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Mad Dog

Shen Chi ended the live broadcast, and the whole person was nestled in the soft quilt. This was his most relaxing moment in his day. Without thinking about anything, the teenager yawned and typed on the pillow.

【Shen Chi】Have you received the oranges I sent

Yan Xue Xiao looked at the oranges on the table, which were too far apart. It was the first day after he received the oranges. The orange in the border town after being transported by air was crumpled, and his eyes fell back to the screen.

【Yan Xue Xiao】I got it

[Shen Chi] Is it sweet?

He looked at the oranges in the courier box, peeled them and tasted them. The oranges that have lost their moisture are not sweet, dry and tasteless.

He paused to reply.

【Yan Xue Xiao】It’s very sweet

Yan Xue Xiao quietly ate the whole orange.

The boy far away in the border town saw the message on the phone. Even if he didn’t know why he was happy, the boy still bends his light-colored eyes while lying on the bed.


“Is there any news from your brother yet?” the woman on the hospital bed asked weakly, because she had been lying on the hospital bed for many years, she was as thin covered only by a layer of greenish skin.

“The signal at the construction site is not good, so it is inconvenient to call.” Shi Liang was stiff when he was giving medicine to his mother.

After taking the medicine, he walked out of the ward and dialed a phone call. After a long time, no one answered the phone.

When Shi Liang was about to hang up, the phone was suddenly connected. He had been thinking about it for two months and finally let go: “Brother, ‌When will you send the money home? There is really no way to delay the hospital. The treatment will be stopped after the 30,000 yuan is handed in.”

However, what came over there was not his brother Shi Ran’s voice, but a middle-aged man’s substandard Mandarin: “Your brother fell into the mine. No corpse was found. There is still a chance of survival. But don’t hope too much.”

Shi Liang’s head buzzed, and his eyes turned black from time to time. He knew that his brother was working on a construction site in the south, but he didn’t know that he was working in a dangerous mine.

He squeezed the phone tightly, and for a moment he didn’t know what to do with his mother’s medical expenses. The relatives at home had all borrowed, and the things that could be sold were sold out.

“I also heard my brother say about the situation at home. The pension is not much. My mother needs money when I get sick. I recently had a short job in need of someone. So let’s go to the hospital for an individual examination report. It’s nothing. If you have any questions, I will pick you up every day and give you 50,000 in person.”

He looked at the medical list on ‌, bowed his head and said “OK”.

On the first day, Shen Chi walked to the classroom loosely with his school bag on his back. As soon as he sat down, he heard a message from the machine.

[Kitten Live] The All Star Invitational Tournament will start at 7:00 tonight and will be hosted by Emperor Penguin, the largest live broadcast platform in China. Most of the invitational selections are professional selections, so it’s the second half of the year. Are you interested in participating in one of the most highly-rated events?

The boy raised his eyebrows and replied.

[Asia’s No.1 Gun God] Can’t find anyone?

Hang Shiqi on the other side of the screen coughed awkwardly. The All-Star Invitational is indeed the highest-paying event. Because the participants are all professional elections, the anchors often have to fall into boxes. No one wants to go every year.

With the previous experience of dealing with, he tentatively opened ‌.

[Kitten Live] Make the top ten and I’ll give three thousand dried fish

The boy quickly replied to him.

[Asia’s No.1 Gun God] 30,000

Hang Shiqi reluctantly agreed, comforting himself it is just a stopgap measure, the participating teams are hard to get together, he does not believe that his own platform can make the top ten.

Shen Chi , instead of putting on headphones and lying on the table to catch up on sleep, he turned on the video of the previous games, his arm was suddenly pushed slightly, and he looked up indifferently.

“Today, you haven’t handed in your homework yet.” The English class representative was holding the stack of homework, her voice getting smaller and smaller.

Shen Chi is not used to making girls embarrassed, so he handed in his blank homework.

After the English class representative left, Zhuang Zhou looked out from the front row: “Shi Liang is the earliest in the classroom and can help you to finish the homework. Why haven’t he come today?”

Shen Chi glanced at Shi Liang’s seat, then retracted his gaze.
Shi Liang didn’t come to school all day.

