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Translator: Nacchi
Editor: Gummy

Mrs. Shen subconsciously touched her empty neck, and fiddled with her hair to hide her panic.

“There are many fake pearls, so I bought them without taking a closer look.”

Lan Heng muttered, “I think her clothes are fake, too.”

Feeling the gaze of the crowd, Mrs.Shen, who is accustomed to being high in front of Shen Chi, ran away.

Mrs. Shen entered the rented house on foot in a solemn dress, but the dilapidated walls were incompatible with the glamorous appearance, which seemed to fall out of a false dreamland.

She opened the rusty iron door. She used to live in a villa and she couldn’t imagine that she would one day live in a small room of 20 square meters, enduring the humid and cold air, without any servant to help her.

Mrs.Shen sat in the chair and took off her makeup in front of the mirror. She was even reluctant to use another make up cotton, and squeezed out skin care products from the bottle cap.

“I saw Xiao Nie at the banquet today. She used to give me an assistant. She didn’t even dare to lift her head when she saw me.” Mrs.Shen wiped her well-maintained face with a tissue, “Now I can wear a proper set .”

Her tone was tinged with subtle jealousy, and she couldn’t bear what she couldn’t look down on, and climbed onto her head. “Everything revolves around her, but I am marginalized. How can an assistant wear a high definition dress?”

Father Shen looked at Mrs.Shen’s inferior earrings and he said, “You will not interact with your friends in the past. Xiao Shu still has to pay the exam fee, our family can’t afford it. ‌For additional expenses, the water and electricity for this month have not been paid.”

“If you don’t interact with them, will you interact with the commoners next door? I borrow rice and oil every day, and I haven’t changed my clothes.” Shen Fu frowned, “Do you know that I can’t even see Shen Chi today? Ironically I have no money to buy jewelry.”

Father Shen was helpless: “Why do you care about him?”

He did not approve of sending Shen Chi to a border town at the beginning. It was not that the Shen family could not raise two children. Gossip was dropped for no reason. Mrs.Shen insisted that he should not stop her. His heart didn’t like Shen Chi either.

It’s just that if Shen Chi hadn’t been sent to the border town, he would still be able to help them now. Unlike Xiao Shu, who couldn’t even work,he would push three blocks and four blocks when he went out. For fear of affecting his studies, it would be better if he didn’t pick him up at the beginning.

Mrs. Shen was cold, “You raise a female star outside every day. You don’t know how bad Shen Chi’s temper is. You don’t know how it feels for others to talk behind your back. All the people around me look at me with judging eyes. Try being in my place for once.

When the Shen family was beautiful, Shen’s father was outside and unable to go home. All her hopes were pinned on Shen Chi, but the defective products at the bottom were ultimately defective.

“I don’t want to fight with you.”

Father Shen’s voice brought a hint of anger.

Mrs.Shen didn’t dare to say any more, and instead spoke, “I believe we won’t suffer forever. According to the Fortune-teller we would be rich.”

Although Father Shen’s past lace news continued, she followed Shen’s father’s words, because she had never suffered. If it hadn’t been for Shen’s family, she would live a life of a celebrity who didn’t touch work with her fingers. She knew how to stand up. Hope is all tied to Shen’s father.

“‌Rich ?”

Father Shen shook his head. When Shen Chi was born, he spent a lot of money to hire a famous fortune teller, but now their situation is not related to the richness of the money. He regrets that he had spent the money on those things.

“You can start a business from the northwest every year. Now that you have some experience, why can’t you start over again? Let those who look down on us look at the Shen family or the Shen family who can’t climb the mountain. .”

Knowing that Shen’s father has been depressed since the Shen family went bankrupt. He was worried that he would not have the heart to come back and his tone was eagerly motivated,

“No more, Northwestern border trade.”

Father Shen was moved by complacency, “But a friend invited me to be an executive, so I can make a small business even if I save enough money.”

Seeing that father Shen had not been devastated, Mrs.Shen’s heart was relieved. She told herself that her current life was only temporary. She chose a good husband for herself, so that she could live a normal life even if she didn’t work. .

Suddenly, Mrs. Shem asked Father Shen who was reading the evening newspaper.

“Why are you still reading the news of the new district?”

Mrs.Shen’s temple jumped violently, and now she has a headache when she hears the word “New District”. Originally, Shen’s business difficulties can still endure for two years, and if it fails, the assets will be transferred abroad, and the bankruptcy of the company will not prevent them from enjoying life.

Besides, the investment in North directly caused the Shen family to be heavily indebted, and the assets under the name were volatile, and the land could be sold cheaply.

If it weren’t for Yan’s family failure, she would have to wonder if Yan’s family had deliberately released the news of the establishment of a new district

Mrs. Shen didn’t take it to heart: “Isn’t the new area set in Nanwan?”

The land price of Nanwan has doubled three or four times, and her eyes are hot when she sees it, but it is a pity that they put their on the unlucky Northern Suburbs.

Father Shen squeezes the newspaper: “Northern suburbs will also set up a new district.”


When she heard this, she stood from her chair in shock. They just sold the land in Northern Suburbs yesterday, and she looked at the newspaper.

The newspaper clearly stated that a new district will be opened in Northern at the end of the year to promote radiation in remote areas.

Mrs. Shen’s body is shaky. If they can wait one more day, the land they hold will double in value, and the Shen family’s debt will be solved by then.

But they can’t wait to sell the land in the north at a low price. Not only did they not get investment income, but they got heavy debts.

At this time, Mrs.Shen’s heart is particularly complicated. It is she who treats the gentleman’s belly with a small heart, and watches the opportunity that God gave to the Shen family slip.

Remorse, unwillingness and even resentment are all intertwined on her face, which is more gloomy than knowing that she is bankrupt.

Shen Fu’s throat spilt blood,but she managed to hold on to prevent herself from falling.

She had no idea in her mind and looked at Father Shen. Father Shen’s hands couldn’t help shaking while holding the newspaper. His eyes were fixed on the words Northern Suburbs New Area, and his eyelids fell on the floor.

Mrs.Shen’s brain ‌ has only one thought.

It’s over.


Shen Chi finished dinner and arrived at Huating, and opened the door to reveal a warm light. The man sat on the sofa and read a book, with fresh baked cakes on the table.

He sat next to Yan Xue Xiao, and the soft red-haired man rubbed on his arms, like an obedient pup.

“Are you happy to win the championship?”

“I saw Mrs.Shen today.” The boy lowered his amber eyes, “I tried desperately to get her approval, but now I can see her again without feeling anything. I’m just wondering why she would wear such a conspicuous fake.”

The red hair was gently touched by his fingertips, he lowered his head to hide the red eye circles, and just caught a glimpse of the book on the sofa that made his blushing heartbeat.

As if detecting his gaze, Yan Xue Xiao lowered, ” finished.”

“Do you want to check it?”

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