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Shen Chi’s brain was blank for two seconds, and he stood half a beat slowly, and said to Zhuang Zhou and Shi Liang, “I’ll go out for a while.”

He hadn’t seen Yan Xue Xiao, and from imagining each other’s appearance, he went to the back of the Internet cafe wondering why he was more nervous than playing the game.

He took a deep breath and agreed to the video invitation.

A young man in a white shirt appeared on the screen. His complexion was cold and white, and his eyes were long and narrow. A sense of distance could be felt across the screen, as if he had entered a paper with a halo of loose smoke and ink.

The boy’s heart was beating, and he opened his mouth but said nothing. He heard the clear breath in the air, something quietly filled his heart.

Yan Xue Xiao said softly, “Why do you hold the phone using your left hand?”

Obviously it was just a simple question, but his breathing was still disturbed, and he hurriedly replied: “The right hand is a little tired.”

The other party seemed to be thinking, and the air was quiet and quiet, until Yan Xue Xiao said faintly: “I will continue to work.”

Only then did he realize that Yan Xue Xiao had the coffee shop clothes beside him. He calmly turned off the video.

After hanging up the phone, a young man with red hair leaned against the wall burned by the sun, and his heart beat more violently.

In class on Monday, Mr. Wang walked to the podium with a thick exercise book: “Last week, the net movement made a breakthrough, and one person from No.3 Middle School appeared in the Internet cafe.”

Zhuang Zhou spoke from the stage: “Mr. Wang should change his glasses. We stayed in the Internet cafe all morning and he didn’t notice it.”

Shen Chi nodded lazily.

“I would like to say one more thing before class: A large hospital in Yancheng is willing to provide free comprehensive physical examinations for our school’s students. We will gather in the playground at 9 o’clock on an empty stomach on Friday morning.” Teacher Wang looked at Shen Chi,”Some students will be late, and they will be complacent because they have achieved some results.”

Zhuang Zhou looked at the test report that had just been announced. Shen Chi’s name firmly occupies the last place. He could not help but be confused: “Does the last one count as a result?”

“Teacher Wang’s heart is as difficult to understand as finding a needle in the ocean.” The boy in the front row turned his head and said.

Shen Chi didn’t feel much about the physical examination, and his eyelids didn’t lift when they drew blood. After the physical examination, he got on the train to Yancheng to participate in the competition after the live broadcast.

The final is divided into two days. In order to keep the proportion of luck to the lowest, there are a total of 12 games in six games a day. The ranking is determined by the points, and the intensity is obvious.

In order to ensure that he could arrive at the competition venue before nine o’clock the next day, he did not choose the most suitable green train, and bought a ticket for General Express.

There are many people of all kinds on the train. He sits near the toilet, and the smell of cheap cigarettes fills the air. He frowned and tightened his arms.

His sleep was shallow, and he took the train alone. He dared not sleep soundly for fear of someone stealing his bag. He didn’t fall asleep until two or three in the morning.

At seven o’clock in the morning, the train stopped in the capital Yancheng. Hearing the voice of the broadcasting station, the teenager suddenly became sober. When he stood on the hard seat, his lower body was already numb, and he stiffened and got off the train.


Jiang Xu arrived in Yancheng a week early. He set off from the hotel, enjoyed a sumptuous dinner, and arrived at the final venue.

Most of the players who entered the finals were professional players. The most watched suspected to be the first place in the Southeast Division is Zhou Tingchuan, who was born in SWL Youth Training Camp and received the most systematic and scientific training in China. It can be seen that he became the SWL master just one year after joining the league.

His gaze moved away from Zhou Tingchuan, who was surrounded by the crowd, and he saw Shen Chi walking alone with his bag on his back to sit down, unscrewing the water glass and drinking, he noticed that the knuckles were particularly distinct, and they were a pair of piano hands.

If he was asked to comment on Shen Chi’s style of play, there was only one word to describe it, a completely wild style, because his hand speed and consciousness were amazing and there was no imitation. He suddenly thought, if Zhou Tingchuan confronted Shen Chi, who would win and who would lose.

Although the competition has not yet started, the pre-match preparations have already begun to be broadcast live. As a common single game, the heat of the live broadcast room quickly reached the homepage of God Penguin.

“Chou Tingchuan, come on!”

“My Zhou Tingchuan is the champion, no one has any opinions?”

“No comment”

“Reverse, I made a bet”

“Basically, it’s Zhou Tingchuan, right? The odds are the lowest. There were a few bets on Late, but thinking about Zhou Tingchuan. It’s possible.”

In front of the computer, Yan Xue Xiao put down the book and frowned slightly, registered the Emperor Penguin account, and participated in the game betting for the first time.

In the middle of the live broadcast room, he and Fang Shengquan partnered to explain. Duan introduced the players: “In the fiercely competitive southeast competition area, Zhou Tingchuan scored 174 points to advance to the finals. It is obvious that the voice of winning the championship is also the most intense, and the prediction of the champion is far ahead-”

When he said the last sentence, he glanced at the betting page and let out a sigh: “It was a bit wrong. Now, Late’s bet amount is the highest.”

The barrage shook.

“I just saw it was only fifty dollars”

“Late fans are so rich? ”


“Hey, little red hair invited a rich woman, we should talkthrough e-sports.”

Five minutes from the start of the competition, the camera slowly swept over all the players, one hundred players from all over the country, and Fang Shengquan was familiar to everyone.

He saw the teenager who opened the seat of the game, in sharp contrast with the radiant professional player next to him: “Late look ‌ to be more exhausted.”

