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Open the Camera

After the break time was over, Lan Heng was about to start the next game. Seeing that the boy hadn’t moved yet, he boldly urged the team’s voice: “Ready?”

The answer he heard was: “I’ll take a shot.”

Lan Heng thought he had misheard, but the other party left the game when he finished speaking. He realized that it seemed like… he really wanted to open the camera.

He‌ was so doubtful why the camera was about to be turned on suddenly. When dragging the progress bar in the live broadcast room to look back, he found that the young man didn’t listen, but showed his face.

“My cub’s body is dried fish, that’s right”

“There is a trace of anxiety in the excitement. From the usual performance, if you look at it, will it be more fierce?”

“Be tolerant to the technical anchors, no matter how good the sound is, nine of the ten anchors are dead houses with dark circles under the eyes, ‌ ask me, where did the inspection come from ‌”

“After all, you also rely on your face to eat. Su Bai is still better. Everyone can lower their expectations.”

The teenager in front of the computer carefully debugged the live broadcast software and adjusted the parameters. When the camera was turned on, it stopped, hiding the tension that was easy to find.


Because there was no class in the morning, Adam only got up at ten. When he was about to go out to the library, he ran into the youth who was back in the dormitory.

In his impression, Yan always went back to the dormitory very late. After he greeted him, he asked, “You are going back today, so early, have you forgotten something?”

Yan Xue Xiao replied softly: “I have something important to do.”

Adam wanted to ask when it would be convenient to return the original book that he borrowed. The young man was already far away.

He was stunned for a while. Yan is rarely in a hurry. Everything is tight and slow. The thing must be very important.

Yan Xue Xiao just returned to the dormitory, pulled out the chair to sit down, and turned on the live broadcast.

The camera in the live broadcast room has not been turned on yet, and it is dark. Only the shallow breathing of a teenager can be heard, like a hidden ‌ dark cave. Carefully observing the crowd to make sure that they want him to get out.

He waited quietly.

One minute,

two minutes,

three minutes……

Finally, a teenager’s face appeared in the lower right corner of the screen.

The young man has flamboyant red hair, which is more eye-catching than the color of his hair. His amber eyes are dyed with thin light, and his complexion is pale as if he has never seen the sun before, glowing with a sense of reality.

It’s just that there are fine threads on the edge of the thin sweater. Perhaps the skin is too sensitive, and the place scratched by the threads is slightly red.

Yan Xue Xiao’s line of sight paused on the screen. He likes red hair. Why? At this time, he feels red hair is also very good.

The young man looked bright and closed his eyes, and his eyes were removed from the screen. He opened the notebook on the desk and described the blank space of the stroke. A wolf-eared boy with red hair appeared on the page.

-within easy reach.


The lively live broadcast room suddenly became quiet, and the boy’s hand holding the mouse turned blue and white. Just as he hesitated to get the camera on, the live broadcast room boiled.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah looks me dead, A pair of good read!”

“The red-haired cub is so good-looking, mother is going to throw small fish for you!”

“The cub is not a year old, it’s milky”

“‌Milk ‌Milk, anyway, today ‌I am not a mother fan, I want to be a girlfriend fan, ‌Sister in love!

The last household was suddenly banned by Yan Xue Xiao. Although he didn’t know why he was banned, there was only one thing on his mind. Yan Xue xiao also watched his live broadcast.

He looked down at his old clothes, and a thought flashed through his mind that he should change his clothes.

Before going to bed, he silently counted the dried fish on the bed. Today, he received a full 1,000 dried fish, breaking the highest record in a single day.

The boy put the phone in his arms and fell asleep quietly, with long and thick eyelashes.


It was still the afternoon in New Jersey. A black car was parked downstairs in the dormitory. The driver respectfully got out of the car and pulled the door: “Madam, here it is.”

The black door of the car opened, and Mrs. Yan got out of the car and walked upstairs to Yan Xue Xiao’s dormitory.

The dormitory said that the room was spacious, and the whole wall was neatly covered with books, which made it even narrower, and the woman’s eyes showed distress.

After her gaze, she stopped on a few books on the shelf. It was because there were so many books. She knew that he liked to read books. Besides philosophy books, he was also interested in other subjects. On the shelves turned out to be cooking recipes.

“‌ ‌ Make a dish”, “Learn Chinese cuisine from scratch”, “Youth nutrition knowledge”…

On the outside of the bookshelf, it is obviously often read. Probably because he used to eat school food and he tried to cook for himself, she didn’t expect to have to cook for myself only in the dormitory. She immediately asked with distress: “Are you used to it?”

‌ The young man on the computer handed her a glass of warm water, and faintly replied, “I’m quite used to it.”

Madam Yan looked at the wardrobe or the clothes from the previous season, and subconsciously asked: “The weather has turned cold, do I need to pick some clothes for you?”

She guessed that her son would say “unnecessary”, but what she didn’t expect was that the youth agreed.

Mrs. Yan was stunned. She didn’t react at first, but she could look forward to it as someone who always liked to go to the mall. She was only half taken out of the dormitory slowly, with a deep surprise still appearing on her face.

The driver drove them to a square in Meadowlands. She passed a youth clothing store and pulled closer and said:”Your brother was clamoring for me to see his brother yesterday. If you had a class, I would take him.”

Yan Xue Xiao answered calmly: “He wants to go to class.”

Mrs. Yan was helpless. Although it was indeed the reason, it might be because of growing up next to his parents. People worried about it very early.

Yan Xue Xiao seems to be polite in appearance but cold in temperament, but their departments are close and like children.

She walked on, but the youth stopped at the door of the shop, and she stopped.

There are many luxury brands in shopping malls, and there are many customers going there, and the clerk comes out of the store: “Sir, you want to come in and have a look? Our brand is very popular with teenagers.”

The youth stepped into the shop.

The clerk asked: “Are you picking something for the kids at home? Do you have a favorite style?”

“He has sensitive skin and the fabric should be soft, preferably pure cashmere.” Yan Xue Xiao replied.

“Then I recommend a cashmere sweater. The raw material is from Andean goats. The hair is fine and comfortable. You can rest assured in terms of comfort.”

Mrs. Yan, who was still stopped outside the store, stared at Yan Xue xiao as the clerk had a conversation, obviously he had done her homework in advance. The young clerk led a tour of the store, and her eyes showed interest. .

Finally, she saw that he walked completely in front of the fluffy cat hat.


Translator’s Note: This chapter is kind of short but I’m satisfied because Yan finally saw Shen Chi’s face.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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