Shi Liang is shy and has no friends. Zhuang Zhou is worried: “I can’t get through when I call him. Will something happen?”

The boy is still watching the video.

Zhuang Zhou can’t help thinking that Shen Chi’s temperament is colder than it looks. Even when Shi Liang is following, he is indifferent to Shi Liang’s affairs.

Just after this thought came through his mind, suddenly his collar was picked up and walked out.

Zhuang Zhou was frightened, jumped, it is possible that Shen Chi still knew what he was thinking, he swallowed his throat: “Where to go, where?”

“Vocational high school.”

The boy answered coldly.

The last ‌class, two people just came out of the classroom, and Teacher Wang’s voice came from behind: “Dare to skip class in front of me, ‌I’ll be sure to tell the parents.”


Today is not the first time Zhuang Zhou skipped. This is his first skipping class to block the school gate. He stood by the gate with Shen Chi, the back of his school uniform was wet with sweat.

Two vocational high school boys walked out of the school gate. He watched Shen Chi walking indifferently. The two boys bit the bullet and followed.

He thought it was a fierce battle, but he did not expect two tall boys to hold their school bags tightly: “This is the gate of the school. I told the teacher.”

As if he hadn’t heard it, the boy got closer: “Where did Shi Liang go?”

“We haven’t looked for him.” A boy hurriedly opened,”There is nothing with us, and we only want money, and we don’t do other things.”

Zhuang Zhou felt this is the first time he heard someone can rob money and still feel so wronged, Shen Chi is obviously unmoved.

Two vocational high school boys want to cry without tears: “Let’s ask around.”

Hearing what they said, Zhuang Zhou’s heart was slightly relaxed, no one in the border city is more familiar with the border city than them.

After an unknown period of time, a boy hung up and hurriedly opened to Shen Chi: “Someone saw Shi Liang and an outsider heading to the train station.”

“Then let’s go quickly.” Zhuang Zhou said.

Shen Chi glanced at the time on the phone, it was half past six, if he rushed to the railway station he could be late in participating in the invitational game, but he still held the phone, go to the railway station.

Zhuang Zhou saw Shi Liang at the ticket hall. A short middle-aged man dressed as a worker stood beside Shi Liang. He ran to Shi Liang and saw the ticket in Shi Liang: “‌ Where to buy tickets?”

Shi Liang lowered his head: “Working outside.”

“How much money can you earn by working part-time.” Zhuang Zhou persuaded, “Didn’t you say that you want to go to a university in a big city?”

Shi Liang was silent. The middle-aged man next to Shi Liang looked at Zhuang Zhou from top to bottom, with his eyes: “There is no way out for school. Although I am doing physical work here, he has been with me for at least a number of months.”

Middle-aged people use a five.

“Five thousand?”

The middle-aged man smiled and showed his teeth stained yellow by smoking: “50 thousand.”

” asked Xiao Liang, I did give him 50,000 yuan for the first meeting, enough to pay for his mother’s hospitalization.”

He changed his words: “But we don’t recruit everyone, we only recruit people who are trustworthy. We have to go to the hospital for a physical examination first. We’re overwhelmed and accept it. It’s because you are friends of Xiao Liang. If you want to come, we could start with it.”

Shen Chi listened quietly. After standing in Zhuang zhou, he didn’t speak. He just grabbed Shi Liang when he left: “He doesn’t seem reliable.”

“I know.” Shi Liang’s voice was very weak.

He lowered his head, his tone almost crying: “Thank you for your continuous care. Thank you very much. If there is a chance to see you, I will give you oranges. The oranges in the border town are the best.”

The last thing Shen Chi saw was Shi Liang’s back, even if he knew it or not, the timid boy still resolutely left with that person.

The young man lowered his head without being able to see his emotions, and his whole person was covered in the shadows. When he comes to the border town, survival is a cruel thing, enough to break the illusion of the future.


The invitational tournament started on time.

“Why there are fewer members in the cats live broadcast? Individuals?”

“It’s not a lot, and it’s the bottom line anyway. Today’s team only has Cat Live, which is a pure anchor team, and other platforms have professional options. In other words, I think Cat Live is going downhill.”