“There is indeed traffic in the Northwest Division.” Duan explained, “I hope it will have an impact on the next game.”

“Look, it was broadcast live yesterday.”

“It only takes a few hours to buy a plane ticket.”

“Jiang Xu is also from the northwest. He arrived in Yancheng a week earlier to stay in the hotel. If he arrives today, he will take a rest. It’s strange to blame someone else.”

At nine o’clock in the evening, the game begins in a bang.

Same as the regular four-player game ‌, with hundreds of players participating, several battles may break out at the same time. The director naturally focused the main shots on Zhou Tingchuan.

“Zhou Tingchuan is in a very good state today.” Fang Shengquan commented, “It doesn’t matter whether it is rhythm or consciousness, there is no shortcoming for a professional player.”

“Jiang Xu has played a little too much.” Duan said, “It’s a pity that he ran into Zhou Tingchuan and was taken away by a wave.”

The voice of Duan ‌ fell, and a new battle broke out on the screen. Zhou Tingchuan keenly discovered Late in ambush on the hillside, and AWM shot a headshot.

“It’s a pity for Late. He still did not have enough familiarity with the shape. He didn’t get into the top ten to get the ranking points.” Fang Shengquan said with regret.

“This is the difference between business and occupation.” Duan said, “Sufficient control over details is often the key to determining the battle.”

“”The rich woman’s sister’s money fell into the water.”

“Distressed for a second”

” I feel bad, smashed again”

After three games in the first half, Zhou Tingchuan scored 75 points in the first place, and Shen Chi ranked in the twentieth with 43 points. The results are said to be upper and worse.

“The level of the Northwest Division is true , the first place in the final is only ranked 20.”

“I feel like Late was distracted after being shot in the head in the first game and played in the next two games.”

“Questions with little game experience, it is estimated that self-confidence has been hit. Putting the Northwest Division to the top, putting it on a group of professional players will be ordinary.”

After a half-hour break, Shen Chi went to the lounge, opened his backpack and took out a water glass, drank a mouthful of water, and then turned on his phone.

“What is he doing?”

“The desert map in the second half is like memorizing the desert map.”

“Can you remember it in such a short time?”

“he must remember, just remember the details, but it’s hard to remember.”

Shen Chi seems to have returned to the days of memorizing piano scores, but he calmed down navigating from the westernmost prison to the easternmost army base, down to every tree and every stone.

Five minutes before the start of the second half, he closed his eyes and recited it silently, turned off his phone, and entered the arena again.

“No rest at all”

“Can you really remember?”

“If you can write down what other e-sports are playing, it is recommended to go directly to the Yan University.”

“Late’s pressure is a bit too big.” Fang Shengquan said euphemistically, “I hope he can adjust his mentality in the next game. I personally still look at him.”

The second half of the game was organized, and Zhou Tingchuan’s points were continuously increased, always occupying the first place, reaching a terrifying six-game winning streak in the final.

But to Fang Shengquan’s surprise, Late rose from the 20th to the 7th with amazing sense of killing points!

“The director didn’t show me the camera. I was confused. In the first half, was Late still ranked 20th? Why did you suddenly jump to seventh?

“I also remember it was the 20th”


Fang Shengquan was also puzzled, and asked the director to switch back to the camera. Late’s first angle of view appeared on the screen. It was still shooting with the lens. It seemed to be the same as before, but the difference can be seen after several replays.

“He found that the enemy was more acute.” Fang Shengquan commented that there was obvious approval in the tone. “When choosing a position to hide, it is more concealed, and the details of the map have risen.”

“He really wrote it down”

“Watching the group stage wearing school uniforms. He is still going to high school, right?”

“He is progressing fast. I remember watching his live broadcast at the beginning, he was a little anchor. It’s no wonder that SWL threw an olive branch at him, but unfortunately he didn’t agree. If he received system training, he said he would set his current level and not be worse than Zhou Tingchuan.”

At the end of the game, the players left the field one after another. The teenager was sitting in his seat, his right hand hidden under his sleeve was trembling slightly, and the trembling lasted longer than ever.

Jiang Xu noticed Shen Chi’s hand, handed him a bottle of mineral water, and opened the cap: “Do you know about tenosynovitis?1inflammation and swelling of a tendon, typically in the wrist, often caused by repetitive movements such as typing.
Common occupational diseases can recover spontaneously in the early stage. They will bid farewell to the stadium.”

Shen Chi did not accept the water.

“Zhou Tingchuan, you saw today, the dominant player on the field, he needs to pay 12 points to win.” Jiang Xu pointed to the deadline, “The championship prize is more than 100,000, and it is worth it.”

Shen Chi pursed his lips.

“As for the tickets for the World Tournament, the World Tournament is held every year.” Jiang Xu lay on the table, “Going to Los Angeles in the United States is no different from watching the online broadcast.”

The boy who had been silent for the first time was jerky, and he said, “America?”

Although Jiang Xu knows what special parties are in the United States, he still patiently replied: “Before in Berlin, Germany, this year’s finals will be in Los Angeles.”

“Thank you.”

Shen Chi suddenly stood up, walked to the lounge, took the bag in his left hand, and walked to the hotel next to the stadium.

The wall of the hotel is covered with small advertisements. The room is too narrow and has no windows. It smells cold and damp. The teenager in the dark turns over the boundary map and his fingertips fall in North America. The United States seems to be –

Within reach again.

  • 1
    inflammation and swelling of a tendon, typically in the wrist, often caused by repetitive movements such as typing.
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