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cat hat

For a long while, Mrs. Yan suppressed the surprise in her heart, looked at the clothes that were obviously worn by teenagers, walked into the store and touched the cat ear hat: “This hat is really good-looking. Did you buy it for your brother?”

She reminded her carefully: “Your brother will be very happy to know that you are buying things, but he is only in the fifth grade. Isn’t the other clothes too big for him?”

Yan Xue Xiao didn’t look up: “I didn’t buy it for him”

When she heard the answer, Mrs. Yan froze: “If you didn’t buy it for your brother, who else could you buy it for?”

At the checkout, Yan Xue Xiao paid by himself.

Mrs. Yan thought of a certain possibility, and softly said: “Did you buy it for your boyfriend? As long as you like it, mother is not against you taking him home.”

“Think again.” Yan Xue Xiao glanced at her lightly, “He is just a child.”

Mrs Yan sighed sadly, listening to this tone is hopeless, but still wondering who bought such expensive clothes.

As if the young man could not see her gaze, he just turned to the clerk and said, “Please cut off the trademark.”


Lan Heng and Ren Zhou were sitting at the computer for dinner. Lan Heng looked at the handsome face of the boy on the homepage. Even if his expression was cold, he couldn’t hide the tenderness of his eyebrows.

Lan Heng was completely unable to associate this face with Late, who had not much to say about guns, and when he saw the photo, he even changed his name to cub: “If I knew that the cub looks like this. I am willing to persuade him to open the camera, it is not a dream to catch up with Su Bai.”

“Maybe not big.” Ren Duo laughed.

But even so, the homepage of ‌Kitten Live suddenly recommended the ‌teenager’s live room. He guessed it was mostly pleasant to the eye.

Ji Shu was doing test papers at the desk, and a brand-new good student certificate posted on the wall of the room.

He concentrated on the draft paper calculation, even if he didn’t look at the computer at hand, he wouldn’t waste time on meaningless things like Shen Chi.

At this moment, Ji Shu heard the door rumbling of the cup being knocked over, he stopped writing and walked towards the door .

“How late?”

The old lady Shen who just came from the hospital rummaged around in the living room. Even though she was unconscious, the old lady with grey hair still called Shen Chi’s name.

Ji Shu lowered his head and heard that Mrs. Shen is the person who hurts Shen Chi the most. If it weren’t for Mrs. Shen’s sudden stroke, she went to the hospital and said no, Shen Chi would still stay at Shen’s house.

Mrs. Shen was silent next to her, leaving the old lady rummaging for it, seemingly because she couldn’t find despair. The old lady tremblingly asked, “Did you lose him? ”

“I always hear him knocking at the door, waiting alone in the rain, his clothes are wet, and you don’t answer the door.” The old lady’s eyes grew red.

“That’s all from the past.” Mrs. Shen frowned and called the family doctor, “You should go to the hospital.”

“I don’t want to .” The old lady said that she would not let anyone close and went to the kitchen tremblingly, “His taste is picky and he likes my Shredded pork with sauce the best.”

Mrs. Shen coldly spoke: “He has been picked up by his biological parents. He is well taken care of. He will not come again. I’ll take you to the hospital.”

The old lady stood there blankly, her lips were silent, she suddenly pulled out a bank card from the middle of her clothes, and handed Mrs. Shen: “You took this card and gave it to him. The password is his birthday.”

“He hasn’t had any bitterness for a while, he is not used to it in the border town.” The old lady held Madam Shen’s hand and said utterly, “He can’t eat spicy food, he has thin skin, and he can’t buy clothes. He likes to play games. He wants to buy a good computer. He doesn’t know how to deal with people. He wants to invite his classmates to play at home often…”

“Okay, I know.” Madam Shen took out her hand, “As long as you go to the hospital, I will hand over the card to him.”

As if afraid if she is going back on her words, Old Mrs. Shen took the initiative to walk towards the door: “I will go immediately .”

Just walked to the door, and with the help of the medical staff, the old lady passed her head several times: “You must give it to him.”

Mrs. Shen nodded slightly.

After the old lady Shen left, Ji Shu asked wingedly: “Are you going to the border town?”

“The old lady is confused , she has a lot of savings.” Madam Shen casually held the card and gave it to Ji Shu, “You are her grandson, keep it.”

Ji Shu’s heart was beating, and the hand holding the card was hot. He turned to the room upstairs, and when he was about to disappear around the corner, he plucked up the courage to ask, “Can I send my old clothes to the border town?”

Mrs. Shen glanced at him, and continued to plant flowers: “It’s up to you.”


On Sunday morning, Shen Chi, who was wrapped in the quilt, was awakened by a knock on the door. He walked to the door, and behind the cat’s eyes was father Ji’s face.

The young man stared at the door for a while, just asked: “What’s the matter?”

“It’s getting cold, ‌Xiao Shu sent me a box of clothes. They are all good clothes.” Father Ji picked up the clothes box from the ground. “He said he only wore it once, and some clothes were not worn. .”

The boy’s voice suddenly became cold and indifferent: “I don’t wear clothes that other people wear.”

father Ji was speechless, so he had to take the clothes box to his home. Mother Ji checked it out from the hospital. He put the box on the table and asked mother Ji, “No problem, right?”

