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Translator: Nacchi
Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi’s face turned red after speaking, and the fierce blunt blade will still penetrate no matter how gentle. He added reason and evidence.”We will also take the P city desert map from MAR.”

Lan Heng, who brought the water over, eyes widened when he heard the reversal of black and white. How could MAR willingly get out of P City? It was obvious that they needed to beat them to snatch the territory.

He put the water glass in front of Yan Xue Xiao. “MAR is not the same as black shark. It is a hard bone. One week is not enough to beat them down.”

Yan Xue Xiao took the water and said thank you, watching the teenager nodding on the sofa calmly and said, “It’s a pity I made custard at home.”

Shen Chi’s ears perked ‌ ‌.

“Steamed sea bass.”

“Sweet and sour pork ribs.”

Hearing the words sweet and sour pork ribs, hesitation flashed across the young man’s expression. And finally couldn’t resist the temptation and raised his head, “I’ll pack my things.”

Yan Xue Xiao’s thin lips moved upwards gently.


The ward of the hospital was filled with the smell of disinfectant, and the things that could be sold at home were sold. The increasing treatment fees cannot be paid. Madam Shen looked at Father Shen on the bed and frowned, as if looking at the bottom hole. ‌.

She left the hospital and walked to the rented house. She moved from the old house in the community to a single room in the lower room to save rent. There were no windows in the room, only one bed, one table and dilapidated cabinets.

The moisture was stuck in the room, the chopsticks on the table were damp and moldy, and the air was filled with an unpleasant smell. She, who has always been obsessed with cleanliness, hates the smell and covers her nose.

Mrs. Shen opened the bottom floor of the closet, and counted the remaining money one by one. The count was only 900 yuan, not to mention the treatment fee. The monthly living expenses were not enough.

When the doorbell rang, she quickly closed the cabinet and opened the door, and Ji Shu appeared outside.

Ji Shu’s gaze fell on the moldy objects. From the day he arrived in Yancheng, he thought he would become the person he desires. However, the current situation of the family is so bad that he can only live in the lower room, not as good as his days in the border town.

“Have you eaten yet?”

Mrs. Shen took the leftovers on the table to the stove to heat it. The lower room was damp and it is easy to attract insects and ants. She noticed that there were mosquitoes and ants soaked in cold oil on the leaves.

She frowned when she looked at the plate, but she just brushed off the soiled vegetable leaf. She was not willing to throw away the greens that were fried at noon.

She is not a person who is willing to die, but Shen’s father fell and the Shen family has no chance to turn over. She is unwilling to lead the life of a low-level person, so she has to save money and pay for medical expenses.

Mrs. Shen has never been to the kitchen. She was afraid of being splashed with oil on her sleeves and hot dishes. She heated the dishes and asked, “Have you collected donations from your classmates?”

“not yet.”

Ji Shu’s body stiffened.

“Why can’t you even raise the medical expenses.” Mrs. Shen turned her head, hot oil accidentally scalded her well-maintained hands.

Ji Shu’s head was so low that he couldn’t even pass a piece of paper towel.

Mrs. Shen tightened her eyebrows and was about to speak. The phone rang, she clicked on the screen and stopped. Shen Chi transferred to her one hundred thousand yuan, which happened to be able to pay for the medical expenses.

Mrs. Shen’s face showed a complicated look. In the past, she didn’t like the little money, it was not as expensive as a handbag, but now it is their life saving money.

When she threw Shen Chi in the border town, she did not expect that one day she would be funded by Shen Chi, who she regarded as a defective product. What she had said was vivid, her face suddenly hurt, but she didn’t have the confidence to turn back.

Mrs. Shen brought the hot food to the table. A plate of stir-fried greens and a plate of tofu is their dinner. The greens have lost their color due to being left for a long time, and the leaves are wrapped in rust-doped oil.

Ji Shu raised his head, looking at the non-fishy dishes without half appetite, he couldn’t help but ask: “You did not buy meat?”

