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On the way to the Japanese food store, Zhuang Zhou turned his head to see Shen Chi holding the phone, and asked in surprise, “Why are your ears red?”

The boy put on the headphones, his voice was cold: “You are wrong.”

Zhuang Zhou turned his head back suspiciously. He had just seen Shen Chi’s ears red.

They followed the map and walked to the Japanese food shop ‌. The Japanese food shop is called Matsumi, and it is the only Japanese food shop in the provincial capital.

Walking into the shop, the environment of the shop is quiet, and the bamboo dish names written in Japanese are hung on the wall, and the breeze is blowing all over, but there is no one customer in the shop.

Zhuang Zhou whispered: “It seems that business is not so good.”

Shi Liang nod his head

The waiter in a blue kimono led them to sit down and handed the menu to them: “Hello, what can I do for you?”

Shen Chi sat down and flipped through the menu. The cheapest udon was 68. The boy’s eyes stopped at the price, and he closed the menu blankly: “Don’t we still have class in the afternoon?”

Zhuang Zhou responded extremely quickly: “Let’s go.”

Shi Liang was confused. There would be no class in the afternoon, but he was relieved to hear that he was going to go. A meal of fifty yuan was very difficult for him.

The price on the menu is too expensive for them to afford. There is nothing wrong with the snack bar opposite the school.

Just as they stood up, the waiter said quickly: “‌ The reserved guests are not coming. Would you like to buy it for 300 yuan?”

As if afraid that they would not agree, the waiter said again: “The chef has strict requirements on the freshness of the food. There is only one table of guests in the store. If you disagree, we can only throw it away.”

Zhuang Zhou quickly opened ‌, and looked towards Shen Chi: “I remember there is no class in the afternoon, did you remember it wrong?”

The red-haired teenager replied: “I might have been wrong.”

They sat back to their positions, and the waiter took them into a box. The wooden table in the box was filled with a wide range of food, such as tuna belly sushi, Matsuba crab, unagi… Hot pot.

The waiter stood by and introduced them in turn: “This dish is pepper tofu, and the tofu is fresh sea urchin…”

Shi Liang felt that he was in a dream. He originally thought that he could not be used to eating sashimi, but the peony shrimp was lightly sweet and dipped in fresh ground wasabi. He had never eaten this delicious thing before. ‌ Eating very slowly because he couldn’t bear to eat it fast.

Shen Chi picked up the tuna belly sushi casually. He was always picky in taste, but it was delicate and rich, unexpectedly fresh, but he looked around and said, “Is there no wine?”

It stands to reason that it will be matched with the right wine.

The waiter said apologetically: “The last guest didn’t order wine.”

Although there was no wine, the three minors still happily enjoyed the meal. Everyone had a round belly. When he was almost finished, Shen Chi walked out of the box and paid the bill.

When they left, the waiter asked anxiously: “Will you lose money?”

“Someone paid for them.” Ban said with a smile, “Even the ingredients are shipped by air. I have never used this good ingredient in my life.”

Because they had a long meal time, they missed the previous bus, and the last bus departed late until six in the afternoon. The three people got on the bus back to the border town and turned on their phones.

[Shen Chi] The Japanese food is very delicious, if you come to the border town, I will treat you to

The other party gently replied to him.

【Yan Xue Xiao】Ok

The bus started slowly, and Shen Chi leaned his head on the bus window, watching the provincial capital gradually disappear from the line of sight, he sent a message.

【Shen Chi】It would be good if I had desserts. Before, my grandma always took me out to eat. She always bought desserts, but I haven’t seen her for a long time, so I don’t know if she forgot about me.


The bus drove for three hours and stopped at the bus station in the border town. At this time, the sky was completely dark, and scattered street lights cast dim shadows.

“I’m going home, my mother will worry if I don’t go back.”

“My dad is calling me to go back.”

Shen Chi lowered his eyes, and walked to the residential building alone after parting. He walked into the dark corridor.

The voice-activated light was broken and had not been repaired. He turned on the flashlight and went upstairs using the light of his mobile phone. When he walked to the door to open, he suddenly caught something under his feet.

He bent down and found that it was a small box in a ‌bag. The boy opened the door and walked into the house, carefully opened the box, and was stunned for the moment he opened it.

A small strawberry cake appeared in front of him, and a small card was attached to the side of the box. He trembled and opened the card. It said that Grandma hopes you will be happy.

Even though he knew that it was from Yan Xue Xiao, he lowered his head, his eye were slightly red, and he ate the cake slowly, but half of it was left.

After eating the cake, Shen Chi flipped through the address book and found Yan Xue Xiao’s name. International calls are too expensive. After thinking about it, he didn’t dial it, but opened WeChat to dial the voice call.

He didn’t speak for a long time, and Yan Xue Xiao did not speak, as if silently comforting: “Are you busy in class?”

The young man seemed to know what he was thinking, the young man replied: “I still have time to answer your call.”

The moment he heard the words, the teenager squeezed his phone, as if all his willfulness would be satisfied, he suddenly asked, “Why do you learn philosophy?”

