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Into the City

Editor: Gummy

The amber pupils of the teenager were open and sincere like an objective narrative, completely out of the gaze of others. The heated speculation of the people below stopped.

Ji Shu pinches himself ‌, the humbleness he imagined does not exist at all. He looked at Shen Chi’s raised chin, he bit his lip and lowered his head.

After Shen Chi finished speaking in the classroom, he left. Looking at the young man’s back, he was relieved and opened the book to continue the class, but he couldn’t hear anything.

He left the classroom in a muddle after class. Shen Chi stood by the door, held him by the collar, and pressed him against the cold wall.

Shen Chi raised his head, the young man looked thin, but the strength on his wrist made him unable to break free. Ji Shu felt a deep fear in his heart. What kind of good student would be able to associate with Yan Shen.

He regretted provoking Shen Chi, and cold sweat oozes from his back.

Shen Chi looked at Ji Shu with a timid look. He didn’t care about him, but his brother didn’t deserve to be talked about behind his back. He let go of Ji Shu’s collar and said coldly,

“Take care of yourself.”

As a teenager, Ji Shu’s heart was still beating restlessly. He left the teaching building and suddenly received a call, “Xiao Shu, I’ll bring you some bacon in Yancheng.”

Ji Shu’s footsteps stopped: “Bacon.”

“The bacon just smoked this year.” Ji Dad’s voice is proud, “Winter is the best way to eat bacon with fresh garlic.”

Ji Shu can’t remember the appearance of dad Ji. The dad Ji in his memory is always squatting and working in the early stall. He bowed to the teacher at the parents’ meeting, and his clothes were stained with indelible oil stains.

He avoided the meeting: “I still have class.”

“Then I will put it in your dormitory?” Dad Ji’s voice was enthusiastic. “A basket full of bacon, I asked your aunt to finally move from the border town, so we have enough to eat for a winter.”

Hearing the last sentence, Ji Shu hesitated thinking of the tasteless dish. “Our dormitory does not accept outsiders. I will give you my mother’s address.”

Ji Shu didn’t want to be seen as having such an adoptive father. He was about to hang up the phone after he said his address. Then the phone suddenly said, “Last year, your grandfather was ill thanks to Mrs. Shen’s willingness to transfer to hospitals.”

He hung up the phone with a vague hum.

Ji Shu looked at the phone in a daze, not knowing whether it was his illusion, father Ji had a cold attitude towards him, he was obviously the person who hung up the phone before.

He should be thinking too much.

Ji Shu couldn’t tell whether it was ironic or comforting. How arrogant Shen Chi was in front of him he could not be loved by his biological parents.

Dad Ji on the other side hung up the phone and sighed. He came to Yancheng this time to confirm with the official doctor of the People’s Hospital that the transfer has nothing to do with the Shen family, so he asked Ji Shu again and he is still lying.

In the past, the couple was afraid of wronging Ji Shu. They would rather be tired than letting the child work. Even if they weren’t his biological parents, they would still treat them as their own. They always wondered if Ji Shu was doing well in Yancheng.

He thought that he had never owed Ji Shu. He never thought that the child he loved since childhood would lie about major events and treat the cold-eyed Shen family as benefactors, which would hinder them and their biological child.

He was full of thoughts about trying to compensate Shen Chi as much as he could, and said to Aunt Ji who was beside him, “Send bacon to Xiao Chi first.”

Aunt Ji had just left the detention center and was humiliated by her in-laws. She knelt outside the Ji house for a long time, before they let her in. She changed her attitude toward them and became cautious. She didn’t complain after she was busy with father Ji.

She asked with a guilty conscience: “Should I go and send it to the Shen family?”

Aunt Ji did not dare to move forward because she was afraid of Shen Chi’s grudges, and she also had a desire to please the Shen family. The Shen family had a big business, and if she reaped some benefits, she would be able to use it, lest she would have to work all day at the Ji family.

