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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Yan Chen Chen looked down at his gift, a deep entanglement appeared on his small face then he finally got into the car with Shen Chi.

Sitting alone in the front row, he resisted his grievance and asked Shen Chi, “Can you give me an autograph? I can buy you dinner with my pocket money.”

Yan Chen Chen specially emphasized the word “you”.

Shen Chi raised his head when he heard the next sentence and met Yan Chen Chen’s expectant eyes. He said, “Bring a pen and paper.”

Little Bean clenched his fist and concluded that giving gifts is not good. If I want to get closer, I still have to please Yan Xue Xiao.

Yan Chen Chen happily opened his cartoon bag and took out the marker from the stationery box, but he couldn’t find the paper that could be used to sign for a long time. He was sweating profusely.

“Next time.”

Shen Chi didn’t care.

“There would be no next time.” Anxious sweat oozes from Yan Chen Chen’s forehead, “I would have gone to England.”

Shen Chi grabbed the marker from Yan Chen Chen’s hand and signed his name on the red cheer flag.

Little Bean smiled with joy and carefully packed the red cheer flag into the old bag.

After arriving at the restaurant, Yan Xue Xiao went out. Yan Chen Chen ordered the food according to the expensive order. Shen Chi looked at the open bag on his shoulder and asked, “Why don’t you change your bag?”

“My father bought it for me before he went to prison.”

Yan Chen Chen replied, “I am reluctant to change it.”

Shen Chi was silent for a while, no wonder Yan Chen Chen carried an outdated cartoon bag everywhere. The pattern on the bag was too childish for Yan Chen Chen. He doesn’t know if he had been ridiculed at school .

He slowly asked, “Why is he in prison?”

Yan Chen Chen put down the menu and tried to recall, “My father was going to take me to the amusement park. Suddenly, the police uncle came to the door and took him away. On the same day, the big uncle’s airplane crashed and the little uncle was assassinated. His legs were all wasted and now he never comes out to see anyone.”

The child spoke of the cruel past in a childish voice and Shen Chi pursed his lips then poured a glass of warm juice for Little Bean.

Yan Chen Chen was flattered and took the poured juice then drank contentedly while holding the cup.

After Yan Xue Xiao was seated, Yan Chen Chen looked at Shen Chi’s eyes, summoned the courage to pass Yan Xue Xiao the menu and the waiter slowly started serving.

The child had a small appetite and couldn’t eat more than two bites. Yan Chen Chen walked to the counter after eating and was about to pay with his pocket money but he was told that Yan Xue Xiao had paid the bill.

Yan Chen Chen froze in disbelief. When he got home, he found his favorite cartoon characters in his cartoon bag. Suddenly he was not so afraid of Yan Xue Xiao anymore.

Shen Chi, who walked back to Huating, stumbled with Yan Xue Xiao. Yan Xue Xiao asked him gently, “Tired of the game?”

The red-haired boy leaned his face on Yan Xue Xiao’s chest. The Yan family’s accident happened in a short period of time and his brother worked very hard to stand in front of him.

His hands around Yan Xue Xiao’s waist tightened, “I want to hug you.”

Warm kiss fell on his lips and he was hot against his body. Yan Xue Xiao’s blunt blade seemed to have passed through his sensitive gap then he rubbed Yan Xue Xiao’s body around.

However, Yan Xue Xiao let go of him, “Tomorrow’s game”

After Yan Xue Xiao stretched out his slender hand to help with the relief. Shen Chi’s ears went all red when the liquid splashed on his fingertips and then Yan Xue Xiao licked and tasted it on his mouth.

[En: _(꒪ཀ꒪」∠)_ ]


Shen Chi sat on the bench the next day. Only a day before the finals and the expressions on the faces of each team were slightly solemn.

Only Su Hui, the captain of VF, sat casually on a stool and read comics, but no one would ignore Su Hui’s ghostly marksmanship.

Because TTL killed SWL in yesterday’s competition, Fang Shengquan’s pre-match solution was particularly enthusiastic. “It was a good bet to replace Lan Heng. Today’s TTL has no shortcomings.”

Duan Shi took the words, “Han Duqiu, the contestant, performed too brightly in the finals and TTL may have a chance to surpass SWL.”

“Listen, little Red went to the SWL trial and was not selected. I don’t know if they regret it after SWL”

“Look at the manager’s appearance, I know his intestines are turning green.”

“The director has cut the camera”

In the camera, the manager of SWL looked at the points on the big screen. He thought that the red-haired boy would shine in the league but he never thought that Shen Chi would become an opponent of SWL.

The manager did not know that he was photographed clearly and went to Zhou Tingchuan in the rest area and said, “I believe in your performance.”

Zhou Tingchuan looked at Shen Chi walking towards the seat. He always remembered that as a professional player, he lost to the little-known Shen Chi in the individual competition years ago.

He has worked harder than before. He always makes a detailed summary every time he finishes a game. He is praised as the future of the league, but he didn’t expect that he would lose to Shen Chi again in the all-star competition and was destroyed by TTL yesterday.

He will not lose again today.

Zhou Tingchuan walked to the game bench and sat down. Duan Shi, who was in his position, talked about the league’s star players, “Zhou Tingchuan’s gun league is at the top, and Qin Baiwen’s role on the field is not inferior. ”

“MAR is the owner who knows him well, and SWL spent a lot of money to dig him up and didn’t leave.” Fang Shengquan sighs, “If you can’t make it to the top ten clubs today, it will probably be closed.”

Compared with the eye-catching marksmanship, the role of command in the arena is easily overlooked but Qin Baiwen uses his personality charm to establish his popularity in the league.

