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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi was taken into a familiar embrace and a low voice came from above his head, “I am not as good as them.”

Shen Chi stubbornly retorted, “You are the best.”

The words fell and Shen Chi felt that he was being held tighter and tighter, as if being rubbed into his body and out of breath.

He gradually fell asleep under the warmth.

Yan Xue Xiao looked at Shen Chi on the bed for a while and walked out of the bedroom after Shen Chi was tucked in. Holding his mobile phone without any expression on his face.

Ah Pei, who was standing outside the living room, suddenly felt that Yan Xue Xiao would not really let Shen Chi go, and he seemed to be calculating.

He knew that Madam Yan was a woman who needed protection, unlike his mother who stood in front of him like a fierce lioness.

The plum blossoms raised in the greenhouse cannot survive the cold winter.

Ah Pei watched Yan Xue Xiao dial the number on the screen. He knew that Madam Yan could not bear the truth, so Yan Xue Xiao did not tell her the truth.

However, Shen Chi is Yan Xue Xiao’s inverse scale and only when he is touched would he reveal everything.

Mrs. Yan, who was sitting in the car, answered the phone. She frowned while looking at Yan Chen Chen and asked, “Don’t be afraid that I will come back and disturb you, I will go to England with Little Bean.”

“I will tell you one thing.”

“I don’t want to listen.”

Mrs. Yan suddenly appeared uneasy.

“The reason why Zheng An knows about father’s flight.” The voice on the phone was calm, “Because someone called him. Think about who would know about the flight?”

Mrs. Yan’s eyes remembered Luo Shu’s eyes. In the past, she didn’t understand why Luo Shu would say sorry to her.

She looked at the information on the phone and her lips were white. She suddenly remembered that on the day of Yan Zhao’s crash, she sat in a plum blossom in the yard and told Luo Shu about the flight.

Yan Zhao was always cautious when he was alive. She never doubted Luo Shu and later she didn’t want to doubt it, but the truth was displayed in front of her eyes.

Mrs. Yan finally understood why Yan Xue Xiao was indifferent to her after returning to China. In Yan Xue Xiao’s eyes, she was like an accomplice in killing Yan Zhao.

She couldn’t bear the self-blame from her inside. The phone she was holding slipped from her hand and fainted on the seat.

And Yan Xue Xiao just quietly looked down at Yancheng.

The PCL finals are scheduled for the last Sunday at the end of the month. The spring game after the quiet winter is particularly concerning, and the analysis articles before the game are overwhelming.

Most E-sports newspapers and periodicals can guarantee an objective attitude, but under the leadership of Liu Xiaodong, the “E-Sports Weekly” blew the third-ranked TTL to the top.

[Liu Xiaodong] I am not exaggerating to say that Xiao Chi is the highest player in the league. There will be no opposition, right?

Many people on Weibo have a lot of criticism. Fortunately, it was not Liu Xiaodong who explained the finals.

However, the host didn’t know what he liked about Shen Chi, so he asked Lui Xiaodong to explain the finals.

【Large Cup of Milk Green】I can look like the style of the live studio

【Hot Latte】Did the host collect money?

[Soy Milk Jade Kirin] Will anyone watch the finals?

[Brown sugar ginger tea] Anyway, I don’t watch

In the evening, the organizer released the promotional film of the finals, which was chased by teams on the battlefield filled with smoke. The CG in the promotional film was incredibly lifelike, the blood on the gun was rendered lifelike and the venue was set in the Olympic venues.

【Hot Coco】Today’s hosting Developed? !

【Brown sugar ginger tea】Come here, I want to watch CG too

[Deep Oolong] No one noticed that the soundtrack is also great!

Tickets for the finals were sold out in less than five minutes, breaking previous league ticket sales records.

After buying the tickets for the finals, Su Ye, a small fan, sat in front of the computer and watched the final promotional video back and forth three or four times. She was obsessed with turning off the video, her eyes stopped on a line of fine print behind the video.

This time the title sponsor is Aurora. She doesn’t know why she is inexplicably familiar with this brand.

Clearly she has never bought this brand of computer.

As a student of the Chinese Department, she believes in her memory, which may be doomed in the dark. On the night before the competition, she opened the live recording screen that she kept in the past.

