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Extraodinary Wedding (2)

Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

The next day Shen Chi’s phone didn’t stop ringing. He sat at the dinner table and answered the phone. Teacher Ning’s words came through his mobile phone, “I heard from Xiao Jian that you are getting married. You should get more certificates at this age.”

He calmly said, “The marriage certificate is a national certificate.”

Teacher Ning was dumbfounded.

As soon as Shen Chi hung up the phone, Zhuang Zhou called.

“How are you getting married?! I didn’t save enough money for you and Boss Yan. ”
[tl: ZZ probably meant money for Red envelopes]

“It means so much.” He drank milk and replied, “Suddenly got married after the game.”

At the side of Yan Xue Xiao, Ah Pei looked at his eyes and used the newly learned idiom in his heart to make a sentence. This is definitely not a temporary intention. It is a long-time plan. Even the wedding house is already bought.

Shen Chi feels that his brother can do anything except playing games..Even if he is busy at work and arranges the wedding properly, he still has time to do it.
[TL: It actually is the f word but I don’t know if I’m allowed to say those]

Seeing his brother so busy, he privately bought a wedding handbook on the shopping website, which is divided into two versions: bride and groom.

Because of the detailed content of the bride version, it was well received, but the bridegroom version was unremarkable. What he bought was “The Bride’s Essential Handbook.”

Shen Chi finished picking up the package and walked to the base, conveniently placed the package on the table and then sat on the computer to jump into the live broadcast.

“Happy Newly Married to Cub”

“Did you buy a book?”

The boy pretended not to see it and the topic of the barrage was slowly crooked.

“Maybe he bought it for my daughter-in-law”

“Daughter-in-law is Cub’s senior!”

“Curious about what your daughter-in-law reads.”

This question can be answered, Shen Chi recalls, “Sensing and Sensible Objects”, “Relevance of Ontology”, “Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy”.

“I’m sorry to say goodbye”

“I studied business for my daughter-in-law”

“You are not alone”

“No, my daughter-in-law looks like he is drinking dew”

Shen Chi boarded into the game and caught a glimpse of the last barrage.

His brother certainly did not grow up drinking dew. He makes his own coffee with a coffee machine every morning. The noodles he cooks taste similar to the noodles sold out. It can be seen that the part-time work in a coffee shop is not short. He reads books and listens to classical music records. Generally speaking, there are requirements for the quality of life.

He is different himself. One network cable is enough for one computer. His salary is to buy useless but good-looking things for his brother.

Shen Chi felt that he was too naive. His brother’s current consumption level, let alone the spring championships, even the world champions could not support his brother. He had to learn how to invest from Manager Chen.

When he finished the live broadcast, he went out of the training room, otherwise he would have been asked by Lan Heng. Even Han Duqiu’s ears in a wheelchair would stand up.

He arrived home with the “Bride Handbook” as he walked into the study alone to hide in the corner of the bookshelf, he caught a glimpse of the exact same “Bride Handbook” on the bookshelf.

He looked at the book placed in the corner of the bookshelf and at the bestseller in his hand, there was no difference in words.

The only difference is the one in his hand is a new one and the “Bride Handbook” on the bookshelf has obviously been read carefully more than once. The blank space has notes written seriously.

At this time when the study was opened, the boy held the book and prolonged his accent, “Brother, you bought it too?”

“Can’t I?”

Yan Xue Xiao raised his eyelids.

Shen Chi was silent. (YXX)He put the two books neatly together and his low voice reached his ears, “I want to give you the best wedding.”

He stared at Yan Xue Xiao for a while and the man took a pen to draw an invitation card on the gilded paper.

His brother has no elders to come forward to manage the wedding, but he still works hard to give him the best wedding. Shen Chi couldn’t help but say, “I will check the guest list.”

He drank milk while sitting in Yan Xue Xiao’s arms and turned the pages for checking. Smelling the scent of pine wood, he unknowingly lies on the table to fall asleep, his fine eyelashes accompanied by shallow breathing.