In many people’s minds, philosophy is a useless subject.

After a while, Yan Xue Xiao’s cold voice came over the phone: “The development of the whole philosophy can be said to be an inquiry into the origin of the world, from Thales’ aquatic things to Descartes’ dualism of mind and matter, and to Nietzsche’s Estimate all values.”

The young man said calmly: “Philosophy is a group of curious people looking up at the world. This in itself is an exciting and thrilling thing.”

Although Shen Chi cannot fully understand it, perhaps the aroma remaining in the strawberry cake is too sweet and the description is too romantic. He wants to get close to the world of Yan Xue Xiao.

The boy sat at the desk and opened the philosophy part of the political book for the first time.


On Monday, before class started, Master Wang stood on the podium and said sternly: “Now students don’t take study seriously at all. They don’t study at home on weekends and run to the Internet cafe in groups. This week, we will carry out the net-cleaning operation, and we will never allow a No.3 middle school student to appear in the Internet cafe.”

Zhuang Zhou just finished his homework, and when he heard these words, he wondered and asked: “Has the king’s menopause come?”

The boy in the front row covered the lower half of his face with a book, turned his head and whispered: “I heard that the blind date failed yesterday.”

“This is not surprising.” Zheng Zhou is worried about the promotion game in the Northwest Division next week, but the Internet cafes in the provincial capital shouldn’t be too far away, so he let go of the worries in his heart.

In the afternoon in the hospital in the border town, Mother Ji was lying on the bed: “I think I still have to talk to Xiao Chi.”

Father Ji stopped peeling oranges, and said tactfully: “You know Xiao Chi’s temper. You forget that he came back from a fight last time. I am afraid that he will be emotional and do something.”

It’s not that he didn’t treat Xiao Chi as his own child, but the child looked at him and his eyes were always unfriendly, silent and cold. He was afraid of the child when he heard the news that mother Ji was pregnant. He didn’t feel the burden, but was relieved.

Mother Ji looked at him.

Father Ji handed the orange to her and sighed: “I’ll call him, and you should rest well. The doctor said you can’t get excited now.”

Dad Ji walked out of the ward and dialed Shen Chi’s phone. After a while, the phone was connected. He asked, “Xiao Chi, how have you been recently?”

“Just say it directly.”

He opened with a hint of nervousness: “Your mother and I wanted to tell you something. Your mother is two months pregnant, and I didn’t tell you because I knew it was too sudden.”

The boy didn’t seem to be surprised, and his words were sharper than the last time they met: “There is no need to tell me.”

Father Ji asked cautiously:Are you angry? Don’t think too much. We don’t want you to be alone when we leave this child. It is your future relative. ”

The boy said coldly: “I have nothing to do with you, only a relative. Before you disturb me next time, please pay off the twelve thousand.”

Father Ji wanted to say something but he couldn’t. After all, they owed the child. Facing the sudden strangeness of Shen Chi, he realized that he had finally lost the child. Shen Chi will not calculate the accounts clearly.


Shen Chi lowered his eyes and deleted Father Ji’s number. He dropped his phone and walked forward. He didn’t notice that people pulled up the iron wire to dry clothes in front of the residential building, and ran into the iron wire for drying clothes.

The white gauze curtain hung on the iron wire, and the wind blew down gently and softly. Among the layered gauze curtains, a girl in a white skirt hurriedly walked over, with big and bright eyes.

The girl saw him stop, and silently looked at the red mark on his forehead, as if asking if he was fine.

He didn’t answer, he just helped the girl pick up the gauze and hung it on the wire again.

Shen Chi returned to the rental house after hanging up the clothes . He looked at the empty house and sat in a chair for a long time with uncertain emotions, so he forgot to broadcast the live broadcast as usual. When he was about to turn on the computer, Yan Xue Xiao called.

“What happened?”

The young man put on his headphones and tried his best to make his own voice sound as normal as possible: “Nothing happened, I will broadcast it immediately.”

The other party didn’t speak and seemed to be waiting.

He can only open up : “They are looking for me.”

After a while, Yan Xue Xiao’s voice came from the other side of the phone: “Don’t feel sorry for the unworthy.”

The young man squeezed his phone and hummed. He thought he was not alone: ​​”It was not particularly sad. It took time to help a girl pick up things on the road, but she was quite pure and beautiful.”

He was worried that the phone bill would be too expensive. When he just wanted to hang up, he heard Yan Xue Xiao ask in a flat tone: “You like pure and beautiful girls?”


Translator’s Note: Hello, thank you for reading. Please ping me on discord or comment if you notice some error.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar bakateme says:

    I was so soft after reading the stuff YXX did for our cub but when we got to “Don’t feel sorry for the unworthy” I was laughing ??? HAHAHAHAHAA Young man, stop drinking vinegar! You yourself said the child at home is still too young hahahahhaha

  2. littleyen littleyen says:

    Someone is getting jealous… ???
    Finally Shen Chi tried to know and understand more about Yan Xue Xiau’s world

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