“Late Asia Server is ranked tenth in the latest ranking, and many professional elections can’t achieve this result. I don’t think we can only focus on professionalism.”

“The anchor is in the rankings all day long, is it okay for the professional selection to train? Maybe he doesn’t want to be at the bottom, so he gave up.”

Yan Xue Xiao in front of the computer read the book while listening to the live broadcast. From seven o’clock to ten o’clock, the teenager didn’t even show up. He closed the book.

When Shen Chi returned to the house, the first day of the game was over, and the kitten team became the bottom team.

Before he had time to turn on the lights, the room was dark, and messages flashed across the machine, like a ray of light breaking through the cold night.

[Yan Xue Xiao] What happened?

Maybe in the dark, his emotions spread in his chest without avoiding it, so quiet that he could hear his heartbeat.

[Shen Chi] The friend who sent me oranges went to work, ‌ 50,000 yuan a month, I don’t know what kind of job can have such a high salary, ‌Because there are no friends, I am quite worried about him

After a long array of ‌, the other party asked.

【Yan Xue xiao】Name

He didn’t know why he wanted the name, but he still sent it.

【Shen Chi】Shi Liang

He arrived at school very late the next day. Teacher Wang stood on the podium very solemnly: “Classmates, how many times have I said that it doesn’t matter if you fail to enter the university. The important thing is not to embark on the path of illegality and crime, and before making a decision. Think about your family, there will be no pie in the sky.”

He sat on his seat, and Zhuang Zhou opened his heart with lingering fear: “The transnational smuggling gang was caught at night. . The leader was the middle-aged man yesterday. I heard that they did everything and even smuggled things.”

Shen Chi, who put on the headphones, froze, his mind was blank for two seconds, and he quickly thought of something and asked in a cold voice: “Where is Shi Liang?”

“Shi Liang is lying on the operating table. Fortunately, the police sent him back, and he is still undergoing an examination in the hospital.” Zhuang Zhou answered with lingering fear.

The teenager listened with a straight face, froze quietly and relaxed, put on headphones, and watched yesterday’s game video in silence.


“I didn’t sleep last night . ‌I did everything up and down, just for this matter.” Guan Shan asked suspiciously, “Why did you suddenly think of saving someone?”

A peaceful voice from the young man came over the phone: “thanks for the orange.”

“How much is the orange?” Guan Shan didn’t believe it.

“It’s rare for the child in my family to have a few friends.” Yan Xue Xiao replied after a pause, “I don’t want him to be sad.”

Guan Shan has never seen Yan Xue Xiao care so much about anyone, and condescension is like raising a little boyfriend.

“Will you come back for winter vacation?” he asked ‌‌.

He knew that Yan Xue Xiao and his family were indifferent, and he hadn’t returned to China for two years. When he asked this, he didn’t have much hope.

However, what he did not expect was that the youth did not deny as usual, but said: “Look at the time.”

On the other hand, Lin Sinian sat at the dining table and browsed the news. His eyes fell on the news and stopped. The Northwestern Province successfully arrested the transnational smuggling gang and rescued the operation platform. Middle school students.

He put down his knife and fork in amazement. He remembered this case in his dream, not because of how special the case was, but because of Shi Ran.

His biological brother died on the operating stage. Later, Shi Ran became a murderer known as a mad dog. Even the Yan family he dared bring down. The trajectory of Lin Sinian’s dream seemed to be deflected.

Translator’s Note: Shi Ran is Shi Liang’s brother if you don’t remember.

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  1. Avatar bakateme says:

    OH OH OH! Lin Sinian is the child that was supposed to contact and befriend YXX but was too scared because he had a nightmare that YXX was scary! So does this child have dreams of things that would have been if our cub didn’t befriend YXX? ??? Aaaah it’s good that Shi Ran and Shi Liang lived. The brothers don’t deserve to suffer that harshly :((( I was really afraid we were going to fall into a pit when Shi Liang left for the “part time work”. ???

    Thank you for the translations. I’m excited to see how Late will drag the team to the top after missing the first game. It’ll be great!!

  2. Avatar Gaya says:

    So Lin Sinian dreamed of the future? How he will cross paths with all the people related in his dream?

    1. Nacchi Nacchi says:

      Yes, he dreams of the future

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