“Oh, MAR used to be a brigade”

“I hope I can get a good result in the playoffs”

“As long as there is still ‌Alliance‌ there is hope”

The game started on time after the host broadcasted the advertisement. Duan Shi mentioned that MAR’s regret was caused by the excitement. Not only was his audience curious about whether the TTL yesterday’s game was a fluke or a stable performance.

The two tit-for-tat teams in the island map happen to be neighbors, but SWL and TTL have tacitly avoided each other. Fang Shengquan commented, “The two teams are cool-headed.”

PUBG is not a game of two teams. Sixteen teams compete for the trophy of the season. Fighting between the two parties will only make the fishermen profit.

Unless COV like the regular season is in order to get out of position, neither SWL nor TTL lacks popularity, there is no need to lose big because of small losses.

“Can you see the match today?”

“It’s not too big to watch the excitement”

“I’m so curious”

SWL and TTL didn’t play each other directly until the start of the backcourt game, but TTL scores quietly caught up.

‌ After the game was a desert map, MAR finally squeezed into the finals, VF’s Su Hui lazily snatched Qin Baiwen and severed MAR’s hope of taking the place.

“I can’t do anything with Su Hui”

”Alas, MAR have failed”

“There is still a chance after the finals”

“too difficult”

Even TTL can only avoid VF’s devastating style of play. At the end of the game, Shen Chi took off his headphones and looked at the points on the screen.

VF ranked 246 points, followed by SWL241 points, TTL217 points ranked third and Tiancheng 184 points, which means that if there is no big fluctuation, TTL at least won the third place.

Emperor Penguin’s live broadcast room was sour, but they would like to congratulate this team that started to pay attention to PDL.

”TTL is stable”

“You have to watch the finals”

“Congratulations to Little Red”

“Huh, I wish you the championship next season”

Shen Chi did not go home after the game but went to the base to resume the game.

Yan Chen Chen, who ran out of the house, was not there. There was someone outside the stadium and walked to Huating with his small bag on his back to guard.

Ah Pei opened the door for him. He sat on the sofa properly and secretly aimed at Yan Xue Xiao in the room. He didn’t seem to be so afraid of Yan Xue Xiao anymore.

Little Bean sat on the sofa and waited until the evening and his stomach screamed. Looking at the snacks in the cabinet and he boldly asked Yan Xue Xiao, “Can I have some snacks?”

Yan Xue Xiao put down the file in his hand, “The dried yellow croaker must be kept for Shen Chi.”

Yan Chen Chen didn’t think it was Shen Chi’s snack store in the cabinet. He carefully took the package of potato chips and wondered why the potato chips tasted so good.

Yan Chen Chen, who has never been short of food or clothing, cherishes eating potato chips one by one. Sitting on the sofa waiting for Shen Chi to return home, wanting to say goodbye before leaving.

Yan Xue Xiao closed the file and walked out of the room, facing Yan Chen Chen on the sofa, “Let’s go.”

“Go pick Shen Chi and go home.”

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Ah Pei hadn’t had time to open the door when the small bean with potato chips ran to open the door. Ah Pei could only shout from behind, “Don’t fall.”

Yan Chen Chen opened the door, but it was not Shen Chi but the unconcerned Madam Yan that appeared outside the door. Little Bean shrank his neck subconsciously.

Mrs. Yan held Yan Chen Chen’s hand, pressing down her anger, “How many times have I told you not to come here.”

Another elevator rang. When Shen Chi walked out of the elevator, he heard Mrs. Yan’s words. He took off his earphones and coldly said, “Who wants you to come?”

Mrs. Yan recognized Shen Chi and asked the assistant to leave with the reluctant Yan Chen Chen, “I just want Chen Chen to grow up peacefully and I don’t want him to be in danger.”

Shen Chi thought about Yan Chen Chen’s fear of drinking beverages, raised his eyebrows and asked, “Drinking water poison?”

Madam Yan watched the young man walk in the door, blocking her sight as if she was afraid that she would go in and provoke Yan Xue Xiao, like a puppy who knew nothing about danger.

She kindly reminded, “There are few friends at Chen Chen School who like to play games. You are a professional player with a bright future. You are too young to tell the difference between good and bad. I advise you not to associate with Yan Xue Xiao, do you know that… ”

“What do you know?”

Shen Chi stopped.

“This man can kill his loved ones.”

Mrs. Yan told him what Yan Xue Xiao did not dare to, as if she had vented her depressed emotions for a long time. Her heart suddenly relaxed then she walked to the elevator and pressed the button.

Hearing the words, the young man pinched his hand and pressed down his shock. He walked into the living room and met Yan Xuexiao’s calm eyes.

“Are the words she said true?”

Shen Chi’s voice trembled. ‌ In his memory, Yan Xue Xiao was always the young man in a white shirt reading philosophy and the cold breath of pine wood scent lingering on him.

Yan Xuexiao in the shadows did not deny it. I don’t know how long it took for him to be calm, his hands trembled slightly and the dark phoenix eyes were constricted, “Shen Chi, walk into the light.”

Shen Chi finally understood why Yan Xuexiao said he was dirty. The person in front of him carefully hid the blood-stained hand and didn’t let himself see any blood stains.

The young man walked into the shadow covered by the light, then hugged Yan Xue Xiao’s waist behind him, refusing to leave, “You are my light.”

Yan Xue Xiao to him is not the hot sun but the gentle moon in the night. The moon itself does not shine. Even if the back is endlessly dark, he is the moon.

——His personal moon.

TL: I’m glad SC accepted YXX.

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