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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Madame Shen let go of the red wine glass she held in her hand, and the dark red wine splashed on the delicate goat carpet, like shocking blood.

When she talked to Shen Chi from high up ‌, she did not expect that the Shen family would one day go bankrupt. When she thought that she would lead the life of a lower class, she felt her face hurt.

Father Shen sat down on the chair, Ji Shu squeezed his hands and dared not make a sound. The villa was filled with an extremely depressive atmosphere.

Mrs. Shen forced herself to calm down: “We sold the land that we bought, and I will ask Yan Xue Xiao again and ask him if he is willing to hand over the Nanwan project to our company.”

Father Shen, who was limp and muddy, was busy nodding to Mrs. Shen as if he had found the master’s bones, “As long as he prepays for the project, I am willing to accept the cost price.”

Mrs Shen sighed, now it is not a question of whether they are willing or not, but a question of whether the great man agrees or not.

Shen Chi woke up in the morningn with a bed hair. Hot searches about him went up all night, and the number of Weibo fans increased to 2 million and is still slowly increasing.

The comments gradually subsided from outrage, and new fans began to check in and leave messages, and slowly turned to something that was not right.

[Mango glutinous rice cake] The new fan punched in and please post the photo after winning the game. I didn’t even watch the game. ‌

【Little Pudding】It’s too hard to work every day, and it takes a bite to get out of bed

[Mrs. Le] The cub can take me away if no one wanted me

Shen Chi turned off his cell phone and walked out of the room. The man sat on the dining table and read the newspaper. He picked up the shredded pork with sauce in a positive mood.

“Today TTL is off, I want to go back to the border town to see Mr. Wang.”

If it weren’t for Teacher Wang to come out and make a sound, he wouldn’t be able to solve it smoothly. He might have not returned to the border town for a long time.

Yan Xue Xiao puts down the coffee cup and said, “I will accompany you.”

The boy pricked up his ears and heard a casual question.

“What did the fans say?”

He remembered that the comment was inexplicable.


Maybe he was not satisfied with his answer. Yan Xue Xiao picked up the phone he put on the table, tapped a few words on the screen with his slender fingers and returned the phone.

Shen Chi picked up the phone and discovered that Yan Xue Xiao had posted a Weibo in his name. After reading the text, he almost didn’t say anything.

【Late】Do not disturb me

There are thousands of comments below.

【A cup of green milk】 If you are kidnapped, wink..

【Oolong Tea】It was sent by the daughter-in-law.

【Sijiqing】 Hi, our daughter-in-law is a bottle of vinegar that we can’t even kiss or hug.

【Stream‌Egg Yolk Pastry】Only the state officials are allowed to set fires and fans are not allowed to light up the lights.

Seeing the last sentence, the teenager turned off the screen with a blushing face. Shen Chi went back to the bedroom to change his pajamas after eating the shredded pork with sauce.

Ah Pei outside the door walked to Yan Xue Xiao: “The Shen family is willing to accept the project at a cost price they even beg Yan not to refuse.”

The man’s tone was flat, “Let them.”

Ah Pei couldn’t help sighing that the Shen family was not smart. If the Shen family didn’t abandon Shen Chi, let alone meeting, he would be just around the corner but now they have fallen into a desperate state.

Based on his understanding of Yan Xue Xiao, either he would not make a move or he would not leave room for making a move, ‌it was just the beginning.


Teacher Wang heard the news that Shen Chi had returned to the border town and hurriedly walked from the dormitory to the gate of the school, “You can come back and see me and I will be content. Don’t give me anything. I am the last person to wait for gifts.”

“I have guessed what you would say.”

The boy raised his eyes, “So I didn’t bring it either.”

Teacher Wang just refused because he wanted to look reserved but he did not expect that the little boy really didn’t bring him anything. Just waiting, the man with cold eyebrows around Shen Chi handed a gift.

“Thank you for taking care of my family.”

The male model in front of not at all like Shen Chi, with dark eyes and a strong classical temperament all over his body.

Teacher Wang heard the voice and said, “You are the brother of Shen Chi from abroad, right?”.

“I understand that it is inconvenient to go back and forth at home and abroad, but you didn’t come back for the college entrance examination. He can’t even contact you on the phone. He dials the phone every day after studying at night .”

Teacher Wang sternly scolded, “His temperament is not good, he won’t tell you but he will shut himself in the room for ten days. If he doesn’t manage to stand up and come out, I can see that there are fine blood marks on his wrist.”

Teacher Wang also wants to say that the red-haired boy is pretending to be tough in front of the man, so he can only stop talking and reluctantly take the gift and leave.

The two walked from the school to the elevator room they used to live in. Shen Chi thought that there would be dust everywhere if no one lived, but he didn’t expect it to be too clean.

The desk where they were in class, the sofa they had sat on together, the shelf for one person and a half…so that the casserole that had made oden was placed in place, as if they had never left.

The young man walked to the table and heard a sentence behind him.


“Don’t listen to Teacher Wang talking nonsense.” He said blankly, “I can’t remember it myself.”

But the pitch-black sight still stopped. On his back, he could only honestly say, “The day my grandma passed away, I couldn’t make any calls to you. I shut myself in the room. I really wanted to die.”

“Then what?”

Yan Xue Xiao’s thick eyelashes quivered, his thin lips pressed into a straight line, he had never been so gaffe.

He met Shen Chi, a young man who was still a little wolf pup hiding in a cave. He would raise his head and run over as long as he touched his head.

Even if he has nothing, if the little wolf pup likes it, he is full of satisfaction. He does not hesitate to express his love, stumbles into his arms and shyly ties a red string around his wrist.

He gently coaxed the cautious little wolf pup out of the cave, thinking that he would take care of it very well, but he left.

Even though he couldn’t reply to the message, the little wolf pup insisted on sending him a message, as if he didn’t get tired.

One day,

One month,

Six months…

‌In a crisis-ridden foreign country, he can sleep peacefully by listening to the voice of the young man over and over again every day.

“I have entered the top 1000 in the province once.”

“The second mold has entered 500 people in the province and I can make shredded pork with sauce myself. I can make it for you to eat.”

“Will you come back?”

In just a few words, he watched his little wolf pup getting more friends, relevant teachers, and a bright future.

Hearing Shen Chi’s understatement, he realized that the young man’s life was not as he thought it was and he even wanted to die in despair.

Yan Xue Xiao lowered his eyes, he(SC) always had a muffled temper, even if he was covered in cuts and bruises, he would only lick his wounds in darkness and he didn’t want people to find out.

He didn’t know how much courage he needed for the long and hopeless young man torush to him. He was still the little wolf pup who would raise his head and run over when he touched his head, taking all the bitter fruit and swallowing it silently.

There was a long silence in the air. The young man pinched the corner of his clothes and whispered, “I can’t bear to live in the world without you.”

TL: I did not expect for SC to attempt suicide I just thought he lock himself in his room for ten days but huhuhuhu poor cub.

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