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Extraordinary Wedding (3)

Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Shi Ran did not rush , he bought a lunch box from Mama Zhuang’s grocery store. He took one out and handed it to the contractor.

“What is that person’s background?”

The contractor stopped to pick up the box lunch. He followed Shi Ran’s gaze and looked at the team and said, “My family’s relative.”

“What is his name?”

The other party’s cigarette lighter’s hand paused for a while, “What good name can he have, if you are willing to call him Tom, Dean or Harry, you can call him that .”

Seeing the unyielding look of the contractor, Shi Ran collected the cigarettes and walked out of the dusty construction site.

Looking at the figure of Shi Ran leaving, the contractor squeezed out the cigarette butt in his hand and walked to Yan Zhao’s side. He said, “Ah Zhao, be careful.”

He traveled from place to place since he was a child and he could smell the blood on the young man.

Yan Zhao responded lightly, “I know.”

The contractor patted Yan Zhao on the shoulder. He picked up Ah Zhao on the river beach. At that time, Ah Zhao was covered in blood. If it were not for the lack of people on the construction site, he would not risk taking him in.

It turns out that bringing Ah Zhao is the right choice. Although Ah Zhao does not remember the past, he can read and write. He is suitable to sit at the negotiation table and help the construction team who started at the bottom to win big government projects.

The contractor’s phone suddenly rang and he walked to the construction site to make a phone call. On the other hand, Yan Zhao continued to look at the architectural drawings.

The construction team will complete the government bidding project at the end of the year. When they have the money they can rent office buildings in the border town. Watching the originally weak construction team slowly develop in his hands he undoubtedly felt a sense of accomplishment.

But he felt that he had forgotten something very important.

Yan Zhao took out a blood-stained photo from his pocket. In the photo, a person was holding a child. He was so afraid that the edges would fray so he put a transparent case on the photo. This is his most precious thing.

He doesn’t know how to find them, but he’s working hard to make money on the construction site, hoping to buy them a house in the provincial capital one day.

Pain flashed across Yan Zhao’s head. He was not unfamiliar with this feeling and he often suffered from pain recently.

At this moment, the voice of a young man rang in his ears, asking each word like a bewilderment.

“Do you want to see them?”

Yan Zhao saw the gun in the young man’s hand. He knew that this person was more dangerous than it seemed, but he squeezed the photo in his hand and lowered his head.

He wants to meet his wife, wants to know how they are doing, and worries that his lonely child will be bullied.

After the foreman’s help, he left the construction site resolutely. The foreman escorted him to the train station.

“Remember to call me when you arrive.”

Shi Ran knew that he was talking to him and he finally understood why neither Zheng An nor Luo Shu thought that Yan Zhao sank into the river with no bones. If it weren’t for this, it’s hard to keep his peace.

The contractor with a junior high school education hides his simple wisdom and Yan Zhao does not let the slightest sound of wind.

Shi Ran is not a believer, but he has to face a miraculous fate. If Yan Zhao did not donate to the school in the border city, the construction team would not travel all the way to the border city to rescue Yan Zhao.

Yan Zhao sat on the hard seat and looked at the distant border city. He carried gifts for his wife and children in his hand.

He bought a string of agate bracelets for his wife and a book for his son, not to mention why he thinks his son likes to read books.

He followed Shi Ran to Yancheng’s Yan’s residence. The old butler Gao Bo saw him turning around like a ghost and went in, “Mr.Yan is back!”


In the bedroom filled with alcohol, Yan Ji was lying on the bed holding a wine bottle. He was wearing a loose nightgown with stubble growing out of his chin. The past him was nowhere to be seen.

After Luo Shu died, he was used to drinking, dreaming and living. Yan Xue Xiao was a junior and didn’t care about him. He was so relaxed after his legs were broken. He didn’t need to run around like in the past.

Someone knocked on the door in a hurry and he woke up from his drunken dream, “Why are you knocking?”

Gao Bo opened the door and walked in, his forehead was filled with excitement. Yan Ji frivolously said, “Don’t tell me that Big Brother is alive.”

Who would expect that Gao Bo’s next sentence is.

“Mr.Yan is back.”

Yan Ji hadn’t reacted yet when a familiar face came into his view. The person who he thought would never appear again frowned and said, “Why are you drinking wine in broad daylight.”

Hearing the severe criticism, Yan Ji sat up from the bed, sniffed and said, “I won’t drink anymore.”

Yan Zhao turned and walked out of the room. He was carrying a gift he had bought with his two months’ salary, but he never saw his wife and son.

“They will be back soon.”

Gao Bo said respectfully.

