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sea surface

Translator: Nacchi
Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi subconsciously agreed, and the kiss was printed on his lips. First, he tasted the rest, stroked his head and grabbed the thin air in his mouth.

The thin cream dripped on the fingertips and silently induced him to relax. Smelling the creamy smell, he was a little lost, but forced himself to avoid danger.

It’s too late, the moonlight is gentle, shining on the seashore,and he is dragged into the unobstructed sea.

He has no experience at all, struggling constantly. Yan Xue Xiao kissed him on the neck, restraining him from floating upward.

Even though he kept tightly closed, even his eyelashes trembled because of the tension, but the sea water was uncontrollable, pouring in a little bit. His intuition is telling him that the danger of drowning was approaching, and he struggled even harder.

Yan Xue Xiao noticed his reaction, soothed and bit his neck. He calmed down and kissed him softly, so he relaxed his vigilance.

“you will like it.”

He was obedient ‌ at this moment, the sea was flooding in, and he was choking so badly that his eyes were almost black. It was a terrible depth.

Yan Xue Xiao’s kiss was even harder, his brain was so blank that he was struggling to get out of the sea, but the man fixed him tightly and dragged him back to kiss the snow-white neck.

The corners of his eyebrows were red, and when he was dragged back, he made a fragile whimper, and the water poured in under his confusion. For the first time, the forbearing teenager called out, his voice was weak.

The news of the TTL Silver Fox Cup crown was spread all over the forum. No one would have thought that the expressionless young champion on the podium was flushed with wet skin, and was forced to endure a deep kiss like an invasion.

The young man raised his slender neck so that he could breathe, but the sea water poured in more and more, and the whole body was salty liquid.

Under the airtight kiss, his eye circles were red, and the cold tattoos stuck to his skin. He realized that his brother is an older man, so it was easy to take control of him.

He finally came to the surface and was pulled down heavily. Due to the lack of oxygen, his body was trembling and convulsed, so he could only whimper and call his brother like a pup.

Yan Xue Xiao tenderly kissed his mist-stained eyes, and whispered in his ears as if he couldn’t bear it, “I’m too late.”

But the next second dragged him into the deeper sea, and he lost consciousness in the immersion of the sea water, and was completely encircled.


In Yan’s dormitory of political science and law, Ji Shu sat at the desk under the bed and reviewed his lessons. Suddenly, the phone rang in a hurry, showing that it was Mrs. Shen’s phone.

He put down his book and went to the balcony to connect the phone.

“How are you at school?”

Ji Shu was asked by Mrs Shen for the first time about the current situation: “I’m fine, my classmates and roommates take care of me, and it’s cheap to eat in the canteen, so it won’t cost any money.”

“That’s good.” The woman on the other side seemed to be relieved, “Your father has a cerebral hemorrhage in the hospital and needs 80,000 yuan for surgery. You raised 50,000 yuan from your classmates.”

Without waiting for Ji Shu to speak, Mrs. Shen hung up the phone.

Ji Shu squeezed his cell phone slightly. He never asked anyone before. When he was in the border town, he was a treasure. In Yancheng, only people around him begged him, and the food he bought his friends was the most expensive of all.

It is difficult for him to raise medical expenses, which means that he needs to show the changes in the Shen family and bear the pity of everyone.

Ji Shu made a difficult decision. When he opened the door and returned to the dormitory, he heard an unabashed conversation from the roommates inside the door.

“Why do you think he moved back?”

“I heard it was for the final review.”

“It’s still early at the end of the term. I think he is annoying and he is full of lies. Who doesn’t know that the Shen family is bankrupt.”

Ji Shu held the door by his hand. He always thought that the limelight of the interview had passed. It turned out that his good friends looked at him this way, and the popularity he thought did not exist. Looking at his jokes, letting him fall from a high position.

Listening to the harsh comments, he didn’t have the courage to push the door open to refute, let alone ask for money. He could only stand at the door in a muddle-headed manner.


Shen Chi wakes up and feels the warmth close to him. Yan Xue Xiao hasn’t left yet, he is just held from the back, and familiar works are heard from his back.

Even if the water marks remain between the legs after cleaning, the teenagers with good physical strength don’t have the strength to push himl, so he is hugged and kissed on the legs.

The cup is shaking. There is a sound of water, sometimes ‌ fast and sometimes slow. At the beginning, the young man bit on the bed sheet, and he hummed and begged for mercy.

There were red marks all over when Shen Chi got out of bed, and Yan Xue Xiao was infected with lust after hearing the bewitching voice, “Don’t go.”

The boy wanted to nod, but he quickly shook his head, wrapped himself tightly and went out. Yan Xue Xiao gave him a beautiful wool scarf.

He got off the car and went to the base. In the living room, Lan Heng looked at his mobile phone. “E-Sports Weekly is optimistic about our spring game, but our fans and MAR is on the hot search.”

“‌Get up?”

Xu‌Worried in his eyes, not only the people he was present were worried about the safety of the fans, only the young man helped sit down on the chair slowly.

“Aren’t you worried?”

“They will not suffer.”

Shen Chi knew that Yan Shen was there yesterday, otherwise the fans who bowed their heads would not dare to shout so loudly, and choked with the fans of MAR in person.

“How do you know?” Lan Heng was surprised. “Yesterday, the MAR fans picked a fight, and our 500 fans took them all down!”

Shen Chi was calm while the live broadcast was on.Yan Xue Xiao tried to be gentle, but still slowly grinding like a blunt knife.

“Cub, are you looking at the hot search?”

” MAR’s three thousand fans were beaten down by five hundred people, the number of fans is important but quality is also very important”

“I heard that the whole team of MAR was scolded by the coach yesterday and became autistic”

“Do you still have to train after the game yesterday? Look at your face, how about taking a day off today”

“Being a professional player is really hard”

The teenager was sitting in front of the computer for daily training. He didn’t feel pain because of hard work, but he felt the pain from below. No one had ever told him about the hard work. He didn’t close his legs and stood up yesterday. When he trembles, he is more tired than when he played the game.

After training, he lay down on the bed. He made up his mind to say that he would not go back this week. At first, when he finished the message, he was a little nervous because of Yan Xue Xiao.

[Shen Chi] I’m not going home this week

After morning training, he lay on the sand and used the handle to play the game console. Lan Heng peeled the pine nuts for him to eat. Manager Chen was next to him and asked Shen Cji to pass the milk. He suddenly felt that it would be good to live in the base.

Lan Heng peeled the pine nuts for the teenager who closed his eyes and took a rest. Suddenly the door of the room opened, and the handsome man entered the room.

When he was about to complain, the man took the pine nuts in Lan Heng’s hand and said gently, “I’ll do it.”

Lan Heng can understand and is completely used to it.

‌ The young man closed his eyes, and suddenly a slender hand held the pine nuts to his lips. When he was about to scold boldly, he opened his eyes and saw the face of Yan Xue Xiao.

He hesitated: “I said I won’t go back this week.”

“Why won’t you go back?”

He blushes and doesn’t talk

Yan Xue Xiao asked softly: “Where are you not satisfied?”

The thin eyelashes of the young man trembled, and the fingers of the man feeding the pine nuts to his lips were wet. Reminding him of a certain act, he blushed from his face to his neck: “You… are too big.”

TL: The author wanted to show the hot scene but then I was confused by all the words used because of the simile and metaphor with the ocean and moon but I tried my best.
E/n: At first, I thought they are having *** underwater. XD

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    Yeah, it was kinda confusing, but it must be hard to translate that. So it’s okay. And did shen chi say that in front of all the members??? 🤣🤣

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