents go to the provincial capital to purchase goods, they always bring him two new books.

Shen Chi opened the courier. It is the latest game console. It is equipped with a handle and a screen. You can hang the screen on the wall and use the handle to play games.

“Buy it temporarily because I placed first.”

Boys in the front row: “I am sour.”

“I’m sour too.” Zhuang Zhou finally understands why Shen Chi has no girlfriend. There is a new console, brother, and his time is occupied with gaming. How can he have a heart to fall in love?

He put the things away carefully: “My brother is poor.”

He paused and said, “He has been good to me.”

Looking at the courier box. The game console is expensive and the prices are high. He is really worried that Yan Xue xiao will not be able to support himself. He opened WeChat and hesitated to transfer his salary this month .


Raven walked into the coffee shop, and fortunately he followed Yan‌’s advice two days ago, and sold half of his stock, because the next one was three blowouts within a week.

The exchange temporarily stopped trading when the stock index volatility reached the melting point, which meant that the Fed’s stimulus measures were completely ineffective and the market entered a state of disorder.

He believes that Yan must be short in advance and earn at least millions. He ask: “Are you investing in gold?”

Under the spread of market panic, gold will undoubtedly become the best safe-haven asset. In fact, the price of gold has hit a six-month high as of today.

“The main thing is the stock market.” Yan Xue Xiao handed the coffee to Raven.

“It’s irrational after the market has fallen.” Raven took a sip of the latte and said with lingering fear, “I own a new drug company, and the quarterly report revenue has increased by 175%, and the stock price has returned to half.”

“It is precisely because of this.”

Raven was stunned, and after a while, he came to understand that when investment panic is the highest, it is also when high-quality assets are most undervalued. As someone who understands the truth, you only need to enter the market. It is only necessary to judge and make decisions.

Yan Xue Xiao‌’s phone rang suddenly, he opened the screen, and Shen Chi sent him 5,000 yuan for living expenses, while he was living off 500 yuan per month.

He narrowed his eyes, his thick eyelashes cast shadows under his eyes, and his expression floated, showing a trace of rare confusion.

Raven saw Yan like this for the first time, he could easily ask: “Is there anything to worry about? Maybe I can help you.”

Yan Xue Xiao looked at the screen, but with patience, he would put down his guard and be willing to follow people home, so he was afraid of Shen Chi being coaxed away by others.

He sounded his tone and expressed his emotions: “I’m afraid that my child will fall in love early.”

“Puppy love is normal.” Raven smiled, “You can try to divert his attention, does he like something?”

Yan rReplied gently: “I placed an order for him on the game console.”


On Saturday, the Northwest Division Promotion Competition will be held, and the 100 contestants who won the group stage will compete for 20 places to participate in the finals. Shen Chi got off at the bus stop in front of the Internet cafe.

He‌ stopped, because Teacher Wang was wearing a red armband patrolling the door of the Internet cafe. He waited for a while, but only ten minutes before the start of the game, Teacher Wang was still hovering at the door.

Shi Liang, who has always had a good life, went to Mr. Wang to greet him and attracted Mr. Wang’s attention. Zhuang Zhou and Shen Chi quickly walked into the Internet cafe from behind Mr. Wang.

When Shen Chi sat on the bench, only five minutes before the start of the game, he was the last player to appear.

In the live broadcast room, Duan Shi introduced the situation of the promotion match: “Currently, the highest scorer is Late. He scored 185 points in six group matches, and Jiang Xu ranked second with 124 points…”

“Jiang Xu is a professional player, this difference is too scary”

“The atmosphere of Northwest E-sports is strong, one team is not. I watched the group stage last week. The level is really good, like the Eastern Division, at most the water friends tournament.”

“Even in the water game, Late kills an average of 20 people in one round, which is a bit terrifyingly stable.”

“I can see it in the finals”

The live broadcast was pushed to the game field, and a large screen was added to the field. Zhuang Zhou alone held a banner to cheer for Shen Chi, but did not send out. Teacher Wang realized that he was right to enter the Internet cafe, and he stood gloomily. Behind.

“red armbands, yes, they are teachers.”

“I have confirmed my eyes, it is the class teacher’s gaze, pity this little fellow ‌‌ didn’t send a message, my eyes ‌ stared at the big screen.”

“Late‌ will be halfway through and be taken away by the teacher.”

“That’s true, happy to hear and see”

Without knowing anything, Shen Chi sat down and put on his headphones.

The first game is the island map, the route is to the northeast. He chooses the edge of the map to jump off from Port G. Although it is located on the edge of the island, Port G has less resources. Landing is often accompanied by battle. He jumps at the corner of the northeast container. .

