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Extraordinary Wedding (4)

Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

       The wedding ceremony is scheduled to be held at the Reykjavik Cathedral in Iceland on April 12, on the first day of the lunar month.


   Reykjavík is located in the west of Iceland. The remaining warmth of sunset already sank when they got in the church car.


        “Does the name of this church have any meaning?”


   “Named after the Icelandic writer Hargrims to commemorate his contribution to Icelandic literature.” Yan Xue Xiao replied gently.


  Shen Chi has never read Hargrim’s works. In fact, he rarely reads literary work and he has nothing to do with his spare time, he read the Twenty-Four History on the bookshelf


   Originally, he didn’t understand why his brother chose the church in Iceland, but he suddenly understood when he got out of the car.


  Because this church is really beautiful, standing like a pipe organ in the sky. It is 75 meters high. From the observation deck you can overlook Reykjavik. The gray-white basalt columns exude a solemn atmosphere.


  The young wedding planner with small freckles, Xiao Yi, led them into the church.


       “The elders will take your hand through the church and walk to the altar.”


   He physically explained the wedding process. It stands to reason that Shen Chi’s father should have walked into the church with Shen Chi. Shen Chi had no relatives and Yan Zhao was the guardian. He would only expose the embarrassment of the absence of relatives more or less.


   Yan Xue Xiao frowned slightly.


   The planner didn’t notice Yan Xue Xiao’s reaction and finally asked Shen Chii to confirm, 


        “Do you really want to broadcast it?”


  Weddings have always been private, even celebrities will not easily disclose their wedding and some even confiscate their guests’ mobile phones.


   The boy lowered his eyes and said,


   Fans witnessed him from the border town to Yancheng and countless people encouraged him across the screen. He had nothing to give back, so the fans who were looking forward to it could see the wedding.


  After planning and confirming, only two of them remain in the empty church. Shen Chi’s heart throbbed, “Brother, I’m a little nervous.”


   Yan Xue Xiao stretched out his hand and rubbed his hair, feeling the slight trembling between his fingers, a thought flashed through him.


   It turns out that his brother is also nervous.




   Shen Chi’s live broadcast room hadn’t started yet and fans couldn’t help but look forward to it. They were persevering in the dark live broadcast room.


   “Will Cub broadcast the wedding live?”


   “I don’t think so”


   “Daughter-in-law will not broadcast live at this level”


   “I really want to watch the wedding.”


  Unexpectedly, a picture suddenly appeared in the silent live room in the afternoon. The organ-like Reykjavik Cathedral caught everyone’s eye.


   “Church wedding, right?!”


  ”Spoiling the fans.”


   “The cub is really the best cub in the world”


   “I love the cub”


   The camera slowly stepped into the interior of the church. Under the circular white arch, there is also a golden pipe organ. It is 15 meters high and weighs 25 tons. It seems to be telling half of the past.


   There are long windows inside the church and the light and shadow falling to the ground are flowing like water waves. White snow mountain roses are dotted on the wooden table and the floor is covered with pure white petals. It is so beautiful that it is hard to breathe.


       “I am dead.”




       “I was afraid that cub would indulge in games and not even hold weddings.”


   “Daughter-in-law is watching”


  Dozens of guests are sitting on wooden chairs and the celebrities in the images are different from each other. All the visitors are close to each other.


   The solemn tone of the pipe organ played and the young man in a white suit came out of the light holding a pure white bouquet. The light dyed the amber pupils very transparently, setting off his flamboyant red hair.


   “Cub’s in suits!”


         “I can!”


    “That’s enough.”


        Shen Chi took a deep breath of relief, suppressed the tension in his mind and carefully recalled the wedding process.


   According to the procedure, he will enter holding Yan Zhao’s arm. Just as he is ready to take Yan Zhao’s arm, a cold hand holds his trembling hand.


   He subconsciously looked to his side, Yan Xue Xiao, who was supposed to be standing next to the holy platform, walked to him and stood still, silently calming him down.


   Without Yan Xue Xiao, he would never live to be an adult and maybe die silently in the border town. Indeed, he is the most suitable guardian.


   Under the singing of the choir, Yan Xue Xiao led him to the holy platform as a guardian. Little Bean followed behind and sprinkled petals. They walked across the church on the petals everywhere.


         [En: Little bean is present! >.<]


   The priest stood in front of the altar and prayed. After praying, he held a book and asked, 


        “Would you like this person next to you, to be your partner in your life?”


         His brain was blank and he only said “I do”, while Yan Xue Xiao said a complete prayer.


        “I will spend it with him no matter if the future is good or bad and I am willing to give my life to him.”


   When he said the last sentence, the people around him looked at him for a while and asked, “Can you please be my partner in this life?”


   Looking at Yan Xue Xiao’s dark eyes, his heart was violently jumping, as if it would jump out of his throat in the next second.


   He nodded at a loss, then Yan Xue Xiao gently put an emerald wedding ring on him.


   In the blessings of everyone, the young man stumbled and put on a wedding ring for Yan Xue Xiao. He hadn’t read many literary works, but looking at the ring on his ring finger, a paragraph inevitably appeared , Yan Xue Xiao said to him——






  His snow mountain rose.


TL: I’m glad they held a wedding ceremony, the fans are happy too.  We have a power shortage yesterday so I didn’t manage to update.


En: Congratulations to the newly wed couple. 


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