In a segment of the screen, she keenly discovered traces of another person’s existence. Shen Chi in the border town turned out to be not alone. Aurora is Yan’s brand.

Yan Xue Xiao is his first audience.

Yan Xue Xiao sent him an Aurora computer.

Yan Xue Xiao gave him lessons.


Yan Xuexiao at that time should be slowly approaching the defense of Shen Chi, participating in every important process in Shen Chi’s life, like hugging the puppies on a cold winter night.

But at that time, Yan Xue Xiao was still in graduate school in Princeton, across the entire Pacific Ocean.

Su Ye did not know how the two people met through the Internet. The young man in the border town grew up into a calm professional player while the young man in a white shirt became a tall and powerful figure.

It’s hard to say if he didn’t meet Yan Xue Xiao, he would have died in the border town, but fortunately they met.

Su Ye ridiculed Shen Chi, who was indifferent in front of outsiders. As long as Yan Xue Xiao appeared on the live broadcast, he would always behave like a puppy. Only now did she understand what Yan Xue Xiao meant to Shen Chi.

Her eyes were hot and she wrote the summary information as a long article and posted it on Weibo. That is, she was prepared or frightened by the heat and the number of comments quickly broke 10,000.

[Red-haired cub] I’m crying

【Daily ‌Stealing cubs】What kind of fairy love is this ‌

【Before ‌Take me one ‌】My daughter-in-law is great too

[My wife is happy to rush to me] But this is the daughter-in-law involved in Yan’s bloody seizure of power. I heard that during his father’s funeral he did not have time to come back.

[Frozen Lemon Tea] Daughter-in-law and cub are a hundred percent good fit.

This article was in the hot search in the early morning. When Lin came out of the laboratory, he saw such an article.

The doubts that lingered on his head were finally solved. In his dream, he added Yan Xue Xiao’s WeChat ID and the Shen Chi of this world added Yan Xue Xiao as a friend.

With Yan Xue Xiao’s hand extended, the young man who should have died in the border town survived and Yan Xue Xiao, who was originally lonely and isolated, wiped his bloody hands clean because of the young man.

The butterfly flapped one of its wings lightly and the dreamy painting Zhuang Zhou was admitted to Yani. The felon who murdered his father, Yan Shen, was admitted to university and Shi Liang, who died on the operating table, showed healthy skin. Xiao Zui, a girl who was forced by her mother to save money, opened her own shop.

He is the butterfly.

The chairs of the finals were filled with people, the live symphony orchestra played the theme song vigorously and the melodious orchestra fluttered over the stadium.

Xiao Zui wore a white skirt and sat in an audience of 100,000 people. She had never been to a scene with so many people, clutching the corners of her skirt nervously.

The exciting orchestral music suddenly stopped and the huge venue was silent, so quiet that it seemed to be able to hear the sound of breathing.

Dense drums suddenly sounded, one by one, as if beating on the head, accompanied by the variation. On the big screen, the scenes of each team began to be played and the smoke of gunpowder slowly rose to the sky above the stadium.

Xiao Zui tried to find Shen Chi on the screen. After she found him, she was watched attentively. Suddenly, she heard a roar from the audience and the character of Shen Chi walked out of the screen under the holographic projection technology!

The red-haired young man stood on the highest point, holding the blood-stained gun in the eyes of the public.


Shen Chi shot and shot at the auditorium indifferently. The painting was so realistic as if it really existed. Every shot would arouse the audience’s alarm, which could be like the opponent’s heavy oppressive feeling.

“Can holographic projection work in the sun too!”

“The opening ceremony is too well-known.”

“Crazy regret not going to the scene”

“Why is Shen Chi the first to appear?”

‌ For the last question, Shen Chi’s fan’s waist was straighter than usual and his chin was raised to the sky.

“Daughter-in-law sponsored this, try to understand”

“You can also sponsor if you have money.”

There should be no money.

Xiao Zui recognized Shen Chi’s character and she asked Zhuang Zhou next to her:

“Tickets must be expensive, right?”

Zhuang Zhou immediately shook his head, “The free ticket is from Shen Chi’s hand.”

Xiao Zui was relieved and continued to watch the game. Accompanied by the fierce variation, the teams in the unsuited uniforms stepped into the competition position one by one.

Three huge screens were hung on the venue, and spectators in different areas could watch the game clearly. The sound effects were as shocking as their ears.