“I thought that Late would jump to school”

“Choose Port G is more conservative, right?”


“Port G is located at the head jump point of the route, and there are many parachuting players. We can see that two battles broke out in Port G within five minutes of landing, and Late successfully killed five players.” Duan Shi continued to explain.

“Five points, it’s too strong”

“No one is optimistic about Jiang Xu? He played very easily. He didn’t deliberately pursue the number of kills. He also scored three points.”

“He has a more professional approach, and he is promoted 20 before the game. In other words, he can only be promoted and save his strength in the finals.”

Shen Chi is used to being highly focused in every game, and likes the feeling of trying his best to defeat his opponent in the game. He moves slowly from the edge of the island to the safe area, and at the same time clears the enemy to ensure his own safety.

Until the finals, there were only two people left, and both sides crawled in the crop circle, and when they saw each other, he continued to move.

Duan Shi felt it was a pity to avoid Late, because the other person was Jiang Xu. Although Jiang Xu came to the competition to show off slowly, his reaction power was amazing. After the offense, he would give his opponent time to think about whether to attack or not .

“Professional players have a very heavy pressure. I have never seen Late’s face so dignified.”

“This red-haired cub has been expressionless all the time, is there a Late fan in the emperor penguin?”

“The team is infiltrated”

“It’s up to you Jiang Xu”

Jiang Xu didn’t take this game to heart. The promotion game was just a trivial matter for him. He stood up from the grass, leaned against the bunker, and saw Late at the southwest glance.

Time became very slow in his eyes, and the shots were shot in one go, enough to allow him to aim at the opponent with great ease, and even predict the opponent’s direction.

“Jiang Xu’s reaction force is really fast, he didn’t notice the shadow on the ground, right”

“Congratulations to Jiang Xu for winning the first game”

“The key point is to win, but to break Late’s six-game winning streak”

However, when Jiang Xu pressed the shot, the accident suddenly happened. He ran behind the bunker in the opposite direction. He predicted the direction, but did not expect the other party to accurately avoid bullets. His hand operation was horribly subtle.

He was just stunned for a while before he was caught by the other party. The bullets came in densely, and the last hand|thunder took him away directly!


“Sigh, it’s such a good opportunity, he didn’t grasp such a good opportunity, Jiang Xu, you lost a fan”

“Seven consecutive victories!”

The competition continued. The Northwest Division was the least competitive area to win the championship. There were many people in the live broadcast room. However, with Shen Chi’s winning streak, the live broadcast room became more and more popular , and even appeared on the homepage of Emperor Penguin Live Broadcasting.

At the last second, Shen Chi ended the game with twelve consecutive victories, keeping the number of kills at more than 20 people per game, and entered the game as the number one in the Northwest Division. The live broadcast room was full of noise, and Duan Shi was excited and asked: “Any thoughts?”

Shen Chi’s wrists trembled, he lowered his eyes and said, “It’s not unexpected.”

“So angry”

“As always, he pulls hatred”

“winning the first place in the northwest division is like this, and he must win the championship.”

“I don’t think he has ever been beaten up in the Eastern Division.”

Only in the live broadcast room, the competition field is also awkward. A passerby walks out of the Internet cafe and still sighs: “There is also a champion in the northwest, playing a good career, and the future is bright.”

Hearing his words, he quietly left behind Zhuang Zhou.

Jiang Xu Friends comforted Jiang Xu: “You are in a very good state today, and the second place is also great. Don’t take it to heart. The child is really amazing.”

Jiang Xu shook his head: “His style of play will waste his hands.”

Today, he avoided the edge just because he didn’t need it, so he saved his strength for the final. The career of e-sports player is short, so he will not waste his time on the competition.

Shen Chi sat in the seat for a while, the pain disappeared from the elbow, Zhuang Zhou asked worriedly: “You have no problem with your hands?”

“It’s an old problem.”

At this time, Shen Chi was very energetic. He walked out of the Internet cafe and dialed a voice call: “I’m promoted, first in the Northwest region, and I will show you the champion in the finals——”

He stopped when he said the last sentence. If you change to someone else, he will definitely say that he is realistic, but Yan Xue Xiao is cold, and the voice rang in his ear: “I’m waiting.”

Gentle and determined.

‌‌His heart beat suddenly fastened. After hanging up the phone, he still couldn’t calm down. It seemed to be jumping faster. He restrained and sent a message.

[Shen Chi] Can I…see your photo?

After a while, he did not wait for a reply.

He lowered his head, and when he was about to turn off his phone, suddenly a message floated on the screen.

-I’ll send you a video invitation


KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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