He sat in a chair anxiously and waited. Time passed, a woman in luxurious clothes walked up to him and her tears fell like beads.

Yan Zhao passed the tissue, “Madam is crying.”

“Why are you coming back now?” Madam Yan’s eye circles were red.

In hindsight, he connected the person in front of him with the woman in the photo and his heart jumped uncontrollably, “I’m sorry.”

He took out the agate bracelet.

“Don’t say sorry.” Mrs Yan looked at the plum blossoms outside the window and said, “Let’s get a divorce.”

This period of time she has been suffering from the death of Yan Zhao. And then suddenly she was told that Yan Zhao was not dead. She was not relieved but became numb. She just wanted to escape from the cold Yan household.

The agate bracelet was thrown on the ground, it broke and scattered.

Yan Zhao looked at the back of the person leaving. The familiar pain hit his brain again, but this time it was more intense than ever.

After a while, he looked as usual, picking up the inferior agate from the ground one by one. Only the slight trembling between his fingers revealed his emotions.

He remembered everything.

But it’s too late.

Yan Zhao heard the door opening and walked to the door. He looked at Yan Xue Xiao outside the door, and asked, “Is school closed?”

The air was quiet for a long time.

“I have stopped studying.”

Yan Xue Xiao’s tone was flat, but Yan Zhao’s eyes were deeply distressed. His son said that he wanted to study philosophy, but because of the Yan family he couldn’t continue his studies.

Yan Zhao pinched the photos in his hand then suddenly a red hair appeared behind Yan Xue Xiao, “Hello, Dad.”

The tone of the boy was like the dullness above Yan’s Mansion and Yan Zhao’s eyes suddenly appeared gentle.


Lin Sinian sat at the dining table and read the newspaper. The news of Yan Zhao’s return spread throughout Yancheng. He was originally uneasy about whether Yan would fall into a power struggle again.

Yan Zhao became the master of the Yan family. He ignored the complaints of the veteran and was obviously paving the way for his son.

Lin Sinian gathered the newspaper and had breakfast. He could see that Yan’s family did not pretend to be scornful to outsiders. Yan Ji was able to block the bullet for Yan Xue Xiao and Yan Wen would rather go to jail for Bao Yan.

The Yan Zhao in his dream died unconsciously, the possibilities had changed because Shen Chi had lived.

Yan Ji felt that after returning, Yan Zhao had changed. The former Yan Zhao was physically and mentally focused on work, but now Yan Zhao cooks food for the two children in the kitchen.

Shen Chi sat at the table for dinner and Yan Zhao asked the servant to bring him freshly baked doughnuts, “Yan Xue Xiao used to eat this when he was a child.”

Shen Chi‌ looked at the dinner plate, the donuts were wrapped in tempting white chocolate pieces and a bite filled with sweetness. His brother actually likes to eat this kind of food.

“You remembered it wrong.”

Yan Xue Xiao reminded him expressionlessly and bowed his head to wipe the white chocolate chips on the boy’s lips.

After dinner, Yan Xue Xiao went out. Shen Chi and Yan Zhao were sitting in the living room. He looked at the screen with big eyes and silently opened the computer.

Yan Zhao seems to be looking for a topic, “What’s on the screen?”

“live streaming.”

He boarded the game.

“Good afternoon cub”

“Catch a cub”

“Will you play rank today?”

He matched the position in one game, because there was no mouse and the touch version of the laptop was used. The pressure gun was not firmly pressed and the users who came from Emperor Penguin got strange.

“Little Red head is only at this level?”

“Stop fighting.”

“Professional players are not as good as our emperor penguin anchor.”

He didn’t take the remarks on the screen to heart, but Yan Zhao suddenly asked, “What is an emperor penguin?”

“The largest live broadcast website in China.”

Shen Chi did not want to answer. The development of Emperor Penguin is indeed much better than other broadcast platforms. So Emperor Penguin users always have superiority in the face of anchors from other platforms and there is no way for other platforms to take Emperor Penguin down.

What he didn’t expect, however, was that the Emperor Penguin platform was bought by Yan Zhao the next day, saying it was a gift for him.

The emperor penguin user who was still holding his head and chest up yesterday was crying and wailing. Looking at the wailing comments, the teenager had only one thought in his mind.

It turns out that defeat comes down in one continuous line.

TL: I feel bad for Yan Zhao because he returned but nothing is the same anymore. I’m glad Shen Chi is there for the family to bond together.

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    i…. am unable to understand why Mrs Yan want a divorce.

    maybe because I am still young, never have relationship. and live ordinary life without any big emotional problems? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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