It’s okay if he doesn’t say a word. After saying a word, Mrs. Shen asked coldly, “Do you know that the price of meat is expensive? What your father lacks is life-saving money. If you work, you will say to your family that you are afraid of affecting your study, so they won’t let you raise money. If you have the ability, you can earn money by playing games like Shen Chi.”

“Studying is hard.”

Ji Shu clenched his lower lip.

Mrs. Shen looked at Ji Shu’s timid character, and she became angry. If he was born well, he would be lovable, and her dull face would only make her heart ache.

“Shen Chi can earn money while taking the exam in the border town. You never get admitted to Yancheng University when you study every day. Don’t act wrong in front of me. I didn’t think that you would be bad when you arrived at Yancheng . .”

Mrs. Shen’s words are not all irritating. Rich people will ask their husbands to look at Feng Shui. The Shen’s family in the Shen Chi’s time is particularly developed. They can catch up with the government’s demolition by buying a piece of waste, step by step they moved to the prosperous Yancheng from the remote Northwestern Province.

When Grandma Shen was alive, she often said that Shen Chi was their family’s treasure. She was only ‌‌spoiling her grandson. She never thought that Ji Shu would come to Yancheng‌ and the Shen’s family went downhill.

Hearing Mrs. Shen’s words, Ji Shu secretly pinched his hand to bleed, and the blood stains on his elbow were particularly shocking. The red-haired boy’s amber eyes appeared in front of his eyes, and the depressed inferiority in his heart appeared again, making it difficult to breathe.

It would be nice if there was no Shen Chi.

After eating the hard-to-swallow food, he walked out of the lower room to Yan University. There were no people on the road at night. When passing by Huating, he caught a glimpse of a black car. The car parked in the corner.

The long-established Huating is not considered an expensive real estate in Yancheng. It is just a school district room close to Yan University. He heard that Emperor Lu had lived here, and he couldn’t help but glance at the car.

Ji Shu was about to look away, when caught a glimpse of a big man pressing the boy in the dark. The 1.9-meter head strictly covered the boy’s face. The boy had no room to retreat and could only kiss back.

Even if he couldn’t hear the sound, he felt flushed when he looked at it. He speeded up his pace of leaving, and when he walked to the side, Ji Shu’s pupils suddenly enlarged, as if he had seen something unbelievable.

The young man is Shen Chi.

He was breathing fast. He didn’t expect that Shen Chi would be pressed and kissed by a man. He didn’t have the slightest strength to fight back. He never thought that the proud boy would beg for mercy and scream on the bed, and his red hair was swaying wet.

Ji Shu Adam’s apple rolled, and suddenly the inferiority complex disappeared. At ordinary times, he(Shen Chi) pretended to be indifferent and self-respecting, but at least he(Ji Shu) was not under a man.


In the middle of the night, Shen Chi didn’t realize the existence of Ji Shu, and returned to Hua Ting to sit at the dining table. The sweet and sour ribs were sweet and delicious, and the ribs made by his brother were getting better and better.

Yan Xue Xiao looked at the young man on the chair and asked, “Does it still hurt?”

Shen Chi wants to deny, “It doesn’t hurt.”

The man narrowed eyes, as if thinking about something.

Shen Chi got up from the chair, and grabbed the milk bottle at the top of the cabinet on his tiptoe. But his white waist was exposed under his thin clothes.

“I’ll give you heat.”

Yan Xue Xiao hugged his body, his cold lips pressed against his ears, and his slender hands slowly fell along the smooth back to the deep waist. Shen Chi’s legs almost softened.

The milk warmed up in the microwave. It was a big bottle full of milk. It dripped on the cold skin and was especially hot. He shrank and slipped down on the board, and was held in a chair and filled with hot milk. He got up and wanted to break free, but he was pressed hard.

He was in pain at the moment, and his head buzzed. Yan Xue Xiao comforted him and kissed him. He didn’t know that he could be filled with a flat stomach,Yan Xue Xiao’s cold voice came from above his head.

“Children can only grow up by drinking milk.”

TL: Why is my mind feeling perverted when SC is just drinking milk§Ծ ᴗ Ծ§ . YXX you beast!


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