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Translator: Nacchi
Editor: Gummy

Mrs. Shen’s face was turning green and white, and her good upbringing made her hold her breath: “I said that you can leave after putting it at the door.”

The socialites she associates with, always maintains the superficial harmony. The left is only innuendo, but Aunt Ji is not among them.

Aunt Ji did not hesitate to come over with the idea of ​​clinging to the Shen family. Seeing that Mrs. Shen, who was tall in the past, was not as good as her, she couldn’t help but caress: “Such a basket of bacon should also be a gift.”

“Take it.” Mrs. Shen sarcastically said, “Shen’s family doesn’t accept anything from anyone.”

Aunt Ji has no culture, but she can hear the depreciation. She is unwilling to be left behind. She said, “What would you be proud of if you were so poor? I thought the house was so high-end, the earthen houses in the country were brighter and more spacious than this.”

“I thought Xiao Shu had a good time in Yancheng. It was better to stay in the border town, so he doesn’t have to live in a windowless room and suffer.”

Aunt Ji glanced at the cold food on the table and laughed. “I don’t see any meat. It turns out that you can’t eat meat. No wonder you even collect a child’s money.”

[tl: this refer to the issue of SC paying them monthly for raising him]

Mrs. Shen has never been so angry. The small county woman who used to be lower than her in the past flaunted her majesty in front of her. Her eyes were red, and she was suspicious that Shen Chi deliberately let Aunt Ji come to make fun of her.

After aunt Ji left, she wiped the red eye circles with a paper towel, looked at the basket of bacon and was not willing to throw it out, not knowing when the pain would end.


Shen Chi did not answer Dad Ji’s call. He went to the school gate with his mobile phone, and when he reached the gate, he was called by the guard: “Someone brought you a special product, saying that if he did not leave he would miss the train.”

The guard did not stay overnight. He could only carry a basket full of bacon to the base. The bacon sent by his parents had not been finished yet, and all his bacon was hung in the pantry .

After hanging up, the bamboo basket of bacon was empty, and the thick envelope was exposed at the bottom of the basket. He opened the envelope, and there was a neatly packed three thousand yuan inside, as if he(father Ji) was afraid that he would not accept it.
Shen Chi pursed his lips, closed the envelope and walked to the training room. The steps on the stairs were extremely firm. He and the Ji family would never have a relationship again.

Ye Ning went from the hospital to the base for recuperation, and looked at the training game video comment on the screen: “MAR won’t let go.”

The choice of jumping point is the key ‌. The team will not give way to the jumping point, it is not surprising that the stalemate has reached the spring game.

“No ‌tie.”

Shen Chi sat in front of the computer.

Ye Ning thought it was a relief team member at first, but he suddenly understood Shen Chi’s intentions as he watched the jump point scramble at the beginning.

There is no more intense struggle than robbing the jumping point. The short-term hand-to-hand running-in cooperation with the team is a great exercise, and it costs no money to find a sparring partner.

Of course, this is true for MAR. Ye Ning looked at the screen of Shen Chi, but Wu Rui was exhausted.

Wu Rui fired before he could determine the enemy’s position. Instead of sharing the pressure for his teammates, he exposed his position. This is a mistake that mature professional players should not make.

The red-haired boy sitting in front of the computer looked attentive and did not miss the mistake of his opponent. He pointed his gun at Wu Rui in the quadruple mirror. There were only bullets in the magazine, but there was no change before the aim.

“Did you forget to change the bomb?”

“Secretly reminded”

“Mom is so nervous”

Ye Ning, who was watching the battle, didn’t worry about Shen Chi. As he confirmed his guess, the boy’s bullet broke through the air to kill Wu Rui.

It’s not that he forgot to change the bomb, but he believed he could shoot the opponent. This dazzling technique not only meant that MAR was out of the game early, but also completely defeated Wu Rui’s mentality.