Xiao Zui can’t understand the game but she hopes Shen Chi can win.

There were three people sitting in the commentary. Duan Shi was caught between Liu Xiaodong and Shengquan. He was too young to express his opinion. He could only listen to Liu Xiaodong closing his eyes and saying: “If TTL doesn’t win the championship today, I will use the keyboard and eat it.”

“Liu Xiaodong shouldn’t have commentate”

“Got used to”

“Looking for Liu Xiaodong’s Black Powder Period”

“Who is not?”

Duan Shi can only look at Shengquan, who knows that Shengquan was infected by Liu Xiaodong and praised them openly.

“The hope of winning the championship is not small.”

“The teacher was led astray.”

“No, didn’t we find that the teacher is also a hidden fan?”

“The organization was found”

‌Fang Shengquan’s words are not groundless. TTL’s team configuration is fully equipped to compete for the championship. Secondly, for Shen Chi, the children he sees growing up are always closer than others.

Duan Shi sat in the middle and tuned the headset, listening to the sentence he suddenly felt out of place in a game.

However, TTL’s performance in the start was really eye-catching. When they collided with MAR on the bridge, Han Duqiu didn’t say a word and threw thunder, and the position was exactly behind the car.

Ye Ning’s guns were aimed at the two people who ran out from behind the car, Xu Cheng stretched out to fill the guns. This team from the sub-league cooperated better than ever.

MAR was the last person to jump off the bridge. When he thought he was safe, the bullet that broke the wind came from behind, and Shen Chi picked up his gun to solve the fleeing enemy.

It is not uncommon for the whole audience to take a breath of air. What is rare is the speed of team elimination. Unconsciously, TTL has become a team with terrible strength.

“The small team is not what it used to be”

“The difference is shrinking.”

“It is still difficult to exceed points.”

The TTL in the finals was particularly strong, even SWL‌ was left behind, that is, under the crazy scoring. Also, there was still a gap of 25 points between TTL and VF before the start of the last game.

“VF surpassed TTL by fifteen points. If TTL‌ wins the championship, it will take 40 points in this round, almost half of the opponent.” Duan Shi objectively commented.

Liu Xiaodong’s face became solemn, but he still praised Shen Chi, “Xiao Chi is not unbeatable.”

“Blow it too much”

“Little red-haired fans are too easy to distinguish”

“Last time there was ‌Elementary school students too”

“The flowers of the motherland was taught to be crooked”

The last game began and the audience watched the game intently. Mr. Wang in the border town was holding his rice bowl while watching the game.

TTL keeps catching up with VF scores and it is still ten points behind VF in the finals, such as the sky that can never be crossed.

The VF and SWL who were transferred to the safe area met in the fishing village. Su Hui and Zhou Tingchuan, who were adept at shooting, were facing each other and there were endless gunshots.

‌SWL is inferior to VF in close combat. Seeing that VF wants to harvest points, Qin Baiwen, who is lurking in the dark, takes the lead.

“Lion actually has a lone wolf!”

“Qin Baiwen is really calm”

“VF is too good”

“Almost won the championship”

TTL drove to a safe area. Shen Chi heard gunshots from the fishing village. He turned the front of the car to persuade him. Ye Ning in the car took Lion’s head.

However, the VF that fought in two consecutive battles was not compromised at all. With Su Hui as the leader, the firepower was thrown at TTL, and smoke was piled up on the big screen.

TTL’s players, except for Shen Chi, fell one after another. VF only damaged Su Hui. Shengquan’s tone revealed a deep pity, “If there is one person left in TTL, I doubt they can get the championship.”

“A dozen three is too difficult”

“The opponent is still the top team”

“Fortunately, Su Hui was dragged to death by Ye Ning, otherwise the game can be end directly”

“This is a desperate attempt to leave hope to Shen Chi. I’ll leave hope for Shen Chi.”

Shen Chi sat in front of the computer and held the mouse tightly. He couldn’t tell the difference in the arena. ‌ He still looked at Yan Xue Xiao in the auditorium, facing the pitch-black eyes.

He took a deep breath and cast all his attention on the screen. The world around him seemed to be quiet, only the sound of gunfire passing by.