Mother Ji shook her head: “The doctor said to be careful not to move too vigorously.”

“From now on, I can set up a stall by myself, and you can rest at home.” father Ji said worriedly.

Seeing mother Ji’s gaze on the clothes box, father Ji sighed: “I think If he feels cold in winter. I will send the clothes to him. I can’t buy them in the border town. ”

“Don’t accept it next time.” mother Ji’s voice is gentle.

“I don’t want to accept it either.”father Ji explained, “It’s just that the last time I saw that the clothes I bought from Yancheng were all threaded up, it’s so distressing.”

Under the window, it began to rain, and the originally cold border town was cold. Shen Chi sat in front of the computer to broadcast live, and the hand holding the mouse was extremely cold.

“The operation is stiff today”

“Is it too cold? The hands of the cubs is turning white and blue. ”

“The jacket is too thin, add a thick jacket quickly.”

The young man’s gaze paused on the last message. He brought only thin spring and summer clothes to the border town. He did not have a thick set. He sipped hot water and continued the live broadcast.

During a break on the way, a message from the cub-raising store suddenly appeared on the phone, and his attention could not help being attracted.

——Winter clothing clearance store ‌.

Shen Chi pages are sold in the whole case. Because they are defective goods, they have no trademarks, and even the sizes are not marked. The price is 450 yuan, which is not reliable.

It’s just that it’s cheap if it’s equated to every piece of clothing. It only costs three to five for one piece. He didn’t want to close it, but asked carefully.

[Shen Chi] Can I return the product if I am not satisfied?

【Cub Raising Shop】Yes

The teenager look at it for a while before placing the order

He used to like winter very much, because he could go skiing, but now he didn’t like winter because winter clothes are too expensive. He had to buy hundreds of clothes.

He can only hope that the store can really send a box of winter clothes to him. It doesn’t need to be too good. It doesn’t matter if the ball is shrunk. As long as it is not so thin, it will be enough for him to survive a warm winter. ‌.

The delivery speed of the store was faster than Shen Chi imagined. According to the store owner, it was because of the construction of a warehouse in the border town. He received a large box of clothes that night.

Shen Chi carried the courier box into the door and used a knife to open it heartily. The clothes were neatly stacked in the box.

Although the clothes do not have a trademark, they are surprisingly soft in texture. There are knitted sweaters, pies, pajamas, scarves…

He was still worried about the size problem, but it fit his body very well, as if it was tailored to his body, and finally let go of his heart for the day.

The boy put on a knitted sweater, and his cold body gradually warmed up, probably because of the heat, and it was more comfortable than the sweater he wore in the past.

There was also a furry white cat’s ear hat in the box, which he wouldn’t wear. He stared at it for a while and sealed it at the bottom of the wardrobe.

He sits at the table and hits ‌ on the computer to board the live broadcast.

“Cub finally wears a sweater ‌

“The off-white sweater looks so good. Today is a furry cub.”

“Will you continue to qualify today?”

Shen Chi Answer: “Continue today.”

He had never thought of wearing a cat ear hat, but the temperature of the surroundings slowly became lower during the live broadcast until late at night. He pulled out the hat from the bottom of the closet and put it on ‌.

The teenager wore a fluffy white cat hat, his flamboyant red hair drooped obediently, his pointed cat ears were also flushed, his amber eyes were half-dangling, and his thick eyelashes cast a shallow shadow at the end of his eyes. Is like a beautiful cat.

Even if there is no expression, the audience in the live broadcast room is still excited.

“Ah ah ah ah ah, it’s a shaggy cub from beginning to end”

“I want to be rub bald, I can rub cub like this!”

“Cats and cubs, Awsl”

“My mother’s heart needs to melt when she whines about fairy cubs.”

The teenager was not used to such comments, and then took off his hat. At this moment, the phone was on, a message was floating on the screen, and the other party faintly sent a sentence.

[Yan Xue Xiao] The hat is very cute

The young man’s ears are red, and he puts on the cat hat again without expression ‌.

Translator’s Note: I already like grandma Shen and mama Ji they really care for Shen Chi.

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  1. Unknown nut says:

    Shen Chi definitely longed for mother’s love when he was a child, so I hope mother Ji can gain his trust and become a caring and gentle mother he needed. Father Ji turned out to be not so bad either, though I am scared that he might be unaccepting of Shen Chi’s relationship with a man.

    Thank you for the chapter (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

  2. Hyunee says:

    I feel disgusted with SC’s former mother. Although I understand her being also ‘disgusted’ by the mere fact that she raised a child with no blood linking them, she doesn’t need to be so petty. She acts like she didn’t treated SC as son for the past 17 years and dismissed what they have before. However, I think its good to not have any connection or ties with his former family. It’s good that SC is a sensible child.

  3. kaeya alberich says:

    This Ji Shu is irritating, what does he want to achieve by sending his clothes to Shen Chi? Does he want to show off? To make Shen Chi jealous because what he had before is all his now? I dunno but he is really making me pissed off, everytime he shows up in this story he always sounds jealous. If I’m wrong and he’s actually concerned then sorry but he’s irritating asf

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