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Extraodinary Wedding (1)

Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

The news of TTL’s victory sparked waves on the Internet, and major E-sports newspapers rushed for exclusive interviews. The TTL, which was preparing for the competition, only accepted an interview with Jian Zhu from the “E-Sports Weekly”.

Jian Zhu, as a classmate of Shen Chi, coupled with Liu Xiaodong’s ears and eyes, is not unfamiliar with the TTL team.

Manager Chen led him to the base and introduced, “TTL was established in September last year. At that time, the team had only 4 team ‌ players.”

“When the team was first established, the conditions must have been very difficult, right?” Jian Zhu held the camera live.

He has almost thought about the first draft. How to win the league championship for a team that is too poor to buy a team uniform, this entry point is worth digging.

“I heard that the uniforms of the team were sold at ten yuan at the beginning.”

“Too difficult”

”Distressed for TTL”

Manager Chen recalled, “It was very hard.”

Jian Zhu came out Comfort: “Fortunately, after the suffering it blossomed.”

TTL won the spring championship, and the endorsements of major brands are coming. If you achieve good results in the PGC World Tournament at the end of the year, this will become a rising team.

Jian Zhu followed Manager Chen to Villa area, he looked suspiciously at villa in front of him: “Don’t you want to visit the base?”


Manager Chen opened the carved door of the villa, “Originally, the boss was watching the garden at the time, but he thought that the team leader went to school and bought this one. The area is a little too small and I dislike it.”
[tl: Because it is close to Yan University]

The door slowly opened, Jian Zhu saw the villa by the lake, covering an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters. The breath of the lake came to his face, reflecting the grass and trees that shade the sky and the sun as if being in the wilderness.

“This is hardship?!”

“Manager Chen is old Versailles”

“Playing games in such an environment is okay!”

Jian Zhu almost couldn’t hold the lens in his hand and he gulped, “It was very hard when it was first established?”

Manager Chen nodded with emotion, “I didn’t have experience in building the team at the beginning, not even a nutritionist. Now the supporting staff have followed up, so I don’t have to go to the imported supermarket to choose ingredients to cook.”

”Please pay attention to the inexperience and lack of money.”

“I always thought that TTL was a little broken team.”

“Listen to the same brainwashing package.”

“This is really a giant team, isn’t it?”

Jian Zhu slowly eases the shock of his heart. He always thought that TTL preached the hardships of the giants, but he couldn’t think of the giants in the true sense. It seems that the first draft has to be rewritten.

He walked into the villa and was dazzled, and couldn’t help but, “Do you know who the boss is?”

Manager Chen lowered, “Mr. Yan.”

“‌‌I thought that the small team had such a golden phoenix, but I didn’t expect it to be a nest specially built for the phoenix. Do you still remember the meaning of the team’s name?”

“Not too happy (escape)”

“Remember to shine”

“Cub is the light of my daughter-in-law”

“Knowledge! Hit!”

“Today I shed tears for the beautiful love”

Then, Shen Chi greeted Jian Zhu and walked to the training room on the second floor with milk, and sat in front of the screen to turn on the computer.

A medical advertisement pops up on the screen:

Ten drops of blood.

Holding his waist, he silently drank all his milk.

He put on his headphones and said, “Sorry for being late today.”

“It’s okay”

“He won the championship yesterday and he have to train today”

“Cub is really hard working”

“Yesterday, did you not attend the celebration banquet?”

Lan Heng, who was next to him, caught a glimpse of the barrage and said sourly, “The celebration banquet is not as important as the boyfriend, right Captain?”

He emphasized on the word “boyfriend”. He didn’t even see Shen Chi’s figure after the game yesterday.

Lan Heng thought that Shen Chi would have a guilty conscience, but the red-haired boy said, “Not boyfriend.”

“I got the certificate yesterday.”

The barrage exploded like fireworks.


“I’m so excited that I can only sigh, sigh and sigh.”

“Whoo-hoo, I wish the two babies a hundred years together.”

“Throw a small fish as a dowry to your daughter-in-law.”

Lan Heng stood up from his seat and started the game with a shocked sight: “I will send you an invitation when it’s time.”

Hearing these words, Lan Heng took a deep breath. This is not a matter of sending or not sending invitations at all but this newly-adult team leader was actually married.

When the hour hand on the wall moves towards ten o’clock in the evening, the training is over, Lan Heng presses down to Shen Chi, who is packing things up, “Have you really thought about it? There may be variables in the future. ”

The boy nodded silently.

Starting from Yan Xue Xiao reaching out to him, the place where Yan Xue Xiao was located was his future.

He heard the footsteps behind the seat, turned his head, and said to Lan Heng, “My wife is here to pick me up.”

“He changed his mouth so smoothly”

“The boy who shows his wife”

“Seeking Lan Heng’s Psychological Shadow”

Shen Chi thought that Yan Xue Xiao hadn’t heard him. He packed his things and went downstairs. He couldn’t hear the joyful and angry voice coming to his ears, “Wife?”

The boy quickly changed his mouth, “Brother.”

It’s just that he was still pressed on the bed at night. First, there seemed to be something scratched across the skin and his waist was pinched by the knuckles. Then his whole body was covered with the marks of Yan Xue Xiao.

After an unknown period of time, his voice trembled under the pressure and mustered up the courage to remind, “I heard that there are ten drops of blood.”

[tl: Just to share that ancient Chinese doctors thought that one drop of male essence is worth ten drops of blood.]

He paused for a moment.

Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, Yan Xue Xiao’s cold voice came from behind, “I’ll give it to you.”

TL: OMG they got married. If you notice any mistake from past chapters just comment and I’ll change it.



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