Yan Xue Xiao watched the boy in his arms, he made the last stroke on the invitation and kissed the boy gently on his forehead.


Because he returned to the border town during the Spring Festival, Shi Liang also returned to the border town with supplements for his mother. After visiting his mother in the hospital he received a package from Shen Chi.

He opened the package carefully.

Shi Liang unwrapped the package, an ebony box greeted him and a quiet woody smell with the lingering smell of milk.

The little wolf dog with an invitation card was printed on the surface of the box. And the cub seemed to have fallen asleep in the box. The pointed ears were pulled up one by one and he couldn’t help touching.

Shi Liang opened the box and it really contained a wedding invitation. On the front side, they wrote the names of Shen Chi and Yan Xue Xiao as well as the time and place of the wedding.

“What are you looking at? This thing is fascinating?”

Shi Ran is busy in the kitchen.

Shi Liang‌‌ answer, “Shen Chi and teacher Yan’s wedding invitation.”

“This fast?”

Hearing his brother’s words, Shi ran out of the kitchen with a kitchen knife for killing fish in his hand, and his face was extremely strange.

Shi Liang didn’t doubt him. He was shocked to learn the news at first. He racked his brains to convince him, “They are a perfect match.”

He doesn’t know how to describe it. Shen Chi loves his red hair the most. Although he thinks that Shen Chi’s hair color is beautiful, he never forgets to dye the roots of his hair with hair dye in the border town and he does not let someone touch it.

But he remembered that when Mr. Yan came to the border town for the first time, the rebellious adolescent wanted to dye his hair. Shen Chi rubbed his hand gently when Mr. Yan touched his head.

“Don’t give people a way to survive.”

Shi Ran sighed. He put down the kitchen knife and walked towards the side, “The food is ready, you eat first.”

In the three months after Luo Shu’s death, he was looking for someone along the river where the plane crashed. He had a faint guess in his heart, but he was afraid that people would not believe him.

Perhaps Yan Zhao is not dead.

There is no way to survive when falling down the river, but there are still cabin fragments on the land, which means that a small half of the cabin fell on the land. There are fresh blood stains on the fragments. He hid the fragments behind Luo Shu’s back.

Looking for a needle in a haystack in a vast sea of ​​people, he was ready for long-term search. It was a big deal to give those two people wedding gifts, thinking of them getting married so soon.

Shi Liang walked toward the train station and the construction team wearing safety helmets walked out of the school. This construction team came to the border city to expand three times last year.

In order to avoid disturbing the students’ classes, the construction was always done at night, because the contractor and the school signed deadlines to urge the workers to work hard. He did not get a good night’s sleep when he returned to the border town.

Although the county government allocated funds, it was mainly Yan Zhao’s donation. He didn’t know why Yan Zhao donated to schools in remote towns, and no one even paid attention to Yan Zhao’s funding.

Today’s No. 3 Midd‌le School has been completely renewed. Children have bright and brand-new classrooms, not only a library but also a planetarium and the teachers hired are all famous teachers.

He heard from Shi Liang’s class teacher, Teacher Wang, that at least one-fifth of the students in this class can go to college. This is not as good as the school in Yancheng, but it is undoubtedly a hope that is ignited for the remote border town.

If he had been able to study at that time, he wouldn’t have lived a life of licking blood at the tip of his knife, but his younger brother was admitted to university.

The construction team of hundreds of people passed by their shoulders and every face under the helmet was equally dark. Drops of sweat rolled from the forehead and the air was filled with the smell of sweat.

Shi Ran frowned and raised his head. Suddenly he glimpsed a face similar to Yan Zhao’s among the gray-headed workers, and a thought rose up in his heart.

The present has been found!

TL:The reason why Shi Ran said “Don’t give people a way to survive.” was because he wanted to give the news that Yan Zhao is alive when YXX and SC prepare for his wedding but he is shocked because they wanted to get married so early. Hope this clarifies some things.

En: So Daddy Yan is alive?!

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