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Translator: Nacchi
Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi blushed and was hugged from the chair, then Yan Xue Xiao walked towards the bed. The bumps and undulations irritated him so he desperately wanted to sit up.

Fortunately, they arrived on the bed soon. Yan Xue Xiao’s kisses were gentle and long, and there was a low gasping sound as he wandered around the room.

Even if he said that he was a child, Yan Xue Xiao did not treat him as a young child at all. The teenager with a slightly convex belly bit on the bed sheets, and only when he came too, he would cry out.

Yan Xue Xiao looked at the young boy who had to bear it silently. After carefully cleaning the traces and applying medicine, he gently stroked the wet red hair, as if he was treating a treasure.


The next day at the TTL base, they won the Silver Fox Cup. Everyone was excited. At least Lan Heng was the one who felt it. However, the teenager couldn’t raise his energy. His style of play became more fierce. Seeing the temple, he jumped in panic.

Shen Chi didn’t know anything about Lan Heng’s thoughts. He helped his narrow waist and slowly sat down on a chair to play live broadcast, and entered PCL. Finally, he had the opportunity to participate in the T08 training match.

“Today, Mar is here too.”


“Estimate: Revenge for the beaten fans is coming”

The teenager enters the game, although it is the top training competition, but in winter, there is no pressure to relegation; often getting into a mess and becoming a battlefield for competition marksmanship.

The TTL island map focused on the transfer of the practice circle. Without joining the chaotic battle, the score ranking is not high, and the SWL score is far away in the first place.

“SWL is still strong”

“Can the PGI runner-up be weak?”

“Not only strong, but also youthful, three players are less than ten years old”

Shen Chi saw that the most powerful team is more than one, and SWL is the most complete team in the youth academy. Let SWL maintain a steady stream of talent advantages, and the substitutes are the same as the main force of the team. The veteran players have alternately never experienced faults.

Although ridiculing the alliance talent transfer camp, meeting on the court would be a terrible opponent. He improved his evaluation of SWL in his heart and continued to practice the transfer in the island map.

“Today’s island map did not perform well”

“Just start training, don’t you feel it feels right”

“So in the desert map we are going to grab P City?”

Shen Chi’s voice is lazy: “Grab.”

“Grab the fuck!”

“Why is the cub’s voice hoarse”

“I can’t imagine the cry of the cub”

The boy’s ears were red, and there was no other way to grab a jump point. He only had to fight with real swords and guns. He would fight until he was convinced that he wouldn’t be able to grab the jump point in the competition.

He just jumped to the third floor of the boxing ring, and picked up the gun on the ground.

“One o’clock, people.”

In the opinion of many analysts, TTL did not buy the PCL quota, but went to PCL step by step. For this reason, it is a pity to miss the autumn game, but Shen Chi does not believe that the tacit understanding of reaching the top league can not be replaced. Yes, he only needs to say a word and Xu Cheng can understand it.

Han Duqiu does not have such a high degree of coordination, but he can solve all the enemies in the field of vision. He uses the flash light bullet ( e/n: laser gun ?) to cooperate with Xu Cheng to take away the enemies who are facing one hour away.

“‌They are starting to play seriously!”


“MAR calls back PDL”

Shen Chi is fully focused on command, because his opponent is Wu Rui, Wu Rui has good marksmanship. Since entering the alliance, he has never been defeated by a gun. He knows that Wu Rui must be beaten today.

He was hiding in a cover, and extending the time consumed Wu Rui’s patience. There was no team more patient than TTL who had accumulated hundreds of bottles of medicine to survive outside the finals.

Wu Rui appeared outside the door, without concealing his footsteps. The young man, like a wolf dog waiting for his prey, pressed the shot at the moment when Wu Rui appeared slack, and took Wu Rui away with SKS.

“Wu Rui is obviously in a hurry”

“He hasn’t suffered any setbacks, he just played professionally and he was in the main force of the brigade. It is understandable that his mentality is not good”

“I want to prove myself too much”

“It’s not shameful to lose to cub.”

If MAR’s fans were not convinced that the title of Silver Fox Cup was worthy of the name at the beginning, they argued with TTL’s fans at the end of the competition, and MAR’s fan set lost its voice in six games, and MAR’s Wu Rui went offline without saying a word.

“Wu Rui closed himself up”

“Maybe the network cable was unplugged”

“Too pitiful”

The live broadcast room became the world of TTL. Occasionally, fans of MAR politely retorted, and they were immediately slammed down.

“Three thousand people were beaten to the ground by five hundred people, but they didn’t have the face to talk.”

“PDL is more suitable for you”

“send him to PDL in spring! ”
In Lan Heng’s mind, the fans of TTL are weak, pitiful and helpless. They are cautious not to bring light cards when watching the game, but seeing the strangeness on the screen he suddenly becomes uncertain.

However, after Shen Chi walked out of the base to attend class after training, he sighed slightly. If he wins P City for TTL, he will maintain a stable score in the desert map, and he will have two double S-level jumping points. Eligibility to hit the championship in the spring league.


After taking care of Father Shen, Ji Shu walked from the hospital to Yan University and sat in the amphitheater . Afraid of people pointing at him, he wore a hat and sat in the row.

People like Shen Chi ‌ are too eye-catching in Yan University. The red-haired is outstanding. Even if he doesn’t speak,he attracts people’s eyes.

Listening to the surrounding women’s relish, Ji Shu saw a scene of Shen Chi being kissed by a man and could not help reminding,

“Shen Chi is gay.”

Since he was a child, he has been obedient and is always studying hard. He didn’t dare to make mistakes in half a step. He didn’t think of premature love. Homosexuality is extremely sinful in his eyes. That young man, he doesn’t know how many times he has been fucked by a man behind his back. When he thinks about it, he feels humble, but other people still praise him.

“how did you know?”

A woman asked curiously.

Ji Shu has never been spoken to by a woman, and he was flattered and replied: “Yesterday, he was pressed by a man in the car.”

The whole classroom started talking in a low voice, and Shen Chi sat in the next classroom. Jian Zhu, an intern at the E-Sports Weekly, said in a low voice: “Did you provoke someone? The next classroom is discussing that you are gay.”

The boy raised his eyebrows.

Ji Shu didn’t speak any more towards the beginning of class, but suddenly, the half closed door of the classroom opened. A red-haired teenager stepped onto the podium and slowly looked around the classroom, “Who said that I was homosexual?”

Ji Shu lowered his hat, and did not dare to raise his head to meet the boy’s indifferent eyes. He hurriedly avoided his gaze.

He thought that teenagers would deny it, but what he didn’t expect was that Shen Chi’s gaze stopped on him, and he coldly admitted, “It’s just homosexuality.”

The young boy’s tone not only lacks the humbleness from his imagination, but he even said with a little pride.

“My boyfriend is more beautiful than you.”

TL: Ji Shu you lil prick, I’m starting to hate you more and more.

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