“Wu Rui is offline”

“MAR is gone”

“Did we manage to take the P City?”

At the end of this game, Lan Heng was surprised and looked at Weibo. “The MAR Club issued an announcement saying that the desert map has been temporarily changed to another jumping point.”

Ye Ning is not surprised by this result. Wu Rui has grown up too smoothly, and he is as good as his name. If he is allowed to fight hard, he is afraid that the connected spring game will be affected.

MAR’s announcement officially announced that TTL won the double S-level jump points, which will become an important force for the Spring Championship. They may become the first team in the history of the league to win the championship immediately.

Of course, this is the TTL in the eyes of their fans. Fans on Weibo ‌ are in danger, criticizing the rise of PCL hegemony, which means that TTL has been suffering for a long time in the world.

[‌Cup Ningle] From the first day when TTL entered PCL, I had a bad forecast, and it really didn’t take long before they got to MAR’s jump point.

[Plateau Beef Fort] Does anyone know that the PDL team was relieved after a certain team entered the PCL?

[Xihuangbao] Bless my home team’s jumping point not to be watched, just a trash jumping point there is no resources!

But now TTL is no longer a small team with no fans to raise placards. Liu Xiaodong retorted eloquently.

[Xiaodong Liu] Who can stipulate the ownership of P City? Good jumping points can be occupied by those with abilities, and MAR can’t squeeze into international competitions with P City in his hand, wasting S-class jumping points. I don’ t boast that TTL’s move is to revitalize PCL, while it is to win glory for our country.

Below ‌ fans like ‌, bystanders look numb.

【Mushroom Beef Noodle】All the glory for the country has come out. If this is not boasting, what is a boast?

【Bean curd】I would almost believe it if I looked up and saw that the name was Liu Xiaodong. When I played TTL’s ‌, I didn’t forget to step on the opponent ‌‌, the old yin and yang person.

[Blue Cheese] On the importance of fans having pens, who can remember that Liu Xiaodong was still a black fan?


He got up from the chair after the heavy training, and the half-month-long battle ended. He looked at the desert hanging on the wall and let out a sigh of relief.

The exhaustion of the body was suppressed deliberately, and he rubbed his sore wrist. Fortunately, TTL will have a holiday tomorrow.

He is holding the heavy express to Huating. Yan Xue Xiao hasn’t come yet, but he can’t stay up and close his eyes in bed.

He slept for an unknown period of time, and couldn’t tell whether it was a dream or reality. The man’s cold lips crossed his smooth neck, he subconsciously lay down on the bed.

After this move, many kisses were given, and there were red marks all over . He closed his eyes and unconsciously made a whining sound, and occasionally when it was intense he would bring out a trembling nasal voice.

Accompanied by the sound of lips and teeth intertwined. The young man who was wet with liquid in his sleep didn’t realize what he was bearing, but just felt that he was too hot to break free and could be firmly embedded.

Shen Chi, who did not sleep well, did not feel like getting up, even if Yan Xue Xiao made the fragrant shredded pork with sauce, he was not moved. He sat on the bed with his back facing the man.

“I am leaving.”

Yan Xuexiao touched his red hair.

The young man who was still sulking got out of bed when he heard these words, picked up a thick stack of philosophy books from the cabinet, and said awkwardly: “I was supposed to give it to you yesterday.”

It took a lot of effort to buy books from overseas. Shen Chi didn’t understand why his brother didn’t read philosophy, but he would buy it as long as his brother liked it.

Yan Xue Xiao stared at the brand-new book cover. Even though the boy was tossed in the middle of the night and couldn’t stand on his legs, he still took out the gift he was going to give him.

Realizing that the man’s fixed gaze stopped at him, he gulped down, “Aren’t you going to class ?”

The next second he was picked up, and Yan Xue Xiao, who seldom said love words, closed his eyes: “If you don’t have class, I’ll bring you with me.”

TL: The Ji family can’t really expect to make up with SC anymore.

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