Just when everyone thought that TTL would be dead in this game. The movements were so fast that no one could react. The tapping sound of the fingers on the keyboard was very rhythmic, avoiding the rain of guns and bullets and hiding behind the bunker.

“This micro manipulation!”

Duan Shi couldn’t help raising his voice and almost stood up from the commentary booth, being so excited in front of the camera for the first time.

He ‌ has always had the opinion that the marksmanship of professional players will not be too bad. A good choice of opportunities can cover up the shortcomings of marksmanship, and the bodywork really tests the subtle control of the hands.

Before he recovered, Shen Chi behind the bunker began to fight back. VF, a team famous for its quick response, stopped under the violent offensive.

It’s because the hand speed is too fast.

Outsiders tend to be superstitious about hand speed, but too high hand speed is inevitably mixed with effective operation. However, the sound of Shen Chi tapping on the keyboard is steady and powerful and there is an effective operation.

Take away one person with one shot.

Duan Shi finally knows where the determination of the championship comes from, Shen Chi’s red hair is dazzling in the sun.

Everyone held their breath and looked at the big screen. Lan Heng in the seat didn’t even dare to look up at the final result until he heard the bullet from AWM breaking the wind.

“Congratulations to TTL for winning the Spring Championship!”

The host’s voice sounded in the venue of 100,000 people.

“Little red hair is awesome.”

“This is the team that went from PDL to champion in the history of the league.”

“I saw it from the PDL. At that time, I just thought TTL was very angry and didn’t win the championship.”

“Welcome to the World Championship”

Teacher Wang in front of the screen was relieved and continued to correct the students’ homework.Teacher Ning, on the other hand was standing in the coach’s pile, watching Shen Chi walking towards the podium and recalled that he had stood on the podium too. This was the closest he was to the championship.

Ye Ning’s eyes turned red when he heard the news of the championship and Han Duqiu patted his wheelchair hard.

Xu Cheng pinched his own hand to know if it was true. When he felt the pain, the silent man smiled like a child.

When the team members walked to the rest area, Lan Heng sat on the chairs and was unwilling to walk towards the podium. Shen Chi rubbed the overstretched hands and asked,

“Really not going?”

“Not so good.”

Although Lan Heng was also standing on the podium, he didn’t even play in the finals, so he was embarrassed to go.

“Forget it.”

Shen Chi raised his eyebrows.

The braided Ye Ning smiled and Lan Heng immediately got up from the chair, “I’ll go.”

They walked to the podium and they won the championship trophy. He looked at Yan Xue Xiao under the gaze of the audience and his ears were dyed red.


“Cubs, cubs, good meeting”

“Sweet to death”

Although the man’s appearance is faint, Ah Pei clearly sees the pride in Yan Xue Xiao’s eyes.


After receiving the award, Shen Chi walked towards Yan Xue Xiao in the audience. Before he could approach, he was dragged by Yan Chen Chen. He looked down at the little bean that emerged from the ground, “Didn’t you go abroad?”

“Auntie left by herself.”

Yan Chen Chen was taken away by Ah Pei before he could say a few words then Shen Chi followed Yan Xue Xiao out of the stadium.

At the end of spring, the temperature in Yancheng dropped and snow began to float in the sky. Manager Chen, who they met outside the venue, asked Yan Xue Xiao loudly, “Are you coming to watch the game today?”

Shen Chi did not have time to nod for Yan Xue Xiao, the next second a cold voice fell in his ear: “I’ll propose.”

Yan Xue Xiao narrowed his dark eyes.

From the first meeting, he wanted Shen Chi to live proudly and wantonly and gave Shen Chi the best.

His best self.

Shen Chi looked at Yan Xue Xiao’s hand and jumped heavily, blushingly walking forward.

The snow is all over the sky.

They walked slowly in the snow.

——The sky is shimmering.

[End of text]


TL: We are finely done with the Main text. I actually picked it up because I thought it would be a light read but things prove me wrong, still I’m glad to pick up and manage to finish this. I’ll update the extras later.

En: Congratulations to our boys!!! They deserve it. /wipes tears/ Proud mama here.

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    Aaaaaah our cub is so strooong!! Congrats to the cub and daughter-in-law~ They’ve come so far… :’) I’m really happy that the cub and Mrs. Yan learned about the truth. While holding back can help, its far better and liberating to let people decide their own choices in the end.

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