She originally thought that Dad Ji would go with her, but he did not expect Dad Ji to hand her a small half-circle basket of bacon, obviously unwilling to go to the door of Shen’s house.

Aunt Ji suppressed her doubts. If there were any good things in the past she gave to the child, Xiao Shu would definitely be close to her, but she didn’t think much about it.

She has never been to Yancheng before, the high-rise buildings are close to the sky, the canopy is crowded into the car, and she keeps her eyes on the road.

Aunt Ji went to the building where Shen lived and saw a person. She looked like the luxurious and dignified Mrs. Shen on TV. She hesitated and shouted: “Mrs. Shen?”

Mrs. Shen had just returned from the hospital to take care of Father Shen. When she heard Aunt Ji’s loud voice, she turned her head and frowned. She looked at Aunt Ji who was wearing a big green cotton-padded jacket: “I don’t know you.”

Aunt Ji hurriedly held up the bacon basket: “I am Xiao Shu’s aunt, his dad asked me to deliver the bacon.”

She didn’t dare to look up at Madam Shen. She was lingering in her words and she was very pleased. She couldn’t live in the country anymore. If the Shen family was willing to give Xiao Shu’s face, she would find a job for her in Yancheng. It could not be better.

Mrs. Shen couldn’t see the Ji family, who was born in the lower class. She saw a basket full of bacon and suppressed the disgust in her eyes: “You come in with me.”

Aunt Ji eagerly responded, wiped her sweat into the tall building as if she was affirmed, and she could not conceal her excitement as she carried the bamboo basket.

She has never seen a tall building in the border town, and the tallest building is only 20 floors. She is curious, staring at the number of floors on the elevator: “How do you repair such a tall building? It’s the same as the TV show. I haven’t lived in such a place ‌.”

Aunt Ji looked at the advertisement screen in the elevator as a curious thing, and she stretched out and touched the advertisement screen: “There is a TV in the elevator. It looks more advanced than the one in my house.”

Her body was sprayed with cheap toilet water, mixed with the greasy smell of bacon, and the elevator was full of a strong pungent smell.

Mrs Shen’s face is distorted. she didn’t even look at Aunt Ji in the past, but now she has to stay in the empty space. She frowns and covers her nose.

The elevator stopped on the first floor. Mrs. Shen went to the single room door and said in a commanding tone: “You put things next to the door.”

Mrs. Shen opened the door with the key.

She thought Aunt Ji would have left obediently. She just opened the door. She hadn’t even entered. Aunt Ji carried the bacon and squeezed into the door. This woman from the small county didn’t have the slightest eyesight.

Aunt Ji put the bamboo basket next to the cabinet, turned around and half-opened her mouth to stare at Mrs. Shen, wearing the thick red, green and green quilted jacket looked particularly stunned.

“What are you doing?”

Mrs. Shen’s voice was unhappy.

Aunt Ji glanced at the small and dark house, wet water oozing on the wall. It was not as good as the house she lived in the country, but it was so big and bright.

Until this time, she dared not look at Madam Shen, her eyes fell from Madam Shen’s clothes with raw edges to the red sore skin. She stopped talking like she saw something incredible: “Mrs. Shen, How did you become like this?”

TL: The Shen family has fallen and Ji Shu is still thinking about reputation instead of looking for a part time job.





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  1. Avatar Sofea says:

    I still absolutely hate the ji family. All of them. They shouldn’t bother with shen chi anymore. They dont deserve him. He has another family now (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

    1. Nacchi Nacchi says:

      Yeahhh, I mean it’s too late to reach out now.

  2. Avatar Accellia says:

    Ji Shu at least have studying. but Mrs Shen? what is she doing after Mr. Shen fallen ill?

    but i really can’t understand how Ji Shu thinking *sigh* before, he willingly help Dad Ji work, but only after tasting a bit richness, he won’t help his family now with work part time? when his condition is cornered by debt? at least do it for himself, to support himself in uni, but he doesn’t do that…

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